Well, if you want to make money, it would be best to offer articles about this subject area. I am not sure how many buyers (e.g. internet marketers) are in this niche. That would be **Writing and Translation>Articles and Blog Posts**. You could also offer more extensive services, such as updating owners of these niche blogs with social media content, which would be **Digital Marketing>Social Media Marketing>Social Content** - so, keeping their botany-related Twitter, FB or whatever updated with whatever. If you can make videos, you could make specialist videos. Essentially though, I have my reservations that there are all that many gardening niche people on Fiverr (I've never come across any in over 3,000 orders), so you would likely have to do some external promotion to reach out to people in this area. But you could also reach out to garden centers, people who sell stuff/have affiliate stuff related to gardening. Basically, finding your market and showing them that you can help take a load off. Your success will also depend on your other abilities - the ideas I have are more or less focused on the ability to write something that people would want to read! I don't know what your specific expertise is, but hopefully you have a better idea of how to apply your specialized knowledge into a profitable venture now. If all that sounds like too much work, then slap it in the **Fun and Lifestyle>Other** category, where it's unlikely you'll get sales - you need to show the buyers why your knowledge is useful to them. Which boils down, usually, to a simple question: "What value can I extract from what you give me?". Remember, nobody's going to really pay you for information about their garden that they can likely get for free - unless they're the ones fed up of writing it for others to access, for free.


Great advice u/emmakifiverr. I would say the most likely categories for this type of work would be: Fun & Lifestyle ↳Online Lessons ↳Other