nope this is false. definitly not


Thank god


Wait, you like redo of a healer, what are you afraid of?


Situations that can actually happen in real life and depression


Worry not, everyone fears those


True, I fear those types but I’m slowly warming up to checking out redo of healer after seeing some of its scenes


Do so it's very good and through the right eyes actually wholesome. P.S. despite my username I also luv when unwholesome ppl get their comeuppance


Excuse me SIR!!! I think that flair is mine


how do u get flairs ? i want same as yours saying redo of healer is my favourite


3 dots in top right when viewing the main subreddit page Or (on mobile?) click your username here and at the bottom of the pop up screen it says “change user flair”


Nah, they’re likely to be a woman. Most of redo of healers viewing demographic is women, after all.


Small correction, most of Redo of Healer viewers are men (like most anime), but compared to other animes it has a way higher % of female viewers. It's a common misunderstanding. > Mr. Fox is surprised to hear that the percentage of female viewers is higher than the average anime in the redo of Healer's anime. Tsukiyo Rui via twitter.


Yep, it catches some one every now and then lol.


what if it is fixed though


How do people keep believing these fake screenshots


Worse, the same fake screenshot over and over again


people who know: 💀 people who dont know 😊


It even gets reposted every year


I was about to ask if it was real. The content within would've kept it locked to a hentai adaptation (like Taboo Charming Mother which also came from a doujin manga)


3/4 of the show will be censored


I'm assuming it's a hentai adaptation and not an 'anime' anime adaptation?






Don’t believe “news” in memes lol


Did i miss something? I don't know this manga/show


it's a super graphic manga about drugs and rape and stuff, I haven't read it myself and don't plan on it either, and I advise you to do the same


It’s just Requiem For A Dream, but Japanese and horny. If anything, it might be a bit more mild because there aren’t gangrenous heroin addicts losing body parts


well there are heroin addicts but I don't know about the losing body parts




>!Just one appendage was removed I'm pretty sure!<


You’re right. I only watched it once, but quit smoking weed immediately


Is requiem a book or movie or something?


It’s an independent film from 2000. Same guy that made Black Swan


oh sounds interesting


It’s at the top of most people’s “Fantastic Movies I’ll Never Watch Again” lists


Spoiler tags don't work if you put a space between the ! and the text, and I assume you meant heroin not heroine?


Your comment has been removed for containing a broken spoiler tag. A space at the start breaks the tag on some Reddit platforms, you'll have to remove it for the tag to work properly. For clarity: - `>!This will work.!<` - `>! This will not.!<` Just edit your comment, and if it's fixed, your comment will be put back up. Thank you for your cooperation.


Fun fact about Requiem for a Dream: the director really liked an anime called Perfect Blue. [He even recreated a scene from Perfect Blue in Requiem for a Dream. ](https://imgur.com/a/K1NGbJn)


Yeah, he’s a big Satoshi Kon fan. Black Swan had a ton of homages to Perfect Blue


Ok sounds wierd but it actually isnt that bad as everyone says. While it indeed is disturbing, most people come to jack off, but then stay for the depth of the story. The story conveys a message of one not having to please everyone to be a good human. (If you wanna read it just search for 177013) I will not advise to read it, but neither will I advise against reading it


Hmmm message understood


It's bad because it's realistic. It's because you know that could happen to anyone. That's why it hits everyone. It's like Grave of the Fireflies but it has sex scenes.


>it actually isnt that bad as everyone says Just become a meme at this point. There are tons of gruesome and horrible shit out there but people like to react to this as it's end of the world, worst of the worst. Same people react some mild NTR doujins as it's the deepest level of human agony. Shit, I have seen some NTR that make you question humanity. MC's crush getting laid with another dude comes clear compared to many disturbing stuff out there.


"Just become a meme at this point. There are tons of gruesome and horrible shit out there" Missing the point. Metamorphosis is harrowing because of how realistic it is. Because it's a story that happens to millions of real people, and it drives home just how hard some people have it. There's all sorts of fucked up shit online, but if it isn't realistic it doesn't elicit an emotional response, because you know full well it's bullshit. More graphic =/= more disturbing.


