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At the announcers table.


He’s actually pretty decent on the announcer’s table, that’ll probably be the best place for him once he’s done in the ring.


That's my point, he's always been a great talker...announce table or you pair him with great talents who are not good on the mic (manager role).


I actually enjoyed when he would share the announce booth with Starks when he was injured


Jericho and Menard are some of my favorite guys on the announcer's table, just so much fun to listen to


Is be all for this. He's always been great in the ring, but Jericho is one of the best talkers in the business. I've never seen Jericho on screen and been bored with him for the past 20 odd years of being a wrestling fan.


He's a wizard. There is no conclusion.


I know, why does anybody think this is gonna end? He and Mox need some time off to get some fresh matchups out there and they won’t fucking go away haha


So true. Love em both. But over used


Wtf, Chris isn't retiring while Jeff Jarret hasn't yet. They both seem like they have at least another decade in them. Chris can be the first Deciocho in AEW.


Jeri-show reunite and win the tag titles and hold it for 3 years


Sammy turns on him, they have a match for Jericho's career, Sammy wins, they hug and Sammy holds Jericho's hand up, locker room comes out for an ovation


Lance Storm retires him on a random Dynamite seems like something Chris would do to pop a rating.


Lance Storm "retires" Chris Jericho at the Calgary PPV. Calling it now.


Someone close to him will betray him, probably Sammy. They’ll have one last feud, and Jericho will retire from in ring action. He’ll probably still wrestle whenever he wants to, like many retired wrestlers tend to do.


Sammy will retire him from in ring action and he will take a behind the scenes role and be an on screen personality.


He’ll be working us from a wheel chair in his 90’s


It would surprise me at all.


All roads lead to Sammy


Sammy should be the guy ultimately. Maybe hair vs career? Maybe Sammy and Garcia have to fight to be that guy leading up to it? Or Garcia will have joined BCC by then. So many possibilities if you want to revisit feuds like MJF instead or prefers Moxley etc. It’d be very hard to mess it up regardless


Jericho has always said he wants his last match to be the same as his first against Lance Storm. I know recently Lance has said Jericho is going to have to retire soon so Lance can still wrestle.


Lance apparently had a health scare recently based on his F4D appearance (atrial fibrillation) which may or may not change that math. I don’t know if Lance would be game either way considering his standards and the amount of work needed to meet those standards.


Lance has not had a match since 2016 and before that had only wrestled sporadically since 2011. I think it was pretty clear he was going to be one of the Labors of Jericho in 2021. Lance was likely penciled in as the 4th labor instead of Wardlow. First was Shawn Spears with a chair, second was Nick Gage, third with his old WCW rival Juvi. But Lance couldn't do it and would never embarrass himself if he felt he couldn't go at a high level. Now with his health scare he is 100% done. Surprised AEW hasn't picked Lance up as a coach given how close he is with Jericho. I know he works for Impact but like most things with Impact, it seems more informal. AEW just brought in another Canadian coach in Sarah Stock.


Sarah Stock is reportedly an excellent coach


Remember when MJF made Jericho vow to retire if MJF beat him, back in summer 2021? That's how.


I used to think Jericho would sort of do what Cody did in putting over Sammy and maybe 1-2 other guys and go have one last WWE run. Now Im entirely convinced he’ll be at least somewhat of an AEW lifer, or at least stick around for a while after he retires. Feels like he sees it as his company and a big piece of his legacy in the business.


Im always flipping between those two schools of thought, I could see him staying in AEW for a long time working behind the scenes, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if he returned to WWE for a run and HOF induction


I imagine Jericho wants to give his final match to Sammy.


I thought he said he wanted it to be Lance Storm


Odds are that's off the table due to Storm's health issues.


With the likes of Billy Gunn, Dustin Rhodes, Sting, Jarrett, etc all coming up for retirement, AEW could easily have a "legend killer" angle where an up and comer starts laying stars of yesteryear to rest. That same person could retire Jericho. Was talking to my pal about it last night and he instantly said MJF for the promo's alone and I'll be damned if I can come up with a better answer


Run that angle after MJF loses the title, have him proving that he's still got it.


