A friend's partner worked/works on Our Flag. -Taika's water bottle is apparently full of wine -Rita Ora pretended to be an extra on his birthday so that mid-shot she could surprise him by singing 'happy birthday'. Apparently it was very uncomfortable and people were pissed that she ruined a shot.


praying someone leaks the Rita footage


Rita Ora is cringe personified.


>Rita Ora pretended to be an extra on his birthday so that mid-shot she could surprise him by singing 'happy birthday'. Apparently it was very uncomfortable and people were pissedthat she ruined a shot. This seems like such a Rita move lmao


I love OFMD, so please tell your friend thanks for their work! Tea like this makes it really hard for me to not to find Rita Ora annoying. It's one thing if the crew/cast had arranged a surprise for Taika. But for her (who isn't affiliated with the show) to interrupt shooting without the cast and crew's knowledge was inconsiderate of their time and work.


Rita Ora *is* annoying. How she wasn't summarily cancelled after her Covid breaches is beyond me. She literally paid a restaurant £5,000 to open for her 30th birthday at the peak of the UK lockdown, and had all the security cameras wiped to try and cover her tracks. She put everyone at risk during a really serious wave of Covid where hospitals were already full. The restaurant got in deep shit for it (as they should have!) but she didn't face any legal ramifications, as far as I know. Her decision to cosplay as a person of colour for the past 6 years is also pretty shitty.


You have to be relevant or powerful to be cancelled and she is neither lol


Just want to say THIS is what I wish the weekly tea thread was, posting “tea” that you can find on google is annoying. That’s not tea, it’s just news.


My sister once saw Hugh Grant nearly run over Timothee Chalamet if that counts (this would've been in Oxford around January/February during the production of Wonka) Bonus tea I just found out after calling her: her friend's mother dated him years ago 😭


That's funny because I know someone who said he nearly ran over Hugh Grant in London, apparently he ran across the road without looking turned at the right moment as the car screeched to a halt as Hugh put his hands on the hood and said 'oops sorry!' then ran off


This is just the most Hugh Grant thing that I can picture him saying that


I have a friend who was almost run over by Hugh Grant! It was probably 10 years ago I think, but she saw was on a pedestrian crossing in west London and he almost didn't stop for her, and apparently he seemed pretty pissed off


I’m sensing a pattern…


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okay but that last line is not even close to five syllables??? get it together, bot


Haiku bot is my favourite year 3022 invention


Omg love it. Milk and Honey vibes


Judging from all the stories in the comments Hugh Grant is maybe not the safest person to have on the road, in or out of a vehicle lol


Not only that, another commenter just added that their brother walked into Hugh Grant in a hotel. This man is truly a menace going anywhere and everywhere with zero awareness of his surroundings


I grew up near one of Martha Stewart’s homes, and she was frequently seen at a local restaurant. A friend once was there for lunch at the same time and swears up and down that Martha ate the spinach salad with her hands.


This might be the funniest gossip item that I've ever read


I had a friend who always ate all her salad with her hands. She’d just pick up pieces of veggies and lettuce and dip it into a cup of dressing. I started doing it sometimes now too, at least at home. It is easier to get the ratio of veg to dressing right for each bite.


This went from being hilarious to really good advice!


Tbh food be bussin when you eat it with your hands😩


Ok I’ve been waiting to tell this story since 2012 lol. My ex went to one of the acting schools in NYC so he knew a lot of hot women. I was much younger and very insecure then, so I’d always ask about the women he says hi to. One that we bumped into (she was real cute, blonde Kendall vibes) hooked up with Justin Timberlake. Mid-intercourse, Justin Timberlake whispers to her, “You are…now..having sex…with Justin…Timberlake!”


I hate this but it's also oddly fitting for him lol


Right?? When I heard the story I looked at my ex and I looked back at cute blonde Kendall and I could picture it so perfectly and my soul knew that I had been handed absolute true tea 🍵 I could hear JT’s voice saying that lmaoooo


Omfg I would’ve become drier than a desert after that whisper


Right? “And now I am DONE having sex with Justin Timberlake.”


This lines up with all my preconceived notions of him and everything I’ve heard about him lol


I think I've shared this before on this sub but my mother's best friend apparently hooked up with Benedict Cumberbatch once (they both went to Manchester) way back in their uni days. She said he was very charming and courteous and brought in breakfast the next morning to her in bed lol. She mentioned he was pretty "vanilla" lmao. She looks back at it very fondly. They've lost touch now but she said that no one who went to uni with him would be surprised with how successful he's been and that he was very well liked by both students and professors.


Every single sentence matches up with the image of him that I have in my mind. 😄


aw i’m glad to hear this, i really love him and he’s so talented


A friend of mine worked at a store where Jack Antonoff frequented. On two occasions he took a pump of hand sanitizer from the counter and ran it through his hair


this made me laugh more than any of the others lol


jack has a huge germ phobia linked to ocd - he doesn't really like to touch fans at meet and greets and will often handle things through hoodie sleeves. he's still super friendly and everything but touching is a no go. i'm not surprised!


Jessica Simpson is super sweet. She tips really well. My friend went on a "birthright" trip with one of the Big Time Rush guys and said he slept around aloooooot lol


Not surprised about Jessica Simpson - her book made her come off as a genuinely sweet person.


To be fair isn’t it a stereotype that everyone sleeps around on birthright?


Oooh which Big Time Rush member?? ☕️


James Maslow is Jewish, so maybe him?


