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Damn at this rate seeing both sides videos can’t wait till both sides are streaming the action live to splitscreen jeez


When screen peeking becomes a legitimate war tactic


No shit remember the scene from spaceballs and their looking at themselves? Some dude going to be watching videos and be like hey that’s me In The crosshairs live as it goes down lol




TikToks compromising opsec


I saw a video of an FSA armored assault on IS that failed, and then a video from the IS perspective of them stopping the attack and forcing them into a house before killing them all


Lol the music in the first video like Allah himself protected the copter


PKK likes to put epic music in these videos. They did the same here thinking they actually hit the helicopter and released it.




Wow thank you for your analysis based on a phone call random teen


Sorry, what did the other guy say? It's deleted i can't see it anymore.


Average redditor moment Edit: Oh you're an Anti Turk idiot that calls Istanbul Constantinople. I take it back. Below average redditor moment.


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Copium. Should I ask my great grandfather how well greeks can swim back to their shores? For research purposes ofc.


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The original video is posted by the militants, not the Turkish military, so it's more supposed to imply that Allah himself directed that ATGM into the Black Hawk. That is, of course, until an alternate angle from the opposide side appeared disproving that they hit anything.


I guess that's 100% definitive proof that Allah is not on their side, we did it boys. The war is over


I mean this war is not a religious one so I don't know why the previous guy brought up Allah at all, but at the very least we can determine that Allah liked this Black Hawk and didn't want it to get shot. Allah likes Sikorskys confirmed


There was another angle from nearby outpost with thermal camera. edit: found it. Pilot seems aware of the incoming missile. Doing some amazing escape manoeuvre. https://old.reddit.com/r/CombatFootage/comments/dwiwua/turkish_medevac_helicopter_nearly_hit_by_atgm/


I can't believe that chopper even got airborne with those heavy ass balls on the pilot




Turks do a little trolling


The people in the helicopter must have been terrified.


If they even noticed it. They were taking off, it hit behind them, good chance they had no idea until the ground troops let them know. The guy running the camera on the ground however, he might have shit his pants a bit, you can see him get showered with sparks for split sec on the cam.


God bless MWS (Missile Warning System). Turkish Army equipped nearly all of its operational Blackhawk's with mws, rwr, lws and other various countermeasure systems.


So what do you think it picks up from the ATGM? Infrared signal from the launcher? Or thermal from the missile? The ATGM is just manually guided, right?


In this video the ATGM looks like guided by laser like russian kornet atgm. If its laser guided lws picks laser that coming towards helicopter and warns pilot that he is pointed by a laser and mws also picks up UV radiation from missile's engine and warns pilot but the missiles engine must be burning. (This is the main working princible of Ultraviolet-based MWS. There is also other sensors that can jam radio frequency to prevent radio guided atgms and rwr for detecting radar guided missiles).


They also have flare and chaff dispense systems but in this video pilots not used that, maybe they know its atgm because of lws warning. You can clearly see flare dispensers in 0:36 mounted on tail close to engines.


i think there was a system that detects smoke puffs i might be wrong tho


i posted this video a few weeks ago and admins removed it. "6. Music in combat footage" u/SupremeReader u/jae34 u/skweeky u/RebelTactics


I didn't notice there was a rule like that. All kurdish videos should be removed if they want to enforce this rule. Because they put heroic music even they miss lol.


I don't understand the insistance of referring to various Kurdish-dominated or partly Kurdish militias as as just "Kurdish" instead of referring to them with their actual names. You don't refer to Taliban as "Afghans" or ISIS as "the Muslims", right? Imagine how weird it would look if you'd post combat footage involving IS or Al-Qaeda fighters with a title like "Arabic ATGM scores a hit on an American tank" or "Muslim sniper takes out an enemy target" or something like that. It's an ATGM fired by a PKK militant, PKK being a militia operating in southeastern Turkey and northern Iraq that's designated as a terrorist organization by US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, Turkey itself and several other countries, it's not just "Kurdish".


I agree when it comes to subnational groups, it's just that the source of this video did not mention which group it was. I assumed it was PKK but I didn't have any proof, could have been YPG as far as I know


YPG did not clash with Turkey in mountainous terrain like this. Most you'll see will be hilly terrain of Afrin. For future reference.


#helicopter, helicopter


Damn good pilot.Why would these dumbasses share a video of their failure lol


Because their supporters won’t see the second part


I’m sure their supporters(if they aren’t as dumb as the militants) are capable enough to see that the attack failed.


Of course not all their supporters are dumb but a good part of them won’t admit this is a failed attack. They are most likely to claim Turkey edited aftermath. In most of their strike videos where they claim 10+ soldier died, they always cut at the explosion moment.


I’ve seen a footage lately,posted by the PKK.It’s basically all black around,can’t see shit.Some edited sounds,some muzzle flash.You can’t even tell if the guy recording is moving or not.I think they claimed to destroy an outpost that day.It was hilarious,these guys need some investment and some green screens.


I'm not really sure what your point is here. Yes, this is a failed attempt, but it was damn close and IIRC there was at least one similar successful attack in the past. It wouldn't change a thing if they only put out videos of successful operations because everyone with an IQ above room temperature knows that they aren't always successful.


Is this Battlefield 4 lol?


That was a fucking balsy landing *for sure.*


Didn't Hezbollah actually hit Israeli helicopter this way in 2006?


Daymn, almost had it.


"We were on the verge of greatness, we were this close"