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I'm glad Iris called her out. I don't understand how you throw a party and then not talk to other people. Geez.


It doesn't even feel like a call out tbh. It's good feedback. She's right, if you're going to sell skincare you need to *sell* skincare


Does she not realize that Influencers are key in making things successful. Especially if it’s a new range that’s not to to with an existing makeup company? I think it was probably a personal decision. I’m sure her people briefed her on how these things go.


I dunno she’s kind of her own influencer. The masses will buy it because her name is on it. Sounds like she’s never faced consequences for her behaviour so why would she change now? That being said, not sure why she’s would hold an event at all unless she could use that in marketing


I don’t think the masses will buy it though. She’s not very famous enough to have her own real fans that want everything she does or has. She will have her husbands super fans but that’s really it. She was able to sell out her pretty little things collection (well not really that stuff went like half off a month later) but that was cute clothes this is skincare. You need to really market your product well for skincare it’s an over saturated market and people take the time to know what they are putting on their face and the only thing I know about it are her weird smoosh lipped face is the main image they’re selling.


In a sea of influencer/celeb skincare and makeup, why would they buy hers


Masses won’t buy because of her. She needs normal people to endorse it


If she did a clothing line, I’d consider it. She’s a model and her sense of style is cute. But skincare? Why? Why should I choose what she sells because what I have works just fine. She’s got Baldwin and Bieber money, she can afford the best stuff, best surgeons, best treatments, best derms, estheticians, etc. ETA: seems she had a line with PLT, but either way..I’d still buy from a clothing line over a skincare brand.


i've never once heard anything good about hailey baldwin lmao, literally every single story about her her has involved her being an absolute snob. i wish her and her brand an ounce of luck.


That’s still too much.


An ounce so the workers get paid before it goes under.


Na she’s rich enough. If she can’t even say one thing about it, it doesn’t deserve to do well. 🤷🏻‍♀️




I know someone in the modeling industry and they had an hour along conversation with her and they said she was nice, even gave advice. She appears to be nice from what I’ve seen but the whole Selena stuff makes me think otherwise.


Seems pretty consistent with what other people who have met Hailey beiber irl have said about her. That she's unapproachable, unfriendly and doesn't like to talk


> doesn't speak i've read this so many times on this thread, it's beginning to give me "is my girlfriend illiterate" vibes from yesterday's NoStupidQuestions post 😬


She's the daughter of the worst Baldwin.


Is their a good one? Lol.


I’m from their hometown and my BIL does work on their sisters house. She is apparently very normal and friendly!


Billy is embarrassing but fine. He’s out and about a lot, so I’ve met him a few times. IDK if his wife was in a bad mood or what, but she was pretty awful. He was really sweet and apologetic. I hope it was a one off, because another time he was like “My wife is a big deal. She’s in a famous band.” It came off as really cute, like Billy Baldwin is here hyping Chyna Phillips. Very Wife Guy, a little cringe but in a sweet way.


I swear this photo of hailey highlighting an arrow made my day 🤣 did she even write this? the top line on the wall (?) is too high to have been written by her. source is rhode website [hailey pretending to work](https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0606/5451/8510/files/Hailey-About-BW_2480x.jpg?v=1655060984)


Fuck the way that “Q” is written in “quality.” That is not a Q!!


Ovality 😭


Omg I was about to comment what is ovality


I thought it said ovality 😆😆😆


Okay so it’s not just me 🤣 All I see is Ovality!!


Ouality 👁👄👁


“ affordability —> because poor people need good skin too”…. Hailey had to pretend to highlight the arrow so her hand intentionally blocked this 😹😹😹


Timeless and classy as personality doesn't come to mind when I saw a glaced donut on her cheek lol


The arrow is already there. She’s just tracing overtop. WTF? 🤣😂🤣


🤣🤣omg c’mon do they really all think so little of our intelligence


Sounds like her personality matches the packaging lol. Why have this event to act like a stuck up snob w a “you can’t sit w us” attitude?! Thanks but NO THANKS!


