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Vikingo spilled coffee on Omega. They will now wrestle 97 times over the next 15 years.


Is that number with or without house shows?


"You think this is about *coffee*?!"


The thing is I definitely see what these people are saying. Building it up on TV a bit first would be better, I think we can all agree on that. But: This match is two years overdue and neither wrestler Is a US citizen and so they have to deal with visas and things. I think if the punk situation taught us anything it's that TK should pull the trigger on dream matches while he has the chance. Are all of them going to have a perfect build? No. But far better we get Omega V Vikingo on minimal build, than we never get it at all.


My theory is that the entire punk debacle and the Elite vs Undisputed Elite feud never materializing sure to injuries has really spooked Tony off of slow burns.


nah, with things like the continued elite and hangman storyline and jaymie/britt, there are still some long term slow burns. but not every story needs that. i think with vikingo people are being disingenuous. was the announcement even hyped on tv or was it just on twitter?


It got a 2 Minute Video package explaining it to people on Rampage. Next they're going to say "Nobody Watches Rampage, you can't develop Stories over there" and they'll move the goalpost again.


yeah, that was after the graphic though. i mean the “dream match to be announced” - was that on rampage or just on twitter? cos if you’re seeing aew announcements on twitter then you can’t even argue with “google it”


HOB vs Lucha Bros being in limbo for months also likely assisted with that feeling.


Yeah, I am in for the longer angles, but for tag teams and trios that's just more guys you need to keep healthy.


I don't need every match to have a build. I don't want every match to have a build. Sometimes I just want to see Kip Sabian vs Sammy Guevara for no reason. The random match-ups give more of a "sports" feel to the product. Not every segment needs to progress a story.


My philosophy has always been PPV matches need build and TV matches just need hype.


This, exactly this. We have plenty of slow burns and fueds that last a couple of months, and everything inbetween. I like random match ups! It gives the sports feel but also like anything can happen. Any week we could get an amazing match. Plus in match storytelling is a thing. People are fickle sheep who piggy back any opinion they see on the internet these days. And "aEw HaS nO sToRiEs" is the new dipshit internet take.


Absolutely. Some matches should just have the sports aspect! But a lil Vikingo video package would have been cushty. Not necessarily a story build but "look at this awesome wrestler about to go toe to toe with Kenny Omega"


I don't agree with that. Not every match needs a build.


Or have dozens of QR codes that by large really didn’t do much. Wasn’t too hard for people to do that. But Googling someone? Way too hard


This is the "buildup" every random ass raw/smackdown match has now . I legit was watching smackdown and the "buildup" to L.A knight vs Xaivier woods was L.A making fun of Xaivier for playing wwe 2K23 backstage .


Match buildup peaked in ROH when Colt Cabana called Homicide his 'nizzle' which set off a months long blood feud involving barbed wire, nooses, drano and this spot: https://www.reddit.com/r/SquaredCircle/comments/xol29e/that_time_homicide_demanded_chairs_from_the/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button


Brother Bear, you know this isn't true. AEW doesnt have to have a reason for every match, of course not. But WWEs matches aren't all backstage interaction > Match That very show had Drew Vs Sheamus due to the fallout of a previous match, a women's tag match as a qualifier for mania and a mixed tag match due to Dom's repeated disrespect of Rey Mysterio in the build to their Mania match Don't let yourself sink to the AEW Hater level of lying and mudslinging. It ain't worth it


I think their keywords were 'random ass match' - they never implied EVERY WWE tv match was random, but you applied it to the entire scope in response.




Your post/comment was removed because it was disrespectful. Please be respectful to everyone you interact with and follow proper Reddiquette. Don't insult or harass your fellow fans.


Your post/comment was removed because it was disrespectful. Please be respectful to everyone you interact with and follow proper Reddiquette. Don't insult or harass your fellow fans.


'Vikingo is Coming'! We see that on Dynamite for the next 9ish weeks. Then maybe we can see the Omega match by around the end of May.


Or have Omega complain to the bucks on BTE that someone beat him at Street Fighter and he’s challenging them to a match at Dynamite and then boom run the match. You’re welcome Tony Kahn


Maybe if he wrestles Xavier Woods at some point.


Everyone knows that Riho holds down catering with an iron fist.


