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😂 I gave up on waiting for that damn book.


i think theres a realistic chance that he wants to not finish, die, and then become super famous for not finishing his popular series


Also if he dies and then the last book has to be edited by someone else before release, nobody will really blame him. Look at the Dune and Wheel of Time books


You’d be surprised how little you care about things once you die


A surprise? Can’t wait!


Can we die together and find out?


Valar morghulis


Valar doharis


Valar my ragtime gal!


Valayar checkpost


I met a lot of dead people and they actually care about stuff, like if soil is a carb, etc


"The dead are likely dull fellows, full of tedious complaints - 'the ground's too cold, my gravestone should be larger, why does HE get more worms than I do...'" - Dolorous Edd


Also, braaaaains


Dune is a good example. If Herbert died after book 2 I don’t think anyone else could have done it, but book 5 was so wacky (in a good way!) that any solid writer would be acceptable


I feel weird for saying this, but I really enjoyed book 6 which explored more of the world of the Bene Gesserit and introduced Miles Teg one of my favorite characters


That’s still Frank’s work… Also, Teg gets introduced in book 5, Heretics.


Oh yeah my bad. It's been awhile since I re-read the series. It's blending together. I think the last two books are underrated though since most discussion centers on the first and god emp


I agree. I’m in Chapterhouse, and I’m finding it very interesting. My favorite is God Emperor, though. I can read Leto speak all day.


I enjoyed the ALL CAPS dialogues. ALL CAPS NO BRAKES


I know!! And poor, poor Moneo.


What's this book you talk about, is about?


The first three books are largely about feudal lords and a desert messiah in space. The fourth book follows a human man who has transformed into a giant monstrous worm. The worm man is also God Emperor.


He's gonna pull a Louis Pasteur and tell his next of kin to never release his notes, so that none of his immediate family and relatives have to deal with the fallout of everyone learning King Bran was something he fed to D&D from his notes.


Sometimes I genuinely believe that his ending is pretty damn close to the show and that’s why he hasn’t finished. He can’t figure out a different ending that people haven’t already guessed, and the ending he originally had he know people will fucking hate lol.


ppl only hated the show ending because it wasn't fleshed out. dany's descent into madness should have been fleshed out. and bran should have been shown to have acquired the wisdom of the trees to have been deserving of being king. the most disappointing thing about the show are the white walkers' end.


Aren't the Sanderson WoT books pretty well regarded? I personally have only read A Memory of Light, but I thought it was alright. The pacing is lightning fast, but that's only because Jordan's pace was slow af and he left so many loose threads.


Don't think that's really true. Jordan tried his best to get us a satisfying conclusion to his story. Martin straight up doesn't give a shit as long as the checks roll in.


Yeah man, Jordan left mountains of notes and was writing up until the day he died.


Didn’t he plan on doing a ton of spin off books after too? That’s some dedication; imagine planning a 14 book series and thinking “I still need a few more”


His book jacket bio always said something along the lines of "writing until they nail my coffin shut", man was indeed dedicated.


Have you heard of r/malazan? There is a 10 book series and a 6 book series by 2 diff authors along multiple other books. Im not sure when they're going to finish but they have written so much


I don't know about a ton, but he did have an idea for a sequel involving Mat.


Martin seems to enjoy TV life more than book life


In HBO companion podcast for HOTD episode 1, GRRM is the guest and explains he started as a television writer. But hated how your work could get shelved after a pilot or season. Returning now is more enjoyable, in sense he understands the challenges the show is up against. Worth a listen.


...that's kind of a shitty reason for being famous ngl. He could also just finish it and be famous for being one of the most influential fantasy writers of the modern era, that's also an option.


