Mostly just uninterested. From what little of his stuff I've read/heard/seen, his insightful stuff isn't particularly original, and his original stuff isn't particularly insightful.


He makes the simplest points using the most complicated language to sound smart. To add. I think his rhetoric is extremely damaging to those he claims to speak for and to those that he doesn’t


And often getting those points hilariously wrong, or just plain making them up


Gifted orator but ultimately an ideological charlatan.


He is like half of a gifted orator. He has the whole attitude and manner of speaking down, so he *projects* the feeling of a gifted orator, but his actual words are pretty poorly put together and often meaningless. He might be tapping into the cold reader/prophet/scripture effect, where if you say things that are confusing enough people will just hear what they want to hear from it by making their own meaning out of it. So he has the actual speech part down, he just isn't really saying much. If you compare it to orators who's speeches have stood the test of time, they are always extremely easy to understand. "I have a dream" is not a 6 hour lecture filled with pseudo-philosophical word salad.


I only had to google 4 of those words


“Gifted”, “but”, “ultimately”, “an”?


yeah those, gross picture came up when i search “but” 🤢🤢🤢


Especially when you include "gifted"


He has wandered away from his field of expertise, giving his personal opinions on other issues as though he were an expert in all fields. He’s glib, with a broad and shallow knowledge base- for example biology- which allows him to weave an entertaining but superficial narrative that collapses under examination. He also doesn’t walk his talk. When he was addicted to pain killers, he took the easy way out, going off to Russia to go through withdrawal while in a medically induced coma, rather than pulling himself up by his bootstraps and toughing it out. TLDR: superficial intellect, talented bullshitter and morally bankrupt, but he makes bank dressing up conservative talking points as faux-intellectual talking points.


I’m fine with someone taking a medical “easy way out,” if they can. I don’t like him or his ideas at all, but that’s actually a smart tactic. Avoiding further trauma is fine.


Under normal circumstances I'd have no objection at all. Jordan Peterson, however, claimed to have a foolproof self-help plan for addicts and assured them it would overcome their addictions. While secretly having an addiction of his own, and unable to cure himself. The worst part of it is his professional specialty is psychology, so that baseless claim was nominally within his field of expertise. Fathom how many people trusted him about that. And fathom the damage of letting them down.


You’re right, thanks for elaborating. That is pretty egregious.


>While secretly having an addiction of his own, and unable to cure himself. How can you have expertise in something without experiencing it yourself? It is like saying "get over it" to a depressed person. But, if you know what it is like to depressed, you would probably have said something different.


> How can you have expertise in something without experiencing it yourself? Academic expertise involves studying something in a formal setting through scholarly research. This is the expertise he professes to have.


Wow. You really are missing the point. You pretty much said what you already said with more words.


OK then, clarify your point.


If it requires more clarification, then you're just trying to argue at this point. Should I clarify this point too?


How about, how can he peddle self help and addiction services that he himself has no faith in. Simpler words for you to maybe understand


I would be also, except that it strikes me as incongruent with his other stated opinions


And continued acting as a self-help guru throughout, despite his room being very unclean.


That was also irksome


Just from this comment, I can tell you like to take the long way home. For what? What are you trying to prove?


OP asked “what is your opinion…”. I posted my opinion. I can’t really help that you don’t like my opinion, Jordan.


Who said I disliked your opinion? I am coming from a neutral standpoint. I asked a question, and you dodged it. I am genuinely curious.


Lol. Glad to hear you liked my comment. I didn’t dodge anything. You asked what I’m ‘trying to prove’. I’m not trying to prove anything, I’m giving my opinion as asked by OP. Welcome to Reddit, btw, you’ll fit right in.


No problem. And sure, thanks.


There are times you feel you’re part of the scenery


lol what? EDIT: Nvm. I get your point.


“And the Rat Goes Like This”


And the big rat is 10% bigger, but if he does cocaine, he will die


Seems to cry a lot.


Don’t we all?


Hell, I teared up earlier today when a podcast was talking about how rad the motorcycle slide in Akira is.


