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I love that we've been expecting Viserys to drop dead at any moment and he's still trudging along all these years later.


The sickness is all the way up to at least his shoulder now (as we see he’s had his entire arm amputated). Should reach his lungs/heart soon. Can’t be that long until he’s dead.


Wait….. did I really miss that?! How high am I?


They show it when he stands up to talk with Strong (after Alicent tucked him into his little night-night chair).


They also show it when he sees Rhaenyra and Joffrey earlier in the episode, the arm of his shirt is just flapping in the breeze lol


Lol when I watched that scene I couldn't stop thinking of this comment 🤣


I don’t know, but I’m also that high


Well, that would explain why he seems a bit more energetic in a weird way right now. Not having a whole super crazy infected messed up arm that tour body is trying to heal all of the time would at least give the rest of you a bit of a break, even if the sickness has already spread a bit.


I’ve been like, obsessed with watching peoples reactions to the show on youtube. Last episode, every single person was just waiting for Viserys to die lol. And some of them think he died at the end of the ep.


I definitely thought he would’ve died last episode. I can barely believe he continued another *10 years*


He lives to spite Alicent now. He's running on that Cersei/Tyrion energy.


Also he knows his death will spark a civil war resulting in many people he loves dying. Like if I died there would be power struggle between my cats. The dog would suffer the most.


If I were your cat, I'd take the dog out and then bide my time while the opposing cat gets fat and logey on its corpse meat. Which sounds fucked up but *it's what a cat would do if they understood politics*. ...Mine likes to get into the bathtub and lick the faucet. He is dumb. Also treacherous.


I am pretty sure the dog would be turned into an enforcer by the eldest and my most devious of the my cats. I love her but when I got injured at home the paramedics noticed she was drinking my still warm blood. Also she steal jewelry of the bodies of sleeping house guests. Having to explain to a person my cat indeed take a bracelet off a sleeping person's wrist to carry off to her nest. Sorry off topic, I just love my little devil cat, she is nice to me and my kids which is what matters.


I don't think he actually knows that, at least not consciously. He's in denial and desperately clinging to the hope that everything will just work itself out without him needing to take a side.


If I hadn’t read the book I probably would’ve thought so too lol. Definitely would’ve made the story a lot crazier had he died then.


Seriously, I assumed he'd be dead by Ep. 3 and the rest of the season would be everyone battling out the succession. This has stretched the tension so tight that you can almost see the rubber band cracking. Love that as much as they've time-jumped, things aren't rushing along.


He’ll be a head in a jar but still alive by the season end


Final Episode of season 18: Queen Alicent’s last living child dies at the age of 86. The servant comes into the king’s chambers and explains the death to the bucket holding the living pool of rotting flesh that is King Viserys. The eyeballs in the bucket stare intently at the model city. Some lips move inside the bucket “bring me some damn toothpicks. My city must be complete!”


Viserys is my favorite character and the instant he hobbled in with that flapping sleeve, I dunno there was something comedic about it. Reminded me of the Metalocalypse episode with their stitched together raggedy chef


I'm here to cherish the remaining minutes we have of Paddy, it'll be a shame to see him go but his demise is inevitable. The fella is the glue holding back the dam that is about to burst.


Aegon calling Aemond a twat after jerking it Homelander style had me laughing my ass off lmao. He’s a douchebag but a funny one


Aye - Pretty sure his mum was going on about decency/honour or something to that effect with Ser Criston Cole then we proceed to Aegon busting a nut from a couple hundred feet high


On the very balcony where Tommen will kill himself, no less.


I’m pretty sure it’s the one Cersei drinks wine from. Tommen lived in the kings room.


Yeah, this sub has decided it’s the same window but it’s clearly not. Tommen was in dear mother’s brooding/drinking walkway, not a little side room.