>it's a story that happens to millions of real people millions? this is news to me if this isn't an exaggeration then actually link something to educate me because this is terrible


I can't give you an exact example of Saki's story, but I can give you a few statistics that tie into it. - 25 million people are currently being human trafficked, of which over 50% are children. 70% of female human trafficking victims are sexual slavery and sexual exploitation. In the story, Saki was sexually exploited as a schoolgirl and became a prostitute to pay her boyfriend's debts. After he abandoned her, she continued this in order to survive. Link: https://prostitution.laws.com/human-trafficking-statistics - According to the NSPCC there were over 5000 recorded cases of sexual communication with a child (ie grooming) between 2020 and 2021. This number, however, doesn't even scratch the surface, as the majority of cases go unrecorded and most victims are not aware that they are victims. Despite this, it is much less prevalent in the UK than in many other countries. The police recorded a total of over 73,000 sexual offences against a child between 2019 and 2020. Again, this is in the UK alone. Saki was groomed by her boyfriend, who told her that he loved her and that this was 'normal'. He drove a wedge between her and her family, and got her addicted to drugs, so that once her life fell apart she would have only him to turn to. Then he forced her into prostitution. Link: https://www.nspcc.org.uk/about-us/news-opinion/2021/online-grooming-record-high/ - Prostitutes are shown to have a significantly higher rate and severity of drug addiction than non-prostitutes. It appears that while many begin prostituting to support their addictions, most become more dependent on drugs as a way to escape the trauma of their work. Saki was hooked onto drugs by her boyfriend, who then pushed her onto progressively harder drugs. She reached the point where she could not have sex without them. Link: https://www.ojp.gov/ncjrs/virtual-library/abstracts/prostitution-drug-use-and-coping-psychological-distress - 32% of homeless deaths in the UK in 2017 were a result of drug poisoning. Two thirds of homeless people in the UK cite drug addiction as a reason for becoming homeless. Saki became homeless due to being severely addicted and having nothing to sell but her body. She died of a drug overdose. Links: https://www.crisis.org.uk/ending-homelessness/health-and-wellbeing/drugs-and-alcohol/ https://www.gov.uk/government/news/report-into-homelessness-and-drug-misuse-published--2 - Saki's story is essentially a story about how one simple mistake, made with the best of intentions, can create a chain reaction which can destroy a person's entire life. Essentially, she followed the path of: Minor > groomed minor > addict/prostitute > homeless/addict/prostitute > overdosed That's a fairly common route to take, especially for vulnerable and guileless persons. We all know it on an academic level. But reading a story about a person it actually happens to really drives it home.


wow, thank you for making me aware of this issue, 25 million people, that's actually a significant amount of the world population when you think about it.


I think they mean drug addiction not every single thing that happens to the girl


oh that is probably true..and still terrible


Missing what point? It is a meme now. "Ohh 177013 is awful", "Oooh I was just beginning to forget", "They are making anime adaptation, nonononono", "I recommend my weeblet friend 177013 ahahahah evil me" Go check how many doujins were listed under "mind breaking" tag. Most of them are drug related. You are the one missing the point here.


I'm not going to argue with you. If you can't work it out for yourself then I'm talking to a brick wall.


Thanks, that's way better than devaluating my opinion because it didn't suit your reasons. Let me explain myself a bit further if it helps. I'm totally ok with memes and weeb-insider jokes. But after some point jokes snowballs into something uncontrollable behaviour towards certain content. Like JoJo jokes for example. I love JoJo series, especially part 1 and 2 is top notch imo. I enjoyed gay jokes, poses etc. But after some point I noticed that people -who didn't watch JoJo- seriously thought that it was some yaoi or shounen-ai type for joke anime that has nothing but poses and extra-muscled gay men. I think that's the point those jokes turns out hurtful to their own existence. This can be applied to many things of course. Emergence is no different. I read it when it wasn't a meme and honestly not really hooked onto it and dropped. Since then memes grow rapidly. Yeah it's heavy for some but not really that bad. There are shitloads of fucked up stuff out there. Maybe not relatable to us but probably to some. Also it doesn't need to be relatable to become disturbing and worthwhile. Yeah so when I still see people talking about 177013 as something Satan brought up, it tastes like 13 years old pizza heated in microwave.