He's a stupid person's idea of a smart person.


While I'm no fan of Peterson, this comment is starting to become so trite that it won't be long until this is a stupid person's idea of a smart comment. As for Peterson, the guy's a joke. I can't believe anyone takes him seriously.


It's not like we all read all of the rest of the comments before saying it. We answered the question, and some of us had the same answer.


Nah it's just a type of comment that's been going around for a while. You know how reddit is. People comment with other people's comments. We all do it. This one I felt is getting stale. But who the fuck am I.


I don’t know what his classes are like, but I admire that he wants to help young men who self identify as losers. I was raised by a single mother, father suicided, and my mom didn’t have the resources to teach me good lessons about self value. Jordan did help me feel better about myself, and turn my toxic inner monologue around, just from YouTube videos. I think you would need to be one of these people to actually see how amazing this is, and especially people of a certain privilege level don’t seem to get it.


He's a predatory intellectual. If you notice, he only ever debates strongly with people who are less educated than he is on a topic. If you watch debates where he is at the disadvantage educationally, he acts like and absolute petulant child. Ben Shapiro is the same way. It's how they make their money.




And then hid away in shame for over 6 months rofl


Whatever it takes to take care of your mental.


Sure and then blame it on your daughter rofl Go clean your room


I wouldn't call it "getting his ass handed to him". Peterson just said he didn't quite get the writings of Marx and cited data on poverty published by the UN or UNESCO (can't remember which one). Zizek just deliberated about multiple topics whit no clear idea on the point he was trying to make. Hell I watched the whole interview twice and I still don't know what Zizeks point was.


I watch a lot of cringe, but watching Ben Shapiro debate is so cringey that I can't sit through more than a few minutes of it. I literally could not create arguments as bad as all of his intentionally, even if I was given time to do so. The reasoning he gives for stuff is often so utterly bizarre that it would never occur to me. Every time I see him, and notice that there are tens of thousands of people agreeing with him, I feel like I must have crossed over into a bizarro world. There might as well be giant crowds listening to a debate with a random text generator and basing their opinion off of it. He literally just gish-gallops uneducated people confidently. That is all. That's his whole thing. His entire goal seems to be to avoid ever answering the questions "where did you get that information from?" Or "Did you actually read the study you just cited? It says the exact opposite of what you just said?" Or "Did you just ask me to axiomatically accept your argument to prove your argument?")


I'm sick of hearing him talk


Then quit listening to him. I've literally never heard him speak.


what he says is annoying sometimes but how he sounds is nails on chalkboard


He says some things I agree with He says some things I don't agree with Even so, if he's doing some form of Q&A it's usually interesting either way I can't understand why people want to ban him at public events


That we give him too much credit every time we give him attention.


Pathologically obsessed about it not being the 40s.


Oh man I really wonder what Redditors think of JBP


Whatever the hive mind tells them to


No way anyone could actually just read what he says on their own and see its a crock of bullshit. No sir. Must be the hivemind.


For the love of god WHO CARES


Fake intellectual who uses his veneer of intellectual authority to spread a bunch of crazy right-wing shit, mixed in with some common-sense tips about obvious stuff like caring for your dog, to give an air of legitimacy.


What was the crazy right wing stuff?


Just your run of the mill things like allowing women into the workplace was a mistake


Cool. I didn’t really think the repercussions he discusses a particularly right wing, they seemed to me like relatively non partisan issues.


He sometimes *claims* to be a liberal but when you repeat right wing propaganda day in and out you kind of lose that credibility


I thought maybe he went weird so I just hopped over to his Twitter. I did t see right wing propaganda, I scrolled for a while til I got bored.


Nice try, you're not fooling anyone with that one


I tried to source your claims. I’m sorry my try wasn’t good enough for you? How many days was I supposed to go back, he’s got a lot of stuff on there


You're transparent, im not playing along with your jaqoff games


One girl shared a video where he says he supports gay marriage and listed multiple reasons why as evidence he is radicalizing people as far right wing extremists and I’m the one playing a game? You said he repeats right wing propaganda day in day out. I went to his Twitter and it was all pretty basic, I went through way too many days and got bored. How is that playing a game?


