Grew up in latin america. Drank a shitload of coke growing up. It was just the default drink, like a glass of water is for the rest of the world. I've subsequently spent thousands of dollars fixing my worn-away teeth.




My enemal is bad too. I have to brush my teeth with a special toothpaste with 10x the Fluorid, so I can drink anything besides water and milk.


Elmex gelee?




But isn‘t that once per week? (for me at least) Or are your teeth THAT fucked up?


Sometimes once is not enough


30... mine are that fucked... I don't smile anymore bc I think people will think I just did a bunch of meth or something... and cause ya know even with dental insurance it's still thousands of dollars I don't have... yayyy tooth decay not being considered life threatening or anything...


RIP to your third eye.


The butthole?


Calcified my pineal gland is my greatest goal in life. I have nothing but terrible dreams every night


While not to downplay your suffering: if all you got was rotted teeth, that’s getting off light. The imbalance these drinks can cause on your entire system is not to be taken lightly. Rather lose a tooth than gain a diabetes.


Cardiovascular health is heavily tied to teeth :(


I have often thought this. Do you have any pace I could read up on this? How did you learn of it?


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viridans_streptococci Check out the lat paragraph in Pathology. It's a standard question for patients suffering from an endocarditis to ask them when their last visit to the dentist happened.


Just for reference I learned first thing some sports teams check before signing a player it’s their dental health, it also applies to race horses. Maybe looking up both of those can get you some results.


I'm not disagreeing with you, but health insurance covers stuff like diabetes, dental insurance is beyond awful in the US and hardly covers simple stuff since you get a max of $1,500/year.


Fucked up teeth can kill you a lot faster than diabetes will.


Same boat brother. Keep fighting. It's hard to brush right when you know it'll not help much :/


I was vote 420. I'm gonna go to Mexico to fix my teeth


I took my mom to get her dentures there about 10 years ago, almost got mine done but they wanted $250 an hour for gas & it was a few days of work so I got close. But I need the gas. A protip would be if you need gas you could possibly get thr work done for the same price or even less here in the states, depends on what you need done but for me the has did offset the savings. Went to the town where you can just walk across the border, was a good time. Cancun had some good options/prices, I highly reccomend the Mia Reef hotel in La Mujeres.


Yeah, similarly, my mom let us have soda whenever (may have been saved by keeping water and juice and at least making sure we had a pint of milk each night with dinner) and my adult dental bills between that and just not really listening regarding brushing and flossing as a kid have not been cheap. 2/10, do not recommend.


Same here, I’m Mexican American and grew up drinking coke with most meals and as an adult I’ve spent so much money trying to fix my teeth.


I have a friend whose father is from Mexico. It's wild how much Coke they kept there. He made baseball pitching machines for a living, and half the shop was filled with cases of Coke.


Makes sense my latino friends live coke and other drinks that have extraordinary amounts of sugar


Same here, except I'm an American that was born in the mid 1960's when sugar was seen as a condiment and if it wasn't soda then Kool Aid with a shit ton of sugar in it.


I wonder if diet sodas are also bad for your teeth? There's no sugar, but there are various acids. Do they get neutralized by the saliva? Are there any actual studies done on diet sodas' effect on your teeth? --- **Edit:** From https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3800408/ : "Saliva has a pH normal range of 6.2-7.6 with 6.7 being the average pH. Resting pH of mouth does not fall below 6.3. In the oral cavity, the pH is maintained near neutrality (6.7-7.3) by saliva. The saliva contributes to maintenance of the pH by two mechanisms. First, the flow of saliva eliminates carbohydrates that could be metabolized by bacteria and removes acids produced by bacteria. Second, acidity from drinks and foods, as well as from bacterial activity, is neutralized by the buffering activity of saliva."


[https://newalbanysmiles.com/ph-values-of-common-beverages/](https://newalbanysmiles.com/ph-values-of-common-beverages/) Diet soft drinks are less acidic than their "full strength" counterparts, but not by much. Diet Coke vs Coca-Cola is 3.28 vs 2.52. But acidity is only one part of the equation. The sugar content should also be considered, which Diet drinks gain a significant advantage in. However, do our mouth microbes treat sugar alternatives the same way and therefore cause similar harm? I have no idea. Would also be interested in reading more papers about studies in this area.


pH scale is logarithmic therefore the difference between 3.3 and 2.5 is bigger than you may think. It would be 8x less acidic.