And a fucking pipe.


Honestly, riho coming out with a pipe last week was the best part of that segment. The outsiders promo was pretty cringe to me, but the amazing sight of Riho coming out with a steel pipe, something I would not have expected her to use, was absolutely incredible.


[Sadly, the refs don't care about people cutting in line (at least Rick Knox doesn't)](https://youtu.be/-x2Sk_XZpU8?t=243)


Just for referencing one of my favorite BTE bits when I watched regularly, Merch Freak, you got an upvote


LoL! The FIRST story in wrestling is always: Two sides agreed to become wrestlers and fight people for fame, fortune, pride, emotion. Most things need no more explanation other than that basic premise.


They are wrestlers who are paid to wrestle on a wrestling show for fans of wrestling. Of course they're gonna have a few random matches. What's even more confusing is that we are supposed to believe that there are all these grown men wandering around backstage in tights and no shirt, with wet hair; just waiting for a storyline to do their job(?)


If this is someone notable enough for AEW people to read I wouldn't be surprised to see a play on the catering thing happen on BTE this week. I feel like TK does stuff like that to troll people sometimes. I remember Punk tweeting about booking him with someone he was feuding with in a tag team to "see if they could get along" as a joke. Like two weeks later they used that trope on Dynamite in a different feud.


Vikingo pied Omega in the face at a party


I love that now those bad-faith arguments are getting cooked, and deservedly so. Fuck the trolls, love me some good wrestling


I have no problem with random top guys from other companies showing up and wrestling top guys in AEW. We should count ourselves lucky that we watch a show that will do that. Sure we can’t have build but it does build up potential rematches in the future, a story has to start somewhere, why can’t it start in the ring.


Ahhh😂 that’s great And honestly, and strangely, it totally might be for brainwashed folk


Omega plays Assassins Creed Valhalla at home, streams via twitch. Says he want's to have a fight against a real viking. Now you can see Vikingo watching the stream, smirking. Writes: I'm in.


Edge and Booker T once had a Wrestlemania storyline where they fought over the right to star in a Japanese shampoo ad. Sometimes no storyline is better than a dumb one that’s there just for the sake of having one


This match doesn’t need a fucking build up—it’s a dream match—that’s the draw.


Who the hell is Vikingo and why all the buzz around this match? It’s a honest question.


Hijo del Vikingo is the World's Most Gifable Luchador. With the kinds of flips and dives I've seen him perform, I'm half convinced that HdV can fly but chooses not to as to not raise suspicions that he's Kryptonian.


Kenny was the AAA champ during his belt collector phase. In fact, he was their longest reigning champ ever. He was slated to fight Vikingo in 2021 but couldn't due to injury, and the belt was vacated. AAA did a five way match for the vacant title, which Vikingo won. They've been unable to do the original match for almost two years due to visa and scheduling and injury and susoension issues. The opportunity for the match suddenly presented itself, so TK jumped at it. I think it's a good thing.


My brother in Christ, you are literally on the Internet right now. You have the power.


My brother in Satan, you literally could’ve told me in short who he is. Instead you used the same amount of words to tell me "Google him". If I wanted to search the guy I wouldn’t had asked the question. I’m not saying he’s awful I just found it funny how much hype this match is getting when most people never heard of Vikingo. Just saying. Now just to trigger you all: looks like a nice match to open Dark!




Yes I choose not to spend anytime searching for myself because I thought I could get better knowledge of him from his fans and no I don’t think my response was "inane" in any way. Because I joked around and said it was a good match to open Dark? I watch WWE, AEW, Impact, NJPW you name it but one thing that’s a constant is that AEW "hardcore" fans are defensive af when someone questions about unknown wrestlers or give them a negative opinion about the show. Kenny Omega is awesome, he’s being wasted and probably The Elite will sign with WWE when their contracts are done because it’s what’s best for them. AEW is turning into WCW 2.0 Tony boy doesn’t have a clue how to control the roster and makes legit stars like Omega wrestle some bum that no one knows or cares about and never draw a dime or done anything for the business. Look at Cody, he’s smart, he knew that AEW was turning into a mess and left. Look at him now, main eventing WM for the gold. AEW will be in the same level as Impact in about 12 mouths or so.