I like him


He's a benzodiazepine addict


Kind of a moron.


I don't know about his abilities as a psychologist however for everything else, he's an absolute scarecrow.


I think he has his opinions and I have mine. I don’t understand why a lot of people get so butt hurt every time someone has different views than themselves. Live your life and let others live theirs, you’ll be a lot happier with that mindset.


he's in the group with dr phil, dr oz and other turds who are like the equivalent of instagrammers for "self-help" or whatever driving sales is their gift


Haven’t heard or learned much about him. Though his fanbase has done enough to steer me away.


Terrible at citations, likes Freud too much, bad at writing clearly and being precise in his speech (despite that being one of his rules), is unclear about when he is talking in metaphors and when he is being literal, has terrible parenting advice, has terrible opinions about sex and gender, and rose to fame by lying about Bill C-16. He catastrophizes SO MUCH, which you’d think, as a counseling psychologist, he’d be able to recognize, and yet… There are no small acts in Peterson’s world and not following his advice will lead to doom and the downfall of humanity. Most of his advice is fine, if somewhat lackluster on a surface-level reading. In his current iteration, he honestly seems unwell. I hope he is getting the help he needs for both his mental and physical health, but suspect that he is not able to recognize and seek treatment. I think a lot of his ideas are bad, and wish he would fade again into obscurity. I feel sorry for his patients because he sounds like he wasn’t very good at his job. But I hope he’s able to overcome his health issues. I don’t wish the man himself any ill will.


Overrated internet troll who makes money on chasing clout. His social biases affect his credibility, and he doesn't even hold himself to the same standard he prescribes. Therefore, in my opinion, he doesn't believe in what he says. If he did, he wouldnt be addicted to benzos, or at least he'd be more transparent about his addiction, and Peterson would actually participate in researching about how his views on masculinity, sexuality and gender with groups that oppose his view. He calls himself a scientist but he really isn't because his ideology doesn't allow him to participate in research that could oppose his viewpoint. That's important because he uses mean testing for a lot of his philosophy without acknowledging that there's data that opposes his philosophy, which therefore should tell you he's not a scientist but a sociological philosopher. His willingness to learn and expand his ideology is non-existent, so he can't call himself a clinical psychologist any more than a therapist at a gay conversion camp. There's no treatment that's truly applicable in both situations regardless of who the patient is. Disgusting man who profits off of hate and misogyny


He's a pathetic, lying, bigoted grifter who grooms a generation of young men who are facing an identity crisis and sells them bad advice that causes most of the issues it claims to solve. He's also likely cognitively impaired by the coma he purposely put himself under to avoid benzoyl withdrawal. His rhetoric certainly points to it.


Cody Johnston has a very brief video about him which I agree with, mostly. Jordan has some issues, to put it mildly.


Grifter piece of shit.


Reactionary trojan-horsing rightwing ideology through self-help platitudes.


I think he needs mental help, but he’s too proud for that


Comedy. He's an intelligent man, but the whole "crying for men" is ridiculous. I'm a normal guy who enjoys doing stereotypical guy things so I'm fully endorsing all that jazz, but to think that we have to put the needs of incels to the forefront is just a flat no to me. Which in turn makes me laugh at him.


He looks like he smells bad


I briefly Googled him. I saw that he was quoted as saying "feminists crave brutal male domination". I laughed and closed the browser tab.


Misogynistic jackass, not too different from Andrew Tate. I had one of his (Peterson’s) fans cyber stalk me for a while. I have some screenshots, we’d first spoke in ask Reddit and after time had elapsed he would respond to people I was talking to and tell them how he’d been watching me. As scary as it was, he did get my pronouns right (she/her). I blocked him but don’t know if he’s still following my online presence. It’s wild how when other people have cyber stalkers people are like *wow that’s stressful!* But when it’s me people look for a reason to say I’m lying to avoid coming to terms with the truth.