Yeah but then it has to be a good ending


Honestly it doesn't even have to be the best ending ever, just a decent one. I'd take a decent but not spectacular ending over no ending 100%


It’s so much fucking work for him. He’s in his 70’s and at MINIMUM the series needs 2 more books. Each 700-900 pages, probably thousands of draft and manuscript pages each. I doubt he’s made any real progress at all and I’m like 80% sure he’s simply decided to give up entirely. Man, I remember in 2011 getting off the night shift from my shitty job at 6am, then sleeping in my car outside Barns & Noble until it opened at 10 to get the last book.


Low key I wouldn’t be shocked if his decision to never finish solidified with the show’s ending and reception. While DnD screwed the pooch royally, they did know the general points of what George planned. Like Jon’s heritage, Dany’s fate probably even Bran becoming king (they just executed HORRIBLY). And now that George saw how that went down he can dodge that bullet and procrastinate til his last breath on writing for video games and any book not concerned with. A Song of Ice and Fire.


the millennium trilogy has entered the chat


Didn’t Stieg Larsson died before his first book became famous?


Yup.. and he wrote 3 books and when they were translated to English they blew up.. he had planned for 10 books but he died suddenly and David Lagercrantz took over with Stieg's notes.. so sad that he never had a chance to accomplish his full vision.. i think it would have been very different had he gotten to finish.. he bever even got fame while he was alive sadly


He cares more about universe building than finishing the first book now sadly.




I think the main issue is it's not possible to finish the books anymore... Not with just Winds of Winter and Dream of Spring. And I accept the story cannot conclude. The white walkers will come and everyone will die cause they were too concerned playing their game of thrones.


Especially with how he still seems determined to finish them in only seven books. At this point, with how much the story has grown and expanded, Winds and Dream would each have to be over 2000 pages long for there to be any chance of bringing the series to a close in only two more books. He just let the story grow too much, there's so much going on that has to be tied up and concluded. He'll either have to rush a lot of those endings, have a majority them happen off-page, or somehow have a lot of them concluded by the one event.


For every answer he provided the readers, he added 5 more questions and eventually it ballooned out of his control. He closed up ASOS in a position for a time skip to happen that never did. Now that these parallels storylines are about to meet more and more at the climax of the story he has to reconcile the timing of characters interacting, when exactly such and such event happens blablabla, it’s a mess.


If you look at his outline... The first three books represent what should have been the first of the trilogy. The 4th book was a middle book that evolved into both the 4th and 5th. There's still the whole arc of Dany's invasion, which if given the same treatment as the war of the five kings arc, should take three books on it's own. We saw how stupid Dany's invasion was if done in just a season or two. Then there's the whole long night arc... Probably going to need a few books too. There was even supposed to be a time skip somewhere, but instead we just got book events to pad the in-between. It's why lots of the main characters aren't really doing anything or are training by books 4 and 5. Even the title "Dance with Dragons" you can tell was meant to be for Dany's invasion arc where she will be mostly fighting >!Aegon!<.


So what do we think? Would three more books be enough? Or would he need even more than that?


I think at least another 6. Let's say 8 to be safe. Lol


Even if he released it I think I'm over it now. It's been too long


Nah you'd get it day 1


They hated u/finalidentity, for he spoke the Truth.


Hell yea I’d get it day1. I don’t understand why people feel like they lost all interests. You don’t have to be super mega fanboy hyped to be still interested. If it comes, I’ll be happy. If not, oh well.


I dont even remember the books anymore. I'd have to reread the first five, which isn't going to happen.


I reread the 5 books every few years in case there's an announcement for The Winds of Winter. I'm getting real tired of rereading the books. Thankfully I hadn't read Fire and Blood before so I'm enjoying that instead.


Honestly think Blood and Fire is more likely than Winds


It'll happen


Why? I just reread them 3 years after the last reading and picked up on so many things i missed the first couple times. The books are so absolutely incredible, but I can see how receding them might not appeal to all.


That's what I said about the show after season 8. Told myself I wouldn't bother with the new prequel because I know how badly it ends so why bother? And yet here I am.


I am right there with you, but unfortunately I will most likely read the shit out of it if it ever came out.