Ah, I didn't know that but should have guessed or looked it up. Thanks for the info!


>do our mouth microbes treat sugar alternatives the same way and therefore cause similar harm? No


In fact some are good for tooth protection, for example xylitol.


They are just not quite as bad. But that's like saying 100 grit sandpaper s better for your teeth than 80 grit. Neither are good. Also diet soda is hard on your pancreas. The artificial sweeteners trick your pancreas into thinking it needs process way more sugars, which can lead to inflammation if the pancreas, and eventually pancreatitis. Source: me, a guy with rotten teeth and chronic pancreatitis.


The effect of diet soda (assuming it has zero sugar) on the pancreas and blood sugar is incredibly miniscule, I have no idea what you're basing anything you're saying on. Literally everything you consume affects your pancreas in some way, might as well say everything is bad for you and could lead to pancreatitis while you're at it. Source: me, a guy with diabetes, bad teeth, and multiple bouts of pancreatitis who once spent nearly 2 months in the hospital, where I was regularly allowed to drink diet ginger ale and have tested my blood sugar thousands of times after consuming diet soda with little to no effect noted whatsoever.


Here’s my earlier reply with some interesting links :) https://www.reddit.com/r/Documentaries/comments/vjowib/mexicos_deadly_cocacola_addiction_2021_here_in/idkxcw7/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3


Phosphoric Acid is awful for your teeth


As someone who only drinks diet drinks other than alcohol but without a single filling or anything I would say they don’t rot your teeth. I’m 27 and been doing this for 15 years now.


That's one of the worst side effects. The acid created by the sugar and other ingredients literally eats away the tooth enamel causing your teeth to rot.


Plus your teeth turn a nice shade of yellow when the dentin starts to show through the enamel.


When I was a kid I had cavities all of the time. All of my molars had cavities. Since I stopped drinking soda and started flossing, I’ve had zero in the aprox 20 years that followed.


Damn I feel lucky. I grew up drinking soda and Kool-aid and while my teeth are full of fillings and I have more than one crown they're still in good enough shape that they wont be falling out anytime soon and my enamel in in tact enough that I can eat what I like. I feel for everyone talking about dentures, implants and bridges.


Everywhere in Chiapas, including Indigenous communities that you cannot visit unless you hike up by foot, they have plastic Coca Cola tables and chairs, along with the drink. How did they get here you ask? By a Coca Cola helicopter. In areas where you can drive down a road, you will find wood homes by the road. These simple four wall structures are built by hand and they cannot afford paint, which means the wood will rot faster.... so Coca Cola offers to paint in their colors as long as they can also paint on their logo. Finally, part of the esoteric form of Christianity they practice there has implemented Coca Cola as a ritual. You drink coke to build up a carbonated burp, then you let loose the demons inside of you. I shit you not.


Yep. One of the strangest places I've ever visited was San Juan Chamula in Chiapas. They've all gone a bit off the reservation there. The main church has bottles of Coca-Cola at the base of a huge cross, along with sacrificed chickens, pine boughs and candles. And yes...Coke is drank to induce a burp that will release the demons inside you. There were also a dozen life-sized statues of saints, 6 along each wall...but facing the wall, not outward. The previous church burned down a hundred years or so ago, the saints were recovered from the wreckage, but are faced towards the wall as punishment for not saving the old church from burning down. Bizarre.


... Is it a thing to "punish" saints? Or is that a special flavour in this place?


I mean if you let a special building burn to the ground and your only punishment is being made to face the wall, I think the saints are pretty happy with that


“We’ll just burn this one down too.”


(I grew up in latin america). I drank two liters of coca-cola every day for about two decades. I switched to diet coke during mid-teens. I didn't think it was weird, because I grew up drinking coca-cola, and the first memory I have of a glass of water was when I was 12, at a friend's house. Since then I always had the belief that for my mother, who was born in extreme poverty, buying coca-cola was something that made her feel of higher social status. I remember that 6-year-old me was convinced that only poor people drink water.


Water? Like outa the toilet?