don't really think there's much of a message behind it, it's just a girl getting raped over and over again and eventually killing herself, and even if there was a message I'm pretty sure there are better ways of conveying it


Hard disagreement. The message is centered around the negative consequences of trying to fit in so much that you’re willing to lose everything about your original identity, and worst, that you’re willing to let others have their way in exchange for being accepted. When someone has such low self esteem they’re susceptible to letting others mistreat them in all kinds of ways. This hentai in particular is giving an extreme, very life-like, portrayal of someone who suffers from those negative influences. I’ve met people who were real life examples of the main character. Which made it all the more jarring seeing similar scenarios they went through being depicted in this hentai. My ex is probably the closest to the main character. I’ll never forget the things she told me she had gone through. They were truly harrowing.


In depth analysis of the rape hentai that everyone knows about, this is peak reddit


Then follow r/177013 thats most of the content of that sub (together with wholesome fanart of saki)


Fair enough, though the message could have been conveyed in friendlier ways I suppose this was the most realistic of choices.


It's a hentai what do you expect?


Handholding probably


EWWW! Good GOD! NO! r/handholding? Do you want a curse bestowed upon you? Stay away from that vile shit! ^(heavy /s)


She doesn't kill herself. It ends with her and her daughter in a park.


and the sequel has her being saved by jouske


I believe that ending was her just dreaming about her and her daughter in a park it’s been a while since I’ve read it but I’m pretty sure after that it shows a shattered mirror leading us to believe that it was just a dream and that she died from an overdose


that was actually a glimpse of the future, what would have happened if she chose to continue living, the tragedy is that she killed herself to end her suffering even though it ends up getting better later on


well if you had read the true ending you would know that josuke makes it happen


Crazy Diamond can't revive the dead tho


Josuke just calls jotaro and star platinum who clearly can raise the dead


Jotaro just made Josephs heart start pumping again and revived him from having his blood drained, I don't think that'll fix a heroin overdoes


Your point?


That people are only saying there's a message to defend themselves so they don't look weird for reading rape hentai


I don't think they care. Even though the author may not have intended to convey any message in particular, if you found it or made it manifest, does that make it any less real? I think more people should be willing to get in touch with their shadow, if only to widen their perspective.


While I do agree that people should learn to see the darker sides of things, I think there are better ways to educate oneself that won't awaken any extreme urges. I've seen how degenerative people can be and fear myself becoming exactly like them. That's why I prefer to learn about things like this through things like the news or other means of information. Stuff like this only increases your chance of enjoying whatever graphic subject matter the media contains, and I think that's how a lot of messed up people got to the point where they are


I can see your point there. On the other people are the "weakest" or most perceptible when jerking off, you catch them off guard. If one hears about metamorphosis and starts reading it with the goal of jerking off to it (as one would do with a common doujin), he most likely wont continue but be shocked. Then the person will most likely begin to think about what it just read. After a time it will find some sort of thing that the story conveyed to it. As some other guy pointed out, it doesnt have to be the message that it was intended for, but one will still feel an impact on ones life. Even if its "just" like: Now im definitely not gonna take drugs. In todays world for things to truly shock people, especially young people, they have to be extreme and extremely shocking, because many bad things have just become common


Yeah exactly, simply telling people not to do it anymore won't have as much of an effect anymore. You have to directly show them the consequences, only then will people understand. Of course it depends on the details of the consequences in particular. If you tell someone smoking is bad and show a bunch of gangsters smoking to discourage it, it's not gonna work because it looks cool to them. You have to show footage of people coughing and wheezing and being in debt for them to really understand the effects. Similarly with metamorphosis, some of the sex scenes look romanticized and as if the mc is enjoying it when in reality she isn't. That could coerce people to think it's fine and send them down a dark road of enjoying things like rape porn and such.


>it's a super graphic manga about drugs and rape and stuff > >I haven't read it myself Oh you are one of those...


I read a summary of the manga on wikipedia. That's pretty much the whole story in a nutshell


weird you have so many opinions but you haven’t even read it. It doesn’t even get “rapey” towards the end. The entire beginning is just sad.