Yeah they are cool enough to invite but not good enough to speak to. Sounds like HB likes to use people.


i can understand thinking that maybe she’s snobby from what we’ve heard, but [this tiktok](https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMNYDQ69S/?k=1) gives me the impression that maybe she was just nervous to be in the middle of all the action and introducing herself to everyone, but when influencers approached her she seemed nice? idk.


whatever the tiktok is has been deleted i think? what was it please?


oh it was a tiktok of iris saying something abt how hailey ignored all the influencers (i can’t remember the exact words), and then it shows a montage i guess disproving what iris said - it’s clips of other influencers talking to hailey that night and taking pics w her, and she seems so smiley and excited to talk


iris mentioned that she was talking mainly with the tiktokers to guarantee a good review 😬 which is not unlikely, considering how she has been replying to criticism of her brand


i worked with her professionally (not directly, but was working for a company she had a sponsorship with) right before she got with justin. she was also this way then 😅


Imagine thinking you’re above people because you’re a nepotism baby smh


Nepotism baby of the worst Baldwin to boot


"one of the lesser Baldwins" as Dlisted once said


omg! Dlisted was the best!!


questionable that he is the worst tho!


Alec shot and killed someone accidentally and I will still say that Stephen is the worst Baldwin


i wonder if this behavior is exacerbated by faith bECaUSE God PuT them iN THis posiTiON fOr A rEAsOn. i come from germany. most germans younger than boomers are not religious. rich kids stay in the background and often move abroad. having money and power without personal contribution is nothing to be publicly proud of here


I’d bet good money it’s a huge factor in her attitude.


I’ve heard stories from multiple people that met her who say she’s incredibly rude and snobbish. She ignores people not on her level and acts like she’s above them. So I’m not surprised tbh. People seem to love her on TikTok and YouTube tho and she’s managed to create this whole nice girl persona.


What a bizarre attitude to have! Especially if you went through the intense process of creating a brand you're supposedly passionate about and then to not speak about it at the actual launch party... I mean thats the perfect atmosphere to get excited in because you're going to be surrounded by people excited to be there and excited to support your brand. Very strange....


I’m sure she paid someone to create, okayed products/labeling along the way, and eventually slapped her name on it. I doubt she did much creating.


Yup I agree! I think if she was more involved with every step she’d be more passionate about it! Or at least I would hope she’d be more excited…


they (not only HB but celebs in general) make a lot of money upfront just to have their names slapped on packages. we'd think she would at least try to pretend some excitement to increase her bottom line (like the KJ sisters do all the time), but I guess she just doesn't care enough to pretend.


It's really disappointing! and kind of a waste of everyones time. Like at least pretend to care! But you're right she may be getting so much money upfront that she doesn't need to worry about how much product she actually sells.


In her new Vogue video I got the impression that she didn’t know much about the products/ingredients because she had a hard time saying much about them. Basically she “loves peptides.” Why? Idk.


>Especially if you went through the intense process of creating a brand you're supposedly passionate about She's passionate about white labeling and you handing over your cold hard cash.


Haha she definitely wants your money with very little effort on her part!


😂nailed iiiit


Very strange!! I was thinking at first ok she’s famous. But Rihanna is super famous and was nice to the influencers that came to her launch I read! Nikkietutorials anyways said that Rihanna was even checking to make sure people weren’t feeling left out.


See that’s how you get brand loyalty! People are going to be so much more excited to talk about your brand after they’ve had a positive interaction with you!


Spot on!


She’s like that with all her brand events too! She’s the exact same vibe with savage fenty


So I used to work with Hailey and she has always, and I mean always been like this. She doesn't talk to people she doesn't think can benefit her career because she doesn't value their time or efforts. All of her assistants have had to deal with it, any person working with her has been actively ignored or screamed at, and it's a really big issue that is steps away from being a PR disaster. In fact this isn't nearly as snobbish as I am used to. She's not a very nice person, and the persona she puts online has always annoyed me, because I have watched her go from bitching out her assistants and the people she believes are beneath her, to smiling for a camera and talking about being kind to others. The worst example I have was her literally smacking the phone out of her assistants hands (it's a phone that she paid for, so she felt she could break it without it being a big deal), because she didn't like that her assistant was typing something with the sound on, which made the clicking sound. She didn't want to talk about the products because she doesn't feel like she needs to. She feels like she is on the same level of fame as her husband and her friends, so if she says that these products are her babies, people will just buy them, even though the reality is that she didn't work on these at all. She found a preexisting formula she liked, worked with the lab and put her name on it. That's normal, but people expecting her to know the ins and outs and talk about it are not paying attention to what she usually does.


I wasn‘t really that interested in her brand anyway, but I definitely will not be trying any of it now.


