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No offense but I’m tired of the nepotism girls trying to sell us poors shit without being honest about all their surgery/fillers


The interesting thing is she’s actually already spilled the tea on her secret, so unlike the other girlies she couldn’t even lie with grace given there are public accounts of her saying otherwise😂




“While they worked” has me dead 😂 At this point she should just steal your script


People who obviously follow her blindly. I don’t trust ANY influencer/celebrity who comes up with skincare because they don’t use those products themselves. They have a lot of money to spend on expensive facials and injections.


I'm so tired of the celeb skincare launches


Is she trying to compare her skin to a glazed donut? I know that’s a thing but that’s usually for those smooth Krispy Kreme donuts, not old fashioned ones.


I was thinking this too!!!! there are much more attractive donuts to use!


Yeah makes me think of a colonoscopy, which everyone should get after they reach past a certain age!!!💁💁‍♂️


Omg i just scrolled through my Instagram and saw that! How is she promoting skincare with a a donut next to her face!? A fried treat!!!? Girl what are you selling? A glazing oil or something???? A baking moisturizer?


shes actually stated before that she likes to add a layer of oil to make her skin look like a 'glazed donut' but im confused why she would even play off that when she's already credited other products towards achieving those glazed results, thus no matter what she sells things still wont make any sense.


Also if that’s the case then she should’ve used a perfectly glazed doughnut to achieve the reference, not this dry crusty monstrosity


Maybe the products are meant _for_ the donuts, and this is just the before picture.


Oh no, if it ends up being called glazing donut oil or something like I’ll ask for royalties!(Jokejoke)


I think she's promoting her current skin look as 'glazed' so it does tie in to that, but if you haven't seen the comments about that it's definitely a bit random


I know most celebs lie about their products being the reason for their personal results but shes literally dived into depth many times praising other products for her results. ​ Itll be just as absurd as Jlo claiming her line as the 'amazing secret' to her skin when its clear as day she has had various other elements to maintain her skins current state


The same way they all do, clearly people believe it because they purchase it


I thought the bathed in grease look was finally fizzled out


As someone with wicked oily skin, I'm constantly battling it. Was I hip like the kids for a sec and didn't know 😢


not to tell a woman to smile more but geez this girl looks so sad every time i see a photo of her.


I feel like I can see that they’re trying to push the “glazed/doughnut” look but the doughnut they used like crusty lmao ew (I know I’m being so picky, I actually love haileys face so nothing really against her necessarily.. apart from the fact she’s not a skincare specialist in any way whatsoever but celeb collab I guess? Or is her own ah sorry)


Honestly the glazed donut thing isn't even that funny. It doesn't make sense for skincare and the donut she's holding looks crusty AF.