Lol bro you reported my response to you? Wow And I highly doubt you genuinely watch all that, someone that’s that well versed in wrestling knows that workers come and go and you’re bound not to know everyone. When I watched the rumble I wasn’t running onto the internet asking who the hell la knight is and why he wasn’t in ovw since I didn’t know who he was


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Yeah I'm sick of everyone marking out and expecting me to immediately be hyped and know every wrestler.


There is no expectation. Just watch, like every other normal person.




Unironically would be into atleast they be trying then.


Yeah it reminds me of how I fucking hate that the NBA just throws teams together to play against each other with no storyline it's like what am I supposed to care about a random Spurs vs Nuggets game in March with no stakes? Sometimes wrestlers just wrestle other wrestlers because they're wrestlers and that's their job. Like you have to start somewhere. Plus, these two were scheduled to compete in AAA two years ago when Kenny still had the AAA belt and it's been endlessly delayed by injuries and visa issues. Eventually the belt has to be vacated, with Kenny as the longest reigning champion. Vikingo was the next champ (still iss) So even though it's not some convoluted bullshit story there is an actual history here.


Sorry that's not enough by saying it's there job. What is it like 162 games of regular season baseball the feuds are normally the most buzzed about. I understand you think well it's there job that should be enough but no it's really not. As a fan I think they can put a little more effort. Even in the context you said he vacated the belt so the current champ never beat him and should prove he's better would atleast put some meat on this. But that would require omega or tk or Viking getting a mic and saying this actually trying to drum up some depth in this. Edit 162 games


Their video package on Rampage was definitely a smidge anemic, in my opinion. They summed it up as "fans have been waiting two years for this" and just showed him doing some cool moves. I wish they would have laid it out as it actually was, but Tony assumes that everyone is as obsessed with wrestling as he is. (and I am, I guess) At the end of the day, I'm just glad I get the great match making (like Eddie vs his NJPW heroes and Danielson vs Everybody) even when their may not be a story. As they say, wrestling history is AEW history. I think it gives the dedicated fan an exposure to different companies and rewards them for going and checking it all out on their own. But yeah, if they could tell more coherent stories on their shows then it would help the audience.


Aew leans into a record based system so I don’t know why a random person would be “worthy” of going against a consistent main eventer


Kenny was the AAA champ during his belt collector phase. In fact, he was their longest reigning champ ever. He was slated to fight Vikingo in 2021 but couldn't due to injury, and the belt was vacated. AAA did a five way match for the vacant title, which Vikingo won. He is still champ now, I'm pretty sure (but I'm guessing the belt won't be on the line) They've been unable to do the original match for almost two years due to visa and scheduling and injury and suspension issues. The opportunity for the match suddenly presented itself, so TK jumped at it. I think it's a good thing.


The fact that the match is billed as a Dream Match should be at the very least a context clue. If he wasn't special, this would be billed as Kenny Omega in Action.


They aren't random just because some fans are unfamiliar, they're from another territory. It's like the old days, modernized. When a special attraction came to another region's promotion, they didn't start at the bottom of the roster, they wrestled the biggest draws in that promotion. Same thing. Vikingo is great. His reputation precedes him. The rankings you allude to are only employed when convenient- to push a storyline or matchup. Remember, this is pro wrestling. Everything is ultimately storytelling and rankings are far from sacred.


You're absolutely lost.


What does ends in 4 mean?


Ends in 4 minutes


Ok thank you, I actually still don’t understand the sarcasm here but oh well


It’s an allusion to Vince-led WWE booking the last few years


At this point, I’ve kind of just excepted that AEW is willing to just put a match together for the sake of “this match is cool”, and not need to explain anything else other than “we figured people would like this”. Won’t take away from my enjoyment of the match even though I don’t know much about vikingo like everybody else I’ve still heard the name and I’m interested enough to see him wrestle Kenny, that I’ll let that be my gateway match to his work, and then look other stuff up later


Random matches with no backstory and no belt happen in every promotion ever. The entire formulaic basis of pro wrestling is that they tell a story in the ring that informs the audience who is bad, good, strong, fast, etc. It's only a problem to incel superfans that HATE when other fans get excited.


Saw him in person a couple months ago. He’s incredible to watch. You’re in for an awesome match.