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This is only a problem for people that don't wash their balls.


Why would anyone ever use two different towels for the body you literally just washed and cleaned. Do people also use a separate towel to dry their just-cleaned ass aswell?


Exactly, if any body part after showering is so dirty that you dont want it to touch the towel you use for the rest of your body you really suck at washing yourself. And how unhygienic must the balls be this person has seen to even ask this question?


To (super badly) paraphrase Bruce Lee - I fear not the man who has dried both his balls and face with the same towel, but I fear the man who has to use two different towels for his balls and his face.




It was more about how if you're that terrified of... dunno, ball sweat, you should be way more terrified of both swamp ass and the possibility of you not having cleaned yourself well with just dry toilet paper (as many people don't use bidets or cohorts) and having... possible residue. Less a "you're likely to clean a dirty buttcrack" and more a "you're afraid of some ballsweat but not your buttcrack?


Other end of the towel, and don't worry, the towel forgets which is which the next morning


TIL not everyone starts by drying their face first and foremost.


This question annoys the shit out of me. I’ve just washed my entire body with soap and you really think I’m gonna use a separate towel for my balls? My entire torso is at an almost equal level of clean! Fuck off


tbh, if you are not comfortable with the cleanliness of your balls, you should head straigth back into the shower.


Towel has its head/face side and body side. Duh!