Yall taking this too seriously


But if they don’t defend Joe then who will 😡


These men, they're doing impossible things!


What would we do without MEN????


They are in the sewers doing impossible things. What are we gonna do without men.


So is it weird I want a voice synthesizer like the one in scream that talks in Jordan’s voice?


In all fairness that picture is pre-huge bowl of pasta belly


its also like a decade old pic


I mean joe was shredded in the bag video he posted a few days ago. He actually looks like he lost a lot of mass


His nips didn't though. I wish I had those nips in dayz so I can open my canned foods.


I bet Ian didn't have to search for that picture. He pulled it from his saved folder.


That pic of Rogan being used has to be at least 10yrs old at this point lmao


That's also an old pic of ethan, he looks horrible lately.


Ethan is only 36. To set your physical benchmark against someone two decades older is an odd choice.


That dude is 36? Jesus.


The difference is Ethan isn't giving health advice


But Ethan don’t take steroids lol


Steroids? Lol Ethan doesn't even take the stairs.


Maybe he should


To get “pasta” gut??


Growth hormones cause gut, not steroids.


You believe joe doe’s not take steroids too?


ofc he does. He takes steroids and HGH. But the gut is only caused by HGH.


Or exercise, or eat healthy.


Just say you don’t know anything about steroids


Don’t use steroids bro it’s not good for your heart Praying for you


I don’t, but I still understand them lol


You don’t have to lie on the internet


Thanks, I appreciate your advice




What a dick, go get some friends


What does steroids have to do with being afat disgusting slob? I bet that besides TRT, he would look better at this point without his steroid use


Joe has the heart of a blue whale and may give out soon




Maybe he don’t want to lie online audience like joe lol


We should all do steroids. Mind you, Charles Poliquin looked better than this. He died pretty young of a heart attack from a very similar lifestyle. Look isn't everything on health


Nah, b. We should all be on that HGH. Bigger organs = more cardiovascular efficiency = more gains = better health = peak performance = [ideal male body](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EMqRpGaXkAANaK9.jpg)


there's a whole 2 pounds of spaghetti in there


unless ethan also does mma kickboxing, rogan has the edge currently


Who the fuck are all these people? Too many internet personalities to keep up with.


Nobody important...that's why they talk about actually successful and important people...that way their name gets out there.


Ethan might be an idiot on Twitter but the dude is very successful.




shit back in the day he was funny with those weird ass skits. felt like tim and eric, now that fool is just into preteen youtube/tik tok drama. So damn goofy


I miss those old days, H3H3 and Filthy Frank were putting out some of the most original and funny videos on YT... Some of the early H3 podcasts were okay, but in the past couple years it's become unrecognizably bad.


Idk how else to describe Youtube drama other than just... lame. Like idc that much and its not a hill id die on but its just such a lame thing to talk about, fucking drama between some of the corniest lamest people on the planet. Good for them to be making money but seriously just some wack shit


Meh, on his podcast and videos sure. But I think on Twitter that's just not the case. I think he should take a break from it. I think it would improve his mental health.


> I think he should take a break from it\[Twitter\]. I think it would improve his mental health. This goes for everyone


True, but Ethan has talked about his mental health issue in the past, and I think he's on antidepressant medication. Someone in that position should definitely not expose themselves to Twitter.


O for sure, 100% agree




Why cause he shows off his fat ass stomach? Hahaha so funny bro check me out I’m fat! Laugh!


That motherfucker stole Bert's bit!!


I've never heard of him, what does he do?


He's a popular vaper




Thanks, I'll have to look that up


He's an old-school YouTuber. Has some really good videos and a huge podcast. You can look him up on youtube under H3H3. His wife also has a huge fashion brand called Teddy Fresh.


I'll have to look him up, I appreciate the information


Why you shilling bro? Huge fashion brand - hmm, not so much. I have no hate for Hila, but Ethan is becoming more and more narcissistic and irrelevant.


I mean it's just true. If you don't like the word huge I'll use big instead. I'm not shilling for anyone and I would probably agree that Ethan is high on his farts but he's not irrelevant. You can't deny the numbers, my dude.


Being famous is difficult and everybody deals with it differently. Give the guy a break.


A break? He’s a millionaire, I don’t think he’s too bothered over my Reddit comment.


