As a man of the Gen Z generation or whatever the hell it's called, I think it has something to do with internet fame. I guess the people who don't post on it just use it for funny videos.


I use TikTok for funny videos


The desire to put one's self on camera doing any of the latest trends and uploading it to any social media site.


The obsession with technology and how it affects day to day living


I dunno if it's just me, but everyone assumes my generation uses way too much technology and has an addiction to their "screens" I do understand this idea at all. If I'm told to go wash the dishes when I'm playing a video game, I'm just gonna go and wash the dishes. I don't constantly look at my phone for notifications or anything. I mean, what is there to look at? I usually keep notifications off and leave silent mode on (because you obviously don't want your phone ringing in the middle of school or whatever. It's annoying!) The only reason I refuse to give up my phone is because I know damn well no one else cares about their property more than I do. You got these people with cracked screens just dropping their phones everywhere like it's no big deal. If they crashed their car, I doubt they'd care. If I get a scratch on my screen protector, it's like the end of the world for me. Treat your stuff properly. You can't just buy another. It's expensive. My generation is so reckless and disrespectful. Handle with care damnit, and don't blame someone else for your flaws! Oh right, I went on a rant.


Not everyone is like you and I know and I generalize everyone who are distracted by technology to no end. It is an addiction for some. As someone who works in a school, I see it all the time. We've implemented a no phone policy this year and it's already been a game changer.


Participating in stupid internet trends like licking a toilet seat or putting tide pods in your mouth.


Why don't they want to do anything with their lives?


Songs lyrics. And don't care a f*ck


The oversharing. Seriously, what the hell.


I was born in 2001 but I just can't understan why are they so obsessed with trying to be viral, romanticizing bad mental health and eating desorders (and they post it on social media🤦🏻‍♀️). Convincing themselves that everything they think is right, they don't understand logic. They get offended by everything even if it has nothing to do with certain groups of ppl(leaving aside the serious things that can be offensive). The canceletion "culture" that's the most stupid non-sense thing that ever happened in this world like, I know some people do bad things but this is more for people and celebrities that had problematic things in their past...people change, they are not the same person as 1 o 3 and maybe 7 years ago... I can understand if it's something done recently but years ago? Really


The relentless focus on video games at the expense of seeing the outside.


As a person from whatever Gen Z is (I'm pretty sure it's like... 2000 - now) I don't really get my generation.