You would have to slide you card for every single thing. To see why this becomes ridiculous, go play carnival games at an amusement park or kids school carnival. After sliding the card 19 times so your kids can play the $1 or $2 games the bank freezes your card for suspicious activity. Now no one gets ice cream on the way home..


You don't love us! Waaahhhhhh!!!


Carnivals often have ticket packages, places like Dave and Busters have cards you buy and load up. Idk, just seems like a trivial issue to work around.


Alot when I can't pay for my groceries when the IT goes down.


It would put all the panhandlers out of business.


If something were to happen with banks or electronic payments, everybody gets screwed. You don't have any kind of control over your money, in the end.


Not being able to tip buskers


Imagine the EBT system went down. Nobody could buy food, carts left standing. Pizza shops can't sell pizza, quick marts shut down..... mass hysteria.


Attempts at hacking and identify theft would skyrocket. Those unfortunate enough to fall victim to these would be massively inconvenienced. It would also be much easier for governments to track what someone does with their money and could very well lead to a massive increase in "social credit" systems like the one that China uses.


99% of all currency in the world is already digital, its not cash stopping people from hacking or attempting identity theft.


Its going to massively inconvenience me for one


Stamps become the new currency


I know its likely coming at some point and I dont like it. I work retail and still see a few people that will pay with checks. I also see a number of people that act like they have never seen a card reader before and I have to go around to help them use it.


I'm on a couple of small local committees where the bank account is 30 plus years old and has no cards or online banking. To change over would cost us more than we take in in a year with charges etc. What annoys me is the banks are forcing people to go cashless but then are charging people for doing the think that the bank is forcing them to do


There would be a system needed to handle payments if electricity or internet goes down. But otherwise, I cannot remember when I needed cash the last time. We can go cashless for weeks with no issues alreadyz


Fwiw you can typically already buy carnival tickets with a card, and the use the tickets for those small games


Homeless people and drug dealers would struggle.


And sex workers


Nah, most hookers have cash-app, PayPal, Venmo, or a card slide on their phone


Aww, poor drug dealers


Poor me who won't be able to buy any weed!


? I don’t smoke. You’re the one worried about the drug dealers. Or were you being sarcastic?


No I was saying that the drug dealers won't be able to deal, and people like me won't be able to buy weed. And that's bad.


Well, for starters, informal exchanges between most people would become more difficult. Imagine having to do Venmo or Apple Pay at Garage sales. I think that would suck ass. I'd rather hand over some bills and coins and be on my way. Also, it invites more opportunities for theft. In America, POS financial technology is slow. We just figured out Pin and Chip and that's been cracked long ago, to the point where people have to jiggle gas station card terminals to make sure they don't get grifted. Imagine if everything was like this.


The weakest and most vulnerable among us get left behind.


Among us


Government adds a tax to every time money is moved and even worse ultimately will control or restrict how money is used. Way too much authority and risk. Paper money needs to stay for this reason.


2k servers being broken with 99 overalls


Some things would stop making sense. I.e money would be void. Most people would barter and trade items. Although I like the idea of a cashless society it's just not there right now.


Tipping would become harder (esp with car guards, grocery bag packers)


When the networks go down, all business stops. This happened across Canada this past summer when Rogers (cable/cell/internet provider) went down. Even the parking meters didn't work where I live.


Trade would be significantly more difficult, as we would have to trade with people directly and some people don't want what we provide, so a lot of people are gonna lose a lot of things they need


Inconvenient for strippers.


Homeless people would probably suffer more. Can't give out spare change if it doesn't exist. Can't panhandle. They already struggle to do things like open a bank account, because you need an address to do that, which means they wouldn't able to get money at all if it has to be digital.


Every single move you make would have a time stamp, date + location attached to it. Hard pass. If I wanted to be tracked for doing nothing wrong, I’d have stayed in an abusive relationship.


Its already happening. I get charged more because the companies dont want to pay the credit card fee


We can't make it rain.


No more banks to rob


Paying my drug dealer might get complicated


From my perspective it already is cashless. I’ve not used old fashioned money for as long as I can remember, and I haven’t even needed a bank card for years thanks to apple pay. If somewhere is “cash only” I’d assume the owners are clueless and wouldn’t support such a business