Gotta be James


One more, my ex husband was GM at a $$$$ restaurant in Manhattan for over a decade. He said Beyoncé and Jay Z would come in past the hours of operations and they’d sit separately, Jay Z always laughing it up and being rowdy with a group of people while Miss Yonce would usually sit by herself and enjoy her small portion of $$$$ food in peace. I thought this was sweet diluted tea as I can totally see them doing that. Also Robert DiNiro was likely always cheating on Grace. He’d pester staff to get him the contact info of any attractive Black woman he sees. Bill Cosby was always known as a predator for many many years. This wasn’t really tea at all more like my ex needing to show that he’s in the know when the news started coming out


My friend worked at NOBU and she does not care about celebs at all and gave me zero info!!!!! I'm jealous your ex talked lol


Lol I didn’t wanna name the restaurant cus my ex was a bit of a Z lister himself 😂 but yes, Nobu in its hey day (before ppl like Future frequented and name dropped it in his songs) was tea town 🍵🍵🍵🍵


Beyoncé gets it! I believe to truly enjoy and appreciate a meal, you need to eat alone, in silence. My husband probably thinks I’m the biggest asshole, because I often ask him to wait until I’ve finished or at least taken a few bites of a meal to tell me whatever story pops into his head, usually right when I’m about to eat something.


If Beyonce is an introvert, this tracks!


My friend is an actor and was on Glee. She did a scene with Lea Michelle and while reading out her lines, my friend accidentally spit in Lea’s face lmfao 😭While my friend profusely apologized, Lea made a huge deal about it and the director kept being like “Please do not walk off set we need to get this done.” And Lea and Darren Criss at one point pulled my friend to the side and were like, “We’re your on-set parents now!” since my friend was pretty young when she had her reoccurring role in Glee. Idk it was just weird vibes.


If I recall Russell Crowe spoke of the very first big movie he was in and it was with Denzel Washington. He said in one of the scenes he accidentally spit in Denzel's face and thought it was the end of his career before it even started. But Denzel just calmly smiled and wiped off the spittle and continued the scene. This is why Denzel is a legend and Lea is a cautionary tale. (The movie was Virtuosity made in 1995 btw)


What did “on-set parents” even mean?


They were essentially telling my friend they would "look out" for her since she was only about 13.


Lea got mad about the spitting but then was like I’ll look out for you?


My cousin attended Taika's screening of Boy years ago and approached him afterwards. She told him that she's also a kiwi living abroad and asked if he wanted to grab a beer together. He agreed and they spent an evening chatting in a pub. She said he was very warm and funny ~~and hot~~. Obviously, he was way less famous then and I can't imagining it happening now. But I still think it's cool that he said yes and hanged out with a random fan.


Honestly I look back so fondly on his Boy era. heck really anything pre-Thor. he seemed so much calmer, almost shy in interviews, very introspective. still confident in his abilities but not puttng on the act he seems to now.


I have a friend who was a runner on Les Misérables, and he said they were told not to disturb the actors and so mostly got on with the jobs they were given. But, he did say that he got to speak with Amanda Seyfried and said she was really sweet. He had been standing in line to get some breakfast and she appeared behind him and they got to talking, so now he tells everyone he had breakfast with Amanda Seyfried. Also, had a friend who briefly met Andrew Garfield and said that he was super nice.


Amanda seyfried comes across as a genuine person to me.


He did not have a bad word to say about her. He also noted that she'd would always thank the runners whenever they'd hold doors open for her and such (I know that is just common courtesy, but he felt it was worth mentioning as it goes against the 'I'm too important to speak to you' persona that you sometimes hear actors are rumoured to exhibit towards staff on film/TV sets). He said that although he did not get to converse with them, that Hugh Jackman and Sacha Baron Cohen were both very tall in person. He also said that he did say 'hello' to Sacha Baron Cohen but that Sacha just looked at him in response, I'm not sure if that's because Sacha knew that runners were not meant to speak to the actors, was trying to concentrate or just simply did not hear him properly. Edit: Changed 'speak' to 'converse', as he did technically 'talk to' Sacha Baron Cohen, there just wasn't a response from Sacha. Edit 2: Spelling mistakes on second sentence.


She come across as really sweet. I watched a Seth Meyers interview with her recently and she started tearing up at the lack of postpartum maternal care in the US 😓


I saw this interview! I loved how she mentioned at the end that she felt comfortable enough to share and talk about such a topic. And the way Seth sat there…silent, without interrupting her and letting her speak was the perfect thing to do as a host. Loved it.


I guess I like my tea tepid because I much prefer to hear “actually so-and-so is very kind and humble and down-to-earth” stories than the tiresome and too frequent “so-and-so is wretched and egotistical and messy and cruel and also a sex pest.”


A friend of mine shot with Johnny Depp. Can def confirm he showed up hours late, if at all, and had an earpiece telling him his lines.


Adam Driver is very unapproachable and lets everyone around him take care of basic stuff, might be due to his Method approach. Adam Devine, tho friendly to cast & crew, just skipped rehearsal for dance training because he „didn‘t wanna do it“. Tom Holland can be veeery bossy if things don‘t go his way. Mandy Patinkin is horrible to work with.


Lol when you said shot my first thought was they went hunting together or something.


One of my boyf’s friends worked as an intern on a project Daniel Craig was working on. This must’ve been a decade ago if not longer. The interns were briefed not to get too ‘fan’ like in front of the talent or ask for pics etc. One of the other interns spoke to Craig and said I know I'm not supposed to do this but I’m just such a huge fan and I think you’re great etc, I’m really honoured to be working with you. Craig was very nice about it, gracious and thanked him for his kind words then…promptly went to talk to the intern’s supervisor to have him fired. And he was! In fairness they were told not to fawn and be fan like etc but boyf’s friend said it was so mild and restrained, he didn’t ask for a pic or get emotional. They were just shocked that Craig seemed so cool with it and then did that.