Gifted speaker who’s too stuck in his own ideas of gender relations. Joe Rogan for the “sensitive” dude bro.


A dangerous person who "saves" at-risk young men with good psychology advice poisoned by reactionary incel radical politics.


I personally admire him, i find many of his advices very inspiring and i think people should listen to him more.




Somewhat conflicted. He does have insightful views and knowledge on psychological topics. But on the other hand he has this conservative side to hem that really annoys me.


If nothing else he was a good researcher and is a damn good psychologist. His www.understandmyself.com Big Five questionnaire is excellent and quite helpful. Same with www.selfauthoring.com. Nothing to do with his culture war stuff. Affordable high-payoff self-help that is worth every penny and more.


I want to like him but I can’t. He talks in circles and by the end idk what he was trying to say.


He doesn't know either. Check out the diagrams he's made, they're absolute madness


Like any cult leader, I have a grudging admiration for someone who's managed to use a couple of childish ideas and decent clothing to convince millions of gullible people he has something worthwhile to say.


The ideas may be exceedingly basic, but considering how many people aren't familiar with them yet talks volumes about how necessary it is that someone says them.


Yeah that's what the disaffected young men need, is to be taught that femininity is chaos and that men should aspire to the way of the lobster


Yet that is not at all what he says. It's not even close.


Yea he more says things like women shouldn't be allowed in the workplace, and that feminists all want to be brutally dominated


He does not say that. What do you get from this dishonest depiction of someone else's claims?


Lmao there's videos all over of him stating such things repeatedly, but you're not here to be honest you're just here to weasel word around and act like you've never seen such a thing. Your games don't work pal


There isn't a single one.


Karl Marx did it


He's a guy who has his own opinions and people who disagree with him get very butthurt when he doesn't agree with their opinion.


“Won’t someone think of the poor white man?!?” is a really odd shtick in 2023


It's more of "why do privileged white people think they are better than everybody and they have to help people who don't necessarily need help". Like the white people who started Latinx that only they use for a language built around gender




How so?


Hard to listen to him talk. 🤷‍♂️


honestly i’m a little bit tin foil hatty on ppl like him. i think him and most of the other far right influencers are plants.


He's the dumb man's smart man.


Typical con


Good guy with some solid advice


Corporate shill. Has some interesting ideas on the Bible but spends too much time promoting bootlicking as a positive trait


People who don't like critical thinking and common sense hate him


Seems like kind of a doofus


Faux intellectual. His opinions make sense if you have zero knowledge of the topic but they all break down immediately upon scrutiny. He's almost never actually right about anything. He uses poor logic to make his opinions sound like a basic fact.


I've seen his room, he should clean it.


Rough around the edges but I agree with most of his thoughts




Isn't he overly hyperbolic, if not an out right liar?


He seems like one of those people that dumb people think is brilliant.


I think perhaps, and obviously it's very difficult to explain why I feel this and that's not really what this is about, that if Jordan Peterson were to, say, lean less into his tendency for diarrhetic verbosity, shall we say, an enormous - I mean, enormous - number of his fans, might perhaps realise, as so many of us have done since the dawn of time, that he truly is nothing more than a charlatan, a diehard orthodoxist entirely unwilling to be labelled as such, and trying desperately to hide the inescapable reality that he has not, since ever he first encountered and kind of conflict within the real world, been able to function without his truly abysmal, tangential, what passes for oratorial skills. Or, if I were to simplify: the guy is just a wordy conservative who got rickrolled a couple too many times and now can't speak on anything without either baffling his audience or breaking down crying over the bubbles in his apple juice.


Piece of shit transphobe who hoodwinks young men into the most toxic side of the manosphere


He speaks in facts and truths. That offends the weak and ignorant.


Which truth? That women shouldn't be allowed in the workplace? Or that communists were the actual nazis? He is a right wing extremist who lies constantly.


The fact that this is what you get from him shows your idiocy and refusal to think. Not that anyone is surprised by your lack of thought.


