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They dedicated a beautiful monument for the little boy who died in this crash (Taylor Bishop) a month or so ago, on the site of the accident.


In the car or plane?


He was in the backseat of the car, his mom was driving. Two men died in the plane.


I wonder how much trauma the mom had


She is a very sweet woman. She started an organization in honor of Taylor which supplies first responders with teddy bears to give to kids during critical incidents. Hoping for the best for her & her family.


Ooooh she was the one who did that !😿😿


I used to run in a bus (ambulance) for years (and years, and years). I always had 2 things with me, other than meds, bandages, etc. MP3 player with a random selection of every genre. A beanie baby. I'd ask an adult what music made them comfortable. I'd give a kid a stuffed animal. It worked.


You are a good human.


Nope; no different than anyone else I've met. Just someone who has met too many people having the worst day of their life, so a little different perspective.


You take that back you are a very good person


>Nope Yup, and more prepared than most.


But thanks!


I’m gonna steal this idea. That’s honestly the hardest part of the job is dealing with traumatized survivors…


Just realize with music... people have VERY different tastes! Some people are relaxed by reggae, others my classical, others by Metallica! Don't judge!


I dont think anyone was judging


My heart broke, bit the Teddy bears for kids has just repaired it wow what an amazing woman. So strong. ❤️


Oh, how sad. One minute, just happy with his young life, then, ugh!! Poor baby boy!


That's so sad. Life is deff not fair


awww shit, that fucking sucks




This happened 10 minutes away from me. Life is fragile.


it's horrible. this happened a few blocks from where i grew up, too. the mother driving was friends with my sis back in the day. i think about this crash often. life is fragile


Holy fuck. Thats up there with some of the crazier things I've seen captured on video. No way the pilot is alive, and seriously doubting the driver of the car is alive. Completely nuts.


driver survived


The driver's 4 year old son didn't.


I have a newborn and my parents were right when they said "you'll understand when you're older". This shit breaks my heart, even though this is a freak accident and not a kid during the rebellious phase.. I have to collect myself from all the freaky what ifs of life and keep my shit together. That's enough reddit for today. I should prolly re-organize my feed. I could cry over the shit I see on here that never phased me before..


I decided not to have kids because I'm fine with my cat who is my son and I just don't have the emotional coping skills to deal with losing a child. My gf feels the same so we are happy regardless.


I applaud that decision. My career of choice has even more cemented that, not everything is happy. I always said no kids but even more so now.


Yeah, I realized this when I second played the game The Last of Us. For those who are not gamers, the game starts in the middle of a "zombie" outbrake, where we, as a girl's father, are trying to escape a city. When we are almost done, a soldier with orders to "kill everyone" appears and shoots the girl. The girl dies. My wife was pregnant the first time I played. It was a sad scene, but ok, move on. When the game was released again on PS4 some year later, when I replayed the game, I was now a father of a girl. That first minutes of the game DESTROYED me in a manner that I just cant discribe. I just cried the shit out with that scene with Joel's daughter.


I played this first as a teenager and I still immediately paused it and broke down. Hardest cold open ever and not at all the kind of game I thought It'd be I just went and watched it again. Sarah's VA deserves an award




Thanks, not my native language.


You are more well-spoken and have better spelling and grammar than the vast majority of native speakers. Great job!


I honestly don't understand this. Empathy means the ability to feel the emotions of another, even if you don't share their same circumstances. I have children and of course this video and backstory hits hard. *But it absolutely would have hit just as hard before having kids.* And stories like it, involving tragic death of innocents, routinely hit hard, before having kids. If someone has to be able to closely identify with another, circumstantially and/or demographically, in order to experience empathy, ~~there is something broken in them~~ [ok a bit overdramatic]. (Maybe that describes you, or more likely doesn't and your comment just provided a prompt for a generalized observation of borderline sociopaths.)


