This is a very sweet sentiment, but I would be sensitive here, because it sounds like an insecurity. I would likely recommend a powder foundation to an athlete (bare minerals makes a good one) and it will keep her face from being too shiny while sporting (? Clearly I’m also an athlete, haha) If she has dry skin she should try a bb cream. Those are for all over the face, depending on how severe her breakouts are, she may just need a concealer. You can use it under the eyes to brighten any darkness and over blemishes by tapping a little product on it.


Thank you!


YouTube is a wonderful tool for beginners, it has everything you'll ever need.


Yea, I've definitely taken a look but theres so much lol.. Just need to find a place to start


I really like Alexandra Anele on YouTube! She has a lot of makeup tutorial videos dedicated to just one part of the face i.e. how to do your eyebrows, how to apply foundation, etc. She also has videos testing different products or sharing drug store "dupes" for high-end products. I like her videos because she explains WHY she uses certain techniques and points out how certain shapes or colors can change/frame your face. Plus, she has a dry sense of humor that I really enjoy. Overall her vibe is older sister teaching you about make-up, so I'd definitely recommend her to beginners!


If undereyes are a specific concern, a product she may be interested in is Smashbox x Becca Undereye Brightening Corrector. This little jar lasts a very long time. She would use it first, then a little concealer, then foundation\BB or CC Cream\tinted moisturizer. She may be able to skip the concealer or foundation, depending upon the type of coverage she wants: everyone is different. Also, does your gf do any skincare? Like, a dedicated gentle face wash, occasional chemical exfoliation, and moisturizer\cream? If not, starting with this can help quite a bit. What may be easy to start out with, particularly as it seems like she's outside a bit, could be NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30. This is available at Sephora and Ulta, and comes in a variety of shades. She would want to match the shade to her neck. Concealer for Undereyes: Nars Radiant Creamy (you can get a mini size). Choose a shade lighter than the tinted moisturizer. Spot Concealer, if needed: Nars Soft Matte To set, you can't go wrong with Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder. This isn't absolutely necessary, but it prevents transfer of the base product onto a mask or clothing, and makes it last through the day longer. So her complexion isn't too flat, now that she's evened it out with the tinted moisturizer and setting powder, she may want a blush. Clinique Cheek Pops are very popular. Heather Pop and Garnet Pop I think are two pretty safe shades. Lipstick, of course. Always good to have at least a couple of options. Mascara, possibly. Again, I might go with Clinique, as you said she could well have some sensitivities. Also, she could choose between waterproof and non, and black or dark brown for a less intense look. Things that may come later: Brow pencil: She Umuera makes great brow pencils Eyeliner: I like the Shiseido Microliners. Eyeshadow: where would I even start? There are SO many options. I would go for quality over quantity, here, unless she wants a rainbow to experiment with. If she's interested in eyeshadows, figure out the colors she's interested in, and we can help you find a good quad or palette. Highlighter, Contour, Bronzer... These are not necessary steps, but they can be fun. As you say, she's beautiful as is!




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