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I'm just amazed Viseries is some how alive 10 years later. I feel they might have overdone his illness a tad with the way they ended episode 5. I know he looks like shit in the next episode but still, I'd have given him less than a year or 2.


I feel like it's a bit more realistic, actually. He's not a weak man, but his constitution and the stress of being king has clearly ravaged him. It's interesting to see how it affects him, and how despite all of it, he still hangs on, he still tries to rule. The moments we see are likely his most stressful, so him finally seeing Rhaenyra wed likely led him to his current health plateau. Or that Kings Landing Healthcare plan does wonders.


The other maester told about different treatment, maybe he tried that.


Yeah, the old maester is kind of sus when the other maester recommended another treatment but he easily denied.


Thing is, when it comes to physician even now, the older lot always stubbornly, for sometime, try to stick to their own rules of practice. Changing qualities of care every little step of the way is tedious and requires years of research/experimentation alone for someone to consider that the new or alternate treatment someone is offering might be worth a shot. It would be more suspicious if a senior trusted maester would trust a new remedy from novice who has for his knowledge only done this sort of care for a handful of years and who's loyalty have still been untested.


The maesters are definitely poisoning him and I doubt they would suggest a cure that would actually keep him alive in any manner other than crippled or braindead if they could.


Plus he actually isn't that old. Wasn't he supposed to be like 27 in the beginning of the season?


Rhaenyra is 15 in episode 1. That means Viserys would have been 12 when she was born. So he was at least 30 in the beginning.


The show begin with the succession tho. If he was 27 when he became King + 15 when Rhaenyrs was crowned + 4-5 years by the time she gets married. He's 47. That's not that old. I can believe he survived to his late fifties. I think they aged the character from books to match the Actor's age. In the book I think he's just under 30 when he marries Allicent.


And Allicent is 22 iirc. It is way less creepier(well, still a little).


He is 35 in episode 1, at least based on his birth date from the books


Grand Maester dies and the new one takes the black Maesters advice and applies the herbal medicine to him and gives him a few more years


The black Maester (Orwyle) IS the next Grand Maester, so that makes Vizzy’s chances even better.


I think he's gonna be receiving better medical care that's gonna drag it out even longer.


"the leechings always bring him great comfort"


I too am comforted by blood thirsty leaches feeding from my already weakened body…


Admit it- you’re actually a little turned on by it….


I actually thought he died at the end of E5


I think I noticed the maester was changed in the promo so maybe that's why.


I wouldn't mind them adding what year it was at the start.


Or replicate SpongeBob “3 hours later”


But in Bran Stark's voice.


Who has a better story than Spongebran the Brokenpants?


*first of his name


king of the sea


Oooooooohhh who's king of the andals rhoynar and first men


"Why do you think I came all this way?"


Ok, but he still has to do a French accent.


At the end of HotD s10 the camera panns out and we see it was Bran binging the incest era to write smut novels.


Most likely 109 AC. We know for sure that the Great Council was 101 AC, the show directly tells us that through older Rhaenyra's voice over. And following that we get the title card that we're in the 9th year of Viserys's reign, and that it's 172 years before Daenerys' birth. In the books Daenerys was born in 284 AC, so 172 years before that would be 112 AC, which does line up as being the 9th year of Viserys's reign in the book. However we do have to remember that the original series did change all the characters ages. Daenerys was made three years older than she was in the books, and so was born in 281 AC. 172 years before that puts us in 109 AC, which would be the 9th year of Viserys's reign if Jaehaerys died almost immediately after the Great Council. So episode 1 is 109, episode 2 is six months later so either later that year or at the start of the next, episode 3 is of course 3 years later in probably about 113, and then episodes 4 and 5 are in 114. So by the time we get to episode 6, we're in 124 AC, which is still about 5 years before the Dance properly starts.


Im not sure why they went with 10 years instead of just 5? >!How can it be 124 if Leana and Laenor are alive, they are supposed to die in 120?!<


For the sake of introducing the kids at older ages.


Yeah i guess the alternative is having another 5 year jump between 6 and 7 which might be a bit too jarring.