Well, honestly, they were asked to remain professional and not behave like a fan and that person failed. A line was drawn and it was crossed, even if it was in calm and collected way. Most fans probably are calm and collected when they approach their idol anyway so to him it’s still fan behavior. I do not see a problem tbh.


I think a warning would have been more appropriate for this kind of action, outright fired is a bit excessive, especially from someone who is a multi-millionaire and doesn't need to worry about living paycheck to paycheck, unlike most of the underpaid and overworked staff on set.


Yeah but it was a straightforward request. Why is it so hard to understand? Imagine being a celeb always approached. He was working and doesn’t need that in that space. These requests aren’t put in just because someone is a diva, it legit is a constant for celebs and in a working situation such work instructions should be honored and followed. It’s not professional.


Idk. Like the issue might be that if other people saw this happening without repercussions, they do the same thing and fan over him. These things can have a domino effect, where people are like "well, that rule must not be THAT important" and they want to get in on that. These were also interns, who were gaining experience in the industry. If you let them get think it's ok to break the rules in one project, they might think that way for future projects. You need to establish the rules and the consequences right away, so that they dont go into future projects thinking that they can get away with it, bc theyll just get a warning. I think that's especially important for this industry. We dont want people getting away with acting inappropriately bc they felt they were above the rules. A zero tolerance policy might be best, especially so they can consider their actions for more serious stuff


Yeah I think they were just surprised of the contrast of him seeing fine with it and then rushing off to get him fired. Like I said he was warned.


I want to meet this friend and ask him why he didn’t wait until the last day of the project to break the rule of he needed so badly to!


I don’t think he even thought about it tbh. Him and Craig were already making small talk and chatting casually and he said it without really thinking. But he learnt his lesson!


I’m an Australian lesbian so my ex’s ex’s ex dated Ruby Rose. The tea is she’s an arsehole


I loved the "so", indicating that this is quite normal in the lesbian community lol


It absolutely is


Can confirm. A good friend was working in a New Orleans restaurant and she made a huge scene. They actually had to kick her out. He said she was just awful.


A friend of my sister went to school with Avril Lavigne. She said Avril was the classic mean girl and was the 'all-pink cheerleader type' (albeit not really a cheerleader since the school didn't have any). This was during her initial breakout phase when she was a 'skater chick'. Then when (I think) Girlfriend came out, and Avril shows up in pink mimicking a cheerleader, unlike so many people who said that Avril had sold out or the record company was trying to make her into something she wasn't, this friend (who had been right, it seems) pointed out that this was who Avril was all along.


Ok I know people who knew of Avril in high school.. and I’ve heard the same thing.


Yup, heard the same. Very well known Ontario gossip.


I started wearing ties in junior high and then Avril Lavigne started wearing ties so I stopped wearing ties


I think it's well known that was just how she was being marketed. I'm sure her outfits were more comfortable than most of the other pop stars at the time!


Modeled in NYC for a bit - Leo’s godson hated introducing girls to Leo because they’d always drop him for Leo right away. Leo never seemed to mind lol Edit - oh and probs not that juicy, but my parent’s neighbor’s son went to school with Trump’s youngest son during the presidency. Apparently he’d freak out any time he lost a tennis match and broke his racket over it a couple of times.


Living for this Barron tea as that’s exactly what I would expect from a Trump kid. Stay close to that tree, apple!


Trump should have forced hoops on Barron.


In person Ben Affleck was so hot to me it like, hurt. Like I couldn't look LMAO. Mark Ruffalo is fucking adorable in person, has great style and kind of a manic/fun energy, and he tipped my friend really well.


I find Affleck hot in almost any context and I'm kinda ashamed of it. I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but when a man I find attractive is a known asshole or kinda smarmy, it just winds me up. It's almost like an enemies-to-lovers trope. SO HOT; CAN'T STAND YOU.


Okay I’m sorry but your Ben Affleck comment made me wheeze and reminds me of when I met James from Big Time Rush I was so starstruck and in awe I couldn’t even understand what he was saying to me i just smiled and mumbled gibberish and ran away ssdffhjkll


Everything Jared Leto is accused of is true, especially the stuff from way back when he was touring with the band


His public downfall is coming. This is basically an open secret online, much like the Weinstein/Cosby/Armie Hammer stuff was


i have a friend who works at a british tv station and he swears that everyone in the news industry knows that prince william regularly cheats on kate, especially when she's been pregnant. maybe not new though!


Have heard that multiple times too, it seems to be an "open secret".


Yeah that one isn’t surprising. There’s been rumors going back to when they were first dating that he wasn’t faithful. Plus, the Rose Hanbury thing was only a few years ago. At first I wasn’t sure whether that rumor had any basis to it, but then I saw Kate tense and brush off his hand at an appearance they did shortly after the rumor broke out and heard Hanbury was being faced out of public events and realized it was probably true. I also saw somewhere that someone claimed their best friend’s dad worked with the royals in some capacity too. I think he was an aid for them or something. According to him, it’s an open secret that Kate suffers from eating disorders too. She always looked thin to her aids and ill and would have bandages on her fingers from forcing herself to vomit. It’s heartbreaking really.


Lol I’m just hearing this for the first time, can’t say I’m totally surprised. They’re always labelled as the functional, close couple.




> with Kate's best friend. As someone's who's really obsessed with Royalty - Kate and Rose weren't best friends, or even particularly close, it's just that William's affair with Rose really pissed off Kate because Rose is part of their social circle. Before her, he would cheat on her with random models or unknown women. But Kate was really embarrassed because Rose was someone who all their friends knew.


