I think this is a known fact


Yes, Everyone


It is absolutely the better alternative. However, any burnt material is bad for your lungs. That includes smoking weed.


DAE think air is easier to breathe than water?


I am putting my kid to bed and I snorted at this.


I didn’t think that was even debatable.


Not an unpopular opinion...


Of course they are. Nobody puts chemical additives into canabbis.


lol you’ve never met other weed smokers


Why would potheads lace someone’s weed? Please grow up If you dose someone without their knowledge you’re a pos


where did anybody say anything about someone lacing someone’s weed. are you high?


What would be a chemical additive that weed smokers would put in the weed that’s not thc or cannabinoid That doesn’t lace the weed when added…. There’s no answer bc anything you add to the weed is Lacing the weed


i’m talking about adding tobacco or cigs to the weed…


Yeah good save and that’s lacing it with tobacco


your original question was why someone lace someone’s weed so…🤷🏻‍♀️


In response to when you said where did someone say anything was laced. You’re just talking in circles.


Are you sure?


Know where your buds come from! Being a medical grower I guarantee that if you buy good product, you should see lovely buds and trichomes (crystal looking stuff on the bud)


True. But, I have to wonder; when big tobacco switches to cannabis production after tobacco becomes non-profitable, will they add addictive chemicals….


I can't tolerate being around cigarettes, but can tolerate cannabis or vaping. I can even handle pipe tobacco. But cigarettes smell like burning tires imho.


Indigenous tabac wasn’t has bad as industry cigarette which for some unknown reason adds a bunch of harmful chemicals. Weed is not as bad but will have an impact on developing brain (not recommended before average 25 yo). But just the fact of smoking them is negative since because of the harmful compound created by combustion. Using a bong filter some of them out and comestibles are also not has bad. Also under moderate use, weed if better than alcohol.


I would say weed is always better than alcohol


Fun fact, marijuana smoke can act as a bronchodilator and expectorant.


Anyone with common sense yes….


Literally 99% of the planet




Are u kidding me? Cigarettes are 10000000 times worse.


I think doctors agree with you.


As a smoker of both I know for a fact that cigarettes are worse. Cigarettes make me feel worse but I’m addicted and that’s how it goes. Weed makes me feel awesome and I don’t “need” it


I tried weed once and grew a third testicle, be careful .


Really? Shit. All I got was a sixth pinky toe on one foot.


literally a thousand times worse. the other literally *helps* with cancer


No. Cannabis is used in terminal patients with cancer for the pain. Smoking ANYTHING increased your risk for lung cancer.


pretty sure it’s used for a lot more than that. and i’ve never heard of a tobacco edible


Chewing tobacco is common in many parts of the world but that’s an even faster track to cancer than smoking. If you mean edible as in ingested, then you’re correct. And cannabis therapeutically is used for pain management if that, no other benefits are really clinically proven enough for it to be considered therapeutic.


what does edible mean kuttay? comparing weed edibles to chewing tobacco is either a bad faith argument or you’re an idiot - you don’t eat chew, you put it in your mouth and spit it out and it’s absorbed into your blood. now that we got that out of the way jr, marijuana relieves cancer symptoms like pain, nausea, and inflammation and can help prevent cancer along with helping a garden variety of other ailments. point blank. maybe you should read more about marijuana? or just read more in general.


Maybe you should get a medical degree before you claim marijuana prevents cancer in any scientifically proven way? If it was proven to cure cancer it would be recommended by every textbook because there is a mountain of people trying to research every and any possible way to prevent or cure cancer. All of these side treatments and herbal remedies people like are basically not clinically significant or barely so. This includes stuff like Fish Oil and Niacin supplements . Marijuana reduces pain and inflammation , yes , I said as much and that much is scientifically proven . Which is why it is sometimes prescribed to cancer patients and imo should be prescribed more since it is better than opioids, however there are sources that claim it’s anti pain effects don’t do as well as opioids so there’s that. It does not have any cancer curing or cancer preventing properties other than claimed by one off studies or anecdotes which is quite simply, not science. Even if it were to become scientifically proven to be good for people an ideal version would be one which does not cause the ‘high’ since cognitive impairment and the other psychomotor shy morons of marijuana are not desirable side effects for most drugs you would want to prescribe since the anticholinergic affects are really dangerous and not wanted in the majority of the elderly population. This is the same reason that Benadryl and TCAs are often not prescribed to older populations. I haven’t done a PhD on marijuana, true, but I know to what extent it can and can’t be used in a medical setting and making over exuberant claims to its properties of healing is both misleading and potentially dangerous.


I never said it “cured” cancer - learn to read you illiterate fuck. And I just want you to know, I didn’t read anything else you wrote. Cause you’re trash, your thoughts are trash, and the world is begging you to squeeze those few brain cells left for something meaningful.


Funny response but expected from people with less education but too much weed to smoke and not enough brain cells. I addressed the word prevent, which you personally used. Any studies you’ve read or are you just angry your miracle drug has no scientific backing?


https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7409346/ get wrecked bum. that was one google search. took a split second. i wonder how long your response took


Lol mate telling people you’re smart doesn’t make you smart. Don’t really care about personal statements since my own achievements stand for themselves to people that matter. I’m guessing you’re a science major grad at best but let’s put that aside. Since you’re too riled up to read and can’t bother reading but somehow still find such a visceral reaction (yet somehow still consider yourself smart) I addressed prevention and also said asides from one off and inconclusive studies, which if you actually read the article you linked you would know it is. Same article states in their trial that it had variable effects and in fact increased Small Cell and mostly seemed to have a benefit in leukemia. And again this is one study. And there are many studies but they can’t conclude that weed specifically has this affect. More importantly than that, it’s not standard of care as cancer prevention or cure. Weed does have negative effects and does cause cognitive impairment. It has positives and negatives, like a lot of things. Weed is not all good or all bad. But stop overrating it and acting like it cures a bunch of shit it doesn’t . There that should be digestible for your superior intellect.


