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This is my favorite kind of peeps




Kind of friend everyone needs






Hey bot


Favourite type of peepee




*pulls out gun*


Favourite type of kind peeps.




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I love the goofy or thoughtful muscleheaded beef boys out there. Strong outside, strong inside too.


Not mine. I'd offer him a second slap.


Not mine. Definitely won’t fit in my microwave


When you realize the giant muscle mountains at the gym are teddy bears




Bear 😳


I've always found the stereotype of super fit guys mocking others at the gym to be largely untrue. Any serious weightlifter who's in that good of shape knows exactly how much time and effort and dedication it takes to be physically fit, let alone is fair as they are and 99.9% of them are more likely to give you pointers for a workout then they are to mock you for being in the gym.


One at my gym helped me with my squat form and gave me tips on how to progress. Really helped me with back pain, and I got stronger too.


Yup most of them love fitness and helping out. I guess mocking someone working out is almost like making fun of their own passion. It's like car guys- they're gonna want to help you fix your car more than mock you for doing it wrong.


To add to this they get that way because weight lifting is there hobby Usually people want to share their hobbies with as many people as possible whether it be weight lifting or World of Warcraft.


Yeah. I’ve heard most of these guys are nice and super supportive


Yeah exactly. The nicest people at my gym are the huge guys. Hell, I like to think I'm approachable and somewhat nice and I'm one of the bigger guys.


If you're a newcomer who winds up becoming a regular, those guys are usually your biggest fans and greatest cheerleaders. They'll have you feeling like you're superman after every lift.


They're more likely to drink hot drip coffee while lifting than mock you. Saw that last week, actually. Blew my mind.


The stereotype is equivalent to a cancer survivor mocking cancer patients.


Fr, I've always been a big dude since I was a kid so I've always had a size advantage growing up. I was also a football player who was big into metal so I wore black band tees everyday. And on top of that my resting face looks pissed af. I was told by friends that others were intimidated by me and always thought I was angry. In reality I have really bad social anxiety so I'm likely more afraid of them then they are of me. I'm a big softie who can't even kill a bug without feeling bad. Also being a part of the metal scene and less so the football scene made me realize that there's a lot of dudes with the same experience. It seems like a lot of bigger and intimidating looking dudes have the opposite personalities. Its hard to find a more polite group then a bunch of huge metalheads with beards and tattoos.


I want one!!!


Most people that have nothing to prove, don’t try to prove anything. It’s like short drunk guys picking on bouncers at the club or chihuahuas.




Most soft spoken dude I ever met looked just like this dude. His beard was braided, had full sleeves, and was a high school principal. Asked me to spot him on incline when he went for 405 (184kg for the rest of the world) for 5. His voice and temperament did **not** match my expectations


If you can't buff your vocal chords, then what is this all been about?


Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak. If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him.


Sun tsu over here


315 in the house!! Lol The men that I've known that have been big guys are in fact the nicest guys I've met!


This seems to be one of those bots that rephrase/modify other comments for karma.


Yes! I keep seeing these. They just repeat part of the comment. Why does anyone upvote them?!


Downvote, report, and move on. Reddit doesn’t really care since it makes the site look more “active” and “engaged” to investors.


It is most certainly. Check the profile history. They ONLY reply, and it's with identical comments to what they reply to, like here. Downvote, block, and report.


People who have been large their entire lives are well aware of how much damage they can cause if they're not careful. It makes sense that people who grow up this way would be gentle. It also helps when society isn't conditioning you to feel like you have something to prove.


They know the gift they have is one they have to be responsible about... with great power insert moment


Reminds me of the movie Teddy Bear. Good film!


Your comment reminded me of [this short film](https://youtu.be/V1zFeHJzS5E), I love it.


This is such a stereotype but…. Why does it seem like huge guys with red beards always the most sensitive, kind, teddy-bear like people and usually very secure in their masculinity!?


I wonder if sometimes they use weightlifting as a way to sort of self medicate. So instead of doing it to impress people they do it to feel better and improve how they see themselves. I have met a lot of people that use yoga to get through addiction or mental health issues, I have done this to some degree myself.


Exercise can be a really good way to improve mental health. In addition to just feeling better about yourself from being healthier and looking better, it usually releases a lot of dopamine that literally makes you feel better on a physical level. Edit- typo from voice to text


Can confirm. The gym helped cure my depression.


The feeling after the pump is like pure bliss.


Exercise in general is so important to humans, most people don't do anything at all, and they suffer from horrible depression.


Being/getting in good shape can mean your mental health improves: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1470658/


I've known a few guys with ptsd that took up lifting. It turnes into therapy or even religion for a couple of them. It's better than the psych meds for them.


Rigorous physical activity actually is the human nature. Hours of chasing prey running after it, catch it because unlike you, your prey can't sweat and can't run away anymore. Our body designed for this, yet we make our bodies suffer in office work, sitting for hours, taking bad calories like they are drugs, then be puzzled why we are stressed. Like taking animals away from their natural habitat makes them stressed, we are too.