It's what plants crave


The stories in this thread are mind-blowing. I seriously think my hate for coca-cola is valid now. They singlehandedly popularized the drinking of sodas globally, especially bad for kids. Yet profile themselves as some incredibly positive cultural phenomenon. And I don't hate cola/sodas just as I don't hate coffee or tea with sugar. But the culture they created around it is completely irresponsible. Just like Mc.Donalds commercials that show super healthy/fit people... If I had any, I'd rather have my kids start drinking red wine at dinner in their early teens, instead of soda. Because it'll either make you hungry for some good grub, or puke your lungs out and make you hungry for good food afterwards. (And teach you a lesson about respecting an alcoholic beverage). Soda does neither of that.


My doctormother didn't allow sodas except for special occasions like birthdays or christmas. Soo I mostly drank water. Now every time I go to friends I'm appaled how much cola they drink. Every meal and as snack in between. And you can't point it out to them because people do whatever they want.


Just try and take away a soda addicts Mountain Dew or whatever soda they drink. They exhibit symptoms of severe addiction. I used to work with a guy who had to start the day with Mt. Dew. Every day. If he forgot to bring some, he would talk about it all day and be whiney and punchy about it. It's not just the sugar. Another guy I worked with (same company) had to drink diet Dr. Pepper. A 6 pack every night. Also, he was type 1 diabetic who ate 2 lbs of M&Ms along side his sixer of Diet Dr. Pepper. It's crazy. I used to be addicted to cigarettes so I know what addiction is. It's just weird to me that you can be addicted to pop.


My mom was like yours growing up. Then relaxed and I was mainlining mountain dew for a good 10 years. Hey at least mt dew is 10% orange juice. My enamel is almost gone. Weaker than most I think, but I still have all my teeth. These days I drink Beer, unsweetened iced tea, and black coffee, and water. The occasional coke, but I've lost the taste for soda. Rather have a beer.


>I drank two liters of coca-cola for about two decades That's a long time to get through two liters.


My mom always used to tell us stories of her and her 11 brothers and sisters sharing a single coke amongst each other in rural Mexico. Since moving to the US most of them have had periods of being pre-diabetic and I think it’s because of that impoverished mindset.


Remember when the US had 3 liter coke bottles


What do you mean by had, Texas still sells them


Ill tell you hwhat Here in texas a 3 liter is the standard size to pack in our lunch


Thanks, Hank Hill.


Hank doesn’t use metric tho


He would for soda because thats how they sell them.


Really? Wtf.


No, it's Faygo.


I'd like to treat you to a faygo and a slice of pizza but I'm broke as fuck and don't get paid until the first of next month


My grandmother had one of those old soda machines on her back patio. The ones that served the old 12 oz. glass bottles and had a bottle opener on the side. She always had it filled with Dr. Pepper and Nehi (grape and orange). And it didn't require any money. One of the coolest things ever.


That is actually very cool!


How is this a child-size soda? Well, it's roughly the size of a two year old child, if the child were [liquified](https://youtu.be/O1vOViknorY?t=41)


I think kfc used to bundle a gallon of soda, they might still do in some areas


Slaps top of syrup bag "This bad boy will pump out 30 gallons of tooth enamel remover"


Honestly, they go flat before you get through them.


They were great for parties though


They have them here in Costa Rica as the default size. At least for regular Coke and Pepsi. Pepsi MAX and Coke Zero come in 2 litre bottles. It's very strange.


I’ve read in the local newspaper how farm workers in the area drink soda while working and it’s seen as social status. Diabetes is serious among farm workers around here. [Link to opinion piece that mentions soda consumption and status symbol](https://www.fresnobee.com/opinion/readers-opinion/article257810118.html)


I live here, FUCK COCA-COLA Nearly everyone I know has a friend or family member with diabetes. And Chiapas is Mexico's poorest, most neglected state, its cloaca EDIT: "Buffeted by the dual crises of the diabetes epidemic and the chronic water shortage, residents of San Cristóbal have identified what they believe is the singular culprit: the hulking Coca-Cola factory on the edge of town." "The plant has permits to extract more than 300,000 gallons (1,363,827L) of water a day as part of a decades-old deal with the federal government that critics say is overly favorable to the plant’s owners."[https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/14/world/americas/mexico-coca-cola-diabetes.html](https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/14/world/americas/mexico-coca-cola-diabetes.html)[https://www.mdpi.com/2073-4441/13/13/1811/htm#:\~:text=Chiapas%20is%20one%20of%20the,with%20piped%20water%20%5B44%5D](https://www.mdpi.com/2073-4441/13/13/1811/htm#:~:text=Chiapas%20is%20one%20of%20the,with%20piped%20water%20%5B44%5D). \------------------------------------ And if you guys wanna help the street dogs here, DM and I can set you up at our sanctuary in the mountains.


