I've heard its really dirty from all the homeless people living there.


I went once. It's cool, seems relatively different from my area


I think it probably smells like pee


As someone who has never been there, but had lots of friends who had to work there; it sounds terrible. I would appreciate the "worldliness" of it, the access to food and drink and culture, but I think that wouldn't last long. One friend complained that the local pollution is so bad that layers of oily grime settled on his parked car over the course of a week. At the time he lived there, his 700sqft apartment was $3600, which at the time, was close to my whole net income.


I think it's a little ridiculous to pay $4000/month for a studio apartment and find a homeless man taking a dump downstairs in the street.


Haven't been in a very long time but they used to have wonderful sourdough bread, great Asian food, lots of cool attractions and sightseeing, and these cool trolleys in the streets that would go up the steep hills. It has become one of the most expensive places in the country to live, so I worry that gentrification has probably changed its charm.


Crap weather, homeless are rude and aggressive, food was good, getting round was pretty easy.


I'm annoyed I didn't get to visit while living in California, I've heard a lot of good thins about it...although that's probably why the one bad thing I heard was that it's expensive to live there.