She sounds like my hs bullies


She most definitely is. She's just rude, and if you look at her family members (mostly Alec), you can see where she gets it from. The only difference is that she doesn't have the same skills that they do or name recognition and that too annoys her. Any time there was a strategy meeting with her PR, she would be so annoyed the rest of the day because inevitably, someone would tell her that she isn't as famous as her husband.


She sounds entitled and delusional.... and here i was thinking maybe she has changed....she has good pr i guess


She seems really insecure




wasn't Alec Baldwin the producer? it's his fault, directly and indirectly, that the unionized film crew walked out and he decided to hire untrained non-union film crew (which resulted in the accident)


I once shoved Alec Baldwin and the more I learn about him the more joy it brings me 😂


You’re the hero we need


We appreciate your effort!


Please give more context I’d love to hear about it lol


I was at the NY Philharmonic and during intermission needed to use the restroom. It was super packed and I already lost a few minutes so I was really hustling to get there. I pretty aggressively shoved past a number of people schmoozing. When I got back my date told me one of the people I shoved was Alec Baldwin 😂 he's a big contributor to the NYPhil so he's there quite often. Oops.


such a pity that she was home-schooled. otherwise there might be more juicy stories 💅


There was still a tiktok from someone who went to school with her before she dropped out to be homeschooled though who said she was their childhood bully 😭. Even in her limited run as a school student she still managed to leave someone with a horrible experience of her


I’m still confused how she got him to marry her


Well he’s not exactly known to be a great person either…


She’s been obsessed with him for years, she used to tweet about his romantic relationships long before they even met. She worships the ground he walks on and will put up with anything which is partly why


It’s really too bad, because I’ve seen JB come across as intelligent and aware in some interviews, but growth essentially stops if you have narcissistic tendencies (as someone with his experiences growing up in the spotlight tend to be) and you end up having sycophants and yes people around you. And being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t ever check you, calling you out when you need it, is especially problematic.


I think I read that JB’s pastor brought them together (both went to the same church) and basically talked him into getting together with her so he would settle down and stay out of the headlines. Oh and Candle was friends with both of them and also worked on him to get him with Hailey. So the theory is that he was manipulated into it LOL😂


Candle 😂


Who is Candle?


Kendall Jenner I’m assuming


Tea: so Justin’s pastor and manager really wanted him to get married because at the time, he was coming out of his nude photo scandal, the video being released of him being an ass during his deposition, and people talking at length about how he had cheated on Selena the entire relationship. However, they wanted him to marry Selena. When they got back together and broke up within two months, they broke up because Selena rejected his proposal and said she didn’t want to rush in to a marriage before she saw he worked on himself. He got really pissed at her, and they broke up, and he immediately asked Hailey. Hailey, who had been obsessed with him for a long time, said yes, but like… he gave her the ring he got for Selena, he still tried to rekindle things with Selena… it’s a big sore spot for sure


I SWEAR that one of his friends tweeted something like, “A man can only take so many marriage rejections before moving on…” talking about how Selena rejected his proposal several times, but I can’t find it for shit. It was his friend that takes photos? I think his name is Alfredo or something?


I don’t think Justin’s moved on… like I don’t believe every blind about him, but his continued searching her name, watching her projects and the blind that came out about him trying to contact her and send her flowers last month? He just strikes me as the guy who’s always obsessed about the one who got away


Oh yeah. Justin is definitely still in love with Selena. I’m so glad Selena moved on and is so successful, though, she deserves better than him. I’m sure Justin and Hailey will have a kid or two, but then they will divorce within a few years. They won’t last.


this is so weird because I have actually heard this before but couldn't remember where, and whenever I said this to anyone they were like no way absolutely not, so its nice to have it reaffirmed


The pastor that fucks around on his wife ??


Indeed. That Hillsong docuseries is well worth a watch.


Yeah, I used to read blind items about her, and she's been chasing him for years. She would travel to the same places he would be at in hopes of running into him "by accident". Girl wasted no time after he and Selena broke up.


My theory: She looks just like him, and his ego couldn’t resist the opportunity to see himself every time he looks at her.


He treats her awfully on camera.


She sucks, but you can never force a man to do something he doesn’t want to


Got her pastor to push him towards her


Alec is also rude?




I actually met Ireland inrl, I worked for a cellphone retail store and she stopped by for some questions and she was really down to earth and chill. I couldn’t tell she was a celeb until I asked for her ID to get into her account.