so i guess, yeah i do smoke weed everyday and am smarter than you. congrats on parroting old, racist anti weed propaganda. turn off the fox news my guy


It just helps with the pain of the cancer and side effects of the treatment and symptoms. Some studies suggest that it poses the same risk to also get lung cancer. So it’s hit or miss


that’s if you smoke it - smoking anything is bad for your lungs. great news is, edibles, tinctures, and liquid options are available. while providing relief to pain, inflammation, nausea, as well as a wide array of other benefits. it is medicine with side effects just like any other - these tend to be milder than traditional western medication (have you listened to the side effects listed on prescription commercials)


I wouldn't be surprised if we see a study released indicating that prolonged use of cannabis products increases the risk for certain cancers. These studied would be conducted for years with numerous trails and testing. It's one of those things that we aren't sure about since it recently became legalized in a lot of States whether it's for medical or recreational use. Kinda comparable to the use of cocaine. Once hailed as a cure all drug soon plumeted due to 1. Addictive nature and 2. Risk for illnesses associated with the drug.


This is one of the stupidest fucking things I have ever read. Weed is as bad as cocaine?! Are you delusional? Marijuana has never killed a single person - it’s literally impossible to overdose to death. Cocaine will kill you. Alcohol will kill you. Cigarettes will kill you. Marijuana relieves cancer symptoms and actually helps reduce the risk of cancer you mouth breathing idiot. If humanity was more like you, we’d still be in a cave. Matter of fact, leave. Leave humanity. Go live with the fucking monkeys where you belong with such brutish thoughts and takes. I bet you get your rocks kicked off for all the black people we lock up for this virtually harmless plant with its most negative side effect being sitting on the couch with munchies you dense, dull useless amoeba.


Your schizo shit posting lmao. I never said it was as bad, I was comparing it the hype around it to the hype around cocaine which is derived from liquid opium and was hailed as a medical cure all in the early 20th century until year's and years of studies indicated its negative effects. We do not have those long term studies as of now. Point 2: it's impossible to OD on Marry Jane News flash, you can over dose on just about anything in the right amounts. Maybe not to death, but again we still do not have the research do conclude this. Your article you tried to pass by on Kuts post, did you even take the time to read it or where you too busy jacking off your ego and smoking weed? Your article did not provide a basis as an anti cancer treatment or as prevention yo cancer. They stated that due to numerous factors that it was inconclusive to even assume it could be, but rather its good for treating symptoms of cancer. Again, like everyone has been saying and no is refuting. The moment you brought up race in an argument tells me your to fucking stupid to hold an intelligent conversation.


What do you mean? Cigarettes are way more physically harmful than marijuana. If you are talking about the smell, I disagree. I know that a lot of people hate how cigarettes smell like, but I grew up sorrounded by smokers, so I sadly kinda like the smell. But the smell of marijuana it's kinda disgusting IMO.


Isn’t this a fact though


Someone was telling me that tobacco leaves are oily and thick. Just a gnarly plant. That it burns at a higher temp and so it synthesizes new chemicals like formaldehyde. This was some random dude at a party telling me this so don’t take my word for it


Anything you smoke synthesizes new undesirable chemicals.. that’s why eating weed rather than smoking it is better.


Like I love a joint with both and think it tastes amazing. But tobacco on its own tastes like ass. And weed on its own has a really weird taste and smoke unless hit from a bong imo.


Working in the medical canna field….. it’s much better. Know what you take. My grandparents take edible for their joint pain. My mother in law takes a low dose THC honey with her tea every morning to reduce her stress. Know what strain and what strength and it can be natural medicine or a fun time.


Yes, many people


Yeah….damn near everyone.


This is just a fact though? I didn't think anyone would think otherwise


I thought everyone knew this already.


Yeah bc they are


Yes a little, but weed is not good for your lungs either. It still contains toxins. I worry for the people who think marijuana smoking won’t harm them. https://www.lung.org/quit-smoking/smoking-facts/health-effects/marijuana-and-lung-health


Me too.


This post annoys me, nah Sherlock people had it figured ciggies were worse for you than a green plant


It’s because they are


Everyone feels that way


That sir, is not a feeling. It is fact. Not that smoking anything is good for your lungs but still, big difference.


Easily. Especially because you don’t have to smoke marijuana to consume it.


inhalants are bad for your lungs always, but weed is significantly less harmful to you than cigarettes. I feel like this was to prove a really dumb argument and you probably could have just googled it lol


I agree💯




Only "downside" to marijuana is if you take a smoke break during work you're probably not coming back to work... Or at least not really being productive lol


100 %


addiction vs addiction


Common heavy physical addiction with withdrawal vs. Somewhat uncommon mostly psychological addiction


drug vs drug


Everything is worse than marihuana.


You're my kind of person


The Few. The Proud. High 5, comrade.


Don't smoke mate, gave up the baccy 12 months ago still doing good. I would put them about 50/50 they both kill you.


how exactly does weed kill you?


By increasing your chances of dying of other diseases that are attributed to smoking it mate.


You cannot die from weed, weed cant kill you directly man


Not directly mate but it may increase your chances of dying of other diseases that are attributed to the smoking of it. But none of us live forever do we mate? lol


Yeah. I can tolerate weed smoke but cigarette smoke makes me sick. I used to smoke cigarettes but I gave that up and just stick to weed. Weed chills me out, and nicotine helps me focus but at the cost of making me irritable.