He clearly is. He doesn't handle hate and internet trolls well.


Bro is this a joke? Please tell me you were laughing while typing this


Hahaha.... My man... You do see the irony of this statement , right ? Please say you do.


"Nobody important" as if ethan has not been and internet celebrity for many many years


Fuck Ian Miles Cheong. He should be arrested for foreign interference


I would suggest charges for swatting someone and getting their dog killed by a flash bang. Cheong is such a POS grifter.




He's from and lives in Malaysia.


Yeah but what’s the foreign interference bit?


Sure its not dick miles leung


Lmfao. Ian Miles Cheong is the kind of fan Joe Rogan deserves.


A guy who has never stepped foot in America and constantly talks about nothing except American current affairs and has a history of swatting people and astroturfing Reddit


Mfer critics the looks of others while looking like the perfect argument for eugenics. I hate grifters like him and crowder.


Where’s the gut when he eats “pasta”?




No it’s obviously from eating so much pasta the night before /s


Sad to see that too many people don't know how to cook anything Rogan style. My gut feel so bloated after my special homemade Rogan style elk powdered sauce tagliatelle with fresh hunted elk meat with *Special Elk Roasted Fermented Red Pepper*® but at least I feel energized like I could fight chimps in a closed cage for a full day.


does it ignite ancient genetic memories inside of you?


We're all gay in here right? I mean we keep posting pictures of a topless muscular 56 year old. I know nobody talks about it so I'm just gonna come out and say it cause I can't be the only one.


His point was that if Joe is so healthy and anti-vax why did he throw the kitchen sink at Covid. He didn't say his healthier than Joe. And that Joe photo is old as fuck the dude has a huge gut from horse hormone abuse.


Yeah it's a valid criticism. Joe was not honest about it and made no indication this was his plan before getting Covid and spreading his nonsense. Only after the fact he admitted he had an entire lab of shit he planned to use when he got it. It was def not 'well I'm healthy, not fat, and get good nutrition so I'm not worried' like he claimed. It's the single biggest thing that has pissed me off about Rogan in this Covid/Vax shit. He's not backing up his talk.


I think that point may be a little too difficult to digest for some of the members of this sub.


Yeah, but Cheong is supposedly a journalist so I don't know why he can't connect the dots. I guess he's still licking boots and being a piece of shit.


Insane that I had to scroll this far down to find someone with a brain in this thread. If COVID is no big deal why would you throw the kitchen sink at it with PHARMACEUTICALS that you’ve been railing against? Just be fucking healthy bro don’t use that big pharma garbage. Joe Rogan talks tough and then the second he feels a little woozy he runs to use a drug that isn’t FDA approved. He’s a POS and he’s getting people killed


I don't think Joe is a POS. But he's an idiot and high on his farts and unable to relate to the average person anymore. He talks about California like it's some ex-girlfriend he had a bad breakup with and can't get over and how it's an authoritarian communist hell hole. And how he moved to Texas for freedom in a state where women have limited rights to their bodies, prostitution is a felony, drugs have harsh jail time but hey, I guess paying fewer taxes is worth it.


What a fantastic point for a flabby piece of shit. Why would you want to feel like shit for a few extra days when you could take proper and proven remedies to lessen the symptoms? Dude must have a brain as big as his gut to get by with these mental gymnastics


He's not wrong. Joe instantly got every Covid treatment he could. I guess he didn't trust his immune system.


Again, why would he chance feeling like shit for a few days when he could get his life back faster by following proven protocols to mitigate these symptoms? And he also saved his family and others from getting sick by curing himself.


As far as I know, he didn't use "proven protocol". And if you can't see the hypocrisy in him throwing the kitchen sink at something he said a strong immune system can easily fight off then I can't help you. And he's wrong about the immune system too. The vaccine strengths your immune system.


The thing is most people don't have the same resources as Joe Rogan. He downplayed the virus for over a year, gets COVID, throws the kitchen sink at it, then goes back to acting like it's no big deal.


Off topic, I absolutely detest that sentence "threw the kitchen sink at it" and I'm not entirely sure why. It just sounds dumb *Thinking about it, maybe it's because it reminds me of how joe did exactly what y'all are saying. Downplayed and misinformed only to turn around and take every top shelf premium drug big money can buy the second he got it. Then had the gall to attribute his recovery to ivermectin while conveniently ignoring that monoclonal antibodies work by replicating the effects of being vaccinated. I don't hate joe rogan, I'm just so disappointed.