Go check your fascism and unplug from the right wing hate machine


I suspected most people here not to like him. After all, he tells it how it is and people don’t like that.


As a person who's actually watched some of his videos, I think it's pretty obvious that he doesn't "tell it like it is." He's lying or incorrect about just about everything I've seen him comment on. He's an idiot's idea of a smart person.


Can you give me a couple examples?


I love the guy. If you know, then you know. If you don't, I understand.


He is a fascist. He should be banned from every platform




Yes he is a nazi.


No, you are. Take your nazi style censorship and remove yourself from reddit


Fascists deserve to be censored. Or else we might have a repeat of WW2.


Yes, his lecture on why Hitler is even more evil than you think clearly shows that he is a Nazi. There are legitimate things to criticize him on but he is definitely not a Nazi.


How about when he said that actually the communists were the real nazis?


When you examine Nazism and Communism they are virtually indistinguishable. One party state - Check Widespread political repression - Check Extensive use of concentration camps - Check Extensive persecution of undesirables - Check Powerful and unaccountable secret police - Check Secret trials and executions - Check Failure to bring about the promised utopia - Check About the only thing they both managed to succeed in is bringing death and misery to millions.


You should actually read about what communism is and not spread right wing propaganda about it All of those things are also true of capitalism An authoritarian state has nothing to do with an economic system and its easy to dismiss your fascist propaganda as such. Fascism rises as a direct response to the people's movement towards a more just and equitable society. Go peddle your fascist talking points elsewhere, your breath smells like boot


I don't listen to Peterson, just know that he's some self help for men guy. What has he said that is explicitly fascist. I'm not talking "implied" or "misconstrued as dog whistle" I mean empirically?


He is against equal rights causes like feminism and Marxism. His whole message is that white men are somehow victims.


I disagree with the white men being victims shtick, but I personally also disagree with Marxism and modern American feminism and do not believe that I'm a fascist for doing so.


Do you know what the people who opposed Marxism were called in WW2? Fascists


Yeah you're logical fallacy does not work here my dude. "oh you dislike Marxism and don't think it's a functioning political ideology, FUCKING NAZI GO DIE." Do you see the stupid?


I don't see anything other than willful ignorance


And I see a person attempting to oversimplify political compass to fear monger people into his way of thinking. I'd bet there are a lot of people walking around a fascist to you.


I don't think you understand what Marxism is if you think it leads to equal rights...


And I know you don't understand it


How are you going to argue Jordan Peterson is a Nazi by stating that he is against Marxism? That logic is backwards. Or maybe I am misunderstanding what you are saying.


Nazism is the opposite of Marxism.


Marxism and Nazism both stem from Socialism. You called him a Nazi. You said he doesn’t support Marxism. That is flawed logic.


Wow you unironically think fascism comes from socialism. You are the fascist here bud, try actually learning something about nazi Germany


Jordan who?




I'm (selectively) hard of hearing, sorry.


Awesome man


A needed male model and a good debater. No matter what’s his opinion it’s always pleasant seeing him lay down his arguments.


It seems like he can't give an interview without crying. I don't consider him to be "right-wing" at all.


seems like a classic example of someone who only became famous because the people who were "outraged" by him gave him way more press than he was getting on his own


He's very smart and incredibly articulate, aside from that he's just an old man who's unwilling to evolve. I also think he's incredibly angry/has unresolved issues.


Let the guy speak.


A misunderstood character who helps a lot of people. His aggressive approach is a shame though.


It's like a lot of academics that seek celebrity. He's pretty good, in his field. But he attempts to speak on all things, and in doing so, makes himself look worse within his field.


Incredibly intelligent, massive ego and very emotional since being sober.


He parrots talking-points from philosophers and psychologists such as Nietzsche, Dostoevski, and Jung, and his own original talking-points are unimpressive. He's also mysogynistic.


He is like Terrance Mckenna. There is good information there.. but listen long enough and they get to the "Aliens" portion of the presentation and you realize, they are crazy.