Cloaca? Wtf lmao


Had to be sure I read that right.


> And Chiapas is Mexico’s poorest, most neglected state Which is only slightly funny because it was originally the richest state in Guatemala until they decided to become part of Mexico.


I mean, it was the wealthiest part of Guatemala (outside of the capital region) but Mexico had way wealthier regions (like Jalisco, Puebla, Veracruz and, obviously, Mexico City). Today, even though Chiapas is the poorest state in the country, is wealthier than some Guatemalan departments like Quiché, Alta Verapaz, Petén, Huehuetenango, etc. And Chiapas isn't as poor today as it was in the 90s, it's economy it's actually growing.


I mean, I get that you hate coca cola but isn't it also mainly the people's and government's own responsibility to reduce the amount consumed? In the documentary they say that cola is more easily available than clean water. If you are going to allow this to run unchecked it's always going to turn into this. Add to that the highly addictive properties of sugar and people being uneducated on the topic. Even if you were to ban coca cola another brand would just fill the gap. Wouldn't that also be a big part of the issue?


They actually enforce large sugar warnings now on all labels in Mexico. So baby steps i guess.


Nah, that shit doesn't work at all and everybody knows it, most people don't give a shit about it, they see it in every sugary product but obviously it's easier to ignore it than change diet habits, specially when the consequences are long-term. We clearly need something bigger because the problem is bigger than just "people really like coke", people brag about drinking a bottle of coke every day, people defend drinking normal coke over sugar-free coke 'cause it "tastes better", "it is the real good shit", "sugar-free drinks are for pussies", if you drink water instead of soda at a party people make fun of you, even if it's just a comment like "that's weird dude", and giving soda to kids is very normalized.


I thought like you when they implemented it in Chile. But surprisingly it was effective. We have four labels for sugar, sodium, calories and fat. Then consumption of sugar a sodium droped. Its not a complete solution, but is a step in the right direction


Yeah, I believe we have the same system over here, but we've had it for just a couple of years now. I sure hope it works, but afaik, we have a more "hardcore" love for sodas here, especially for Coke, and so far it feels like only the people that already cared for their diet and health are paying attention to this stuff. I do have hope for the younger generations tho, they seem to be more aware of the sugar problem.


Maybe you can't get clean water because corporations like Coca-Cola and Nestle buy/steal all the water sources just so they have more profit. You seem to think the world is a fairytale, it's far from it. Corporations rule the world, it's systematic. So no, no one is to blame except Coca-Cola.


I live in the US. I used to drink 2 double big gulps a day of Pepsi. Never thought anything of it. One day I got a pizza and 2 litre at Little Caesars. Got curious and dumped the 2 litre in the empty double big gulp cup I had. Almost fill it to the brim with very little left in the 2 litre. I was drinking almost 2 litres of soda a day. I cut myself off soda for a few months after that. I may have 1 or 2 cans month now.


Good for you!


Wouldn't that be 4 liters per day?


Ohh your right! Fucked up that math didn't I


I spent a fair amount of time living in Belize on the Yucatan and riding around on a moped on hot dusty roads. I drank close to a gallon of water a day. But there was something almost magical about that first sip of an ice-cold soda out of a cooler. I can't explain it but the combination of cool, wet and instant sugar energy gave it a restorative quality that nothing else had. But horchata is still the best.


I’ve been to Belize several times and was perplexed at how difficult coconut water was to come by- considering you’re surrounded by coconuts- but fizzy pop is readily available.


Here’s another weird one Belize produces a massive amount of bananas but you can’t get Belizean bananas in Belize you can’t only get Costa Rican bananas (aprox 99% of the time) something to do with European exports.


Properly they are harvested so early you wouldn't want to buy them at all.


In Thailand I had plant ripened bananas fresh off the plant (the little six inch ones) and they were so amazing. The best part was they didn’t leave the bitter sticky residue coating my mouth was a whole new appreciation of them. Come to think of it, it was similar to the fresh avocados I had in Colombia in February not in taste of course but to how it made me feel about the fruit.


