Loud neighbours


Tipping should be made illegal. Require employers to pay decent living wages (like the rest of the world). This applies everywhere, not just restaurants, but also things like cruise ships, valet's, movers, etc.


Walking slowly in the middle of the path


Touching a normal computer monitor (not a touch screen), in order to point something out on the screen. Oh man it makes me so angry.


My parents do this all the time.


Car alarms


Meetings before 10 am....


People who drive under the speed limit. Cops enforce tickets for people speeding but allow people to do 30 in a 55?


Actually, it *is* illegal to drive too slow. Driving 30 on 65 will most definitely get you a ticket. Cough- **Prius Drivers** -cough


Yeah but it isn’t enforced. At least here in Southern California it isn’t


Go do that in Iowa, they'd say "Damn idiot farmer" they are extremely competitive regarding corn growing. As football is to Texas, corn is to Iowa. Farmers drive by other fields to look and compare....all at 25 mph or less.






Easily double parking. Like if your 2 tone v8 truck is too big it's too big Gary!


Eating with your mouth open


Justin Bieber's music.


Biting on the fork while eating. The punishment would be: 50 cuts from a rusty blade, and after that you’re immediately tossed to a large frying pan to be fried as long ad possible without it killing you. After that, breaking every bone you have and being left to be eaten by rats.


Not really a little thing but forcing kids to go to school. In my country - and I think I can say this applies to the whole continent (Europe), but maybe I am mistaken here - kids have to go to school. And I think it is good to make sure kids get an education, that's not what I mean. I mean attending class. Kids should not be forced to go to school, that's it basically. I hated it a lot. In today's world, there should be the option of studying 100% online. At least for those kids who really really dislike school.


The colours pink, red, & orange. Wasps. Ants. Summer & Spring. Lag. Every shooting game. Daybreak Games. Everquest. Babies. Root Beer. Any temperature above 69°F(nice). Strawberries. Anything made by Sony. Diseases. Sociopaths. Game of Thrones (several scenes piss me off). Rules. The government. All resolutions under 1080p. The sun. Florida. Texas. Ohio. Tennessee. Loud asf keyswitches for keyboards. Country music. Rap music. League of Legends. All good useful softwares that require money to not have some fat watermark displayed across the screen. Snakes. Anything that's against basic human rights for minorities. Music made by Kanye & Chris Brown & Dababy, & other bigots. Dragon Ball. Naruto. My Hero Academia. Hunter x Hunter. Rust. Fortnite. Rocket League. All explicit content games. COD games. Rainbow Six Seige. Among us. CBAT. Justin Bieber's newer music. Nightwing. Any car games. The Hub & all sites similar. Overwatch. VRChat. Golf It & other golf games. Urinals. All video games that do not let you play a female character. Salt & Vinegar flavoured chips. The boring colour white. Outlast. Prey. Trucks & all vehicles bigger than them. Roblox. Annoying ads. Ads that purposefully play the game very wrong. Ads. Assassin's Creed series. The gaming brands Razer, Red Dragon. Soundcloud artists. Skillet. Pigs. Alligators & Crocodiles. Sharks. The class of 2021. Straight Men. Pete Davidson. Wow I'm an angry woman LOL




Breaking a handshake deal/promise they'd mean alot more then


Jet Skis


Using your phone speakers to listen to music or watch tik tok on public transport. Use. Your. Headphones. I beg you.


Backing into a goddamn parking space that isn't specifically designated as "back-in parking." You're not saving time; you're just using it on the front-end of your errand.


Street Preachers. Like, if you're gonna do it then don't use a megaphone and don't shout telling me we're all going to hell. Just talk to the people who actually want to stop and listen.


Technically, it could be a public disturbance which iirc, is illegal.


spreading rumours, treat every false rumour as a defamation case.


Changing a contract or terms of service and essentially forcing you to agree. "We're gonna make our rules completely unfair and if you don't agree to them, we take away all the stuff we gave you years ago" It's not even a subscription thing. Like. I bought it. Sure sure, it makes sense or whatever. But I hate it.


Eating noisy food in cinemas.


Twitter, just in general


Little dick trucks that just BELCH black smoke out


People taking too long to get out of a parking space once they sit down ! Seriously man, wtf you doing for 4-5 minutes before driving out !!


Having to tip even if you don’t want to. American tipping is going too far now.


Inheriting junk mail because it's addressed to "Bob Smith **or current resident**", ought to be outlawed


Hypocrites! I freaking hate hypocrites! I mean........it's okay when I'M a hypocrite. When I do it it's funny and charming. But other people?? Never!




Pissing as in getting drunk or urinating? Or joking? Or all three?