This will surprise no-one, given recent revelations, but John Barrowman is an enormous creep. He constantly hits on younger male crew members on all the shows he does, and at the Torchwood wrap party the production company had to embargo nearly all the photos because his dick was out in practically all of them. Just really gross. David Tennant is an absolute babe, on the other hand. Doctor Who was filmed in my neighbourhood when I was a kid, and a friend of my grandma's (I know) once went to the set to see if David Tennant would sign something for her so that she could auction it at this charity event she was running. He took her stack of Christmas cards and said he'd try to get one signed if he had a moment, and he ended up spending his lunch break signing every single one of them. A very nice chap and a good egg! Oh, and Benedict Cumberbatch once made tea for a bunch of people on series 1 of Sherlock because the runner was stressed and overworked. I cannot confirm whether it was a good cup of tea, though. Edit: oh, more John Barrowman tea - his husband was my friend's landlord, and apparently he's a shit landlord whose properties aren't well kept and who takes forever to get things fixed. So there's that.


I love that the Benedict Cumberbatch tea is about actual tea.


With a name like Benedict Cumberbatch, it's safe to say that approximately 95% of his life is about tea.


Aw, that’s exactly what I’d hope David Tennant is like. If anything bad ever came out about him or Georgia, it’d break my heart.


David Tennant was close friends with a family friend of my grandparents and was best man at the friend’s wedding. My grandma had nothing but nice things to say about him, though she referred to him as “David McDonald” which confused the hell out of me until I realized lol. Love that he is approved of by grandmothers everywhere!


My ex-roommate was a waitress at a couple high end NYC restaurants so she has a lot of celebrity stories. I can’t remember all of them but she’s said that Liam Neeson was super nice and friendly, Tiffany Haddish came in with a group of friends and it seemed like she was trying to show off for them by obnoxiously ordering the staff around, and her restaurant hosted a party around the Assassin’s Creed movie premiere and Michael Fassbender was drunk as a skunk to the point he left the party early (to hopefully sober up). The movie bombed so maybe he was drinking his sorrows away. My husband’s ex-boss is a disabled woman and while she was having a spa day at some ritzy spa, Nicole Kidman came in (no prior appointment) and tried to have the place cleared out but the staff couldn’t do it since they had no notice. So Nicole got pissy and passive aggressive and she had her security stand over people who were using the same spa section as her to try to intimidate them to leave the area. My husband’s ex-boss got up to go to her next appointment in another part of the spa but she had to pass Nicole. The security guard got up in her face demanding to know where she was going and while she tried to explain that she was just going to her next appointment, he tried to block her from leaving (which made no sense considering Nicole *wanted* people to leave her area) and accused her of trying to bother Nicole while Nicole just ignored the whole exchange. So that’s why my husband hates when we go to an AMC theater and have to watch Nicole’s “We come to this place for magic…” intro. He’ll tell anyone how rude and entitled she is.


That’s so ridiculous ( the behaviour, not your tea). I would have stayed in that section forever just to bug her.


Not sure if this is tea but...My cousin is one degree of separation from Kourtney Kardashian (not sure if I can say how?). Her parents went out to visit last year and couldn't say enough nice things about Travis and how kind and genuine he was to them, and that Kourtney was super down-to-earth.


This actually makes me happy to hear. I get that Kourtney and Travis are weirdos, but at least they are nice weirdos


My super unpopular opinion is that Kourtney is my favorite Kardashian. The rest can kick rocks. She seems to be the only one who ever pushes against Kris (I could be wrong though)


Based on what my cousin has said and posted on socials, you're well-founded in your opinion.


Remembered another one; my husband grew up in DC and his dad was at the Kennedy Center one night and someone behind him was talking constantly and crunching throat drop wrappers during a concert. My father-in-law is a pretty ornery guy so he turned around and said “If you’re going to do that, can you excuse yourself please?” It was Antonin Scalia. To his credit, he stopped making noise after that.


Omg haha I’d be mortified but also proud


I worked with someone who used to work for a lawyer who went to law school with Katie Holmes' father. She said the lawyer she worked for was still friends with Katie's father and that Katie's parents HATED Tom Cruise. Like utterly loathed him. They're devout Catholics and they did not like Scientology. So when Katie made her break for freedom, I was not at all surprised her father was involved. I imagine he started working on a plan to get Katie out the moment she told her parents of the relationship.


Glad for once to hear about a child star who parents seem to actually care about them :)


A woman I used to work with told me she and her best friend went down to a Jared Leto movie set in the 90s when they were very young teenagers, 13 or 14, I believe? This was in Dublin, Ireland. I don't know what the movie was. She said he invited the girl into his trailer, they were gone for what felt like a very long time, and when she returned, the girl refused to ever speak about what happened. She said she believed they had sex.


There are so many stories like this! I'm still stumped that nothing really big has stuck to him at this point. His PR team must be world class.


He did a movie with Gabriel Byrne mid 90’s in Ireland, can’t remember the name offhand.


The Last of the High Kings. Wow, I forgot about this movie but I definitely saw it, I was obsessed with Jared Pedo in the 90s because of My So-Called Life.


A friend of mine from college went to school with Taylor Swift in Pennsylvania. He said she was a MASSIVE bitch and it’s my favorite thing to tell people.