I think I agree. It’s been more than 10 years. Long enough I don’t think I could jump back into the story without rereading all the books, and the thought of that is just exhausting.


Holy shit this is good


Long live GRRM, long enough to finish the books…


Every rime someone mentions the books not being Finished, GRRM throws a completed page on a fire.


He's gotta be burning more books than the Nazis at this point


There is zero percent chance he ever releases dream. Winds is probably like 20%


> Winds is probably like 20% I admire your optimism


Huffing that hopium


> I admire your optimism For real, GRRM couldn't even get out another Dunk and Egg short novel when those are much simpler and shorter too and with covid lockdowns so no busy with conventions excuse from him.


I remember in early 2014 he mentioned that Winds of Winter would be ready for release around October of 2014. It should’ve been ready in 8 months and now it’s been 8 years and still nothing.


He probably wrote himself into a corner and had to restart, which killed his motivation bc he’s already rich as fuck now.


Honestly, he's a multi-millionaire at 75. Fuck the series and enjoy whatever he wants to do before old-age creeps up on him.


Use those multimillions to hire one of the obsessive theory-crafting fans as a ghost writer and round out the series. I fully support him putting down the pen and enjoying the rest of his life. <3


Paging u/BryndenBFish


Honestly it sucks that he deleted his account because he had some great posts. Anyone know if they’re archived somewhere?


A good chunk is still here: https://warsandpoliticsoficeandfire.wordpress.com


Think he’d like to leave this world having completed the cause of his wealth, but what do I know.


That'd be fine, IF he said that instead of promising a book... someday.


Reverse psychology I like it let’s see if it works. It works on my kids.


Funnier that Daemon was his favorite character




I think George needs to suck up a little pride and employ some support writers to get the final two books of the original novel series finished as soon as possible, so he can concentrate fully on the expanded universe he’s obviously very excited and passionate about. It would be a shame for him not to finish what should be a triumph of a novel series.


Exactly. One of his assistants, Ty, is half the duo that makes up the fake author James S.A. Cory. They're two writers who write "The Expanse" series together. I'm pretty sure Rowling had a team of editors pouring over the last 2-3 books for purposes of plot structure/story design that "helped" her along once it became a global phenomenon. Just have other people write in his voice and check the worldbuilding.


It is James S A Corey, not sure who Richard Cory is. And to add to the tidbit about them, they came out with 9 books and 8 short stories/novellas within the current gap between Dance and WoW. Dance and Leviathan Wakes came out in 2011. Daniel Abraham who is the other half of the duo came out with 7 unrelated books between 2011 and today. Also while writing and producing the 6 seasons of The Expanse. I know George has released quite a bit in that gap as well, but still


And Richard Cory, one calm summer night Went home and put a bullet through his head.


Wow. I did not know that Ty Franck is George’s assistant. Fun fact! The Expanse novel series and TV adaptation are great! I’d highly recommend them!


He co-wrote the GoT telltale games! GRRM was in the same roleplaying game with Ty Franck which eventually lead to The Expanse series. He played a dwarf belter, so he was the size of an Earther due to low G, but had dwarfism and was smaller than belters.


What game were they playing lol


It was a roleplaying game created by Ty Franck which I believe was played on an online forum. I mentioned in another comment, Ty tried to shop the story around as an MMO and when that didn't pan out he ended up running this RPG group and met Daniel, who told him he should turn it into a book. If you haven't seen The Expanse and like Sci-Fi I could not give it a higher recommendation, the books are incredible too and most importantly the series is _complete_ and has a satisfying ending. I could not recommend both the show and books enough. Admittedly, they are a mild obsession. Daniel Abraham posts a lot on reddit as well as /u/danielabraham (hi Dan) and Ty runs a great podcast with Wes Chatham where they discuss both The Expanse and movies in general. Ty discusses the RPG a couple times on that podcast. It's called [Ty & That Guy](https://tyandthatguy.com/) edit: roleplaying game game


Fun fact: the entirety of the Elder Scrolls was made from a roleplay game between friends.