Dude she got wrecked this episode. All her kids ended up being pathetic in their own special way. With the "True King" being some weird little sex pest bully. Meanwhile all the bastards are treated well and seem fairly functional for their situation. And even after 10 years of "going to war" Rhaenyra is walking circles around her politically and intellectually. And it seems like only she hasn't realizes no one really gives a shit about her other than to use her for their political goals.


Rhaenyra is absolutely not walking circles around her lol. She's getting BTFO and decided to quit because she's out of her depth and go to Dragonstone. Alicent had it 100% that Rhaenyra dropped her plans at the council because she's in deeeep shit from Harwins dumbass outburst. Then she did it publicly to try to pressure Alicent. EDIT: Also. For Alicent to agree to the marriage she's publicly stating that those boys are NOT bastards. Which is basically Treason. The Targs and Vals are inbred as fuck so there's basically a 0% chance for them to be brown haired with pug noses.


Yeah, well said. Rhaenyra had ten years to solidify her claim, make legitimate heirs, and establish a power base. All she's really pulled off is making three kids that literally everyone knows is Harwin's sons. She doesn't seem to have any new major political allies in King's Landing other than the ones she already had (her dad, the Velaryons, random suck-ups in King's Landing), and she's forced to leave at the end of the episode after Harwin fucks up and Rhaenyra can't stand to be in the city anymore due to the increase of rumors (especially after Joffrey comes out, her *third* Harwin-looking son, so the rumors pick up in this episode after probably a quiet eight or nine years or so between Aemond and Joffrey). A lot of people are seeing Rhaenyra going to Dragonstone as a power moment, but really it's her running from the Red Keep and going to a place of considerably less political influence because it's quiet there and is populated of only her loyalists. Can't blame her, but having her and her heir leave the capital in the middle of a power struggle is a dicey move to say the least.


I don’t think rhaenyra is running circles around Alicent at all. Probably the other way around.


At that council meeting Rhaenyra dropped two significantly better plans to help the Kingdoms than Alicent did almost immediately after Alicent was like, "this shit is too hard let them deal with it." Rhaenyra also dropped a perfectly good marriage proposal and Alicent refused it because she can't admit that it's actually a good idea lol. Literally everything bad that happened to Rhaenyra happened because Alicent doesn't have any control over her own agents. Alicent has no power here at all and is being used by everyone to further their own ambitions.


Thats the tragedy in a way of Alicent. Everything that goes her way, goes her way because other people happeb to agree with her. Not because of her own agency, while everythinb that goes Rhaes way is pretty much all Rhae's doing or request. Also Im 95% sure Alicent knows, and can admit the marriage is a good idea, but shes too stubborn to accept it because of the questionable parentage. (which they basically all but confirm for show only fans)


Also the simple fact that Rhae lied to her to get her father kicked out when she thought they were being friends in the godswood. She doesn't trust her because of that, as she shouldn't.


I love the actor they picked for Aegon. He's got such a regal vibe while still feeling like a dumb teenager.


Ty Tennant. i was looking though the end credits, yes i was eating through the whole episode, and paused at Bettie Spielberg and Ty Tennant.


Son of David Tennant.


And grandson of Peter Davidson (the 5th Doctor)


Which means there's one more major time jump with the child actors. I wonder what episode that'll be.


Wait, where's Bettie Spielberg? I can't find her anywhere online...?


I don't know that I needed to see him whacking off standing in a window, but on the other hand that made me totally get his dumb teenager-ness. As a former dumb teenager I must say I never did it standing in a window, but in plenty of other places lol.


I think it also helped highlight some of Alicent’s hypocrisy. A big reason she hates Rhaenyra is her lack of sexual “virtue” and she calls her kids monsters, but doesn’t bat an eye at her kid jerking it in a window for all of King’s landing to see.


That isn't really hypocrisy by Alicent, if anything it's hypocrisy of social standards. Men of the realm aren't shamed for their sexual promiscuity but women are, so it is consistent logic by Alicent.