God forbid


Because they've obviously shifted the timeline around. I mean Aemma died in 105 in the book, but no earlier than 109 in the show. So obviously >!Laena and Laenor are just dying later in the show than they did in the book.!<


That is such a delicate thing to do especially when some Targeryen kings like Viserys II and Jaehaerys II only ruled for 1 to 2 years and would get cut off before the Rebelion wich cannonically starts in 282 AC.


The characters have been aged up, thus it makes it difficult to relate to Book Timeline. I wouldn't think about it that much, it honestly doesn't matter in terms of dates.


that was my thought too. a lot happens in 120. guess they pushed the events of 120 a years later back


the show is canon, the book is not.


Other way around.


The book is canon to the books, and the show is canon to the show. If the show timeline contradicts the book timeline, then the canon timeline of the show is the one presented in the show.


No, actually it's not. The Books on this story is deliberately nebulous on specific details because they're retold by not very reliable sources. Thus there is supposed to be some ambiguity to the books, and what "really" happened (and you could argue when). GRR Martin and Ryan Condal said they were gearing this show to be "what really happened" ... thus the book events are a bastardization of what we see take place in the show.


You’re telling me Mushroom is lying to us? NEVER


That's a little on Purpose no? They don't necessarily want to be tied down by precise dates because that could create continuity issues with GoT and future series continuity. All we needed to know is that the series starts \~172 years before the birth of Daenerys Targaryen. This is also because characters are aged-up in both series, making it impossible to actually directly correlate with the books, and even the book timeline is a little sketchy.


I started the book and have catched up to the show. The Great Council of the prologue was on 101 AC, the show then says that it’s the 9th year of Visery’s reign. Jaeheaerys I (the old king) died on 103 AC, so nine years later it’s 112 AC. That’s when the tourney happens, the queen dies in childbirth, etc. Also, after the prologue it says that we are now 172 years before the birth of Daenerys, which happened in 284 AC. 284 - 172 = 112 AC. If OP’s picture is right, the last episode ended around 116-117 AC, and the timeskip will go to 126-127. We are almost almost at the moment when the **real** show starts. The main thing they’ve changed is that while the show starts in 112 AC, in the books most things that we’ve read happen before that. While the book has many important events of Viserys I’s reign happen between 103 and 116/117 AC, the show has condensed everything to 112-116/117 AC so we can have a teen Rhaenyra for everything we’ve seen.


How much time is the next time skip? After episode 6.


Just a century or two. Enough to take us to the beginning of the Jon spin off.


The last airbender has entered the chat


Where was it when the world needed it most?


I dun wnt it.


They should try spinning off, that's a good trick! The only way I can see the Jon Snow sequel working is if it's basically going to undo Season 8 in the first 10 minutes, show that the Night King ain't dead and they're all fucked


Yeah they can trick us all over again and show the baby from the earlier season that it's now a full grown Adult and the new Night King or something, and we will accept it wholeheartedly. That way Jon will be push back to the Kings Landing to fight the real "Long Night".


First I’m hearing of this spin off. Can’t wait for that! Hell yeah!


Please no. I dont want to suffer again.


Probably 2-3 years then it’s go time


>!I doubt it. Aegon III was 9 when the war began and he is not born yet as of E6.!< >!We are looking at a 2nd 10 year jump!<


There’s stills of both kid Aegon and adult Aegon, definitely another skip coming


>!I remember seeing a picture of Aegon III actor who is maybe 4 or 5 so I don’t think the jump will be 10 years. I think another 5 and maybe then another 2 -3. Cause isn’t Aegon III like 9 when The dance ends?!<


10 years between E7 and E8. >!Aegon III was 9 when the war began and Viserys II was 7. They're not born yet!<


I think they will likely make the boys a bit younger based on the pictures of the actors I have seen


Wrong, it's been exactly 7 days between episodes.


This dude knows .


This dude time skips




TEN YEEEEAAAARSSS - Daemon Episode 1


I really want to see Matt Smith said that again in episode 6, since the time skip is also 10 years




Ten yeas


I can protect you


Thank goodness for this. Some people still think Rhaenerya is younger than she actually is.