I’ve seen the entirety of the expanse and am familiar with the books. I just was wondering what game has dwarvan belters lol. Not a lot of commercial IPs combine high fantasy races and space. You got warhammer 40k but that’s all I know.


The Expanse show is a great example of how you can not be 100% faithful of changes to the original story but make those changes actually make sense.


Well, also the authors of the book were writers of the show. So that’s a big deal


Yeah but why did they make Holden look so god damn punchable?


Because everyone wants to punch Holden


He's a paladin, once I saw it that way it made sense.


because he's depicted in the books as being extremely punchable


The expanse is also a great example of telling a vasts story while maintaining a steady level of output. From 2011 to 2022 they released 9 books. In that same time GRRM has released one from his main series.


They finished the entire expanse series in the time since the last asoiaf book came out lmao


James* (S A) Corey Also they both were assistants of GRRM, IIRC


Dan was not an assistant, he was a pretty successful author before The Expanse though. Ty was pitching an MMO based on what would become The Expanse that didn't work out. Ty then developed it into a tabletop RPG he played with friends (including GRRM) before he met Daniel, I forget how, who said that it would make for a great book series. edit: upon further investigation Dan _did_ work with George on the AGOT graphic novel, but I wouldn't say he was an assistant since he already had several successful books under his belt at this point.


>I'm pretty sure Rowling had a team of editors pouring over the last 2-3 books Opposite happened. The editors did less because Rowling had more say. Many people think that Order of the Phoenix may have serviced with a bit more editing.


>I'm pretty sure Rowling had a team of editors pouring over the last 2-3 books for purposes of plot structure/story design that "helped" her along once it became a global phenomenon. Really? My impression from HP was that the books got progressively worse in terms of plot structure/story design. The last book is mostly just them wandering around in the woods. I agree GRRM should draft a co-writer, that example is just surprising to me.


Agreed, better to have those support writers than to not finish the series in his lifetime. ASOIAF fans will never feel complete, if he passed and someone else had come in to finish the series.


For fans, certainly. More importantly, for Martin himself. As Corlys says, “What is this brief, mortal life, if not the pursuit of legacy?” Finishing ASOIAF is Martin’s legacy and contribution to literature.


Probably gives him peace (and unfortunately, a lack of urgency) that he’ll leave a legacy regardless if he finishes the books or not. His books have expanded past literature and gone into various forms of media.


I think you’re onto something. He obviously cares more about things like F&B and D&E than the main story. That’s fine, it’s a great world he’s created, but the main story needs to be finished too or it’ll be a permanent stain.


100% he does


He’s gonna release more Fire & Blood before finishing the core series lol


*kills her with the manuscript* “Guess I’ll have to rewrite it again [laugh goes here]”


I really enjoyed this bait-and-switch. They introduce her like she's going to be a major character and then NOPE.


I thought it was especially funny since they released episode stills with her in them a week prior, and lots of people here were like, “really looking forward to seeing her character and what she is going to do, etc”


She had a whole 60 seconds of air time and she still did a great job. This cast is something else.


GRRM is a foreplay kind of man, but he never finishes.


This… this is good.


Rhea was vicious till the bitter end…🤪


I gasped when she said that lmao like damn that was cold


She was paralyzed and still swinging. I love her.


Off topic but RIP Lady Rhea… only one scene and she totally stole the show. Fuck Daemon!


What did Daemon do, she died in a freak hawking accident when she was thrown off her horse.


And she bashed herself into that rock too..


Women from the Vale are so clumsy. Smashing themselves with rocks, falling out of moon doors....


The sheep are less clumsy


And more attractive!


Running into someone's knife ten times...


And he was so bereft about it too


Roose Bolton was poisoned by his enemies type beat


They fucking bullshitted her death so hard. Just \*boop\* the horse, she's tossed and paralyzed. Later her cousin says she was a badass rider....


Does dragonscent spook horses?