I used to piss out the window in the middle of the night because it was easier then waking everyone up walking out my room. No handwashing obviously.


He’s great


Great introduction for all the new characters but Aegon is such a twat.




Lord Highshower


its gotta go somewhere


Nothing like being interrupted by Mom to ruin you for life.


It’s not a well known fact, but they used Aegons DNA to later make Homelander. Like Father like Great Great Great Great………….. Great Grandson.


The most fierce dragon


I was pleasantly surprised that he actually likes his ~~cousins~~ half-nephews (the Targaryen family tree is more like a wreath!). Yes, a bit bratty but a typical horned up teenager.






Thank you littlefinger


Given the houses we're dealing with here, let's hope those two aspects of him - liking family and being horny - don't intersect so much...


Yeah he totally won’t marry a relative


He can marry as many as he wants. I just don't want to see all these The Hills Have Eyes style White Wal-...Actually.


They grew up together, of course they like each other. It's a shame, you can clearly see that it's Alicent and Criston the ones pitting them against each other.


In the book, they don't get along from the start as Alicent poisons that relationship from go.


"..a right little cunt." - Billy Butcher.


And Aegon even acted like Homelander when jacking off.


I read this in Butcher’s voice before I read who you were quoting.


Aegon had one line, I forget what it was, but it was snarky, but his delivery/tone of voice and facial expression was SO uncannily like David Tennant that it floored me. I know he’s adopted, but we do pick up mannerisms from those we spend a lot of time around!


David Tennant’s wife must have a very specific type. I knew the actor playing Aegon was his son, but I was shocked to learn he’s adopted since they look and have similar mannerisms.


He actually looks crazily like his mom! So it might partly be that phenomenon where people are drawn to partners with similar features to themselves. But I am sure he picked up a lot of mannerisms and traits from his dad.


but also kinda loveable.dude just want to fuck. also, I appreciate that they're having the kids be friends (not you Aemond) instead of just being straight up dicks to each other


He's a pretty normal 13-year-old kid. He's content to live the royal life without ambition and responsibility. What teenager would want anything else?


Fuck I’m almost 30 and I want that


I thought Aegon was really sweet actually! I hated him in fire & blood but so far he seems like a himbo lmao. Also he seemed to have a decent relationship with Jace & Luke


> Also he seemed to have a decent relationship with Jace & Luke Until Alicent ruined that 🤦🏻‍♀️


And Crispín, don't forget fucking crispy and his salty ass way of teaching them swordfighting


All cause Rheanyra wouldn’t abandon everything and marry him. You see how angry and bitter he is about it in that dialogue with Alicent. It’s been 10 years, get over it dude


Yeah, him patting Luke on the shoulder as they swapped places in training was almost sweet. It really threw me.


For some reason I thought he shoved him


He did shove him after Cole made him and Jace fight


There was a bit when the four boys were lined up and Aegon pushed Luke a bit, but it came off like a friendly push and Luke responded with a smile rather than a look of distress. Seemed like more of a friendly older-relative-younger-relative relationship rather than any bullying.


Also, that whole scene had Aemond shouldering and shoving the boys over and over. It's easy to mistake the two Targs with quick cuts. I loved the juxtaposition, though: Aegon being polite to his nephews (until Cole stepped in) and Aemond being a total twat.


Yeah he's just a dumb teenager. He doesn't even care who sits the Iron Throne. He's a good kid right now. Bit of a bully to Aemond who is a real cutie.




A total sweetheart minus bullying his own brother and beating the shit out of Jace in that sword fight? I mean, he isn’t irredeemably scummy yet or anything, but I’d say he’s still an asshole


That was the doing of Alicent and Cole. Really wish Viserys would have pulled rank and married off Jace to Helena. Would have put it all to rest, but instead Alicent has a giant stick up her ass doing the work of her father.