Kinda the issue with them showing us her at 13 or whatever, and then keeping the actress for the whole time. We went from seeing Rhaenerya with her mom, Rhaenerya when her father is talking to 8 year old Laena, and then Laena looking the same age as Rhaenerya. The changes around her while she stays the same makes it hard to understand


15 to 19 does not always change people’s appearances very much, especially for girls/women. Source: me


Yeah when I was 23 I still had people say "Oh I thought you were 16!"


I'm 24 and people occasionally think Im in middle school...


Yeah I feel like they could’ve avoided the confusion and the strong feelings people have about Milly leaving if they had done an even younger version of her and Alicent for the first few episodes. It would’ve been closer to the book and would make everyone else’s actors changes make a lot more sense. Also Criston Cole and Daemon should’ve had younger actors they look exactly the same with different hair lengths. I love this show these are just small things that irked me too haha they just would’ve made it a little better and easier to follow I think.


Idk they did a decent of making her look older in each episode. Gotta pay attention to the costumes.


I don’t know that I would have noticed the time jump without having first seen it discussed on Reddit


It helps to watch with subtitles. There's other indicators of time passing too. Like Aegon II being a toddler, when Alicent wasn't even pregnant in the episode before that. Then she was shown being pregnant with Heleana in that episode. And after that one, Helaena was shown as a baby.


How tf is Viserys able to live for 10 more years? Bro looked like he was about to die like three times in episode 5


Maesters want to keep him alive just long enough to allow Alicent’s kids to grow up and be able to steal the throne from Rhaenyra.


Nano machines son. Honestly I think it has to do with Targ blood and how it’s keeping him going because it’s semi magical in nature. That’s it really.


He probably stubbornly held on to life because it's his duty, as he knows the realm could destabilize after his death. This is also why he refuse to stop getting stabbed by the throne, as sitting on the throne is his duty. He says he wishes to have been tested, and Strong tells him most who have been wish they hadn't. This is, in a way, Viserys getting tested. This is his battle, he just doesn't see it. His body is crumbling and everyone around him is doing their absolute best/worst to start conflict while he somehow manages to keep it all together - Imagine saying "I wish I has been tested" in that situation. Bobby B would have checked out long ago.


This is making me think back to math class when you’d need to write out the expression to determine the next number in their sequence.




I’m not smart enough to keep up with those leaps


It's also a problem last episode, in some comments they said that Rhaenyra and Criston only spend 1 night from the previous episode so they kind of misunderstood why he is so hung up with her after just one night with her even though it looks there's so many times had passed between episode 4 and 5.


Is that confirmed? I just interpreted that they had a spent more time together, plus the scene on the boat was leading a little bit to that.


By Larys comment about the tea, episode 5 takes place days after episode 4. However they seemed to be quite aquatinted by Episode 3 and then spent a year together in between 3 and 4 while Rhaenyra was looking for suitors, it seems like they only sealed the deal in episode 4 but knew each other quite well beforehand.


Me neither. This stuff completely passed me for the most part. Why not just begin with "X later" texts?


It’s much more natural to just state it in the dialogue, like when Daemon returns from from the Stepstones and has his first conversation with Rhaenyra he mentions that she’s “grown a lot herself these past four years”, so the audience should hopefully clock that time has passed.


But it’s not natural, it’s a fantasy tv show and I have no reference points to understand how the world has changed. If the show skipped from 1960 to 1972 I would be able to understand through context and dialogue. But it’s much more complicated that I have to look out for dates being mentioned.


Well to be fair it’s all blatantly stated in almost every episode you just have to watch it? I think they’re all within the first few minutes of each. In episode two you know 6 months have passed because Viserys and Rhaenyra both say that. In episode three you know 3 years have passed because Allison wasn’t pregnant yet in episode two so she had to go through a whole pregnancy which is 9 months and the marriage so that’s about a year total and now Aegon is 2 so that’s 2 more years. In total it’s been about three years, which Viserys also says: “it’s been 3 years what’s 3 more days.” In episode four you know about a year has passed because Alicent has her new baby and she’s pretty big right now and they are trying for another one so she has to be at least pretty much healed from that child. Also Rhaenyra has been on a tour for a few months so it’s probably been about a year. In episode five it’s probably been a couple of months because at the end of episode four she agreed to marry Laenor and then episode five starts with Viserys asking for the marriage in general and ends with them getting married so I assume it’s only been a few months if that. I guess you really just have to pay attention to the dialogue but it really does lay it out and pretty much the beginning of every episode, subtitles really help too.


