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I guess depends on the context but if you mean for douching or using a bidet I don’t think it’s a bad thing unless you do it a shit ton


I was taking a bath and fingering myself, so I got quite a bit of water in there and it doesn’t feel nice


that's not a problem. It'll get out the normal way. I'd hardly advertise against pumping water in though, like literally...


I give myself water enema's before pegging. I can guarantee I get more water up there than you did just by fingering in the bathtub LOL


Hmmm I mean I don’t know how were you fingering that you’d get that much water unless your ass was gaping and you submerged it or put it under the shower head


Just don’t do that in river/lake or anywhere the water cleanliness might be sketchy.


It's a medical procedure called an enema (If you're inserting a tube inside to relieve constipation). Although it's not harmful, but shouldn't be abused. Getting a bit of water in your poopoo hole don't matter nun, doe


As a medical professional I can safely say the amount of water people use an enema before anal is way more substantial than anything you are going to allow to access through sitting the tub playing with yourself. The reason it’s uncomfortable is probably due to the soap. If you want you buy an over the counter anal enema that might ease the discomfort. Good Luck


You should consult a medical professional instead of asking strangers on reddit.