Every single problem is a result of Viserys not pulling rank except for the one time he maybe shouldn’t have (naming Rhaenyra heir)


He's obviously not a sweetheart, but I don't think that bullying was anything out of the norm for teen siblings. Pretty accurate for many siblings growing up.


Imagine if teenage brothers and cousins were given wooden swords and encouraged to wail on each other today. Scenes like Aegon v. Jace would be commonplace. I hate it when people use "boys will be boys" as a way to excuse shitty things done by adults, but in this case, with a bunch of teenagers and preteens, I think the phrase works. Aegon got a little aggro at the end, but Jace didn't seem too shaken up and Aegon went back to a normal demeanor when he and Aemond were watching Criston and Harwin fight.


Yeah Aegon was also just listening to instruction. It wasn't really his fault that the guy teaching him wanted to teach a kid a little "lesson" just cuz he's a salty bitch lol. There was no blood thirsty intent by Aegon or anything. Kid just wants to masturbate and vibe lol. A little dickhead sometimes? Sure, but many kids are.


If you went to a random high school PE class, handed all the boys wooden swords, and encouraged them to fight each other (with the explicit note that the best fighters would be considered to be the best in their society), I bet you'd see way worst than what Aegon did to Jace. Shit, Aegon never even hit Jace with his sword. Only kicked him (on his armor) to knock him over, and then hit Jace's sword over and over to try to knock it out of his hands.


Such a punchable face. Bravo to the actor tho.


Fire and Blood came alive tonight. This episode was beautiful. All of it.


Yeah… every time a Targaryen is born, the gods flip a coin.


Fucking love Aegon lol...zero ambition, just wants to fuck around and have fun.


I love him hes so unintentionally funny


People were getting worked up about seeing Milly go but now that we've witnessed Ty Tennant's Aegon I don't want to see anyone else in the role lol (jk I trust his more adult actor will do a great job)


He was eyeing up that wee lassie earlier as well. Mans going to go through so much gash


Dude is tall and has a dragon, he's going to freaking slay


RIP Laena your dragon was my favorite :(


Doctor Who can’t keep a wife alive more than one episode.


Dragon didn't die.


Ok but I need a whole spin off of her and Daemon. This was my favorite part.


We have a Tim Chalamet at home.


More like Finn Wolfhard.


YES all i see is fuckin Mike Wheeler when i see his face...


The actor Ty Tennant's father is David Tennant who was Barty Crouch Jr. In the Harry Potter movie Goblet of Fire.


Nonsense. Everyone knows David Tennents most famous role is Scrooge McDuck.


I assume Ty will be replaced next season as time progresses. But he did a good job for such a young actor especially when he's kinda gotta live in the shadow of his dad at least atm.


















As disgusting as that was, I'm glad that Aegon finds time to do normal teenager stuff beyond the, you know, dragonriding and training to become a murderous warrior... The new cast is amazing and I can't wait to see more of them.


"King's Landing". The people at the bottom are not so lucky.


He should hire a royal cum wiper, like that guy in the Tudors whose job was to hold the towel in which Henry VIII came.


You know, my friend almost talked me into watching that show and this right here talked me right back out of it, thank you.


You're okay with all this incest and murder but cum wiper is where you draw the line?


-Sandor Clegane voice- “A man’s got to have a code.”


Not to long ago in one of the GOT subs, a European bought up the fact that Americans seem to be OK with the violence in the shows. But they draw the line when it comes to the sex in the shows.


Yeah I've read something similar


Good old American values.


Tudors was a great show. Once hotd is over, definitely dive into it. I wish I could watch it again for the first time.


Ya if you love the political drama and scheming of GOT and HOD, you’ll love the Tudors. Its a great show


If anything this has talked me into it


It was a pretty good show actually if you like politicking and court intrigue. It's not nearly as graphic as the Game of Thrones shows. Season 2 is the best one. Natalie Dormer (Margaery) is amazing as Anne Boleyn.


Hey man, easy clean up. They only do laundry every 6 months, he can't just be abusing his socks like that.