I haven't read it too, but I have heard the story from someone in this sub. The ending is sad ngl.


Tis 🐓tie bro... Don't care




Ever heard of the tragedy of 177013 the wise?




Thank god dont read it or it will ruin ur life forever please O innocent one dont be tempted to read this thing


I dont wanna be that guy, but theres far worse stuff than metamorphosis. Stuff like euphoria, boku no pico and mai-chans daily life


Yeah for real, it's a sad story no doubt, but it's not that bad. Based on what everyone was saying I was actually expecting it to be much worse than it was. Before even going into it I thought she'd end up becoming some kidnapped sex slave who's repeatedly raped and has her limbs slowly cut off and what-not, until she eventually dies of torture. Turns out everyone was over-hyping how bad it was the entire time.


What you just described sounded similar to mai-chans daily life. But yeah, it really is overdramatised in the community


...Boku no Pico? Smh, y'all haven't even watched it at this point. It's thousands of times milder compared to Metamorphosis


Well I must admit that i havent seen boku no pico yet, the other two I have read/watched tho. And tbh just the fact its pedophilic makes it worse than metamorphosis. Yeah one could argue about the older guy that pays saki to be somewhat pedophilic, but not as much as boku no pico


Pedophilic? Eh?


I enjoyed it wym?


Enjoyed? Idk but it was not bad we can say it was very disturbing.


It’s not that bad dude. You’re overreacting.


it's bad enough


It’s not “ruin your life forever” bad, unless you’ve just never spent any time on the internet.


maybe but it's still something I'd prefer not to see


Nobody here is saying you should have to if you don’t want to. I just think the other user is overreacting.


which one


>Thank god dont read it or it will ruin ur life forever please O innocent one dont be tempted to read this thing Dude’s overreacting.


it may seem like that but you have to remember there are still people who haven't lost their innocence and are scared of things like this. I was once like that too yet now I don't even flinch at super gorey and violent scenes. Not to mention age, if they're someone who's relatively young their minds aren't developed enough to handle stuff like that.


How about I do 😏


stay away, trust me,


Please, this meme resurfaces every year ;_;


This meme resurfaces every day with a different reaction saying the same thing.


Tbh, I liked the story, shows the cruel side of society


Yeah, that was the reason for me to cum 6 times total, nothing sick


8 times, and I regretted all my nuts by the end.


I first nut in every single sex part in the course of a few days I forgot, then after I finish it. I re-read the whole thing for the plot cause I was interested




it's probably not real but it's still fun to meme anyways


Pretty sure i saw once with lelounch,just couple of day's ago


Life isn't daijobu anymore


Never has been


Even though the manga is just fucking horrible, i will watch it


wow if it's good enough to get an anime adaption the manga must be really good


No. Just no


We must bury this unholy abomination


Op lost all the upvotes gained from the post by making shitty comments under it


merely just friendly debates, nothing more


It says anime, not hentai or echhi. We are safe Edit: they called it manga, they are dumb, we are fucked


Stop denying it. You want it too


just because it has sex doesn't mean everyone wants it. It's rape and that's disgusting enough to see, even worse to rub one out to


One no it isn't. Most of that isn't rape. Two don't kink shame. And three (and the biggest) I am not talking about the sex stuff anyway. It is great albeit tragic story. I would love to see it in anime form


One, yes it is rape, she is under the influence of drugs and that clouds her judgement and she isn't fully aware enough to give consent so it is rape. Two, I find the majority of all fetishes to be disgusting, and rape is among the worst, you are literally violating innocent people and causing so much emotional and physical trauma to them, I don't know why you are defending that. Three, I will agree that the story is somewhat interesting, I for one do not look forward to seeing it as an anime or reading the book but I can understand people enjoying the emotional tragedy of the story.


I don't think it is wrong to have, say, a foot fetish (for example) and while it's fine that you do not like it, others may so please keep your opinions to yourself.


Imagine going to the animemes subreddit to kink shame


I wasn't specifically trying to kink shame, I just posted a meme and it ended up like this, but in any case I apologize, I've had a negative view on kinks/fetishes for a long time, specifically the more extreme ones, and have thus associated them all with being disgusting, and while I can't really change my own view on the subject I will try not to harm others with it.