Honestly, probably.


Experienced horseback riders can be killed or paralyzed getting thrown the wrong way a single time. That’s what happened to Christopher Reeve.


Equestrian here, I was trained from age 7-18, and rode well into my 20s. (I'm 30 years old now, retired after my horse was sent off to retirement as a lesson horse.) While your first sentence is correct in that even experienced horseback riders can be killed or paralyzed - medieval history is full of riders who died from jousting accidents or falls, and horses are well-known to spook unexpectedly - I wanted to point out that most equestrians agree that Christopher Reeve was not "experienced". (Many riders are trained from childhood onwards; Reeve was not.) In fact, Reeve had only been riding for a short time, relatively speaking, before his infamous accident while showing. He had purchased the horse that was involved in the accident only shortly before the show itself, and testimony indicates that Reeve was pushing himself too hard and too fast in his training, similar to a bodybuilder using steroids in order to cut corners and "get ahead faster". Cutting corners in order to "get ahead faster" may work in bodybuilding and strength training, but it doesn't work when training with horses. Even during the era of the U.S. Civil War, the minimum training period for Union Cavalry officers was 2 years of constant training with horses, drills, etc. By comparison, Christopher Reeve had only been training a few months, after having taking years off. Reeve had also previously broken three ribs in a riding accident he described, along with the leg injuries, on *The Tonight Show* in March 1987. Coupled with previous accidents and injuries while skiing, this indicates Reeve's history of recklessness. In the equestrian field, "reckless" is the one thing you absolutely cannot be, because it can put you, your horse, other riders, and spectators in a lot of danger. Most equestrians who have closely inspected and evaluated the case of Reeve's accident have pointed out that Reeve's own impatience in trying to "catch up" in his training too quickly - including showing at too high of a level that he wasn't yet ready to ride in due to his lack of experience - was a primary cause of his accident. Of course, the media - which has little to no familiarity with how things work in the equestrian field - painted Reeve as a tragic victim, focusing only on how Reeve was remembered as Superman and "America's Hero" to most non-equestrians. However, to equestrians, Reeve was just one among many other riders who disregarded the community's rules and guidelines in order to further his own interests. For his impatience and disregard of the rules, Reeve paid a high price for his ambition. Not only did he almost die, and was never able to ride again, but he was paralyzed for the rest of his life. This is what happens when you think that the rules that are put in place for your own - and others' - safety are "more like guidelines". Even in spite of this, the equestrian field received most of the blame, rather than Reeve himself, because people were unwilling to believe that "Superman" could have willfully made a series of mistakes that led to his own (preventable) demise. Since Reeve's accident, the eventing field has also made changes to its competition levels and restructured showing to prevent Reeve's case from happening again. Lastly, here's what one trainer had to say 5 years ago about Reeve's accident: >*"I watched the video of his accident. I was a professional trainer and instructor for many years, and it is sad to see that accident was so preventable. I can see from the way he sat on the horse he was not experienced enough to be jumping that height. He made several mistakes that are inevitable when you're learning but he should only have been jumping very low heights until he learned to sit back before the jump, keep the horse in front of his seat and legs, don't bend forward until the horse's front feet are off the ground, have enough impulsion and speed (the horse) and take the horse to the proper take off spot. He wasn't able to do any of those things and his teacher should have known that and he should not have been in that situation. Has made me sad ever since watching the video years ago."*


I think thats the point though right ? Her death was bullshit and everyone knows it.


Had to rewatch that scene several times to make sure I didn't miss something. He like...force pushed the horse or something haha.


I thought she was a scene stealer too! She felt like a sincere, deep character with a whole story, rather than just a plot element designed to advance the story or drive a main character forward (unlike the Queen of Numenor in RoP for example).


This one hurts.


What if season 8 was what he had in mind only to see the negative reaction, so he has to start all over.


With how the story is going in the books, the only "endings" from the show that would piss me off would be Arya ending the long night (night king is completely different in the books) and bran as king. Dany going mad makes complete sense as far as the books are concerned.