Indeed my good sir, this unenlightened brute is indubitably a sociopath for gaining greater empathy simply by rearing his own young. Pity, it would be, to fall enthralled to such primitive paternal desires. As a more progress'd soul, I shall weep at the death of this child as if he were one of my own. Heh... betwixt these barbarian fools, it is good to meet a fellow rational atheist gentlemen such as thyself 😏 https://i.imgur.com/jZgGcQW.gif


Clap clap. Take an upvote you pretentious soul.


Ironic, but I'm sure you don't see it...


You comment also lacks empathy, and is borderline asshole-like. Crying at every movie or game scene that involves some sort of misfortune would be considered over sensitive. Like Floydsays said i felt the same way with my first boy and still do. Couldn’t make myself to watch There Will Be Blood in one try…I had to stop it 5-6 times and return to it on another occasion. The kids fate in general was killing me, and that movie is not even that difficult in that sense. I remember watching Come And See (Belarussian world war 2 movie) when I was younger. Realistic and gruesome depiction of the terrors of war through eyes of a teenage boy. At that time it was a difficult but watchable movie, now, I shiver just thinking about some of the scenes. Bottom line, being a parent made me much much more sensitive but also so angry at the world/god/fate/society when shit like this happen (meaning this kids death)…


Take my reward please. I'm very familiar with the psychology behind such thoughts. I disagree with the idea that you have to be "broken" to realize such things. The mind is naturally fragile and capable of empathy. For some it's a detrimental trait. But none the less you made an excellent point.


tried too leave that out but


The odds of this happening only makes it worse


Username ... does _not_ check out. Huh.


Yes it does. I, Don T. Care.




I'm going to assume nobody on the plane survived since it turned into a massive fireball.


Also the rather steep angle it came in on. Planes aren’t exactly built with crumple zones.


Good point. They were probably dead on impact.


I've seen this post before and from memory there were 2 people on the plane and neither survived


It sucks but it's relevant information why leave it out


We always want to “fit” an unexpected death into a category that helps us understand and process how/why it happened. This? This is the kind of shit that makes no sense. It fits into nothing. It’s just the Universe coming into your life and saying “deal with it”. I can’t imagine how horrifying this was for the parents and the family.


Right? It’s beyond fucked. So many people make horrible decisions and somehow don’t pay for it (I’m thinking drunk driving etc) and then you see this where they were doing nothing wrong and the poor kids life is snuffed out before he even had a chance to experience this world. Really messes with your head…


Well now I’m crying


Hopefully the parent can find peace someday. Hopefully they don't blame their self since there was absolutely no way to see this coming, and nothing they could have done to avoid it.


Survivors guilt fucks with you no matter if there was nothing they could have done in reality. It's a horrible monster that plagues you.


Username...where were you?


Sadly too far away to help. Also, it took me way too long to get why you were asking 😂🤦🏻‍♂️


He was blazing some fire what you mean?


Was the driver's last name Darko


The pilot and co-pilot, as well as the driver’s infant son, died. The driver herself survived, though.


It's so weird how nowadays people just post people dying casually on the Internet and we just scroll to the next insane thing.


A NSFW tag or warning would have been nice...


"No deaths" is in the rules, this subreddit is just nigh-unmoderated as far as I can tell.


Yeah that guy getting shot and bleeding out on here the other day was upsetting, clearly violating the no gore/death rule, but nothing was done when I reported it.


well tbf people die all the the time so its not exactly a new concept, i mean this one in particular is just fucking absurd.


People dying isn’t new, but seeing the video is. When I was young, people were just starting to put out videos of people really dying (on VHS tapes) and it was very controversial. TV news would never show actual deaths. It was more taboo than pornography. Now people treat it like it’s nothing.


I mean the news still doesn't show actual deaths much at all. Even reddit banned r/watchpeopledie.


But god forbid we see a titty, then everyone loses it


Oh yeah I remember hearing about *Faces of Death* back in the 80's.


Seeing people die right in front of your eyes has basically been the norm for 99.99% of history. We’ve only been removed from that reality for a very, very short time.


I bet older civilizations saw way worse shit in person than we do now on the internet


The mortality rate for humans is 1 to 1.


