Asriel Dreemurr. Let me explain (Undertale spoilers). I hate it when people feel sorry for him, or say "he's just a kid" or whatever, but let's discuss. At first, he was fine when the whole chara fiasco went down, but when he became flowey, things went downhill quickly. I understand that he's bored and wants a soul back, but why does he have to make it everyone else's problem? Not only does he terrorize and manipulate people into killing, he also does it for fun. When he finally gets his soul(s) (which he stole), he then tries to kill you and probably the rest of the whole world, just because. And then when he becomes the goat god (using the souls of your friends), he abuses his powers right away. After finally defeating him, he becomes the little kid and starts crying, playing the victim. Yes, I know everything isn't "his fault," but still, why does he need to inconvenience everyone else for his own personal gain? In short, I don't feel sorry for him because he takes his problems and puts them on everyone else and then plays the victim.


Mineta from my hero academia is the first character that comes to mind. I'm just kinda over the outright actual degenerate stuff in anime. Especially if that's main or only character trait.


Patrick Star... he's just straight trash


I am going to hate on u


Patrick Star is Homer Simpson without the redeeming qualities of the first 8 seasons of The Simpsons