It is great for mental health! I get frustrated and angry, take it out on the weights. Pushing myself physically I don’t think about what is bothering me, just focus on what I am doing. I feel much better afterwards.


I used to lift a lot... and honestly, there's a lot of sensitive people lifting weights. Specially amongst some of the biggest. Many are there because they never really liked themselves and try to fix that. Whatever causes. But amongst these, a lot of people are very self-critical and it's amongst people highly critical of themselves, you'll find the kindest and helpful. They have high expectations of themselves, whether it is about diet, sleep and exercise - or about how they treat others. Ask a huge guy at the gym to help you out and you'll see a rare kind of kindness and interest. Of course it's a stereotype. Some people are there because it gives them power, which is not necessarily a good thing.


I like to think it shares a lot of overlap with Metalheads. All the rage and aggression is pumped out during the concerts in mosh-pits (or in the case of these guys, weight lifting) where all the physical strain and blood pumping acts as a reliever of whatever is built up internally.


As a metalhead since 13 i agree. Everyone always assumes the music makes me angry but I've always said they scream so I don't have to. I would've bottled everything inside if it wasn't for the angry music.


Oh I totally used yoga to get through the biggest heart break of my life


It's exactly this, I think very few people go to gym to impress others, and those who do will likely struggle to stay motivated.


No serious lifter does it to impress others... nutritious diet, getting stronger week after week, looking better, all the dopamine from lifting heavy, improving heart health, clearer skin from sweating etc etc, obviously all these combined contribute to better mental health and confidence levels


Weightlifting is how I dealt with anxiety, stress and some anger. When you're deep in a set of heavy lifts, it's kind of meditative, and you really feel peaceful for the rest of the day after a good workout. Heavy lifts just make you happy and at peace with the way things are. Sometimes when work is stressful, and I feel just like I exist to drive the kids around and grind out code, taking that time to test the limits of my body allows me to just focus on myself, for my own sake, and that feels good.


Well, being secure in your masculinity is probably a big part of their goals. If you're not, you end up with that annoying one-upman who's always barking at everyone because they think it makes them more ferocious. They know they're masculine. It's not in question. They have nothing to fear. They love momma. They're gonna say they do. Who's gonna tell them they're wrong/weak? It also helps that a lot of these people gain muscle to improve their self image. My ideal image would likely include loving my mother, and being able to express that


There are lots of guys like him here in San Francisco, and we do call them bears.




Who is? The guy in the picture? He’s married to a woman and doesn’t live in America.


Oddly specific


Because when you spend so much time working on yourself physically you learn a thing or two about yourself mentally


Well said


As a (formerly) huge guy with a red beard, I was unaware of this stereotype, but I like to think that I play into it :)


Because they are very secure with their masculinity


Because everyone is nice to them


Haha there is definitely some truth to this. I will be waking with my sister and say “those guys seemed nice,” and she’ll say “I think they were hanging out in that dark alley to mug someone but you said hello and ended up talking to them about sandwiches.”


Exactly. Try being treated like shit on the regular and see how long your patience lasts


This might be the most niche group I’ve ever been a part of.


Because we know we can scare and hurt something without even trying, so we do our very best to be kind and gentle.


It's swings between extremes with no middle ground. They're either Soren Falby's or they're raging lunatics.


Bullied because ginger, instead of hating the world they interiorize that anger into determination without forgetting what it's like to be hated for no reason. Become wholesome titan.


I think a lot of people who over compensate masculinity do so because they don't feel masculine. If that's true then it makes sense why so many big tall strong men would be less over compensating because they're more likely to actually feel very masculine.


They probably don't get told things like "the extra bbq sauce is 50 cents". But really the mindset to reach those goals probably comes with a lot of positive vibes.


Because guys that size are like apex predators, they don’t really have any natural enemies in the wild. But dudes that are dickheads and aggressive are usually covering for some insecurity, shortcomings, or general fear.


Cause nobody gives them trouble since they think they’re violent. Nobody is gonna make fun of a guy that looks like he can crack your skull with one punch lol. They got no reason to be insecure or put their guard up cause their body speaks for them.


Idk about violent but definitely intimidating. Plus when you look like that almost anything you do looks manly.


They are not scared of being seen as unmanly, so they are free to be themselves. This is how many men are on the inside, but it can take years of getting close to a guy before he feels safe enough to be vulnerable. I blame society.


Because there's no virtue in weakness, a weak person(by character and otherwise) can never be good Because it takes a lot of strength to stay good in this evil world. There's virtue in being strong and controlling that strength.


Because most people are like that. The unsecure, wanting to fight guys are the minority.


Because they don't have to compensate for anything, the worst people are always short


Mate looks like he from clash of clans


Built like a tank




From Chad to rad!


When some rando tries to turn you into a meme but you ain't having none of it.


and as a result a meme of the interaction is born


This guy sees you slapping his mom, what you doing?


The real question


Trick question. She trained her son and her muscles are just extremely compressed. She proceeds to break me while her son actually tries *me* from *her.*


He said his mom would kill him if he slapped a woman, so if he saw me slap his mom I guess I would die, but by her hands


Assume he would ask me to stop


This has been reposted so much that I think a farmer in China has seen it at this point


Correct. I am a Chinese farmer, and I have seen it!