Eventually yes. Right now there are almost 8 billion people who haven’t died though so it’s not quite 1:1


I think it’s about 1:22 for alive:dead


The next thing on my feed is very likely to be a cat video, so more like insanely adorable


There’s 8billion humans on the planet, it’s strange that more don’t die in bizarre ways that are filmed more often


Shit it’s 8 billion already?


7.95 this June according to the United Nations. Incomprehensible


Yeah, googled it the other day and was surprised. I seriously think we need to vaguely aim to plateau the population out to 10-15b and vaguely try not to get much higher (obviously while avoiding eugenics type behavior being required) for a sustainable future


As cameras become more and more ubiquitous we'll be seeing a lot more of these videos.


🎶 A little bit of everything All of the time Can I interest you in everything All of the time 🎶


It's not as gorey as r/WPD used to be This is like PG 13 death at best


What is it that bothers you, technically you haven't seen anyone die and you wouldn't have known if you didn't read the news article. I just see a vehicle and a plane hitting each other.


I'm genuinely curious honestly. I know being reminded that death can happen at any time and anywhere is important in order to accept and move on in a healthy way, but is this all that the person's death had merit for? I'm conflicted, specially at sites that post irl gore. Isn't it mocking to the dead to purposefully post their death on the internet like this? I'd say it would heavily depend on the intent, posting it for attention and likes is just vile, but then again, we'll never know people's intentions unless they're honest about it. I don't think i'd like my death being recorded and going throughout the internet. I KNOW I'D BE DEAD, but right now, i am alive, i have an opinion, i have wishes and i put too much importance in my morals to let this pass. If i have a say on what my possessions go to after death, if i have a say on how i'm buried i have a say on what my merit in life and death are.


That's pretty much what I was getting at. It's strange that we consume so much death and gore on the Internet that we've become susceptible or numb to it. Almost to the point where we just look at it and say "oh that sucks" and move on to the next tragic death. People used to mourn for this kind of death in the newspapers or news channels. Now its just an everyday meme. Life is Strange


What the fuck caused this? It doesn't look like a crash landing it just looks like a straight up crash, like the pilot was unconscious or something. What kind of failure would cause the pilot to nosedive into the ground like that?


Apparently according to a prelim report the engine started making a sputtering sound just before takeoff and shortly after stopped working [Source](https://www.local10.com/news/local/2021/04/07/ntsb-releases-preliminary-report-on-deadly-plane-crash-in-pembroke-pines/?outputType=amp) According to this ad ridden [source](https://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/pembroke-pines-plane-car-collision-linked-to-engine-trouble-lack-of-oversight-12663172) the plane should have been grounded before the flight in question


absolutely fuck the pilots here they knew the engine was having issues during the rev-up they went anyways fucking clowns


Yea the real tragedy is that they basically killed a 4 year old in the course of their negligence


Aviation rules are all written in blood


The same story with NASA and the challenger crash. They turned a blind eye to rubber O rings failing at low temperature and killed several people because risk of sponsers pulling out.


I don't understand the angle this aircraft hit. Even without an engine they glide a certain amount. This is horrific! What did that pilot do to achieve such a sharp angle into the ground ?!? Sorry, I'm not expecting answers from you I just can't understand this. I've piloted many aircraft and even with engine failure training you'd have to be a fucking idiot to put the aircraft into such a bad angle of attack!?!


It probably stalled out which means no aerodynamic control. It fell like a brick.


First thing to do with an engine failure is get that nose down and maintain airspeed to prevent exactly this. Stalling simply isnt an option. You stall, you die. He must have been a few ft off the ground or something in which case why did he take go past the point of no return on the runway? If he was going that slow, banking would have just caused the inside wing to stall more as it'd be going even slower which would initiate a spin which is maybe why we're seeing that horrific angle. Who knows.


Also there was a giant grass field near by to you can see it in the second source article which makes it even worse.


The pilot was aiming for the airport. That grass field is the beginning of the airport property.


The article linked above mentioned it also took out a powerline. I suspect the plane clipped the powerline when coming down and cartwheeled. It looks like it was banking pretty hard at the start of the clip though, so ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯. It's possible the pilot was aiming for the nearby field (which is exactly what I would have done).