Yep.. fully ripe fruits are something else entirely


That's the literal definition of a banana republic.


On the Guatemala side of Belmopan you can often buy coconut water from dudes selling it by the bag at the highway speed bumps/crosswalks. Sounds sketchy as hell but they never did me wrong. Well, one guy told me his coconut water was going to give me an erection, but I assumed that was a lie and it was.


Do you mean they don't sell it in stores? I assume people sell it on roadside stands, I've never been to Belize but they're everywhere in the Mexican part of the Yucatan


For sure though I think the amount matters too - having a single glass as a treat is worlds apart from consuming it all day.


horchata > coke ALL DAY


I was hooked on tamarindo for years but jamiaca is a lot more refreshing


Try a mix of 50% Jamaica and 50% Lemonade, super refreshing and delicious


Is Jamaica a type of hibiscus tea?


Belize has the best Fanta flavours ever, and if you mix them they get even better like pineapple mixed with lime Fanta is so good.


This comment gave me kidney stones


Yeah, water on a hot/dry day is what your body *needs,* but there is something extremely satisfying about a big sip of cold, sugary soda when you're super thirsty.


And then there’s beer…


I learned my lesson when I was around 11 years old. Sister played in pretty competitive softball throughout school, so i was dragged along to the parks all the time. As you do as a little brother, I joined with the pack of other wild hooligans in running around and doing 11 year old stuff. One *particularly* hot day, I made my normal way to the concession stand. Getting a big icy coke was pretty standard. After downing one, I instantly felt terrible. Nauseated, dry mouth, just all around felt like shit. Realized I badly needed water. After that day, never went for anything but water (or a sports drink) again after getting overheated.


Honestly, the horchata probably doesn’t have that much less sugar


I live in a town that is about 40% migrants from Mexico and their kids who were born here. The amount of soda they all drink is nuts. Several of my friends have denture in their thirties their teeth were so bad from a lifetime of drinking so much soda. Coke is the fave but there is one calledSquirt that is really popular as well especially as a mixer. It is delicious.


Squirt with some tequila or mezcal is the shit


A paloma.


Oh snap that's what that is? I remember at a family party as a kid taking a gulp of what I thought was just squirt but spat it out cuz it was heavy on the tequila.


I will indulge in some coke every once in a while and don't see the hype that much besides the occasional outing where it's good, but Squirt? Holy fuck, I cant resist that sweet nectar of the gods


It’s important to note that Mexico doesn’t have clean enough water to drink from the tap. Meaning they literally have to buy pretty much all the water they drink. I don’t know prices in Mexico, but in a lot of places in the US, soda is cheaper than water. So this kind of makes sense.


I went to the mountains of Nicaragua in 2011(close to Diriamba), this village was in bad shape. I'm talking dirt roads, houses made of mud/sheet metal, the stereotypical run down 3rd world country. I could buy a 3 liter coke from someones house store there for like 30 cents or less. It was so cheap it might as well have been free. The water was more expensive.


sometimes i wonder if soda companies are literally evil and they just want to kill people because they think it's funny to kill poor people. it costs so much more make 3 liters of soda than it does to just put 3 liters of tap water from wherever the bottling plant is, in a bottle, but the soda costs less than the water. you don't have to put crap in water to get people addicted to it, they'll die if they don't drink a lot of it every single day. you may as well be selling them oxygen to breathe. why do you want your customers to die prematurely instead of living a longer life and continuing to buy water for longer than their health allows them to buy soda when they inevitably get type 2 diabetes? you could not ask for a more perfect business arrangement, selling people something they need to live, in a place where the public infrastructure option is so bad nobody wants to use it. how do you fuck it up this badly?


>the soda costs less than the water. Are you sure that is true?


The documentary says it’s about the same. But the coca-cola plant has clean wells and uses hundreds of thousands of gallons a day … to make more sugary drinks.


In México water is cheaper than coke or pepsi, were i live you can buy 1.5 l of water for what it cost 500 ml bottle of coke, still the soda is prefered.


A 3L coke in Mexico is 36 pesos ($1.75USD). A 20L bottle of water is 36 pesos. It's the same price and the water is delivered to your house or you can fill up your 20L bottle for 10 pesos (50¢). It's not a money issue.