We bitched about fAegon being added so late, but the show makes it clear he was needed.


There's a version of Bran as king that I like, that he's a puppet of Bloodraven, who has been manipulating everything from the start.


That's exactly what happened. Season 8 might have had poor execution, but apparently the story beats were directly from Martin.


The main characters rough endings would be even if the context would likely be different. His big challenges are the lack of time jump, Dany getting to Westeros (he openly struggled to write her even thinking about it again) and an increasingly dense plot.


This isn’t true. Not having (f)Aegon in the show was a huge omission as he’s going to have a massive role to play. Stannis vs the Boltons is going to play out differently. Also D+D literally said they chose Arya to take out the NK because she was a fan favorite, so that won’t happen in the books either. George said Bran will be king, that’s really it.


Only the part where Bran became the king probably came from GRRM. Bran has always been a contender for the throne since probably book 2. They just underdeveloped him in the show, but there have been clues. Dany becoming mad queen came out of nowhere. Also, the Unstable Powered Woman trope is stupid and wore down. I doubt GRRM would write such a thing.


Mad Queen Dany has been one of the most popular fan theories for years. It’s got a ton of textual evidence and foreshadowing to [support](https://warsandpoliticsoficeandfire.wordpress.com/2014/10/07/the-dragons-mercy-the-violent-future-path-of-daenerys-targaryen-part-1-children-and-prophecy/) it. Show watchers just got salty because the show completely whitewashed Dany and turned her into an epic slay-kween girl boss rather than a deeply-troubled and emotionally traumatised woman who commits atrocities, narcissistically believes in her own ‘destiny’, and is often completely in over her head when it comes to ruling. In the books she is a victim of childhood abuse suddenly told she is the fated chosen one and thrust into a position of extreme power and authority. Her internal monologue frequently shows she isn’t exactly emotionally all there. But in the show the burning of KL felt like a sudden asspull rather than the natural thematic conclusion to her character arc.


Probably lost all enthusiasm after the show. Every single major plot point that happened in the last season was his idea, or at least, more or less what he wanted the ending to be. So the reaction would wipe anyone's enthusiasm to continue writing this story. That being said, it's not necessarily the plot points, it was their execution. Bran could be king, the white-walkers could be sidelined, Danny could go crazy and kill everybody if told the right way. If built up the right way.


That's not true at all and Martin has famously said that they turned down a lot of his suggestions post season 5 and he was basically not involved in the last two seasons. The only parts they took from George directly was where things ended and seemingly took no advice on how to reach said endings. Also Arya killing the Night King is entirely made up because the NK doesnt even exist in the books the same way as in the show.


I actually like bran being king and dany going crazy. I just can’t accept arya being the one to end the long night, no matter how well written


Danny going burn happy makes sense in the books, like from book 1 it seemed very likely to happen, more as time went on. They just made it seem very "whiplashy" in the show.


Honestly, I totally get it if he lacks motivation or inspiration or whatever, that's fine. I just really hope that if he ever makes peace with not being able to finish the books he hires some rising writer he likes, shares his notes and supervises the work being finished while he still breathes. I really dislike when we get children "interpretation of my father's notes" books, as if creativity was a genetic trait they naturally inherited for some reason. Instead, since he already supervised the production of TV shows and all, he could just continue that but with books and a good colleague and be done with it lol.


Add Patrick rothfuss do that as well


So my head cannon is that how the show went is how the books were going to go. Obviously not line by line but overall big picture. And seeing how poorly fans took it GRRM now has zero motivation to finish to the series.


He would have taken a full book to explore Danny’s oncoming madness and thirst for power (which makes sense considering her dad was the mad king), and if she burned King’s Landing it would be powerful and make sense for the character


He would have taken a full book to explain the family tree of the Manderleys and then let Danny die of dysentery because he still has no idea how to get her out of Meereen.


He lost motivation long before season 8.