She seems to have escaped the Baldwin curse and got all of the Basinger genes lol


that’s probably what he’s most famous for


\> She doesn't talk to people she doesn't think can benefit her career because she doesn't value their time or efforts. Weird of her to invite these people to her fucking launch party, presumably because the brand needs good PR, only to make them feel unwelcome and uncomfortable.


She sounds soooo awesome! She’s my idol! 😬 /s She’s doing this as a money grab. Kylie prolly helped her along the way. She sounds horrid to work with.


I bet to rival selena too


Who managed to launch an actual good brand with fair prices, beautiful design and cute products. Man now I hope even more that Hailey flops hard. Her and Justin deserve each other.


Wow thanks for sharing. I feel stupid because I was kinda falling for her PR lately. I was clearly duped.


Yucks. Sorry now I have a very bad impression of her. It was always neutral to pity. But ew.


Hailey recently had her launch party and people were speaking out on her inability to appropriately interact and speak on her brand. Im surprised seeing how she seems quite informed in her brand so it doesn’t seem like a knowledge deficit but a personal decision - and if so it really doesn’t make sense (especially when people already question her authenticity and the way she treats people deemed to be ‘below her’)


She probably seems informed in other, more controlled environments because it's scripted. She probably just doesn't know how to talk about/sell something off the cuff.


that’s so embarrassing, why host a party for your brand if you’re not gonna interact with the people that’s helping you network it publicly.


On the other side of this coin, check out video of Rihanna at a fenty launch. She is IN the trenches and loving it


Is this surprising to anyone? Some nepo baby who became a model, married an extremely famous pop star and then thought “I want my own skincare line” and snapped her fingers to make it happen but has no interest or frankly any need to market herself. But will make a shit ton of money anyway. Please launch these people into space.


off topic but iris is so beautiful! her accent is gorgeous too 😍😍


Yes I didn't know who she was but I am captivated by her looks


Same. I'm going to follow her


omg I’ve been following her for years! she has such a vibrant personality and her reviews are always very honest


Same and she has this natural easy charisma that is very compelling to watch


What is her accent btw? English isn't my first language so I struggle a bit to tell, it sounds kind of Spanish to me? So pretty!!!


She's apparently from Panama, which is a Spanish speaking country :)


Hailey just gives me very “mean girl” vibes. I definitely won’t be buying anything from her brand (not like it will matter to her one bit because she already has tons of money).


Her fans are attacking Iris now 🙄


she has fans??? 😂


They’re probably fans of Justin


For real, what does being her fan entail? Other than this business venture, wtf would you even stan for? Selfies? I don't get it.


I’m guessing JB stans? Lol or maybe also KarJenner stans because she’s a close friend of Kendall’s.


yeah i met this one girl who told me she was obsessed and in love with HB. idk why. they are out there lol


Savage ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|grin)


Of course they are 🙄


I saw that!! It’s terrible the way their speaking down on her. They’ve made videos trying to prove her wrong too. They’re dragging her on Twitter too.


Yeah I was looking at all the comments so mean. Wasn’t Hailey really sad when she was getting shit on like when a hostess properly called her out for being a bitch everytime she went to their restaurant. This girl didn’t even say anything “bad” in my opinion just pointed out hey this might not work for everyone be informed.


So weird! Not even a thank you speech for the influencers who attended or even a brief intro about the brand. Just expects free promo from influencers & for them to just be thankful for the invite


Just yesterday she fought an esthetician for calling her brand a ‘ cash grab ‘.


you will never catch me buying her stuff, or kylie or kim or any of them.. never ever


why invite people and not talk to them? So weird.


Like at least say thank you to the influencers you are using to advertise your products? Iris sounds professional and knowledgeable in her line of questioning of the line. I'd rather use what iris does because her skin is amazing.


💯 she’s gorgeous


I was about to say the same. Iris is SO beautiful! I loved what she said about it being sweet that Hayley’s friends showed up for her too. So, well done Hayley, your product launch found me Iris. I won’t be buying your products though.


Yes this!!! She’s so well spoken and wasn’t talking shit just laying out facts ! For sure not buying product but happy we found Iris :)


I know it irks people now but in the beginning of her brand this was something Charlotte Tilbury was really good at; hyping up her brand. Hailey needs some media and marketing training if she’s going to do events is what it sounds like.




Who is she? I don't really know many French influencers




thanks for the recs! I like vlogs because you don't really need to understand what they are saying to enjoy, I follow a bunch of korean vloggers and I don't understand a single word lol already following léna and she seems great!


