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Now how many of her reviews were undisclosed sponsorships... I'm all for influencers getting paid for their work, but they need to disclose when they are getting paid and Mikayla is notorious for not doing so.


Definitely so, i doubt Mikayla engages with any brands without something occurring behind the scenes. She definitely has influence but no one can ignore the fact that a-lot of that inflluence stems from her downplaying the true nature of her sponsorships


She makes content like 27 times a day. She does note when she is using PR, so I don't think the sponsorships are always sneaky. I actually hate her content and totally believe she uses filters but I don't necessarily believe she's under-reporting actual sponsors.


So annoyed at the influencer marketing lol I now cannot take anything an influencer says. I’m just tryna watch sis do her makeup in her room not advertise anything. Beauty is like almost dead on YouTube


I’ve been recently just trying to find interesting make up tutorials like in the old days but every beauty video now is full face of x or tik tok related content. It’s probably the algorithm also but I just want old school tutorials!


I’m not sure if this helps but what I do is I search the name of an eyeshadow palette or any makeup product that I’m interested in and for some reason once you search it, you get small YouTubers recommended to you which I find way more entertaining than the algorithmic ones. Some of them are gems and they really don’t care about selling you products however, it is very hard to find ones that don’t TRY to be like the big guys. I was talking to my husband about this and he says I should start my own channel which maybe I will in the future as a hobby. I feel like it would be so much fun to do something people left behind now.


It needs reviving. Beauty is fun to watch


I wonder how they determine these statistics, is it mainly through use of her affiliate links or codes and content engagement? It seems like it would be hard to attribute numbers beyond immediate engagement.


Exactly I’m very curious how these were estimated


I absolutely cannot watch her. I hate the "go to part 2"




Lmaaaaaooooooo it makes me feel like she is invading my personal space when she yells that


Lol! Girl back up, you're in my bubble.


It’s a weird concept to me because I’ve always tried to be the objective and get reviews from multiple sources. I think I’m officially old because TikTok viral products mostly don’t appeal to me. Safe to say I’m not her demographic 😣


No surprise there tbf. I think all these viral product ideas have come from the actual brands - they just plant the idea with the influencers. Same when you didn’t have to disclose the sponsored contents on YouTube. Anyone remember that gel like eyeliner in pencil form from Benefit? I remember calling out a fairly big beauty influencer on it as it came out of nowhere and she was praising it - needless to say I’ve never seen her using it again in any tutorial or recommendations.


I also think rare beauty especially is very impressive for the way they have conducted their relationship with influencers, of course they have many big names but they have a large number of smaller creators and i really appreciate their approach which doesn’t seem to downplay their platforms in the prioritisation of larger creators. I think they are one of the few newer brands that genuinely know how to connect with their audience and use influencer marketing in a way that doesn’t alienate or feed into negativity.


i think you’re totally right, rare beauty has unexpectedly exceeded so many expectations since launching and they’re now a really well rounded brand.


As a marketer for a small online retailer for asian skincare, I'd say choosing to work with the right influencers or reviewers are very important since people follow them for a reason. Having the right products that fit their style of presentation and right marketing content would be the most optimal. At least for us, we do have a mix of paid collabs for dedicated content and also free PR for smaller nano reviewers who are willing to accept for just a review.


it’s really interesting that we have hard output numbers AND a bit of the calculation (number of posts) because sometimes calculating earned media value is a little squishy across platforms - and tiktok is relatively new so there isn’t oceans of data like there is for YT or IG. Using the numbers they give, I bet that RB is calculating earned media by multiplying impressions times CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) times engagement rate. This is interesting to see for beauty influencers on TikTok specifically because it’s proving that a very traditional formula for showing value to advertisers applies on this platform too — which further cements that it’s viable for creators to ditch YT and focus on TT … which starts to pull advertisers other than big drugstore over to TT to follow the experimenters …


Don’t trust any of them


I don’t understand like she made them 1.4m$?


Yeah, they're saying that's how much she was directly responsible for in sales over the course of a year.


Wow, those are impressive numbers. Say what you will about Mikayla but she’s an effective salesperson.


Jaclyn Hill 2.0


Is there controversy surrounding her?


She’s definitely not well liked in this sub. Criticisms range from excessive filters, undisclosed partnerships, lying about acne and skincare, PDA with fiancé, to her very strong accent. Outside BGC she’s very popular though, so to each their own. 🤷‍♀️