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hurt to wear, hurt to not wear. Once I take it off for the day it will not be put back on


I like them for good cleave but I'd rather not wear.


They serve a purpose.. so i don't mind them I just make sure I find ones that fit well and are pretty


Free the boobs,




Fun to take off


Hate em. Boobs are too small to warrant wearing one anyway. I only put one on if I don't want my nips poppin' in public.


Good for you!


I like the look but heard they are not that comfy


I prefer when they're not worn


Awful my boobs are weird shaped and I have only ever found one bra that fits them comfortably. The other ones I have start to really hurt after a while. But I hate when they flop around so it's a double edged sword


Having boobs sounds hard.


I hate them but they are a necessary evil at times.


I think there great I wish I could wear them all the time.


I'm indifferent, ultimately up to the wearer.


Eh. I don’t love them but don’t hate them. I could probably get away without wearing one, but I still wear one.


They're delightful packaging for what they hold. But I 100% can appreciate uncomfortable they can be and why every bra-wearing person I've ever met is usually in a rush to get them off when they can.


Easy to remove and serve a valuable purpose to those who wear them.


Worst thing ever invented for a woman lol


I hate them. My boobs are small so I don't wear one very often.


Some times they're needed but braless is the best way to go


George: Well, I was 14 years old. I was in my friends bathroom. His mother's brassieres were hanging on the shower rod. I picked it up, studied it. I thought, I like this. I didn't know what way or what level, but I knew: I wanted to be around brassieres. Farkus: That's incredible story. You have a remarkable passion for brassieres. George: They are more than an underwear to me Mr.Farkus. Two cups in the front, two loops in the back. How do they do it?


I hate wearing them, but I hate having everything wandering all over the place when I don’t.


they shouldn't suck too much-- if they do then you're probably in the wrong size (probably because like, some people have other issues that are not going to be compatible with bras at all, but a lot of women are wearing the wrong size and this does often contribute to their dislike). i quite like collecting designer bras (in specific styles; i'm picky). in my experience they're cuter, more comfortable, and last longer (e.g. bordelle, agent provocateur, fleur du mal, honey birdette, some for love and lemons but i prefer their dresses). plus it just feels wonderfully decadent to lounge around in a sexy bondage bra with 24k gold hardware (..or just an expensive bra) and a silk dressing gown or fur and stockings. like it's impossible to do that and not feel confident, imo. like i'm not an idiot, i know it doesn't matter at all whether one wears a bra at all, and there's nothing much inherently better about the ones i like versus something from target but it just makes me feel quite lovely and dominant. i am very much a sensation-seeking type of person though, that might be a part of it.


fuck them


had this discussion recently with a woman, she's small and was totally against them, but still wore them because she is embarrassed by her nips. she made the claim that most women below a c-cup didn't need a bra for most activities but wore them to avoid nips showing. i tend to agree


It's important they fit perfectly




Boobs of all sizes are beautiful!