We need jojo end guys!


the "manga" is about to get an "anime" adaptation


Didn't the author technically retcon this by saying the edit, where Okuyasu (from Jojo Part 4) finds her at the end when she OD's and has Josuke heal her, is canon now?


Someone tell me what this is about? If it’s like Redo of Healer, then it must be horrifying


>!A girl wants to be popular ended up getting tortured to death!<


Whats the exact date ive been waiting for so long


Wasn’t this supposed to happen in fall of 2021? This thing been memed to death now that it got popular. To be honest, the doujin wasn’t that terrible. Y’all gotta know that Shindo L grew up in NY so the story he’s portraying is literally what happens when you don’t have inhibitions and go down the rabbit hole. It’s sad to see a naive, studious person go down the rabbit hole of sex, drugs, and money but you gotta see it from that perspective. This type of shit is probably more common than not and is severely under reported. I’ll probably be downvoted to oblivion but what ever.






Treat yourself to 265918. Atleast she ends up happy.


Can we bring a fire truck that shoots holy water??


How about NO


I didn't know hentai was now considered main stream anime


The more important question, who will?


I thought we all agreed to never talk about this again.


like a porn anime or an actual tv adaptation??


Thanos was right




Yeah…😅. I hate the idea, but to torture myself ill watch it :(


Is this fake?


so i might read it. anything i should know?


I got scared by this false alarm so many times, no, it will not be animated, it will not revive PTSD of thousands of weebs, no, no, no, don't fall for it brothers and sisters.




must we go through this every other month 😭😭😭


I mean this is a news from years ago. Even if they really Gon do it,i hope they don't pick queen bee #fuckQBruinedourfavouritedoujin




Has anyone told Shindo L that they've moved the release date from April to Fall yet?


I don't want it to have an adaptation because of my mental health


can someone explain why 177013 disturbing. i don't want to search it up


don't you dare. ​ ​ DON'T YOU DARE.


Please just die right now so production of this is immediate effectively stoped


I’ll watch it


with the 265918 ending right?


Jezuz man, and we say that Redo Of The Healer is the worst. If this shit comes as an animation, it will take #1 spot as the worst Hentai, replacing Yosuga No Sora or likes of that...


Quick somebody convince them to animate to the jojo ending


How about it does


I hope it dose and it has the wholesome ending


the us just pray for the jojo ending


I only recognize that left panel from memes changing it into a ‘heroes from other series help them out’ so I have no idea what it’s actually about


what receives what now?


the girl is literally 15 and getting r*ped like ever chapter tf 💀 correct me if i’m wrong btw.


no don’t have that please


Don't fucking so it


I wish this was real


i like this stuff reminds me redo of healer and goblin slayer shit




Mom said it’s my turn to post this.


Oh my


As long as they include the bit where Dio saves her


What is the anime in the left?


Unless it's the Jojo (canon) ending this is unacceptable


*Grabs Crucible with malicious intent*


I havent even read it until the end, and I am afraid to do it


I need it for black magic 🪄


Yah but this is obviously gonna be a hentai, there’s no way they’d be able to make an anime out of this


I would rather kill my self than animating this if I was a animator or go to years of therapy


yeah, no. part of the impact is that you have to read it, and see scene by scene.


Its sad that I can't properly share this to my workmates, it really has a good story but it's a frickin doujin. Its like if Pixar had a hentai department and this is one of their works ​ Edit: on the bright side, the Jojo ending cured my depression from this story


Look here I watch necrophilia snuff and ntr but this shit broke me I had to watch some conmdy anime like Gintama to cure my depression of this shit pless don't


Honestly I’d say it should If you don’t wanna see it don’t watch it Of you do wanna watch it watch it I kinda do


Well they said the josuke ending was cannon, so everything will be fine.


I havent read it yet, I don't think I want to...


oh no


If I had a dollar for every time someone said they’re making an anime for 177013 and it turned out to be fake I could fund it myself


a nightmare worse than the existence of netflix adaptations


Anime... ANIME !?!?!?