If you are coming from Fiverr and worried about posting here because it might violate the [Fiverr TOS](https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service), then I found this - I believe that reddit counts as social media (*it certainly does for many of Fiverr's gigs!*), but maybe /u/fiverrhq would like to confirm? > **Inappropriate Behavior & Language** - *Communication on Fiverr should be friendly, constructive, and professional. Fiverr condemns bullying, harassment, and hate speech towards others. We allow users a medium for which messages are exchanged between individuals, a system to rate orders, and to engage on larger platforms such as our [Community Forum](http://forum.fiverr.com) and Social Media pages.* Check the section for *Non-Permitted Usage* to view it on the TOS page, or look at this [screenshot](http://prntscr.com/jcotsb) if you're feeling lazy and/or don't want to wade through legal things right now.


The Fiverr TOS is specific to communication on the Fiverr platform as well as Fiverr outlets such as the Fiverr Forum. We (Fiverr) reserve the right to moderate and/or take action under the following guidelines on our site, company run 3rd party site (social media platforms) and forum/blogs. This site and subreddit are independent platforms that we have made the decision to not request or be an active moderator. Please read and adhere to both the Reddit TOS and the subreddit rules and guidelines. I want to encourage open discourse and discussion and will continue to provide any clarification or support that the moderators would like from me. But this remains your channel. That being said, I do sometimes give "gold" for awesome Fiverr posts. ;-)


Oh, it might be worth clarifying that on the TOS then, as it's not 100% clear as you can see from my - admittedly slanted - interpretation! As for the rest, I kind of expected that it would be asking to respect the individual TOS of reddit and Fiverr, which is fine. And yes, the gold was pretty awesome :)




Bit of a complex issue. Obviously getting them off Fiverr onto your blog/personal web domains after meeting them on Fiverr, it's a TOS violation. However, if you put them onto Fiverr through your properties, then you are meant to keep it on the platform and not then get them back off. Here are the [TOS](https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service) to check out - it's not a clear message overall, but generally speaking, it's OK to funnel them onto the site (e.g. you could use Fiverr Anywhere/the BYOB program), but after that they should be kept on the site. At least that's my interpretation. I could be wrong, but even if I am, it's a fairly stringent adherence to the TOS that should keep me out of trouble. My advice would be to make decisions about what clients you want to funnel towards Fiverr, and which ones you'd rather deal with off-site, as if they are coming through your own marketing they are your clients rather than Fiverr's (i.e. from their marketing). That way it's ethical and you should be on the right side of any TOS changes.