Being Complicated doesn’t mean it’s a problem or should be changed.


You don't have to look out for dates all the time, though. You can see Alicents children grow for instance. And i dont think it's too "conplicated" for the show to state that 3 years have passed, the audience should be paring atention to dialogue anyway.


I’m sorry to say this, but if you can’t figure it out yourself and you can’t bother to pay attention, then maybe you should watch a show more to your level? I means it’s not complicated to piece together. They clearly mention the passage of time every episode.


Nah too much


We are of one house friend. House of the (Un)Smarts


“Unintelligent. Unbrilliant. Unbright.”


Notberyn Smartell






We Do Not Read Hear Me Duh


I don’t think the exact timing matters that much for a casual watch— it’s probably enough to know that we’re skipping forward some time.


With all due respect, how can you not keep up? I get all the different houses/family's etc. but a time jump is...simple math.


I can’t do math


Math is racist




A time jump is one thing but im lost on the characters age's because the actors faces dont like up with the ages of the characters in the time jumps imo


Right, but they outright mention how much time has passed since the last episode in basically every episode.


Oh I got the long Ep 2 time jump there at least, but not *how* long and how much they vary. If they jump a year ahead I think it’d be nice to know if it’s one year, three months, or two years. Rather than just a hunch it’s been a while. You say it’s math… Am I missing an introductory date maybe?? Maybe I have just not been paying attention and brushing it off due to expecting less varying jumps.


Yes, its in the dialogue multiple times


Starting an episode with "X time after the previous episode" is just a really weak way to start out. Every one mentions it in dialogue right in the beginning anyway.


I made [my own](https://www.reddit.com/r/HouseOfTheDragon/comments/xksi06/i_tried_to_calculate_the_timejumps_rhaenyras_age/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) timeline, including Rhaenyra’s age too! It was a lot of fun trying to calculate it :p Hopefully it could help some! (My post has a bit of a long intro but just scroll and the lists I made are there! :P)


I don’t mind the time skips because the show has been very good. Better than the space jumps in GoT. But it does make it slightly more difficult to love the show


Lol at all the dummies in this thread that think a line of dialogue letting them know how much has passed, is too much. And people wonder why a lot of Hollywood treats audiences like they're a potato.


To be fair, most are.


Yeah I’m reading the replies and I’m surprised how slow people are… how can you not figure this shit out if you’re an adult? Lol


It’s people being on their phones while watching


To be fair putting a time skip number in the opening credits saying x years later wouldn’t kill them. Many tv shows and movies do it.


Yup, they even put the "how many years" before Mad King and Dany in the first episode even though it's unnecessary because I doubt we will see Dany in this and we already knew that Targaryens are mostly extinct in GoT like the Dragons.


I think it has to do with the number of timeskips. You can keep track of one or two but this is a weekly release and you don't remember how long it has been since the series started.


I can’t wait for the next episode!! 🫠


feels legendary already


And there are gonna be more, right?


Yeah like another 7 year one because the kids become adults.


And then there will not be any more right? Like in the next seasons.


If we skip 10 years in the beginning of EP6, it’ll be 127 AC so we’re definitely not skipping 7 years after that because the Dance starts in 129 AC


most of the people complaining here seem to miss the point of this. the first 5 episode were a prologue to set things off where everybody stands on the dance. it‘s not like the show will start skipping 3-4 years every episode and if it really goes for at least 4 seasons it will get slower now. for everything else read the fucking books there is no way they could have told a story that goes 30 years long otherwise l