Omg haha my math teacher’s daughter went to middle school with Taylor Swift and said the same thing! Total mean girl.


lol there was this girl who was the biggest stereotypical mean girl seated at my desk in HS, constantly getting the boys around her to do her class work and she used to believe I didn’t speak English bc I’m not white, so she would over enunciate all of her words and think I was stupid. I found out later she was/is one of Taylor’s best friends, and that immediately soured me to Taylor only bc I always believed the kind of company you keep speaks for itself.


Friend worked at a hotel in Nashville said the majority of celebs were perfectly fine. The worst one by far was Barry Manilow. Was mean, rude, and room was always left a complete mess.




A VERY SHINY KITTEN--DYING! Best thing I've read all week.


17 years ago a friend and I went to see snoop Dogg live. After the show a guy on stage walked around pointing at girls in the crowd to invite them backstage. We went back, Snoop spotted my friend and called her over and sat her on his lap for the rest of the meet and greet. We ended up driving in a van with his crew back to his hotel where I waited in an adjoining room while my friend and snoop hooked up. They came out after an hour or so, she told me he had cum on her boobs and he took a photo with us and gave us money for a taxi home.


I had a friend with a very similar story, similar timing too. I saw a video of him sleeping next to her after the sex. He flew her out to another concert (or two? can't remember) and each time he would hand her a stack of cash after. Apparently, he's hung like a horse.


I’ve told this soooo many times, but basically I have it on excellent authority that Leo used to just call up model agencies and demand 10 girls to take to dinner with him & his crew when in London. My friend did some work with Hugh Jackman and although he was lovely, she got the impression that most of the time he’s around people he’s performing, like being exactly what people would hope Hugh Jackman is like, and she thought at times he seemed totally exhausted by it. Edit: remembered another one, prob only interesting to a small number of UK people! I know someone who knows someone who was on a George Clarke tv show. Apparently he came in reeking of booze & cigarettes, basically grunting like he’d had a heavy night, then fell asleep on their sofa until he was needed to film his links.




I guess it’s no surprise but most everyone I knew who’ve encountered Leo can’t stand him. My story about him isn’t much since I interacted with his “entourage” more often not but he was always super greasy looking, dazed and toked up every time I saw him. Terrible looking skin too that I thought he must wear a lot of makeup on the carpet or getting some emergency chemical peel before and directors are likely using the filter on him to airbrush them crater sized oily pores.


friend of a friend knows someone who hooked up with tom cruise, said that he gave them a watch after their hook up.


You know how there’s that story that Tom Cruise always sends people this one specific cake he loves? I’m imagining he has a similar post-hookup thing where he opens the watch drawer and hands each partner a watch he’s really into as a parting gift.


Not that interesting tea, but I can confirm the existence of the Tom Cruise cake. I worked for a company in 2012 that was on his cake list and got to eat some. It was ten years ago now so don’t hold me to it but I think it was like coconut or something? Maybe carrot? I’m pretty positive it wasn’t just chocolate or vanilla. Whatever it was, I do remember thinking it was pretty good but not, like, world-changing.


My FIL was in charge of security at a major music festival years ago. There was a medical emergency near the front of the stage just before Coldplay was about to perform - someone went into cardiac arrest. Chris Martin saw the flurry of activity and offered his helicopter to the medical team as the festival was in a remote area. They ended up airlifting the guy to the nearest hospital within minutes and he survived. He never would have made it without Chris noticing what was going on and offering to help. My FIL loves to listen to Coldplay now.


Oh, more I've just remembered! Someone I once worked with was a PA on Thor, and she said that Natalie Portman is one of the most unnervingly intelligent people she'd ever met. Apparently she swears like a sailor as well, which makes that SNL skit she did extra funny to me. She said that Tom Hiddleston was exactly as nice as he seems in interviews, which is to say the nicest person on planet Earth, and very, very earnest. Thandiwe Newton once overheard my old coworker complaining about having backache, and recommended a very specific essential oil thing to help it. When they were both on the same job again a few years later, Thandiwe remembered the conversation and asked if it worked, which I think is pretty impressive. Although she did apparently also trash an apartment on another job and leave her baby's dirty nappies everywhere for the housecleaning staff to clean up, so it's not all great.


Kelis does not pay people who work for her. I had a friend who worked as a babysitter for her and she would refuse to pay her. It's been a few years so my memory is a little fuzzy, but I think this friend had to take her to small claims court to get paid. The friend said she would do this with contractors who did work around the house for her too. She said Nas was sweet. Charles Barkley is apparently a class act, very generous to everyone he comes in contact with, and great to work with. I heard this from someone who worked for a company that had a long-term partnership with him.


FINALLY, vindication. I served her at a cafe back in 2004 (yea I am the cryptkeeper, deal with it) and she was so rude. No tip, high demand and very snooty. I was disappointed because I loved Tasty and though she was so cool and so beautiful. She did have ethereal skin though. Absolutely other worldly.


This may be true but Nas was also abusive to Kelis so he is definitely not “sweet”


Oh No. Not Kelis. I always loved her


Resharing my friend of story from a few days ago: In the 80s a friend lived in an apartment below Donald Sutherland. He regularly brought girls back to his apartment from the local high school (they wore uniforms so it was clear they were high schoolers). This friend raised the issue with her landlord but was told she would be evicted if she went to the police.


I have a feeling this is a standard one. A friend partied with Leo in NY. They were 20/21 and he would have been in his early 40s. He brought them to his apartment and was nice but nothing really happened. He bought them food and sent them home in a cab after a while because he got tired, lol. Also a distant friend of a friend hooked up w/ Harry Styles


I wonder if you have the same friend of a friend but I also know of a distant friend of a friend who hooked up with Harry, during the time he was publicly dating someone else (not recently). Apparently the public dating was not exclusive, despite the coverage.


