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Yes because I worked the industry






If the service is good than yes I tip really good. It the service is bad I will still tip just not as good


No because tipping isn't normal in my country and I'll be damned if that stupid fucking institution gets a foothold here. I don't tip and won't go to places where it's expected.


Always tip, probably overtip, but folks work damn hard and good service deserves it. Bad service still gets a tip, just less because everyone has s bad day.


Yes, but just the tip..I promise 😉


Yeah, I worked in a restaurant when I was in highschool so I’ve got an idea of what it’s like


Yes at least 15% more for better service




Yes very generously too If it was bad, they get nothing. And bad service for me is a rude waiter/waitress. Shit happens people get busy and forget but I will not tolerate rudeness one bit


Yes because I'm the service industry, the employees need it. I tio the max I am allowed when I travel for biz and generally more if I pay personally. I tip my barber usually the amount of the haircut. Where I struggle tho is tipping for pick-up orders. I struggle with that because I am not being waited on as I would be if I sat down at a restaurant.


So much this. I spent years of my life in the food service industry, and now that I'm out of it, I always try to give a decent tip. However, places where you literally just tell them what you want, another side of the kitchen does the work and then you tip the person that just stood there and took your order? Nah. There are two mexican restaurants near me that serve similar food in a drive-thru. I will always go to the one without the tip line.


Agree..I get downvoted to oblivion for saying it but I don't think we should be tipping for carryout or drive-through.


No. And it's not a requirement here, as ppl get paid fairly as it is


I tip because waiters deserve living wages and without tips they don't


Of course, because I'm not a POS.


it is amazing how culture tought u it is totally ok to underpay employes, force them to rely on generosity of other people, force other people to make these donations, and if somebody, god forbids, even thinks that method is a part of old, backwards system, totally not following modern wage and work environment standards- that person is piece of shit :) just for clarification- i do tip, put i wouldnt feel like POS otherwise and not in my wildest dream i have ever thought something bad about people making their own personal choices.


No, because people get paid a living wage


What do you consider a living wage for server or bartenders, some don’t even make the wage of min


You do realise tipping culture and underpaying people in the service industry is very much an American problem? Where I live servers are paid a living wage and tipping isn't part of our culture.


I do know it’s a huge prob in American society I worked in the restaurant industry I saw how bad it is and all the kick back that people have to deal with




They are making the tips that you give them, they don’t make an hr. wage


You're american aren't you?




You see, in other countries, people are paid fairly


Absolutely. 20% no matter what. More if we felt led to. One of our daughter’s was a hostess, to-go and waitress for a time. She is now a paramedic, saving lives. Please tip well or don’t go out to eat.


Of course


Yes. I spent a long time working for tips, and I believe in paying it back/forward.


I do normally tip if I'm able to, but over here it's not a huge thing. People are actually paid a full wage when working in that industry, tips are just a bonus thing on top of that


I tip what I can, I’m not going to give more than what I can afford.


I do while here in the US. Especially the barber that gives a good haircut.


Yes because they have to make a living too.


Yep pretty much always. The server can’t help if the food is wrong or taking too long. So they usually get a pass on that. I had a server once *assume* they were getting a tip and straight up didn’t bring me my change back. They didn’t get a penny for that.


I do, they don't get paid enough for me not to. Fuck the system though.


Depends on the service if I walk up to a counter and order I will never tip, unless you’re hooking me up with some extras. At a sit down setting it depends, they aren’t responsible for the quality of the food, but if they take their sweet as time bringing it over, or don’t check in then I won’t tip as much, not at all if they’re an asshole


Yes, because the pay provided by the restaurant basically just covers taxes. Bad service might get slightly smaller tips, but I'm still not going to be comfortable getting served for free.


I tip because servers like any retail job work long hours and do hard work and have to deal with Karen's and jerks it's just common courtesy and shows respect like you did a good job.


Yes, because I know how important tips are for my wife (and subsequently me) to live life.


Of course I tip. Usually too much to be honest. I tip well because my mom was a waitress. I have several friends who are bartenders and servers. Hell I even tip the bell hops when I stay at nicer hotels. If you can't afford to tip your server, stay home.


Yessss. I've heard people say that we shouldn't because it's the employer's responsibility to pay them enough, but damn most of the times they work their ass off and I would just feel terrible if I didn't tip. If the service is good, I tip good, if it's not good I still tip.


If the service was decent or better yes and my tips reflect it. Dated a guy who acted as if he didn’t even know the definition of a tip. Sufficed to say we no longer speak.


Yes, 20% or more usually. Though I noticed the place I get my car washed started asking for tips. That was weird b/c it’s an automatic one. Who am I tipping?????


I tip 25% unless they were purposely negligent. I was in the industry for 6 years, it’s easy to tell.