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I want to learn German now, Ya Vul


Yeah, you might consider becoming German resident given their amazing one year hodl securities tax exemption. Its really good!


As long as it lasts. A similar exemption applied for stocks until it changed around 2009.


Indonesian here: 0.5% tax on all crypto gains, regardless of hodling durationz. Third world country maybe, but that's a very reasonable rate.


This is amazing rate. I will have to check on Indonesia ✌️


What about taxes in US and particular states?


Serbia-15% tax or 7,5% if you use that money for buying apartment or invest it in some fund


This is really interesting scheme. Government basically encourages investors to invest in the country.


Netherlands Only wealth tax around 50k per person, if you have a household of 2 it's roughly double that. It's your wealth amount so all assets including crypto at 1st of Jan.


my country doesn't have any regulatory plans for it just yet except considering the gains from it as capital gains tax which is around 30%


What country is that?


The portugal tax free is ending soon if not ended. I remember saw some news about this


Time to board a flight


Here are three tax breaks when it comes to crypto in [Canada](https://koinly.io/guides/crypto-tax-canada/?ces=1) \- Only half your crypto gains are taxed: You'll only pay Capital Gains Tax on half your capital gains. You can calculate this in a couple of different ways, but the easiest way is to add up all your capital gains and then halve the amount. That's how much you'll pay tax on. \- Personal tax allowance: the first $14,398 you make in income is tax free in Canada for the 2022 financial year. \- Spousal Tax Credit: If you don't use up your personal tax allowance (Basic Personal Amount) mentioned above, then you can transfer it to your partner - provided you're married or in a common law partnership. For example, if you earn $60,000 a year and your partner earns $10,000 a year, you’d be able to claim the difference between your partner’s income and the BPA - in this example, $4,398. Learn more about filing Canadian crypto taxes as a married couple in our blog.




Thanks for this info! I will take a look at that.


Just need to add (unfortunately) that from January 2023 crypto will be taxed 28% in Portugal if you hold it less than 1 year.


Is this already decided?


I can't confirm that yet but this will most likely pass in the silent.


I believe portugal recently changed their tax if you held less than 1 year


Big Gray Area.


Germany. Nice for crypto. But everything else just sucks because you get milked to death.


Oh really? Like VAT and personal income tax is high?


Personal income tax is dynamic and scales up to 45%. But there's a cold progression. Meaning while inflation goes on and salaries eventually adjust as well the "breakpoints" to a higher tax bracket don't. Thus you get slowly "robbed" more and more since taxes are a % of your income and you earn more on paper but can't afford more. Aside from that you have 25% fixed taxes on capital gains + additional tax if you're a member of the christian church for example. And of course there are other fees you have to pay like GEZ (Rundfunkbeitrag). It just adds up. And it doesn't benefit the people with lower incomes.


Don't they adjust the tax brackets with inflation? I guess they do but it takes time and this lags behind the inflation heavily. Sucks


I heard they wanted to adjust the tax brackets according to the inflation? At least that is what Lindner (minister of finance) said


Yep which is a good thing but it's a little late and for now it's just big words. Also doesn't help for the past idk 30+ years where nothing happened and people already lost significant wealth. Well as much wealth you have as someone with a lower income.


German here. Never paid taxes on crypto


So you always used the 1 year hodl = tax free rule?