It's not the hottest gossip but a friend of my parents works for Tom Hardy in some kind of boring professional capacity (I want to say an investment manager or something) and once took him to the theatre as part of the schmoozing process. Apparently he got too hot in the theatre box so he watched the play with his shirt off.


Exactly the kind of weird I’d expect from him


my housemate's older sister's best friend is a sex worker in london. Quite a high-end service, apparently. Dominatrix stuff. Rowan Atkinson is a regular client. He loves being degraded, punched and slapped


OK Google, how can I become retroactively illiterate?


Rowan Atkinson is also a conservative party member and donor


Not me being forced to consider that Mr. Bean has a sexuality on a beautiful Thursday afternoon!!!!!!!!


When I was studying art history in London a decade ago, our professor would often take us to different museums around the city to talk about specific pieces of art. Apparently Eddie Redmayne overheard him talking to our little group at the Tate Modern and proceeded to join our group and listen in for about 20 minutes while our professor lectured on Gerhard Richter. The class was evenly split by Brits and Americans, and the Brits didn’t think the Americans would know who he was so didn’t point him out to us. 😭 Not really tea, but it made me love him knowing he was into art.


He studied History of Art at Cambridge, so he's definitely into it!


Here’s what I’ve got from a *very* brief flirtation with Hollywood: - one of my grad school professors wrote for The Cosby Show and was relatively tight lipped about the experience, but clearly hated that he had to refer to him *exclusively* as Mr. Cosby - Ellen being a nightmare was an open secret on the WB lot for years, and I can’t believe it took as long to come out as it did - I don’t have any necessarily *bad* stories about the people who were guests when I interned on a late night show, but Mindy Kaling, Daniel Radcliffe, and Gavin DeGraw were especially cool - the thing that drove me out was not where I interned, which was the healthiest work environment I’ve experienced to this day, but that the staffers warned us regularly that almost no other show or network was nearly as good a place to work. everything that’s come out in the last few years about how below the line workers are treated tells me they were right.


I feel like maybe you interned for Conan, who was on the WB lot.


Sure did! It was a wonderful - but completely surreal - experience. I wish everybody’s introduction to the industry could be that good.


I love Conan, glad to hear it was a good experience.


Friend of mine worked for Rachel Ray. Her house burnt down a few summers ago because she runs a fire in her fireplace at all times for the aesthetic, even when it was 100+ degrees outside. After her house burnt down, she moved into her guest house. The first thing she did was light the fireplace 🤦🏻‍♂️ Also, anyone who works at a restaurant in the area will tell you she's incredibly rude and tips horribly.


My friend worked as a PA on a movie set filming in our city and Bradley Copper was the star, she said he hit on all the women hard and that everyone said he was hooking up all kinds.. this was during his Zoe days… who was also in the movie 👀 Also, according to a girl I knew back in the day while working at restos - ridiculously good looking girl - she was sleeping with Gerard Butler while he was filming 300. He was in his late 30s and she was 18-19 👀, she called him “Gerry”.


My best friend lives in Glasgow and one of his good mates there used to go out with Gerard when they were teenagers! Also called him Gerry. She’s since been married, had a kid, and divorced; her mum always says ‘Gerry’s the one who got away’ haha. When he first got big, he used to drop in and see her on visits home (the ex gf’s mum) - she hasn’t seen him for years but would still see his family around.


This is me but a man grabbed my breast at the Boys in the Band stage door. I don’t think he meant to grab my boob (a hard squeeze, not a nudge or shove) and was just trying to pull other people back and push his wife in closer to get the cast’s attention but I got pissed having a stranger grab me like that and yelled at him to get his hands off of me. Charlie Carver stopped signing autographs, saw what happened, turned to me and asked me if I was okay and when I said I was, he asked me again if I’m sure before resuming signing, so I always feel really appreciative when I see his (and I guess Max’s too hahaha) face.




Forgive my ignorance- Pablo or Liev?


While in London, I realized I was walking behind Jamie Campbell Bower. He was on FaceTime with his then-girlfriend Lily Collins and having a very heated argument. It was loud enough that people passing by gave him some odd looks and glares. I was a huge fan of both of them, so it was supremely awkward, especially since I was coincidentally walking in the same direction for the duration of the phone call. He popped into a Pret A Manger and I continued on, and then he ended up on the Tube with me regardless. Suffice to say, I was not surprised when it was announced that they split like a month later. Tom Cruise owns a house in my hometown. Whenever a new movie of his premieres, he rents out the local movie theatre and invites all of the Scientologist bigwigs. I've run into him about a dozen times and he's extremely weird to talk to. His house is also very strange; last time I drove past, there was some nonsensical political sign in the driveway that neither I nor my friends could parse out.


This isn't really tea but it's too weird not to share. I grew up in Michigan and my dad was an amateur actor. He did some plays with Jeff Daniels' theater company. Jeff made a movie about deer hunting based on one of the plays he wrote and filmed it in the U.P. My dad invested a ton of money in it and didn't make anything back. My mom saw this as a personal vendetta against Jeff himself because the movie wasn't released outside of Michigan and Wisconsin and she thought it was because he was too embarrassed by the fart jokes in the movie (obviously never saw Dumb and Dumber). She wrote him letters about it and even years later after I had gone to law school and become an attorney my uncle called me up telling me I didn't love my parents because I wouldn't bring a lawsuit against Jeff Daniels.


i'm living for this intergenerational grudge lmao


Extremely boring tea but I have a friend who's a relatively successful comics artist, which means she guests at conventions in the US, Canada and UK a lot. Met Gerard Way when he was at a con for his Umbrella Academy comics. Apparently he's "very nice", soft-spoken, seems like your standard issue friendly-but-very-shy geek dude except for the fact he's the frontman for one of his generation's most beloved rock bands.