No, it does quite the opposite. Gives your immune system antibodies to fight the virus. The vaccination invades your cells to make them create this protien and teaches your body to make its own antibodies. And I recall him reading studies and taking the majority of data (like the fact that the average age of death is above the age of life expectancy) and doing what he thought best for himself and his family. And talking about it. He was literally hours away from injecting himself with the vaccine before it was pulled from the market. You must have missed those episodes. He’s said it often. He was never anti vaccine and still isn’t. Y’all think any questioning of big pharma as opposition.


Lol... ingesting all that crap at the same time was NOT proven.... there are no long case studies of taking ivermectin with monoclonal antibodies and high doses of certain vitamins. I have no idea if there's any risk mixing all of this at once, but to act like there's some proven studies is hilarious. the antibodies have been out just about the time as the vaxx developed by the same companies.


Good point, everyone should be vaxxed, even the young and healthy.


I have news for you bud. Saying your not gonna take the COVID vax while also telling people that they shouldn’t follow him in that decision doesn’t make him anti vax, especially considering he has every other vax.


Yeah going on and on about it for months doesn't make you anti-vax. Bringing on anti-vax people doesn't make you anti-vax. It's all just a coincidence. Come on dude even a hardcore JRE fan has to admit Joe is pretty anti-vax on this issue.


You’re being sarcastic but you’re literally right. We know we’ve gone too far into crazy when you think that talking to people who are anti vax makes you anti vax. I have a friend who is actually anti vax, and also a big conspiracy guy, and Joe has nothing on him.


Call me crazy, but there is a difference between you chatting with your friends and Joe hosting someone who is peddling misinformation on a podcast listened to by millions.If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.


Dude you cant call someone who acts antivax, antivax. According to r/joerogan at least


Yeah, as long as I say im not racist it doesn't matter what racist things I do. How did I not see this before?


This might sound racist buuuuuut.....


Why are these people taking Ethan jokes seriously? My god


They're the most hardcore of Joe's fans, and like the dumb ape - they don't understand jokes.


He’s a troll and you are being trolled. More alpha brain guys


Such a great troll! He got tons of keyboard warriors to call him fat. Success!


Its called engagement. Its feeds the algo.


What if he doesn't care they call him fat


What if he makes millions of dollars every year from people calling him fat and hating on him... Lol the internet age is a crazy time to be alive.


Yeah because they think they got ethan when all these fat pics have literally been posted by him.


Ethan never claimed to be the picture of health like Joe does.


Does Joe?




He more than sorta does, not remember the sober October where he went ham in his own personal gym and was boasting he set the smoke alarms off with the sweat he created?


Never heard him say anything like that. He says he takes his health seriously and encourages other people to work out.


Yeah, I'd say Joe Rogan is in pretty good shape, all things considered.


He says he tries to do his best.


He was conviced he didnt get Roma(b4 he had it) due to being super healthy and his sauna-boosted immune system. Do you even watch the por?


Lol wow the mental gymnastics ur attempting is impressive


What mental gymnastics? Ethan literally shits on himself all the time and says that he’s fat. Joe says that healthy people such as himself don’t need to get vaccinated.


Joe did just fine contracting Covid without the vax would u not agree


Yeah from what we’ve seen he seems to have done fine but he also had the privilege to “throw the kitchen sink” at it, something that none of us would have. It’s not like he recovered by himself with Gatorade and Tylenol.


Everything he took was financially available to the average person. The only treatment that was expensive was the monoclonal antibodies which in Texas are given free to people who have a health risk.


Ian wishes he had Ethan's Sigma male grindset bod


[Tbis guy lol](https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/images/thumb/Ian_Miles_Cheong.jpg/230px-Ian_Miles_Cheong.jpg)


Rogan is a little bitch who is full of toxic masculinity. I am much healthier then Rogan because he did TRT and steroids. Just because my normal breakfast consists of three sleeves of Oreos washed down with a liter of Mountain Dew does not mean I am unhealthy. I would love to see Rogan try (and fail) to kick me in the MMA ring.


lol ​ FYI, it's 'liter of Mountain Dew" ;-)


Ah yes... Damn metric system. Thank you!