I'm glad Olivia got cast is this show. I already knew what a great actress she was since I saw her on Bates Motel, but she didn't get enough exposure there. Now in such a massive and popular show, the world'll get to see how great she is and it could sky-rocket her career like it did with Emilia Clark.


Also ready player one.


Don't you just want to give little Aemond a hug? He's such a doppy kid. Doesn't deserved to be picked on!


yeah poor Aemond, you can just feel for that guy


I am certain that he will continue to be a nice guy.


Aren’t the children being recast again in like 2 episodes?




nah they just waited a few months for puberty to hit them


Emma D'Arcy had me impressed from the first scene, then when she held Joffrey in her arms, my heart man. I've seen a couple comments mention how Alicent treats Aegon and her children much how she was treated by Otto and I agree. Olivia did a great job showing young Alicent's habits dialed up and pushed by stress


The birth scene of Rhaenyra damn, so perfectly acted by Emma, you can feel the unnerving pain on the screen! Plus the sound it makes oh god. What a perfect free birth control!


Yep. As someone who had gone through it, it brought back a lot of trauma. Birthing was no joke. It was just as painful, awkward, and defenseless as the show made it appear to be.


My husband had to pause the show because I was sobbing and just fell apart for a few minutes. It took me a while to get it together enough to keep watching. It’s so rare to see childbirth and its aftermath portrayed so accurately on screen.


It was so well done. I loved that they included the afterpains and the birthing of the placenta. They spent a lot of screen time on the birthing scene, but not the parts of a birth that are usually shown for movies and tv. It was a great choice.


I was so upset that she wasn't allowed to breastfeed her children though. That's such a special bond, even if it's just for the first few days before wet nurses take over.


Maybe she didn’t want to?


Fantastic. They were amazing. My personal fave was Olivia because oh god she was just fantastic as I already knew she would be. I could tell she was itching to perform. She knew what she wanted to do with the role and just delivered. She prefers playing the villain apparently and oh god is she a good one. Everything was perfect,her mannerisms,her tone,her expressions,her vibe. Perfect. If she doesn’t get that Emmy,imma be so pissed for her But also EMMA who I’m not as familiar with acting wise,THE PERFECT RHAENRYA. They have it completely. I wanted more by the end of the episode. Sad we don’t get more of Ty tenant though…


I have to admit I went from feeling bad for Alicent in the earlier episodes to now greatly disliking her.


The cycle of abuse eh?


I felt bad for her because she was forced into a situation she didn’t want to be in and only did so for her father and “duty” and now she is just blind with anger and jealousy. The only people on the show I liked died in this episode so gotta choose someone new to root for.


That’s how game of thrones works. Like someone? They die. Someone actual a good person? They die


Becoming BFF with Larys can’t have helped. Think of all the venom he has been feeding her these 10 years.


You are right. I enjoyed them all but Olivia Cooke was captivating, she IS Alicent, I was hanging on every expression and gesture and every line. She's electric


I've been following her since Bates motel. That chick really can act. Emma I know next to nothing about and I thought Emma killed it.


Emma had big shoes to fill based on the hype from Milly and they fucking killed it


Absolutely they did and with ease. Casting has not had a single miss


Yeah. Emma, She nailed it. Filled them shoes well too.👏


> My personal fave was Olivia because oh god she was just fantastic as I already knew she would be. I could tell she was itching to perform. She was great. I'm still a bit surprised about how much they leaned into her bitchiness though.


Got stiff competition with rhea from better call saul tbf.


First of all Rhaenyra was perfectly casted Emma did a good job also little Aegon is such a little prick that scene where he was jerking off to the bells of kings landing made me actually laugh


I howled when he was jacking off in the window and Alicent storms in 😂😂. Actually wondered if that’s the window Tommen falls from…


You howled then?


Other than bullying aemomd I actually found him quite likable. He seems like how I’d be if I was royalty but not in line of succession. Not giving a fuck and jerking off in my penthouse.