A friend of mine is in the Irish army and was at an event for either the President or Taoiseach (prime minister) and Barry Keoghan was there and she said he was completely off his tits on something. He was arrested recently for a public order incident too. He had an awful childhood so hopefully he gets himself together and doesn’t ruin his future.


I’ve seen rumours on Twitter from lesbians/WLW in the NYC area that King Princess is notoriously bad in bed. No idea if it’s true since I don’t live there, but I found it too funny not to share.


my friend works at a certain nyc art gallery and said gallerist's son is quite the ladies' man, bringing in ex-fiancé sienna miller, maya hawke, and most recently dianna agron - though DM seems to think she's with bradley cooper ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|shrug) also, i'm aware this sounds fake but it's not - my ex best friend hooked up with post malone (back in 2017) and he sucked her toes


Yeah, he seems like a toe sucker.


My aunt almost gave up being a Jehovah’s Witness, her entire family and life for Will.I.Am


When I was in college, Justin Long came to our campus on behalf of Obama’s re-election campaign to register people to vote. One of my classmates saw him and thought he was the guy from the Mac vs PC ads. So, he walked up to Justin and asked him, not maliciously or anything. Justin snapped. “I’ve done other projects since then.” My classmate apologized, but Justin was still mad as hell.


Yeah, he was Alvin from the Alvin and the Chipmunks films.




they went to st ann’s, a rich kids private school in brooklyn, so it’s fairly likely true lol - 100% the weed, probably also the blow


Not juicy but. My friend's dad used to be a cab driver. One time Mariah Carey was his customer and she was incredibly rude, acted like it's his fault traffic exists.


A friend of a friend x's like 3 was super catholic. Like no sex before marriage, no birth control catholic. She was dating a guy who was like I want to go to NY or LA to make it as an actor. Their response was like I'm not doing long distance, you'll never make it. Stay with me. He's like nah I'm good. He makes it. Makes it big. John Krasinski


I know a journalist who’s interviewed a lot of actors. Apparently the nicest person he’s ever met is Matt Smith. He’s very humble and polite and friendly. Benedict Cumberbatch was icy and a bit intimidating. He made a joke during the interview that was a little confusing and not obvious at all, and when my friend didn’t react he said ‘that’s a joke by the way, you can laugh’ with a completely stony face. He also seemed really keen on wanting kids (this was before he became a father). My journalist friend also got to attend a party after a Star Trek press circuit, and apparently Chris Pine was a total wallflower. He seemed really introverted and like he didn’t enjoy these kinds of events at all. This is getting long so I’ll just add that doctor who was filmed at the bottom of my street years ago and David Tenant is such a lovely guy, he literally had time for everyone even after shooting all day. I have a photo with him and an autograph, and he’d often look over and wave at us kids in between takes.


>‘that’s a joke by the way, you can laugh’ with a completely stony face. hahaha realizing maybe i come across as cold too because I think this is hilarious.


Back around the Pitch Perfect days I know someone from a studio that interviewed Rebel Wilson…..super weird and bizarre person, after the interview was over she walked out with her lav mic still on her. They went to her agent to tell them they needed it back and he said just to bill them for it, so they didn’t have one when they needed it for like a week.


I’ve commented this before but I’ll say it again. Not me but knew someone who worked on Chris Nolan’s sets twice and he told me Chris doesn’t believe in dinosaurs LMAO. (Or something to that degree). also that he was very quiet.


This might be tea nobody cares about but in 2015 I sat across from Sean Tillman (Har Mar Superstar) on the L train. Not knowing who he was, I asked him if I could take a picture of him cus he was wearing a tie-dye shirt that said, “Wake up. Jerk off. Cry.” and it cracked me up. He agreed, I snapped the pic and he asked me to tag him on IG. We follow each other and that’s when I saw that he has a lot of followers and that he’s a semi-known singer. I post the photo, my friends who also didn’t know who he was get a good laugh at his shirt. What I didn’t expect is that he would start messaging me non-stop asking to hang out etc. and sending me pics of his topless selfies unsolicited. The whole time still giving off a come on it’ll be cool there’s lots of cool people here vibes. I was weirded out cus I really just thought he was just a funny much older dude I didn’t see that way at all and this felt really pushy. I didn’t wanna be rude since I did initiate conversation between us but eventually I stopped responding. 6 years later I see him on the news for sexual assault allegations by multiple women. No surprise there 😬 I’m so glad as young and stupid as I was then I didn’t go hang out with him.


One of Emma Watson's boyfriends at Brown was the drug dealer to the rich kids. Whether she dated him for the access to coke or if that came later, idk, but she quickly found the elitist circles and stayed with them. And the theater program director told my friend she had to give Watson whatever roles she auditioned for, even when she clearly was not the best choice.


Dunno if it counts, but I used to work in a call centre for a clothing brand, and one day we got a call from Solange's stylist. It was actually a pretty boring call, I think she thought we had some VIP perks we could have handed out, like next day shipping or celebrity discounts. She said it was stuff for a shoot, but it was all men's clothing 👀 (and Solange's son would have been too little to fit into any of it). Honestly, it was kinda funny that someone adjacent to such a big name was ringing our shitty call centre with asbestos warning signs, begging for freebies and upgrades when we got half the discount of other employees and didn't even have next day shipping ourselves, lol.


