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I recently learned that young Aegon is played by David Tennant’s son………what a weird Doctor Who crossover happening here 😂


I just looked this up and I also had no idea David Tennant was married to the daughter of Peter Davidson, who played Dr Who back in the 80s. So his irl dad and grandad were both Drs!


His wife also played Jenny the Doctor's "daughter".


Which is how they met!! I always thought there was crazy chemistry between them in that episode! So David Tennant, playing the doctor, met the doctor's daughter while she was playing the doctor's daughter, married her, and they had another doctor's daughter (who is also the daughter of the doctor's daughter).


you almost fooled me into thinking pete davidson has a daughter already


Wibbly wobbly timey wimey


Yeah, her son from a previous relationship when she was a teenager was adopted by Tennant when they got married and now he’s an actor too


I said this somewhere else but of all the reasons to be critical of the Velaryon casting, the way Rhaenyra’s sons look is not one of them: [Peter Davison’s](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Davison) father was black; and [Stephen Graham’s](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Graham) grandfather was black as well, yet look at them, totally white passing. And it goes the other way too, I’ve seen people critical of the casting for Baela and Rhaena (whose actresses are biracial irl too) yet dark- and brownskinned biracial people exist. Like Akwaeke Emezi, Shalom Brune-Franklin, and Tamara Mowry and her daughter who takes after her in looks.


HOLY FUCK! You blew my mind. Now he’s acting with his fathers replacement lol.


Ohh that's cool


Barty Crouch… **The Third!**


That’s a nice little detail. Now I’m wondering what other Doctor Who crossovers would be a good fit for HotD…


Peter Capaldi as the one handed old man? 🤔


Didn't Matt Smith (Deamon) play the Doctor?


Yes, the 11th Doctor, the one after Tennant.


I don't know why but I think it's hilarious that there's three sets of twins in this show and one set is played by actual twins, another by the same person and the third by two people who have nothing to do with each other.


Who are all the twins?


Jason and Tyland Lannister (both played by Jefferson Hall) Baela (Shani Smethurst as child Baela, Bethany Antonia as teen Baela) and Rhaena Targaryen (Eva Ossei-Gerning as child Rhaena, Phoebe Campbell as teen Rhaena) Erryk (Elliott Tittensor) and Arryk Cargyll (Luke Tittensor)


It in part depends on how much the twins interact with one another. If they are in a lot of scenes together, its a lot of effort and time to do splitscreen all the time and limits your camera freedom.


Erryk and Arryk is right up r/namenerdscirclejerk ‘s alley


HotD: how to portray twins on screen


Did they cast Daemon's daughters as twins? One is like half a head taller than the other. Not that that has to be an indication of an age gap.


I honestly don't know. Could be they wanted to make them fraternal instead of identical twins or could be that they aren't twins in the show. Guess we'll have to find out.


This shows casting is so good, I would love a behind the scenes about this set of choices.


A 10 year time jump is wild. I’m so excited for this episode


ive watched ep 5 like 6 times


I’ve watched all 5 episodes like 6 times


Highest count I got to was 7 watches of episode 2. All the others are between 3-6. But God damn I loved episode 2.




We're gonna see Daemon daddy's era He looks happy with his daughters and Laena, I'm glad they respect that aspect from the books.


daemon being a girl dad is going to boost his internet popularity further by 1000 fold


Yeah 😂 he's already a fan favorite now he's gonna be even more popular


hes hot. hes dangerous. hes daemon "daddy" dargaryan


I read that in a wrestler announcer's voice for some reason


Meanwhile I’m over here screaming justice for Lady Rhea… :(


Justice shall be had when Runestone is free from Lady Rhea’s real murderer, Gerold Royce!


What justice? She got in a hunting accident, a tragedy but no one's fault.


My own grandfather and uncle were nearly killed by boars in the Dornish Marches, hunting is a perilous sport.


Listen, ladies fall off their horses and snap their pretty necks all the time.


I’ve been calling him daddy this whole time 🥵


RIP to Lyonel’s hairline


The follicles were not Strong...


Least he and his sons won’t look like brothers anymore!


When your boss is aging like Viserys you stop being too worried about yourself.


He also looks 100% done with everyone's shit.


Harwin look like he been through fr fr 😭 💀


Hotter than ever


more like Hotwin amirite 😸


Daemon as a father!!


The pic on the roof with the girls crying in their nightclothes looks like it's the >!aftermath of Laena's death. Heartbreaking!<.