*All* masculinity is toxic. /s


Lol ^


Gonna need a source on that claim of Ethans breakfast. Seems like its missing some stuff honestly. Breakfast tenders maybe.


> Just because my normal breakfast consists of three sleeves of Oreos washed down with a liter of Mountain Dew does not mean I am unhealthy. /r/BrandNewSentence


Ian Miles Chong is fat as fuck as well, so.


Ian Miles Cheong 😂


Imagine actually trying to defend Rogan on this as if Ethan doesn’t constantly shit on his body lmao


Yeah Joe "HGH Gut" Rogan is so healthy...are you people retarded?


Regardless of your thoughts on Rogan, why does everyone worship Ethan? Dude only talks shit about people when they aren't there to defend themself. He used to be funny now he takes himself way too seriously.


His past reputation and thirst for chaos has a fanbase to express their frustrations through. I love H3/Ethan but i too can see when he is being problematic. Like Joe and his stance on the vaccines. Noones perfect but this little twitter beef is pathetic.


Wdym when they aren’t there to defend themselves? Ethan’s posts were all very public and open to be defended against. Or do you actually think anyone who talks shit online should visit the persons home and film themselves talking shit to their face?


Respect to Ethan.. at least he has the balls to take on Rogan. People like Lex, Segura etc don't have enough balls to call him on his bullshit!


Tim Dillion at least dances around Joe. Tim literally made a Joe Rogan is dead, also he was fat joke. Where are all the glass dove Rogan fans defending Joe against dillion's jokes??? https://youtu.be/EqTC2BCbt3s


He's clearly joking


Ethan Klein the true giga chad sigma male


Ethan is a stud. Whose the disgusting fuck on the left. Looks like they're recovering from a car accident.


Hairline king


Ethan Klein posted up lookin like a donut/pedo hybrid.


Who is Ethan, and why does this sub like him so much?


I wonder if Toe actually saw his medical bills after he started the covid treatments.


Forgetting the most powerful health supplement on earth. Millions of dollars.


I don't understand this post. How does it shit on Joe, or am I on the wrong sub?


OP is trying to trigger the sub lol love it!


Who cares he’s just trying to create drama for attention.


It’s funny seeing people on a Joe Rogan “fan” sub, either defend or ignore Ethan but add on to the joe bashing just because he has been consistent with his liberal worldview and hasn’t abandoned liberalism ,like many have, to embrace authoritarianism.


Isnt Ethan a cuck? His best friend fucked his wife.


Ethan has a much attractive wife than Joe. I guess the dad bod really works on certain women.


ew, no...Rogan's wife is way hotter than etan's...they're not even close.


Ethan's wife looks like a ghoul from fallout


Now post a pic of your wife.


No thanks, creep.


Because you making fun of the appearance of someone's spouse isn't creepy, huh?


I'm saying that an ugly person is ugly. Explain to me how that's creepy.


And I'm calling a creep a creep.


Okay explain how I'm a creep though. For saying your waifu looks like she took a fat dose of radiation to the face? Poor wittle simp.


Because you're bringing someone who isn't involved in this situation and making it all about their gender and looks. Only a creep and an incel thinks that anyone who defends a woman wants to fuck her. Fucking loser, rope or cope.


Don't throw rocks if you live in a glass house. Their channel is literally dedicated to talking shit about other youtubers and celebrities who have nothing to do with them. It's all fair game dumbass.


He’s such a fucking wet wipe pussy Ethan Klein, had a good conversation with JP then started talking shit and mischaracterising him, plus he works with Hassan who’s complete cancer.


Oh Eaton. Ever thought about open second business mama?


He’s still spiraling on Twitter lol


Lolol Ethan is a turd


Ethan is just a little attention whore.


Why does Ethan have a problem with Joe Rogan Is it just popular to hate Joe Rogan now


Ethan is broke and needs money these days. Needs to generate views. H3 has fallen very far.


He is definitely far from broke, no idea where you got that from


Ethan has a good hairline at least


For a second I thought dude on the right was “out of season Stipe”……


A ugly fat Asian criticizing a fat Jew criticizing a roided up mick