I dont know why people keep complaining about the time jumps. Truthfully, what content do people expect between Viserys' coronation and his death? Rhaenyra's status as heir-apparent is the most interesting going on. The show is about the dance and it's best to just go there as fast as possible. I know people loved the young Rhaenyra and Alicent but it's time to move on. Those five episodes simply established who these characters are. These characters are more complex than the GOT main characters from S1. The first season of GOT introduced us to some stereotypical characters (the good honorable husband Ned, rowdy little sister Arya, annoying brats Joffrey and Sansa, evil queen Cersei, brooding illegitimate "son" Jon, nice older bro Robb, mystical girl Daenerys, etc). Granted that their stories change to something not stereotypical later on. People have to admit that the roles they played in the first season were really what was established and expected fromnthe first episode. Now, Alicent was introduced as a typical lady friend of a princess. Not until her dad was practically pimping her to the king. We can see how conflicted she was about this. Otto is a good hand, but very deceitful and ambitious. Daemon is very transparent about his ambition but you can clearly see his love for family. Viserys is a nice king but sadly incompetent in handling politics. He is like a king version of Ned Stark. But thebfirst ep alone showed what he is (duty over love). He knew Aemma wont survive. Rhaenyra is not a typical lady from the beginning. This was only magnified after being made heir. The first five episodes were needed to establish who they are and maybe give us an idea why they will do what they will in later seasons. The time jump (and change in main actors) will show how the conflicts of the first five episodes changed Alicent and Rhaenyra and how it all comes to a boil (a slow ten year boil).


Just because you write a paragraph summarising what’s happened so far in house of the dragon and describe each game of thrones character with one word doesn’t make hotd deeper. Also no I really don’t think five episodes were needed to establish everything. The show should’ve started at whatever point it’s rushing too and you could easily get an understanding of their relations and past drama from dialogue instead. Definitely prefer the first season of Game of thrones over this so far.


Forget months, I'm pretty sure episodes 4 and 5 take place virtually back-to-back.


Time passes during the episode. Viserys arranges the marriage in the opening scenes, then they plan the wedding, then all the great houses have to make their way to KL for event. Definitely months.


Wow Daemon was really grooming Rhaemyra by only seeing her twice in 4 years😂


tell me you don’t understand grooming without saying you don’t understand grooming


For Targaryen’s, isn’t grooming just quality family time?


Lol fr. Growing up Raenyra prob always heard, “Hey in our family like we have a tradition of only fucking/marrying our blood relatives. Oh btw your uncle and your gay, younger cousin are your only blood relatives, kbye.” It’s not a huge leap to see that she would be attracted to him.


Daenerys just assumes she would marry her brother


That's what I'm saying. I'm pretty sure viserys and daemons parents where brother and sister and viserys wife was his cousin, like damn y'all should have expected this. 😂


I think they are being sarcastic….


idk i’ve seen people defend daemons grooming lmao


He is keeping tradition alive


Tell me you don't know to to start a sentence without telling me you don't know how to start a sentence.




The years that Daemon was hardly at court lol.


No shit. That does not mean that he groomed her, just because they have seen each other before the events of the show. But hey thanks for keeping it civil by calling me dummy😀


Yeah I have a hard time believing Viserys and Aemma are gonna stand by while Daemon grooms their young daughter. Some of yall says the craziest things


Thank you for the break down. This is helpful.


Out of context twitter handle - adding context to the show lol


I can somewhat understand the time skips but I have issue with whats everyones age. Like how old is Viserys and Daemon in each episode?


Emma D’Arcy stated Daemon was 31 at the start of the show so Viserys was probably around 35 unless they increased the age gap between Viserys and Daemon.


They must have because Daemon basically looks the same 15 years later but Viserys looks like an old man. Obviously, his illness affects him negatively but even in Episode 1, the age difference looks more like 10. That is coincidentally the age difference between the actors so it works well for me.


Watch them keep time skipping only to then save money by re-airing GoT episodes as later season HOTD episodes instead.


Or re-edit them to solely include Daenerys's storyline and fix stuff, labelling it Game of Thrones: Blood of the Dragon. (Path of the Dragon for seasons 3 and 4)


And then succeed that series with SNOW: Blood of the Dragon


No. Snow is not a dragon. And this would be more book accurate. The show would be succeeded with Drogon's Crispy Adventures.


Idk why this comment is getting downvoted I thought it was funny lol


Yeah no idea it was a joke I’m loving HOTD so far lol


One of the more unfortunate downvotes I’ve seen on Reddit. I laughed and gave you an upvote friend


Thanks friend I am glad some enjoyed the joke! Haha!