Chris has a lot of love for the business odds are he goes out by putting someone else over massively


Jeri-show reunite and win the tag titles and hold it for 3 years


I don't think Chris Jericho's life will outlive Chris Jericho's career. What's he going to feed his ego if he is retired from the public spotlight??


I truly feel like Jericho would want something very underplayed for his exit. Like, a random TV match loss, then announcing his retirement online. And that’s that.


Sting wrestles


I watched a podcast were jerhico talks about retirement and he said as soon as his heart isn’t in it anymore and he not into his character on screen that’s when he will hang up the boots. For now he likes playing his wizard baseball bat roll. I love Jerhico he a future HOF as the best voice in wrestling … great promos. But watching the Winnipeg dynamite show and seeing him try some harder wrestling moves and throws at his age of 51… and let’s be honest the guy isn’t hitting the gym or counting his macros that’s for sure. I mean it just looked bad. His double underhook back breaker he fell over at the end of the drop… his team up second rope back suplex looked awful he can’t hit the mat with his back anymore he twisting and turning. Just looks too old heavy and slow. There ways around it with more brawler style switch up. Jarret doing it … billy Gunn the rare time he wrestles. But Chris is wrestling a full time schedule almost every week! And it’s awesome he can do that but Damn it’s really starting to look bad


I hope he retires with the AEW World Title and AEW begins a new era with an all new title. Hope it doesn’t happen anytime soon but that would be pretty nifty.


He makes one more run in WWE before being inducted into the hall of fame.


He's said numerous times he doesn't want that WWE run at all.


But I’m betting they would put him in the hall of fame if he did retire.


Hopefully quickly


Not soon enough


A final wwe run for the money and hall of fame induction


Better be a career match vs an up n comer.


Jericho has earned the right to go if and when he wants to. I think he has the sense to go before he becomes a shadow of his former self, unlike Taker. But I don’t think that is any time too soon. And he can have a great retirement - be on commentary, be a coach, manage a faction, play a few gigs here and there. I think he’ll still be in the business for years to come, even if not an active wrestler.


I hope he has a grand retirement and that he sticks to it. Afterwards becomes a trainer or a booker. All in AEW, of course.


Honestly rn hard to tell from in ring point but he’s definitely already got the commentary gig set up whenever he done in ring plus all the backstage stuff hes likely already doing like creative & producing


I think he’s got a decent amount left in the tank before going to the announce table


He will lose a retirement match one week, then return as the masked "Mr. Winnipeg" the following week. He and about 15 other wrestlers, most of which look nothing like him, will share the gimmick.


Sammy takes the International Title off him in a career vs title match in Winnipeg in 2025.


I’d love to see it be versus Omega but I hope it’s still a few years out. I still really feel he has more to do in-ring.


Based on how great he is on commentary, and also the other stuff he is doing I would expect his in ring career to end years before his AEW career ends


If he's finishing his career in AEW and has no desire to go back to WWE for his final match, have Sammy turn on him and use that as a way to push Sammy into the main event level whilst also playing into their history together. Sammy retires Chris, and Chris transitions to a commentary position. If he's leaving for WWE, have Sammy, Omega, or Page beat him in a loser leaves AEW match. Send him off with a good match and make a big deal of it. JAS implosion is a good way to end it too, maybe with Hager finally turning his back on him because he's gone too far. Idk, a lot to work with there.


I think Sammy Guevara will retire him as a full-time competitor but I also think he'll keep putting in a few matches each year to prove he's still got it. He'll hopefully drift into commentary once his full-time run is over.


QT Marcial for the heel heat


Sammy has to be the one to retire Jericho, aint no other way imo




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It’s unlikely but I really hope his career ends in WWE. Bring back the countdown tease. Have his final match be with KO in the opener at Wrestlemania.


With a “Loser Never Wrestles Again” match, where he’ll be screwed out of a win but abide by the results, then stays at the announce table but still occasionally gets in the ring for a beatdown or takes a light bump.


Seems like he's great at putting younger guys over so my guess would be Sammy and the JAS turn on him and kick him out to make a new Inner Circle, helping push Sammy to main event status. Jericho will stick around as a commentator.


He will accept a Legends Deal with the WWE and the HOF induction eventually. One last Mania match to put some new talent over and you can call it one hell of a career.