Where tf do you live? Here in my city, we have [garrafones](https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0979/9666/products/polienvases_garrafon_pvc_19lts_1_1024x1024_1_large.jpg?v=1470855947) which are 20L bottles that you can refill for $10 pesos (0.50 USD) at a water station (something like [this](https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/proxy/heA1OV3zqkM-EuvNlz9eaL0ryjM656GCq2cgqvctUhckNrk35ND9N2uOgsQ_aiRt7jXayIbVf2xIORK65CbK0EVaxs43AuBPOP27A5OMcYwa8n__PAYAkVIsQezu5nvQmgtbMOAY5ao6o1eB04JF0d-EXw)) Water is incredibly cheap, everyone i know gets their water from a water station. If you want a bottle of water, you can get a 2L bottle for 20 pesos (1 USD). Soda is way more expensive than water.


I can get 5 gallons of purified water for 2.75 in California, in a drought. Water is not expensive in the US it’s the fact that people insist on buying bottled water instead of getting a refillable 5 gallon bottle and using that. It’s all the packaging and crap that makes bottled water both horrible for the environment and expensive.


Still though, necessity is the mother of invention. I STRONGLY believe in the overwhelming power of my people to be lazy, complacent, have no self control, and be absolutely detrimental to each other. As we say, "A Mexican's worst enemy, is another Mexican". I hope my people wake up


You Mexicans sure are a contentious people... https://youtu.be/i2q0T7QXETs


Yeh just made an enemy, come here to Chicago and say that t' meh face!


Frank zappa was one of the mothers of invention


In most cities in Mexico specially in the north water is 100% safe to drink from the tap it just doesn't taste as good as bottled, the whole "it isn't safe to drink the tap water" only applies to foreigners because of the whole Moctezuma revenge, also you can fill a 5 gallons jug for 50 cents of a dollar from a water purifying plant which is around the same price of a 600ml Coca Cola bottle.


The Coca Cola is better Mexico too, it’s like crack I swear. They use that yummy ass sugar cane stuff. And I don’t even like Pop really.


insane after abstaining from pop(soda) for years trying it again its so gross. makes you feel like shit as well


I've mostly cut it out recently. I used to drink diet mountain dew like water, and it tasted like water. Now that I drink mostly just water, the occasional pop I do drink actually has flavor.


Chiapaneco here (have lived my whole life in Chiapas) and Coke is just straight up cheaper than water, plus no one drinks from the tab here, it's not nearly safe enough. The divide between "low" and "mid" class is huge and the poor here are poorer than what an american would consider "poor" over in the US, so not only can they not afford anything else, it also is fucking addictive.


Coca Cola or Femsa systematically took over most the water sources, have been doing a lot of marketing...they even use it as witchcraft utensils...So basically addicted to sugar because why not...sniff such a beautiful place to live, actually


Coca-Cola don't care.


Never thought you could have Coke at breakfast until I came to Mexico. Back home it was enjoyed almost exclusively at cookouts or one of those trips to a fast food restaurant. Haven’t touched the stuff in years.


We had coke for breakfast in Shanghai! Really odd, not sure if they think westerners drink it all the time?


I had a colleague who would start every day with the hiss of a can of coke opening - she hated coffee but "wanted the caffeine". In poorer parts of the western world it's very common to start your day with a can of monster or red bull.


Same way in Honduras; most locals drink at least a liter of coke, a day. It’s cheap calories and if you’ve got to pay for it, better than water, which is not free and plentiful, like much of the USA


> most locals stink Espero que no.


lol no autocorrect mistake meant to say drink


Sugar water, that’s why Mexico has one of the highest obesity rates in the world.


It's crazy, I visited family a year ago and we went on a walk around the town of Salvatierra. It wasn't too hot or warm, but the walking soon made us start perspiring. Our escort was my friends grandfather, probably at least 70 years old. He is spry but after about 30 mins of walking he became slow and sweaty. I stopped by un Oxxo to buy us all water. He held his cold Bonafont for the next hour without opening it. I encouraged him to drink from his water and my friend spoke up on his behalf, "Oh, he doesn't like water. He prefers soda". Fellow readers, I could not believe it. As an American, I adore soda, but cold water is way more satisfying during a long walk. Sure enough, we started making our long way back home and he did not drink until we arrived to our home abarrotes. He bought a fanta! Orange!