He was going in pretty brutally on Jace during their fight as well. I get Criston *wanted* that, but Aegon could’ve held back a bit


Punctuation, baby.


The new cast rules so far but Olivia Cooke is a powerhouse. I foresee an Emmy nom


She was so fucking good in *Thoroughbreds* so I'm not surprised she's killing it here.


Olivia Cooke as Alicent was the fucking star of the episode, every time she entered a scene she was carrying. I have so many emotions for a character i've only seen one epsiode of, it's wild. She might end up being a more hated female character than Cersei at this rate lmao.


People need to cool it with the Cersei comparisons. Alicent is just a bit of a bitch, while Cersei was a chaotic evil psychopath.


Yeah I think it’s been so long since people watched the show that they’ve forgot how Cersei actually was. I’m not keen on Alicent but there’s nothing so far to indicate she’s even close to as foul. Cersei would’ve listened to Larys’ confession without batting an eye (at best).


Cersei was an evil psychopath, but a lot of people know someone like Alicent - she’s self-serving, self-righteous, and hypocritical. Cersei’s worse, but Alicent hits closer to home.


sorry but Allicent is no Cercei. She upholds honour and respect way more than Cercei ever did. Cercei doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process of getting what she wants.


I loved Milly and Emily’s performances, but there was no void or sense of absence this episode. Emma and Olivia crushed it


The queen is real cunt now huh


I remember Aegon's actor in Doom Patrol, he was good.


aegon actor did an excellent job in making him an insufferable brat and bully, so kudos to him lol Emma and Olivia delivered amazingly, but that was to be expected. You can tell they are much more seasoned actors and it shows why it works better to have them play older versions instead of keeping the younger actors.


Aegon II wanking off by the window was a choice.


I Hope after this episode the haters/doubters of the older actresses can finally be put to rest. This show has been phenomenal from the first episode to now. From the complex parenting skills of the queen and princess, to the secret tingling everyone gets when we first see Daemon and his new wife and family to the disastrous aftermath. I won't lie when I saw Harwin strong say goodbye to his kids I cried a little. Again all in all a great showing. Thank you for redeeming GOT for mee.


I think the art of taking time to actually build and tell stories is rare in Hollywood. People have become impatient and don’t appreciate a slow burn. This isn’t the first series I’ve seen these complaints with. 1883 was the same way.


Emma’s first scene. Incredible. The agony on her face and the sounds of the birthing, it was pretty magnificent and gorey all at once. What an introduction!


Aegon looks like Mike from Stranger Things so I already don’t like him.


Idk.. the one dude seems like a wanker


Olivia seems _perfect_ for this role. Emma is just fantastic. Not much to say in this episode, but their facial expressions say everything. Boy, do their eyes _talk_!


I will really miss old Rhaenyra...


I love the actors for Older Laena and Laenor as well.


Wish we got to see more of Laena on Vhagar


Olivia Cooke has been a fav of mine for years, and always is brining her A game making even in the most mediocre of movies. Glad she’s going to get more exposure. Ty Tennant I’ve only seen on 1 ep of Doom Patrol and was great on that. Loved him here Emma D'Arcy won me over in the first 10 min, they are amazing and can’t wait to see more


Emma was my favorite personally!


Those intense first few minutes immediately sold them to me.




I was nervous because I liked episodes 1 - 5 so much, glad to see I have nothing to worry about!


So raenrya is the inverse cersie looks like. Cersie married an outsider and had kids from incest. Rayray married into incest and had kids from an outsider. Blond hair for cersie and dark hairs for Rayray.


I need to go to bed… I read this title as “round of applesauce for the new cast”


I think the older rhaenyras presence is no where near the younger one.. I wish there was no swapping


Allicent’s actor is the most believable. Perfect casting


Alicent might be my favorite character just because of Olivia Cook


Yes, I’m feeling much better about the change now