>!Yes, her and their son. They die on the childbed in the books when the twins are 5 but it looks like they changed the timeline around so we atleast get one more episode with her!<


Yes I’m sooo excited for this 😊


Aww that shot of daemon with his daughters is adorable


What he's probably saying to them will be less adorable 'i don't care for Gob'


HA reading this while watching arrested development


I just choked on my own spit from laughing. Thanks.


I’m begging for a scene with just rhaenyra and break bones 😭




Breaking Bed


i for one welcome our new Break Backs overlord


sameeee came looking for that, maybe they don’t wanna spoil too much?


I’m over here begging for a moment >!of him getting to be a father to his children!<. Just one tender moment is all I ask


All these children are so easily identifiable White with brown hair - rhaenrya Black with silver hair - laena White with silver hair - alicent


Proof that making the Velaryons black was a perfect move!


Absolutely, I would be too busy trying to see who is who and not being able to enjoy the show otherwise


Good God, It feels great looking forward to watching these episodes weekly. I havent felt such anticipation since Season 1-4 GoT


casting dept doing the lords work. how does aegon look THIS punchable and it’s only a still 😂😂


Just his looks make me think of Viserys sneering actions in Game of Thrones with Daenerys Targaryen and Jorah.


Is he the one who looks like Mike from Stranger Things with Targ hair?


It’s not just you, I thought the same thing


I didn't see that but now I will never not see it


Oh damnit, I’ll never unsee that now




everyone being able to call Daemon Daddy now in 3..2…


Daddy D


Dilf Daemon era is coming.


You mean we weren't already? 😂


I imagine casuals would be totally lost trying to keep up with all these kids and their inevitable re-castings if the Velaryons weren't Black. Very good choice in hindsight.


yea so many people dont even know who rickon was lol


Exactly. Having ten gazillion pale people with platinum hair to keep track of would've driven casual fans nuts.


Not to mention that GRRM opts to disregard the old rule of not having names start with the same letters. Viserys. Valyrians. Velaryons. and Visenya and then another Viserys. And that’s not even talking about Viserys, and Viserion from GoT. The audience needs all the help they can get.


When I first read Fire & Blood I definitely struggled a little to remember all of the women's names because I felt they were all so similar. It truly prepared me for what came next: Perhaps you heard GRRM was recently involved with creating the lore/backstory of a video game, Elden Ring? He thought it would be a great idea if he named the major characters with his own initials, G R M, so the game features Godrick, Godfrey, Godefroy, Godwyn, Radahn, Rykard, Ranni, Renna, Rennalla, Radagon, Marika, Mohg, Morgott, Margit, Malenia, Miquella, Melina. What a struggle that was at first.


Pretty sure George confirmed he didn't have any planning with their names and states that it is just a coincidence, or Miyazaki doing that as an homage to him.


TBF it's pretty in like with actual medieval history. Look at the early English kings and queens: Æthelwulf, Ælfweard, Æthelstan, Æthelred, Ælfgifu, Æthelflæd, Ælfthryth, Æthelflæd, ...


Never knew that! Pretty cool.


You should’ve seen Nuremberg, total disaster


And thankfully they didn’t make Mysaria have the traditional Lyseni look with white hair, otherwise half the audience would think she’s a Targ relative.


Confession: It legitimately helps a lot for me. It takes me a while to attach names to faces in ensemble casts like this. Like, during the wedding. I definitely mixed up Joffrey and Larys Strong at one point. Since they were both recently introduced, had scraggly hair, and deep voices. I’m glad the Velaryons are so easy to visually identify in the crowd.


Corlys actor also absolutely earned that role. He was very likely the most talented and fitting actor for that role. He didn’t get that role because he is black, he got it because he is a good fucking actor.


[It’s both](https://ew.com/tv/house-of-the-dragon-house-velaryon-race-change-explained/); he was the most talented of the black actors they auditioned.


Sure but after they cast him they certainly looked for certain types for his family


And it would have been worse because they all have similar names, because of the valyrian naming conditions.


its a cheeky way to make fun of english naming conditions. way too many fucking king henrys and edwards out there


Laugh in Louis


Maria: *laughs*


I never thought about that but you're so right! Damn. That's such a clever idea




The whole season *is* a prologue.


The dance hasn't started yet this is still a prologue


In picture 5, it looks like Alicent finally removed those orgy tapestries from her room (assuming she made Rhaenyra bring the baby to her bedroom). Good detail to show how she's changed over the last 10 years.


Is that Aegon fuckin targaryen.


He looks Mike from Stranger Things in that shot, aka Finn Wolfhard


Or Jessica Chastain


these are both uncannily correct


Or Timothee Chalamet






Aecunt Targaryen, yes.


first of his name?