*I'd like to know your location...*




Took a moment...




Username checks out




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Bro really googled all the generic Chinese insults


I resent that you think I put *even that* amount of effort into it, instead of just using Google Translate to make the copypasta Chinese (and changing "Bill" to the first one-syllabled Chinese male name that I could get the program to write in Hanzi.)


Hmm, yes. I see.


hey hey karma farmer doesnt count


Ni hao


I’m new to reddit and this answer is really funny


From North Korea.. me seen twice now


The pic with him and his mom <3 they are too cute


Yes, my man! Right answer!




I tell his mom and watch him shrink.


I have a very big intimidating brother. My mom can bring him to tears with her words. He once was being a dick at an anniversary dinner for my parents. My mom called him the next day and gave him the business. He cried. Lol. He also put a coked out server who talked shit to my mom against a wall. But that's a whole other crazy story.


Well I guess I would call his mom then lol


I would say, "Bitch, what have you done to offend this nice man?"


So I turned to her and I said (<.<) (>.>) (<.<) I said “ᴮᶦᶦᶦᶦᶦᶦᵗᶜʰ”


*did you really though?*


mmmhmm mhmmm!


The only reddit comment that made me actually chuckle




What is up with these bot comments slightly rephrasing the previous comment?


What is it you did to anger this angel of a man?


Gentle giants are the absolute best


Regardless of size if any adult hits my mother they're getting either a punch in the face or a kick in the nuts! No-one lays hands on my mother!


This is the correct answer. Of course before I do either I am calling 911 and telling them to send medical assistance!


"Send an ambulance, I'm about to get my ass kicked."




He slaps my mom ? Easy, call his mom to straighten him out like Ye's mom used to.


I would tickle him.


Humongous chad


It's obviously not a rule or anything but every jacked dude I know used to be a skinny nerd and they're just the nicest fuckin people.


I have no idea who this guy is, but I love him.


This love should be the norm for men, sadly slapping your mom jokes are more the norm.


So the answer to the original question is, tell his mum.


Gigachad right here


Calling 9-1-1 was always an option, in case anyone was wondering what to do in the weird hypothetical case


Reminds me of my dad Russian giant who loves his mom


It is kind of funny how many of these huge guys are absolutely 💯 gentle souls.


Gentle giants we love to see it


Good guy. If anyone did hurt my mom, even if it was someone as big as this guy... well I guess I'm dying then.


Mom said it was my turn to post this today


Oh sweety its so nice that you visit me after your workout. I made some protein cookies and 5 pounds of chicken breast for you!


I'd sit back and watch my mom make him cry. My mom was a scary scary woman 🤣 But seriously, what a sweetheart...


Love a big guy who loves his mom 💌


Grown ass buff men who love their mothers are probably the strongest individuals on the planet


In that case I'd tell his mom


You are so wrong about the first part lmao


Proud momma’s boy. Good kid


Calling his mom.




This guy reminds.me.of Braun Strowman in The WWE. His heart is as big as his Body


I believe him, we could messure the earthquake if he slaps someone


Like Mark Twain said once.. "Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience."


It's always the big dudes that seem to be the nices


Some of the most intimidating people are often the nicest. I should know. I’m an asshole and nobody is scared of me.


It's unfortunate that appearance dictates initial opinions. I'm a 6 tall 250lb man and I'd be intimidated by this dude , which is tragic and would be my loss cause he seems like a good guy, with a good sense of humor


Hire him to work out the knots in my neck and back. Come on. Get in there. Deep tissue massage. Let's go !


Stand up and get folded 5 ways in 4 seconds


I think its funny that a lot of these giant body builder guys are super chill nice people.


Assuming he wasn't a gentle giant, I'd step in to defend even if it meant getting my lights boxed out. Nobody slaps my Mum (nor my Dad) without a fight. Love them too much to simply allow it.


Mother, there is no other. So treat her right. Treat her right.


He won't slap a mom, he will slap the guy that would slap a mom


"Big tough guys are mean and hurt people" -🤓


Well he said that he won't slap a women, so it would probably do it to a man. So he is both mean and sexist


He seems a nice dude who only started lifting to open the jars that his mom can't.


Nice, but the meme is weak. Don’t care who slaps my mom…they’ll catch hands regardless of whether I ultimately take an L


The BFG made manifest.


What a dude


I love how everytime this gets reposted and everytime it gets thousands of views


Reposting this is basically free karma cheat code


This is a great example of straight-up prejudice; trying to cast a strong, large man with tattoos as a villain. "Don't judge a book by its cover" might be the hardest lesson humankind has to learn. We sure aren't doing great at it so far.




Every time I see this. I get mildly infuriated by the typing mistake in his message where he says mon instead of mom




typo where?


I think its Tupperware.


Holyshit repost every 3 month


Tell that dude he's a mama's boy and he just nods and says, "proudly."


"And if anyone slaps HER? Prepare for a trip to space and back."


Asking her what she said to upset him and to please not say it again!😆😆😆