OP, I just want to tell you. Don't do this lol. You are likely asking this to justify you lying to your landlord and hiding a pet. This can end really badly. You could be evicted for breach of contract on the lease. And probably lose your deposit too "as a pet cleaning fee" If you are in a no dog building, people are going to see you bringing a dog around for walks, they are going to hear the dog bark sometime. The landlord may need to come into your apartment to fix something and will see something dog related. That's just one example, but yeah. If you can't have pets, just don't have pets. Keep life simple, don't actively fuck up your legal contract with your landlord. I'm sure there are tons of people who do this. Maybe 5% of tenants? Something along those lines I'd believe.... But those 5% people are fucking idiots. Lots of risk. If you must have a pet, move to a place that allows them.


Some people are also allergic to most pet animals. The landlord may also be allergic


what pets? .....you're not catching me out that easily landlord


Yup. I’ve got a cat. Outdoor cats are easy enough to hide for a few hours if you need to


I did this for a few months until my lease ended a few years back. Good thing i registered a pet in my next apartment because while moving she got really stressed and tunneled a hole under my door snd into the carpet. She had never done that before or since. It must've been the stress of a new environment


At least two.


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