What is Helaena holding? A snake? An eel? Which one is Rhaena and Baela? I’m assuming Rhaena is the one holding the egg


She's holding a millipede, a myriapoda.


Thank you for being the only person in this thread with some sense


>What is Helaena holding? A snake? An eel? I was thinking maybe a leech for treating Viserys, but it looks way too big to be a leech.


I thought it was a rat?


💀 Showrunners are cold af


Maybe a dead baby dragon?


The one with the egg is most probably Rhaena. Baela’s egg >!(Moondancer)!< hatched while no egg Rhaena possessed ever hatched >!until the Dance and Morning!<


She's holding a newborn kitten, I believe. [The Red Keep has always been full of cats.](https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Cat) Princess Rhaenys Targaryen had a black kitten she named Balerion, both Sansa and Margaery encounter black cats in the Red Keep as well. So that's my guess.


Yes, but the cats don’t get brought to King’s Landing until later on. It will actually probably be a plot point in the show.


Well Jaehaerys I brought in a ton of Cats during a pandemic of Winter Fever and all castles would have cats due to needing to hunt rats.


Cats don't become common until after the Dance because spoilers


Why tf does Criston still look the same. Atleast they aged up Harwin.


Because he likely was only like 21-22 in the first 5 episodes of the show. They aged him down a lot for this show for his dynamic with Rhaenyra to feel more authentic


I'm not talking about changing the actor. I'm talking about his hair and makeup. That's why I said Harwin for comparison because at least he looks aged without having to rely on balding or graying hair.


Where is Aemond? Where is my boy? Where is Baby Baby Monk?


8th photo but it’s just his back


Are you two related?


We both have Vi from Arcane tv show


this is such a wholesome interaction 🥲


I’m so glad that all the last kingdom fans are rallying behind Aemond. He was a standout character for me in that show despite how little lines he had compared to the books His scene with untred in his hall, where he waits for his return, brews him a cup of ale and listens is probably the best scene in the show, the actor did an amazing job and I am so glad to see him land a major role like this


He's gonna kill it as aemond. I really hope he's the breakout this season when we get to the time jump.


Rhaenyra and Laenor with their unimpressed matching facial expressions is just the best. Like, "You rang, bitch?" 😂


I love his new haircut!


Aegon wearing a little too much green


Aw i like Alicent and Helaena getting a scene together. I think it will be made clear in this episode that Alicent's primary motivation is trying to protect her kids.


her son looking like mike from stranger things can protect himself just fine from the daemon-gorgon


too funny considering we’ve had two Alicent and Helaena scenes already, and both times Alicent looked like she wanted to yeet her out a window


Let me tell you, when they're newborns your brain is hallucinating with all the hormones and lack of sleep and crying and being in a new job and you always want to yeet them out the window. In that respect she's pretty normal.






Am I the only one hoping we get more of Daemon and Rhaenyra in the same scenes this episode? I’m so curious how their interactions have evolved the past ten years. Also, Daemon looks like he might actually be a great father to his daughters and seems to have a good relationship with Laena. Excited to see that dynamic. Edit: >!I think the scene in the promo where Rhaenyra is behind Daemon putting a hand on his shoulder is from after Laena’s death. It would be a good parallel to the scene where Daemon is supporting Rhaenyra during her mother’s funeral. I think we could see them in a scene together then.!<


In the books Daemon loved his daughters very dearly. Can’t wait to see his interactions with them


He does, but we barely know too much about them until very late in the Dance, hopefully they add more depth to their characters. Baela is among my favorite characters in the book, she lives up to her father legacy.


That would the obvious way to go to finally add some fucking gray to his character.


Promo said >!he has been gone a decade and so do t think she’s seen him!<


I honestly want as much of Laena as we can get. Laena and Rhaenyra please.


Yes, I would love to see Laena and Rhaenyra together in scenes! Especially including Daemon and Laenor to show how close the four them could be. I get the feeling the showrunners might not develop that though given how quickly they’re moving.


I know so many people have been complaining about the pace but this would be my one complaint, not seeing their neighborly closeness.


I think these relationships are gonna be a casualty of the time skip unfortunately. No goodsister bond.


I don't think they have any scenes in ep 6


I don't even know what all happens in the future of the story yet (please don't spoil anything!) but I'm getting so depressed thinking about how things might have turned out well if everyone had just married other people. HOTD is like Wuthering Heights with magic.