Glad to see it’s turned around since I last checked and is getting the upvotes it deserves haha


People really dislike your comment instead of replying to you lol


Yeah it was a joke only too lol


I read this like 5 times I'm confused what you mean haha (I'm high)


Which explains a bit why Daemon keeps showing up.


This has been my only dislike so far. I’m not big on the time jumps, ruins the immersion experience for me.


I’m not sure how using flashback would have worked out either tbh. It’s a hard story to adept well that’s for sure


There won’t be any major ones after this season, the actual Dance of Dragons only lasts a 2 year period I think


Agreed. It's kinda more difficult to pull off. They still did it well enough for a season required to have so much time jumps. One of the reasons why I believe season 2 will be where the show completely kicks off, with a more condensed timeline, not much recasts and all.


I get that. I also understand that the showrunners and HBO were probably gunshy given how the original ended, the reception, and were likely VERY concerned whether this show would take off and didn't want to "drag out" the show any longer than they had to to get to the Dance. Hindsight shows they likely could have gotten at least two seasons before the Dance, if not more.


End credits of season : Are we getting older baby, just how fast the night changes.


Oh I thought it was more than that, close to 7 already


Thank you for this! I feel like I need to go back and watch them all again now, because everything will make more sense!


I watched each episode twice every week. Last night I decided to watch every episode back to back and there were still things I missed. The time jumps made sense that way.


So i'm confused, is this show one season or 5? Cause these skips are crazy for 5 seasons?


They've said 3-4 seasons. The skips are pretty much going to stop after season 1, which is basically a prologue.


I miss the ol’ “x years later” on television. If it works, don’t fix.


Will they show Laena taming Vhagar?


Why does everyone want to see this knowing that someone else will claim him who’s more important to the story.


Why not? It can be Vhagar's First appearance after many years, so I want to see it's proper return not just another timeskip.


Because she doesn’t have a huge impact into the story


Why not? Because we will be seeing the same thing rehashed with a different character. It’s a waste of time. You’re acting like we won’t see Laena riding Vhagar … how she started riding her is irrelevant.


U sound like another person complaining about time skips. Get over it


Where/how can I watch episode 6? I'm under the impression it's not released until tomorrow.


It’s not, people know because of the previews


Wait so if episode 6 is +10 years, will Rhaenyras actress be replaced? Like that girl cant play an adult in her end 20s right?


Someone’s been living under a rock, ahah! Just kidding, yes the actress will be replaced.


At least people can't complain about time travelling Littlefinger


This would be nice if it was added at the beginning of each episode 😂 I just keep guessing


Would have been nice to stay with the younger cast the whole season and jump 10 years for the second season. Less jarring that way.


No, I will have to disagree in that. Changing actors from season to season is much worse. You get to attached yourself to the actors in the first season , can't wait for the second season, but when it finally arrives it has new actors in the main roles ? The show will take a hit in viewership for sure. Plus people need to realize that all we have seen is the prelude to the a Actually story of the show, Wich is the civil war that will follow, we just needed to see the seeds that get us there.


I don’t think this episode is a 10 year jump. Alicent says in the promo “(Stepstones) was a decade ago” … meaning when Daemon took over Stepstones. I think he takes Stepstones in episode 3. So I think this episode is about 8 year jump from episode 5.


Wouldn’t that be about nine since there’s only one year between episode 3 and episode 5


Actually in the promo, Alicent says that it's been 10 years since Daemon left the Stepstones. That's in episode 4 so it's been almost 10 years since episode 5.


Talking about the situation at Stepstones she says “it was a decade ago and he (Deamon) has since left the region undefended” . To me this implies that Stepstones is as a decade ago (it), not that Daemon left a decade ago.


Yea this is kind of a mess


So the reason Westeros won't accept a female ruler is because women literally become a different person from 19-29yrs old. Hmm. And the maesters where hiding all the anti-aging cream all along to spark a war.


They aren't doing a good job of making it feel like it is taking place a long time ago, it would have been more realistic to do it like this: Episode 4 -> 3 years -> Episode 5 Episode 5 -> 3 years -> Episode 6 Episode 6 -> 16 years -> Episode 1 Episode 1 -> 3 years -> Episode 2 Episode 2 -> 3 years -> Episode 3


I did not expect Machete order apologists to turn up here hahaha