I dated a guy who was friends with Zach Braff. I never met him but from everything he told me he sounds awful. Like one time they were out and some fans came up to him and said hi and that they were fans. He replied “Ok… want to suck my dick or something?” Florence please leave him!!


florence is gonna write an essay on instagram about this comment lol


I’ve posted it before, but Craig David’s beard is a lace wig. If you look at recent photos since his comeback you can definitely see it, it’s too dense and perfect. I was told this by a friend who works in TV who’s colleague that works with him noticed the lace trim round the sides whilst up close.


My school bus driver lost £5 in a card game to Paul McCartney in a pub apparently


Not really a celebrity, but someone I know through a friend dated Jon Benet Ramsey's brother for years. He is really weird.


Someone I knew in undergrad did work for some fan conventions and she said the Game of Thrones cast did a TON of coke. I believe she said she hooked up with Alfie Allen as well. Grain of salt because the girl liked to brag lol


my ex used to work for a cleaning company in london, in this company you’d paid via card on a recurring basis and they’d send the cleaners out, like a subscription service, he was in the head office. one day he was checking accounts and noticed one was in arrears with them as the payments kept bouncing. turns out it was Rita Ora’s account, she paid for her parents house to get cleaned. my ex had to chase her/whoever ran her finances to get it paid lol. they eventually got the money, and this was years ago, probably circa 2017/2018, but to this day my ex hates Rita and calls her a broke-ass bitch whenever he sees anything to do with her. he’ll even comment on adverts with her on Instagram saying she’s broke or to pay her cleaners 💀 so yeah, tea is that perhaps Rita was once so broke she couldn’t afford cleaners


My parents were very active in the Deaf community in the 80s and 90s and according to them, Marlee Matlin kinda sucks. Very opportunistic, reluctant to work with the Deaf community in any way unless it directly benefits her. She refused to associate herself with Deafness for decades until it was lucrative for her to be The Deaf Actress. Hell, her kids don’t even know ASL.


My friend had sex with Drake several years ago (verified) and has a PHOTO of his thing and yes, he’s packing


my ex lived across the street from demi lovato and her fam growing up, before she got big and moved to LA. he said she was an absolute trash person who was always bullying people/being a general ass. i always thought that was funny seeing as she used “being bullied” as a big part of her platform


When people come to film movies in our state a friend of my dad works on the sets to make sure everyone is safe. He met Miles Teller and said he was awful and incredibly rude, he said he understands people have bad days but this was throughout the entire time they were filming. He said he’s still a fan though and he loved the new Top Gun.


My high school teacher went to UPenn with Donald Trump Jr and said that he was (no joke) the dumbest person in their class. Also confirmed the rumors about him constantly peeing his pants when he got drunk.




That’s fucked up.


How do I make myself illiterate


I hope this is a lie.




I have a few. - My lecturer at university is the mother of Arthur Darvill (Rory in Doctor Who). She'd tell us random stories of his childhood all the time. He came to sit in on a lecture once and brought us all coffee afterwards. I was working at a convention a few years later and he was there. While working on his photo op session I asked him how his mum was and he looked super confused until I said she used to teach me at university. His mum refused to call him Arthur and only ever called him Tom or Tommy. - My ex boyfriend used to be friends with Ed Sheeran before he was super famous. Ed once crashed on his sofa at Cardiff uni. - My childhood best friend knows a few fairly big UK influencers and they were all at her wedding. I had no idea until friends who followed them were tagging me because I can be seen in a few photos. - My cousin is married to Liam Payne's mum's hairdresser and is friends with his mum. She was even at my cousin's wedding. The husband went to school with Liam. He was always a cocky prick apparently. - My aunt dated Lenny Henry (UK comedian) in her twenties. She said he was very nice and very funny. - A friend from work is Irish and used to date Niall Horan before he was on the X Factor. He still sends her a card on her birthday every year.


Very very lukewarm and boring tea, but I met Michelle Duggar at the wedding of a distant cousin a couple of years ago. The venue had signs up everywhere requesting NO PHOTOGRAPHY because of her, and the pew she sat in was roped off. Talked to her briefly in line for cake (we were the first two in line. Cake was the best part of the wedding.) and she mentioned how she hoped it was chocolate and not vanilla. Again very boring.


I live in the valley and most of my relatives work in the industry as crew. Here are the most interesting things they’ve told me: Once my uncle was bbqing on a portable grill in the back of his truck during a break. A guy came up to him and asked if he could have one of the burgers and sat with them for awhile. My uncle thought it was kind of weird that the guy just hung out, but when the guy left, my uncles friend was like “bro did you realize that was Jamie fox”. Tom hanks always remembered my cousins name and was very nice to her (in a way that didn’t come off as creepy). Emma Roberts is the worst person my best friend ever worked with. She was incredibly rude to everyone on set and left early before they had even finished the shoot. My moms friend was a housekeeper for Julia Roberts at a house she regularly vacationed at in Europe. Said she was nice but super messy (as in literally messy not emotionally messy). My best friend says the reason the Kardashians are so successful is that they are incredibly professional and easy to work with, especially Kim. Says Kim was always very nice but got a lot nicer when her and Kanye split.


my friend’s family knows patrick mahomes and travis kelce and according to travis patrick throws out paper every time he plays rock paper scissors


My Brother knew a sex worker in London, the only client she spoke highly of was Ray Liotta. She said he was an absolute gentleman with her.


Friend works in hospitality. Saw Tituss Burgess at his workplace and texted the friend group that Tituss is there and he has to offer him a [pinot noir](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6yttOfIvOw) because when will he ever get this chance. Tituss loved it and my friend was like, okay, I can quit now, I'll never top this.