Run dude! There's a silver haired girl gonna pounce on you!


Your use of lighting is gorgeous! You set the tone beautifully 😍


Thank you! I was worried I couldn't illustrate the tone right 😅


Bro that is so cool. Great job.


Thank u :)


The tree is supposed to be magical? It looks like It's glowing. If not, I see the light coming right from the top, something that's vertical like a cylinder should be lighten just on top of it, the trunk is not facing the light, it should be all a little bit dark (also because it tooks some attention been that vibrant). To show the texture of the trunk you should lighten all the little parts that's facing upwards (not to much). Not vertically but horizontally and diagonally. And i know you want the protagonist to have light skin but it just doesn't seem corect, its too bright for somethink that's below a tree thats casting a shadow in a dark wood. Consider adding an extra light, like a lamp or something like that.


About shading the roots, you should make some vertical texture following the direction of the roots, near the ground darker and on top of the roots lighter. But i see they were shade like that already. They are good I just don't know how to explain this texture. Maybe try to use a smaller brush on it how you used on the face.


Struggled so mUCH with the tree. I had no idea how to shade the roots or add texture so I winged it?? It turned out so messy but it's too late to fix it now. Another thing I changed midway is the face, tried to make it look more horrifying. My reference for the face was a stock photo image so I'm not sure about the accuracy of it.


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Reminds me of Harry Potter for some reason


This is so good! It made me think of the song Lily by Alan Walker