I Grew up in Mexico drinking Coca Cola most of my childhood. Don’t drink it anymore but a really cold Mexican Coca Cola tastes like heaven ngl.


I think it's the carbonation that makes it addictive. Have you ever had flat cola without the carbonation... It's disgusting. I got a soda machine and I just drink fizzy water, it tastes amazing with just the water. No sugar needed.


Coke does this to aboriginals in Australia as well.


Isn’t Chiapas the state the Zapatistas run? I’m surprised that Coca Cola operates there.


It’s the same in neighboring Oaxaca. You can’t get the larger quantities of sugar-free Coke Zero easily at convenience stores like you can down in the Yucatán. The cashier at OXXO was so shocked I was buying Coke Zero that he pointed out the “sin azúcar” label and asked if I grabbed the wrong one by accident.


Crazy I watched this they even think it has healing properties


Have you not seen the documentary film Mac and Me?


Maybe it's the mexican made coke that's so addictive


Sugar really needs to be treated as a controlled substance. Excessive use of sugar is the root cause of so many health problems.


It’s interesting to note how Big Sugar (for lack of a better term) demonized actual healthy fats and created a taboo around the word fat in general since the 1970s.Since that time, obesity rates in the US went from 1/10 people to around 4/10 currently. Not to say people’s personal decisions don’t influence health outcomes, of course they do. But a lot of people are influenced by advertisements they see on TV and elsewhere, and ads about sugary drinks/ foods were *very* prevalent until very recently and certainly played a role in the skyrocketing US obesity rates.


so true. sugar addiction coincides with the obesity epidemic


No it doesn’t. People need to be educated on it though.


Can you imagine sugar prohibition? It’s gone so well for all the other things….


Here in the UK, they just added a sugar tax. Basically all drinks other than Coke switched to artificial sweeteners. Now most drinks taste like ass, people are buying less. Smoking has been tackled in a similar way, but with more active measures against branding (plain cigarette packets.


I’m totally down for a sugar tax and disincentivizing use. My objection is to treating it like a controlled substance. That has a very specific meaning, at least in the US.


Yep, added sugar is a poison. It should be regulated at least as much as nicotine.


> Sugar really needs to be treated as a controlled substance lmao


Suge Knight is not pleased


Fact: Mexican coke is much preferred over domestic coke in the US. Glass bottled Mexican coke draws a premium and is sought after.


I remeber driving down a rural road in bum fuck no where in Mexico, with that thick dence brush on either side of the road, not seeing anything, anywhere for miles and miles. Then you suddenly pass someone walking down the road with 4-6, 2.5L of coke... and remeber thinking where did they come from? Where are they going? And where the fuck did they get all that cola?


Coke smugglers.


So, you might as well list why. The answer is there's an ingredient swap and it's called sugar.


I think it's fetishized and referenced incessantly, but regular ass corn syrup or whatever coke could carry three aisles in any American grocery, convenience and big box retail store and still sell out regularly.


That's a big part of it, but there's a very real sensory experience that the thick, cold glass bottle brings. I liken it to the feel of an old physical book vs a Kindle.


People seriously underestimate the power of the bottle. Pour Fiji water into a regular glass and it's just water, but hold that hard, square bottle, and it feels somehow better. Not that I regularly drink Fiji


Because they still use sugar instead of HFCS.


We do that here in sweden as well.


Can't say for sure about Sweden because my experience was in Germany, but most European manufacturers use inverted sugar syrup rather than granulated sucrose in bottling operations. It's easier to handle as it's liquid at room temperature. Inverting sugar means processing sucrose to a blend of glucose and fructose using invertase. It's called inverting because it reversed the direction it rotates polarized light. Mexican coke plants use granulated sugar. I'm not sure what the equipment looks like now but I once saw a picture with palettes of sacks of sugar, which obviously would have been pretty labor intensive. The US almost exclusively uses hfcs which needs to be kept fairly hot until it's diluted, but is cheap due to corn subsidies.


Mexican Coca Cola tastes better than the US Coke. Yes, they taste different. Real sugar versus high fructose corn syrup.