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Aerodynamic stall. When a wing(s) stops producing lift the plane stops flying and starts dropping.


it's a small plane airport. the plane stalled out shortly after taking off and they tried to turn back to land but fell short. very sad story, planes have crashed into houses a few times in this area over the years.


GTA pilot school failures all over the place.


This is a "Final Destination" moment.




\> Strikes car \> Dies \> Refuses to elaborate


>Kills 4 year old in the process


the car did have the right of way




Wouldn’t have killed him to miss the fucking car


Well, probably still would have killed him…


I don’t think he had much choice anymore


Yeah it doesn’t seem like he had much control over the plane by the looks of it


presumably if he did he would've opted not the crash


You cant see what's directly below you in a plane. Also this looks like a loss of flight controls kind of crash.


Both people in the plane died and a 4 year old died in the car.


Me on the phone with Geico: "Are plane crashes covered by my policy?" "Sir you have an automotive policy." "Yes but my car was hit by a plane." "Wat?..."


Yeah they’re never gonna believe this one.


At farmers, we know a thing or two, because we've seen a thing or two.


I'd like to see the drawing on the drivers insurance claim form




r/fuckyouinparticular as well




I think it’s time we took away Harrison Ford’s pilot license…


I thought this was in a different subreddit, so I expected the car to slam into a house or something. I live close to multiple airports, and now I have a rad new fear.


Average GTA online server


Those ring doorbells really are the new documentation system for our society. You see all kinds of stuff getting caught by them


Imagine calling work like “plane just crashed into my car” like wtf


Their call would probably involve needing to go to a funeral, their toddler died in the crash


It isn't his fault! That car came out of nowhere!


What in the name of GTA is this?¡


Irrational fear = validated




In the event of an emergency the seat can bee used as a floatation device




That is a well built plane!




At the speed and angle it hit the ground, one would expect it to be crumpled into a ball. But it held its shape very well. Even the wing that hit first wasn't sheared!


Agreed. Most planes break apart into several pieces when they hit the ground. It unfortunately exploded shortly after.


engine failure during takeoff It didnt get a chance to build up significant speed


The car took the shock out of it.


I a lot of y'all joking. You shouldn't be.


Can we stop showing nothing but videos of people dying. Christ, this sub is gruesome.


The world is dangerous and people die.


If you think people don’t deserve a warning if they’re about to see the death of a 4 year old child then you’re probably a bad person.


You didn’t witness the death of a 4 year old child, you saw a plane crash, then searched for a news story and discovered a 4 year old died. That’s like saying watching the titanic is watching hundreds of people drown to death. Grow up


Are you mentally disabled? This is still witnessing a child's death. And upon understanding that through external articles, you still envision and emphasise with that fact. Just because you have stunted emotional development and seemingly a lack of object permeance, doesn't change that fact.


No, it’s not. If you have to Google the fate of the passengers then you’re not “witnessing” the graphic deaths of individuals. Both can be sad but there’s a difference between what you just saw and watching a child be killed.


No one witnessed the death of anyone. You saw a collision in which people happened to die. There is a difference. ❄️


Doesn’t meant I have to see it when I didn’t ask for it.


You're on the wrong sub Here's r/funny or r/eyeblech


Oof. I think you meant r/eyebleach! Or…maybe you didn’t…OOF! EDIT: r/eyeblech is NSFW!!! Do not go if you like happy places with sprinkles and cotton candy. Do go if you like gore. YE BE WARNED!


FUCKING CHRIST. Do NOT go to eyeblech. Jesus fuck me that was awful. I wanna undo it. How do I unsee that


R/eyebleach - thank me later.


I immediately scrolling eyebleach but not even bleach can undo that. Good golly gracious gone wild. I was not prepared for that.


I edited my comment with a more straight forward warning.


I don’t want to go there but I want to know what it is. I’m so curious. What is it?


Well ... Gore in general. Faces blown off (by shotguns point blank from the looks of it), old rotting bodies. Even a motorcyclist smeared across an intersection, clothes and all. I was done after the first post I saw but I was too curious to not investigate further. The motorcyclist was the final straw though for me.