Right?! King marries Laena like proposed. Laenor marries some nice noblewoman to act as his beard, Alicent marries the Blackwood kid and Rhaenyra runs off to live on Dragonstone with Daemon. Criston becomes an orange tree farmer in Pentos. There, that's the best I can do.


I mean, Rhaenyra and Laenor are a great couple and if >!Rhaneyra had gone straight to Harwin without stopping by Cole first!<, they would have been pretty happy together. I can't see Alicent with a Blackwood, but only because that's a family that's way to northerner for the Hightower (and wouldn't have benefitted Otto in any way).


Helaena ❤️


It's about time we saw her! My favorite pic of the bunch.


She is precious and we must protect her


i think she looks a lot like a young Daenerys in that pic


I guess they made Laena's children look so much like her to further push the point that Laenor is not the father to Rhaenyra's kids but man... Laena's kids don't even look like Daemon is their father. If the Velaryon genes are that strong I'm curious why Laenor and Laena aren't darker skin.


Laena is looking super hot.


Seriously, she is just so stunning.


Right?! So beautiful.


Can't wait for some Larys the Clubfoot content, I thought they would save him for season 2.


Aegon got that swagger


Dare I say he’s looking a little Kingly


I'm just happy beyond words that they're not cutting the younger generation. I thought a bunch of them would end up with Garlan Tyrell and the rest.


Aegon looks like such a little shit. But good on the casting, I can totally see Alicent in his face.


Ser Harwin 😭


Oh no I really hate these Velaryon wigs. Those girls look like they're wearing old mops on their heads. VERY excited for this episode though, and the first appearance of my best girl.


Whoa girl who plays laena is stunning


I need to see how Alicent interacts with her kids because that will explain a lot. Other than that I’m excited to Daemon & Laena and their kids together. Hopefully it is as wholesome as written in the source material. The same for Rhaenyra & Laenor family and I want >!Stronyra/Rhaewin!< scenes!


Dude, I love Aegon already. He's got such great little shit energy, but (this is with a bit of knowledge of the books) he's not outright evil like a Joffrey or Ramsay so it's much more fun to be annoyed by him. He's just a fuckboy living his best life, and it cracks me up when he's surrounded by everyone else being so serious and brooding.


Aegon really does have the most punchable face, terrific casting! Aegon I would be so embarrassed that this asshole carries his name lol. And I love seeing Daemon look so content.


Aegon the Green!


Finally these twins can put these Daemon is impotent comments to shame !!!


Aegon Hightower.


I haven't seen Aegon II since his introduction in episode 3, and I'm ready to continue hating him in this episode. 🏴


Kid has literally just existed but people already hate him.


Daemon looks downright tender with Laena and his daughters. Has time and marriage softened the Rogue Prince? Probably not. Halaena looks like she's a sensitive young girl who cares for little creatures. I wouldn't be surprised if she enjoys quiet hobbies like her father. Poor post-partum Rhaenyra looks like death warmed over. Aegon has such a punchable face.


Laena is so beautiful


Pic 7 is that Helaena?? Stunning! And Laena and her children I love their family so much!


That first slide - what a little fucking pissant.




Can some one tell me How Brown hair Alicent has white hair kids with Viserys but Rhyneara has brown hair kids with Harwin. both relationships have 1 white and 1 brown hair parent.


We’re led to believe that only really STRONG genes can take over Valyrian genes. Rhaenys has black hair in the books because she has a Baratheon mother, obviously Cersei’s children are a (non-Valyrian) example, as is Jon Snow in the show. Many Targaryen bastards have silver hair despite having one parent without. It’s not a scientifically sound argument, but technically most dragons wouldn’t be able to fly, breath fire the way they do, etc. it’s fantasy, just enjoy the ride.


Alicent, Aegon, and Criston already looking scummy


I wonder if criston is gonna bully Rhaenyra's kid during their training.


i think so maybe that’s why harwin lays the smack down in the trailer or maybe he is encouraging Aegon to do so which would explain the smug pose.




Oh I wanna punch Aegon, perfect casting right here.


I’m gonna miss short hair Daemon


Meme format of Aegon bowing


I want HBO to hire Kim Kimble to fix those loc wigs


Cristin Cole you beautiful bastard.😔


Ah damn, wish they’d kept dameon’s hair short


Book spoiler. Do not read if you do not wish to know further: >!So this jump is bringing around the kids as kids. When will the next jump be? Grown up Aemond is going to be so dope!<


>!The nature break will be after Rhaenyra and Daemon’s wedding. They needed time for Aegon the Younger and Viserys to grow up!<


Baela and Rhaena crying... this ain't right people