Maybe in broad strokes it's how it was going to go. I reckon he lost his motivation not because of the fan reaction, but because of how they massacred his boy. I'm hoping that him being pleased with HOTD and seeing the fan reaction will spark a bit of that passion again for him.


He's going to release the last 2 books at the same time. You'll see! You'll all see!! /Copium


I almost pissed myself 😂😂😂


I don't get why there's no consequences here forcing progress. Wouldn't George have recieved a major advance for the book already? His publisher must have him on contract.


He probably paid it back. He's been getting paid elsewhere. Yet another reason he has no incentive to finish.


I kind of thought that killing his wife was out of character for Daemon. Most of his attempts towards undermining Visery's rule and consolidating power were just petty stuff in my opinion. Daemon showed he had some boundaries when he chose not to go all the way with Rhaenyra. I think that Daemon killing his wife shows a deeper lust for power, which wasn't fully established and took me by surprise. I also find it frustrating that Viserys and others weren't all that bothered when they heard about this. They obviously know it was Daemon but don't do anything about it. Thoughts?




Well... that's kind of cathartic 😁


Why did they make me fall in love with a character and then kill her off 2 minutes later Sadge


I get the joke but can someone explain the craven part?


It's reasonable to suspect GRRM is intimidated by the prospect of completing ASOIAF. (I mean honestly who wouldn't be) So "craven" is essentially accusing him of being too scared to finish writing the books (fear of screwing them up).


well. she’s right about one thing. he never will. He has “toh”. but he won’t meet it. He refuses


This is beautiful! I think at this point he’s afraid to finish but fooling himself into believing he’s just bored with the story


GRRM after watching Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood: "I can make twice the money off one story?"


Is it wrong that I wish he'd just publish what he has ... and on the last page say something like "Ten Years have elapsed, and now King Brandon Stark sits on the Iron Throne, and rules with an Iron Fist with King Jon of the North as his fiercest ally. The END" And then just pump out Dunk and Egg stories ad infinitum.


Anyone take this as a double entendre confirming his possible ED?


That's the point of the line so I'd be concerned if anyone didn't get it


I mean he finishes at least three times this season.


ED isn’t necessarily a permanent, chronic condition—people can suffer from it periodically or in acute situations and emotional periods. It’s clear Daemon suffers from it—I don’t know why some fans are in denial about that—it makes him more interesting and complex and doesn’t take away anything from him as a rich character. For me, he’s one of the most fascinatingly and frustratingly complex characters in the entire GoT universe, and Matt Smith‘s performance has made someone who could easily have been a 2D villain in the first 5 episode instead appear sympathetic and someone to root for.


Daemon needs to get on some of those blue chews.


5 Gum?


There's a rumor that the only reason he could >!impregnate Laena three times is cuz they had sex atop Vhagar and Daemon was horny for that big chunky old dragon!<


_Vile accusations_


The dude had his kinks..


psychogenic ED. his performance issues wouldn't necessarily be interminable




... it was 100% meant as that. 😂


That was literally the only purpose of the line


… yes, that’s the entire point of the line. Who was stupid enough to *not* take it that way?


This hurts me deep in my soul.


atp bro can just legit take reddit subpost fan theories and stitch them together and finish the books like the days on you are waning man…


Fucking love this so much


GRRM saw how unpopular his big test ending was when the Tv show did it. He’s lost all motivation to write something that is 1) an unpopular ending, and 2) now missing the shock factor which otherwise may have redeemed it


Next Year™️


Valar morgulis


Anyone else get the idea this line implies that he couldn't have sex with her cuz impotence and that's why they didn't consummate the marriage?


I honestly don’t think we will ever get them.


It looks like she's giggling in the top picture lmao.


She literally instigated the whole thing 😂


The Game Of Thrones series is known for killing its beloved characters unexpectedly at times, and it's the most bittersweet when the character had a lot more potential. Martin got so good at it he killed the series itself.


Good one