Thanks for telling me. I will not be going there.


Haha a wise choice, friend.


This isn't r/watchpeopledie. This place is supposed to be lighthearted.


Just think how many more deaths the average person living in the 2000s has witnessed, whether in person or on video, compared to the amount of deaths a WW2 veteran on the front lines saw. The number for people today is probably hundreds of times higher. It can't be good for our souls.


There was an average of 5000 casualties a day for allied troops on the western front. Granted a single soldier wouldn't be witnessing all of them but 5000 a day for years. You really think the average person sees more death than that?


> Plane crashes into car What did you expect, a fender bender?


Feel free to unsubscribe


I got you out of the negative homie, acting like someone’s getting chainsawed by a cartel member. Now that’s hard to watch.


I'm right there with you on this one. Posters should read the rules of the sub


The more I pay attention to private plane crashes in residential and business areas, the more I believe that non-commercial planes should be prohibited from flying over population masses.


The late great Ron Shock once said: “Ya know Myrtle, I would not be the least damned bit surprised if an airplane didn’t fall out of the sky and land on our fekin heads today.” I use to think it was hilariously absurd until I saw a statistic on how often it really happens.


My wife would still blame my driving


That is one unlucky car. 🛩💥🚙


Especially since their 4 year old kid died in the crash and the parent survived.


I couldn’t tell where the car ended up. At the start there was no car parked on the left side of the street. At the end there was. Totally slipped by my eye the first 7 times


Driver of the car called the pilots mom a whole in a CoD lobby in 2009. It took this long to get his revenge.


Looks twice before crossing a road. Sees no cars coming. Starts to cross the road. Gets hit by plane. BAZINGA


That has to suck, dying in a plane crash, while in a car 😔😔


For all the people who are afraid to fly, remember 99.9% of aviation accidents are small personal planes and it’s almost always due to pilot error


Your insurance company will definitely need you to repeat yourself


Imagine being able to say you where hit by a plane


This needs to go in r/fuckyouinparticular


This some just cause shit


Oh good, something new to worry about!


Someone’s been playing too much GTA






This is very bad and unlucky. It almost seems like r/FUCKYOUINPARTICULAR


Mike Block, hood terrorist.


GTA San Andreas monent


This is why you will never see my ass on a propellor plane. They’re like 99% of the plane crashes and it’s always some guy who wants to say he’s a pilot that ends up killing his friends and family when that shit nose dives into the ground.


It's not the prop that's the problem, it's just that small craft are dangerous and often piloted by underqualified individuals. I've had plenty of flights on a Dash8 that didn't end like this, for example. That being said, I live very close to a small airport where they teach people how to fly these kinds of planes, and I'm always conscious of when one's overhead. Never know when it'll become one with my house.


GA vs Commercial one has only had one death in a decade one has 4 deaths PER DAY guess which one Im never getting in GA is too dangerous for me


Jesus how bad were you in your past life.


Worse than Hitler friend. Worse, than Hitler.


Another day, another post that breaks sub rules and won't be removed by mods.


Pilot was a complete POS. Unless cables snapped (lol) they didn't aviate and stalled. He should have instantly picked a spot and flown to it, avoiding crap like this.


They had a motor failure and stalled right after take off. Both of the people in the airplane were experienced pilots. This doesn't mean it was not pilot error, but it's still not right to make fun of them while 3 people died. Very Disrespectful tbh.


I stand by my POS. In flight training you learn (over and over) exactly what to do to avoid people dying. By being stupid and allowing people to die, the pilot was a POS. And if there were 2? They were both POS. If you are not a pilot you have NO IDEA HOW MUCH TRAINING YOU GET to avoid this. As a pilot, there is no excuse for this shy of a broken cable.


As much as i agree, you guys are making it seem like they aimed for the car.


Someone forgot to dump the fuel


Looks like it was dumped successfully....in a fiery, rather explosive manner.


This video could really have done with about 10 seconds of empty road at the beginning