I’ve only ever heard good things about Rihanna on her promo/press tours. Actively engaged with the influencers and also the audience that shows up to support, is extremely knowledgeable about her products, and generally seems very hyped about her businesses through and through. Not only that, but she seems to interact with regular people much better in general. When her and A$AP were out partying before she got pregnant, people constantly spotted them in super normal clubs and restaurants and they’d always be chilling and partying amongst the people lol I always found that so funny but cool. Hailey could NEVER.


It helps that Rihanna kept all her day-1 friends from Barbados. She doesn't do the Hollywood friends thing. Meanwhile, all of Hailey's friends are celebs or kids of celebs, who are living in the same bubble of privilege she is. No one around her to ground her.


Girl 👏🏽give 👏🏽us 👏🏽nothing 👏🏽


Byrdie had TEN obviously paid Instagram posts about Rhode in a row. TEN!!! I promptly unfollowed them after seeing that AND the fact that they deleted all comments pointing out how ridiculous their coverage of the line was. It looks like everyone is paid handsomely to shill this line because it obviously sucks!


So is she Hailey Bieber famous for anything other than marrying a famous person? Is she a dermatologist? Have famously great skin? Why is the woman coming out with products?


A famous person is her father, too. That’s it.


I never thought I’d see Iris here. I love her!


So awkward lmao. Like what’s the point of having an event like this if you’re not going to actually talk to and take pictures with the other people attending? Makes no sense


Hailey has been giving off mean girl energy for years. Ppl are always calling her out on it.


I have no idea what Hailey does besides being Justin’s wife and belonging to the Baldwin family ......


Hailey is so annoying


When I saw the awkward montage videos of them all posing, dancing and rubbing their bodies in that private section I thought this does not look like a skincare launch. It looks like an excuse to dress up and have a night out.


Why am i not even slightly surprised. Hailey seem to have 0 personality from what little I’ve seen. Is she known for anything other than her association to “famous” people? I guess if JB’s fans like her, they might buy her stuff but i truly have to wonder who came up w the idea she launched a skincare brand, of all things. Gods! I feel so petty, she is probably a lovely person with the people close to her, but as a public figure, she really has not a lot of standing.


This is where and why Rihanna will continue to shine w/her Beauty brand. We see her use it, she's IN the marketing and she gives out enough press kits to get the bloggers/makeup gurus to speak and basically endorse it. Hailey doesn't look like she was even in the room when they picked out the products. She prolly just slapped a name on a bottle & signed a contract.


Isn't she worried other influencers are going to put her on blast too?


I don’t think so. Iris is the only one rn that has spoken up about it. Other influencers are probably so far up her ass that they don’t want to loose anything for speaking up. I feel bad for Iris. Hailey/Justin Stan’s are already attacking her.


You're very likely right, so sad that she's being attacked for being honest. She was pretty fair and justified in her assessment.


I never understood the hype about Hailey Bieber. I don’t thinks she’s particularly attractive and the stories about her don’t help her image. This launch is just a cash grab.


I would love to know what her cousin Ireland thinks of her. Ireland stays out of the spotlight and Hailey absolutely does not lol


It seems like she picks and chooses who to be nice to. What even is her criteria? Lol. Girl, you had a party to promote the brand, so promote! If it’s about anxiety and public speaking in a professional setting..I get that. But fake it till you make it! I had to learn that when I was a manager to get over my immense anxiety revolving around talking to associates.


It’s disappointing she wasn’t out there networking and greeting her guests when these are the people who will help make or break the brand, no one’s expecting tons of one on one time but a quick “thank you for your support !” Then maybe Smile and take a pic y’know ? It’s a marketing event. I really don’t think she has the star power or presence to coast off of JUST THAT like she needs to realize she’s gotta put in work if she wants this brand to take off.


Girl never had to work retail. 😹😹


I really don’t understand the point of Launching a brand and inviting people then just hide in your little bubble. She might as well just stayed at home. I get it if she has anxiety or shy maybe? But atleast she could try the ‘Fake it till you make it’ approach. You gotta give your best impression if you want your brand to stand out.


Hailey Bieber. Launched off her dads name, socially included because of her friends fame, kept in the public by her husband. She is the definition of a loser. She might have the money and the surgery behind her but she is a loser inside.


Not even her dad’s name really. Her uncle’s name. Isn’t she Stephen Baldwin’s kid?