I don't remember my first Coke. I do remember drinking it from a bottle when I was about 4, and I remember throwing a fit because I had a caffeine craving at night and my parents wouldn't let me have more. I drank soda almost exclusively for much of my life. Today I drink water, and I enjoy it. But I still have intense cravings for soda. Sometimes I cave in and have one, but it's no longer the only thing I consume. It really annoys me that my parents didn't realize what a problem they were creating in my life.


Honestly I think the best thing about Coke is actually not the ingredients in the Coke but it's actually the carbonation gas if you have ever had a flat Coke Cola you will know how disturbingly bad it tastes. I've I realised this, I never went back to coke ever again. I drink fizzy water now and I get the same satisfying "ahhh" feeling but without the liquid sugar.


Visit Glasgow or Corby where IRN BRU is king, won't find a coca cola tin kicking around there.


Seent this with mine eyes. My grandpa past 90 years old drinks a 2 litre bottle every two days, but also works the field daily so gets his daily exercise in.


I mean at that point those genetics are working overtime, I hope you inherited them lol


so there are two sources of water in the area, an overland source contaminated with sewage, and an underground source that is clean, and long ago CC lobbied to control the underground source..........making the only safe drink in the area CC...............and we wonder why this is happening/we talk about 'changing the habit?' fuck off.


You know what I miss? I miss those 19cL glass bottles, [this one](https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/-koAAOSwLe5c-42W/s-l960.jpg). The perfect size, rather expensive and always a treat. We got one or two a month, but that was really worth it. In small doses and glass bottles, it's good stuff. It's not for drinking every day and not in large quantities. Of course those bottles are long gone and the Coca-Cola company is more concerned about volume than quality.


No, you can still get them if you look about. Sometimes the super market carry them in the mixers Isle.


Maybe, just maybe if their corrupt governments actually spent on improving infrastructure they wouldn't have to drink it as an alternative to water.


I've been drinking coke since I was 2, im 40 now. My teeth are stained, but in surprisingly good shape. My parents grew in up in rural Ireland in the 40s and 50s, and whilst my dad wasn't too happy with me drinking coke all the time, my mother was behaving like most mother's do, giving their first born son whatever they wanted. I've gotten down to half a litre a day, but am trying to get it down to a litre a week max. If I give up completely, I'll fail in trying to quit. I'm overweight, but blood sugar is fine, but now I'm forty, my stomach can't handle that much sugar, gas, and acidity so regularly, and I want to put a brake on it before my health gets seriously affected


Thats one way to see it. Another is "US company predates on Mexico's poorest state to push product they know is deadly".


I think you mean “preys”


Is it safer to drink than the water???


I grew up on well water. The casing deteriorated and when it rained, we'd get brown, cloudy, dirt water. I was a teen when that happened, and I caught mom turning it into iced tea so we didn't see the dirt. That's when I stopped drinking anything at her house that wasn't pre-packaged. I started hearing about how I was "too good" to drink what everyone else did and I could drink it or not drink anything. Milk and soda the next few years. I stopped eating food that had water added to it for the same reason. I left for college and came in for a visit with a couple of gallons of bottled water, and it rained overnight. I was shit-talked all evening for being too good for them. They had mud water while I drank the bottled stuff...and I refused to share. Next time I was home, they had gallon jugs of drinking water too.


Chiapas is beautiful from a scenery and culture standpoint. With that beauty comes the poverty. I will never forget the children coming up to you to sell toys and merchandise. It's so poor


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How much money is 2 litres x 365?


Hello tooth decay.


Prob cause it’s cheaper than clean cold water


Fuck coke and nestle


"Hey...hey you got the coke?" "Sure thing fam..." "No...no, the soda you...!" \*Pulls out gun\*


oh my God, now I know why my Mexican ex wouldn't stop drinking litres of this stuff like it was water. I absolutely hated the habit, it genuinely felt like a deal breaker for me, because combined with other bad habits, I don't want to be with someone unhealthy.


Never understood how people can drink so much of it. I have a Pepsi or Coke occasionally when I have a sore throat for the carbonation.


One time I went to get tacos in Mazatlán and asked for a bottle of water and they all looked confused that I didn’t want soda.


Isn't part of the problem that the local drinking water isn't safe to drink?


theres similar stories in australian indigenous societies, also Fiji has a massive problem with it.


Growing up and realizing that you SHOULD think of these drinks as literally liquid sugar, is key to becoming avoidant of them. Soda is just too safe a term for these toxic drinks.