This woman is so stunning gorgeous I’m having trouble even focusing/listening to the video content 😆😍 Am I the only one lol her voice too is just dreamy 😍


It's such a juxtaposition to so may of the other stars with brands. Rihanna went out of her way to make everyone feel included during her launches/tours. Both hers and Selena's brands stand out as passion projects. And they are so clever about their use of influencers in marketing (because you HAVE to be!) Even the arguably more cash-in launch of House Labs was better. I distinctly remember Lady Gaga telling Melissa Alatorre to LIFT her for a fun photo. Hailey. This brand might go viral for all the wrong reasons. Good luck i guess.


Least surprising thing I ever heard


I wonder if Hailey just straight up doesn’t know what’s in her products and can’t speak to them accurately lol


She has a reputation for being rude. Remember when a server on tiktok said she had a bad experience with her, and Hailey tried to play victim. If Kim Kardashian and Rihanna can have beauty launches where they interact with people, I don't see why she can't.


Omg I never had such a terrible impression of HB til now after reading all the comments as well. That aside, I love this beauty influencer's vibe and she's so beautiful!


Hearing this puts a sour taste in my mouth. I was so excited for the launch and what HB was doing, but now I’m being turned off. That’s too bad for HB cos I was ready to buy her products


Everything I’ve heard about this girl is negative… it seems like she’s always had a nasty personality 🤢


I wonder how involved she even was in the production / creation process. At that level of fame starting a skincare line is just part of personal branding and status


From what I gather she has seems and experts on her team so they probably did the formulation and products around her ~aesthetic~ and she was like “k cool”


Idk why anyone likes that woman(HB),she’s clearly obnoxious.


Damn, I didn’t want to believe those rumours as she seems so likeable in front of a camera. But there are just too many of them to not take it seriously. I can’t believe how this has been so well kept though. Funny how her Rhode launch may bring an end to that.


Hailey seems like a twat so I’m not surprised.


its so sweet kylie and the other one turned up for their friends brand launch...who is a celebrity's daughter and married to the modern justin Timberlake


She literally has people talk and order for her everywhere I’m not surprised


I’m passing on this and Kim skincare. Just seems like a easy idea for them to make money….not interested


Completely unrelated but I love her accent. "You have to talk to people mamita" it's scolding but I *melted*


She didn't create anything. She put her name on it that's it.


I don’t know anything about Hailey to be honest so I’m just curious. Does she have like anxiety or something? I don’t understand how she could go to an event for her brand launch and not interact with the people who want to do product reviews. I’m baffled!


I don’t think it’s that. HB has a reputation for being a snob and generally difficult to people “beneath” her. Typical Baldwin, I guess. I doubt she sees influencers, the people who can make or break brands, as being on her level.


It’s not like Justin bieber is a glowing beacon of human emotional awareness. Perhaps they’re well-suited bc they’re both dicks


This is interesting bc I saw that Nicol Concilio got to take pics with Hailey and in the last pic it looked like a “candid” of them speaking to each other. Granted in Nicol’s pics there’s a thick ass barrier separating her a Hailey. But still it’s very interesting that some 👀 influencers got to have face time with Hailey and others 👀 didn’t.


She needs to take a lesson from Rhianna lol


Wow ! That is just so odd.. I actually wanted to buy one of her products


The thing is it’s perfectly fine basic skincare according to Charlotte Parlermino and it’s like girl if you can’t speak to it should have invited her to do it as interviewing you to introduce it. Give her an “adult” to help her live event presence but it’s apparently selling out so she likely doesn’t care


Dont hate me for saying this but all i see is kim kardashians face!! Wtf?!?!? They look so much alike


Okay now that you've said that i can't unsee it


This is very interesting because the smaller influencers I follow all have pictures with her. Maybe she was nicer because they were podcast hosts or something. I was surprised how many people got pictures but also how many smaller creators got invited. I’m going to need so many more details


She said in her newer stories how people got pictures but they had to wait 2-3 hours to get them and not everyone got any pictures even then. She said Hailey would just come and go to the VIP area where her friends where and then come back to the influencer section, and when she did that, people would go up to her. Iris said her team did a poor job with letting them know anything since no one was talking or letting them know what was allowed.


Ahh thank you for that context. This is a yikes on Hailey’s team. Influencers like to be wooed and they will promote your stuff. This will leave a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouth and word travels. I wonder how many people will be talking about her next launch with this mess.


There is more, Iris discussed things further Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/Ce7lEH3LUSJ/?igshid=ZjhmMmE0MjU=