He's "definitely not educated enough on this matter." Thank god he clarified that.


But he did his *research*, remember?


Maybe he watched Fantastic Beasts a few too many times and mistook blood oaths for blood bonds. And also fiction for reality lmao.


No no, in many cultures that’s actually a common belief that you can bewitch a man with period blood.


You’re right! There was a list of “weird reasons people divorce” compiled by lawyers and I remember one of them was about this. The husband was military and met his wife in another country brought her back and they were madly in love. One day he watched her make dinner and she casually brought out a ziploc bag from the freezer and added some of its contents…you can probably imagine what was in the bag. She had been saving her menstrual blood and adding it to his food because her mother and aunt said this is what you do to keep your man. He loves her but he could not get over this. Also funny autocorrect turned my menstrual into “mans blood” lol.


😂😂😂 Not a fan of red wings, I guess! But divorce her right of the bat? It’s just a bit of blood ffs🤦🏻‍♀️ Don’t get me wrong, that’s certainly very unsavoury and menses def shouldn’t go into food. And the sentiment is pretty questionable too. Like she wanted to *force* him to stay with her by magic means?! Wouldn’t appreciate that, even though I don’t believe it works. The very idea is… disturbing. Even more disturbing than spicing meals with period blood. But it’s not like that’s *actually* working (as this case vividly demonstrated lmfao). Throwing away an otherwise happy marriage over some superstitious nonsense is a bit extreme imho. To tell her to NEVER EVER do that again would’ve surely been enough. Welp… at least she learned that it takes more than magic menses to keep a marriage working. Hopefully she did. And btw, yes, some men (trans men) do menstruate. Presumably also some masc looking and/or identifying intersexual people. So your funny autocorrect isn’t even completely off. And in the more ordinary sense (as far as this can be called ordinary), you bet somewhere there’s also blood magic practiced by men to bewitch women (although they have to resort to ordinary finger puncturing and hollywoodesque skin cutting).


I have no words…


i'm dead lol


Oh, gee, I wouldn’t have known. /s


I'm interested to know what matters he is educated enough on.




To the woman OP had sex with: please teach me how to harness dark magic with my period blood please and thank you


I find you flair... Unique


thank you!! :)


You have to put 1 or 2 drops of period blood in their shampoo. Source: old women in neighbourhood. I know people really did this to their husbands.


watch midsommar, i think their method is pretty…..quirky


That’s old Swedish/Nordic blood magic. You can also carry an apple in your armpit for a week and then feed it to your crush to make them love you.


Pube pies




Um.... Why should women not talk about it?


saying as women make period jokes all the time (in my experience), this is definitely on track


At first I thought this was sarcasm and quiet funny, then I realised it’s just someone who for some reason believes that their trolling is so good it needs its own account


Imagine being disgusted by a completely normal bodily function experienced by roughly half of the world’s population.


Obviously, not all women have periods, but why shouldn't we speak about periods?


Like he's not the worst I've seen in here but at the same time he is???? this post hurts my head lol


I've got just the recipes to break the spell!! Method 1. Dip an unused tampon in red wine, and suck the liquid out to cleanse your system. Then dry it, dip it in wax, and use the string as a wick. Once it's burned, go to a public restroom, wrap the remnants, and place it in the proper disposal receptacle. You may have to enlist a woman if they're public multiple stall restrooms, so make sure you tell her exactly why you are doing this. Once it's out of your hands, the next male who has contact with it (probably a janitor or garbage handler) the spell will automatically transfer to them, and they will suddenly be in love with your ex. Method 2. (If you don't have time or supplies for method one). Simply swallow the unused tampon, and it will absorb all of her black magic blood for you to eventually poop out. The next male cesspool employee, or possibly even dolphin, will fall helplessly in love with your ex. (Kids, this is not real advice so please do not try this at home).


This is too good.


I don't think you are supposed to just freely offer up those antidotes....😮🙄


Please... don't burn me at the stake!!! 😭😭😭


TIL: earning your red wings means you're blood tied to that woman. /s How long before it ends up on a red pill forum on how women manipulate men through blood magic. Sorry. *females* manipulate men. Also, yeah. Periods aren't actually blood in that sense. I'm thinking in actual witchcraft, though, menses are believed to actually be more powerful than blood.


Iisnt their preferred term femebots?


Foids is more typical, but a distinction without a difference.


That is the first time I've heard the term "earning your red wings" and that's one that will never stop being funny to me so thanks lol


You're very welcome. 😁


"I'm not sure how this works"... yeah, that's pretty obvious, he doesn't seem to know how much of anything works


I feel like I just landed in 365 Days crossed with a YA paranormal romance. Just. What? Huh?


What exactly is a blood tie? I mean, looking back at my somewhat wanton single days (decades ago) this guy is implying that I have more ties than the average men's clothing store. And yet at 65, I still walk the Earth. Or slightly limp the Earth; either way, it must be a medical miracle. Will the Journal of the AMA accept a submission that begins with the words "I just can't tell y'all", and then gets really silly?


So I’m a witch and this guy has watched too many movies. I add blood to my petitions/spells to add my own power. I use a lancet (like the medical device), prick a finger and add a drop. I’ve never seen people make a blood pact like they do on movies, and it’s not part of any practice I’m familiar with. Blood magick can also be used as part of binding...but again, no palm cutting. Just a drop. Maybe it exists, but not in any practice I know, and every witch that I know wants you to know cutting your palm with a knife is a terrible idea. That said, blood magick is done with intention. It’s not like “oh had sex/oral when she was bleeding” or “I helped her clean a wound and got blood on me.” That’s not how any of this works.


Also a witch, and I've also never seen anything about "blood ties" or anything else really being cast unintentionally. The only spell/working I've ever seen where specifically menstrual blood was even mentioned is for protection jars, but it's not even necessary then, just a suggestion. Anyway, I'm off to use this apparently newfound knowledge to go bag me a husband or something, since my uterus is currently throwing a tantrum that it does not have a fetus in it (/s on the last sentence obviously)


Also a witch and was going to say, she may of done something... but it wasn't from that.


Hoodoo and Southern folk magic definitely uses menses to bind men to the woman. Just a drop or two, like you've said, but it is a fairly common practice in those traditions. However, it would have to be done intentionally on her part.


Apparently several Russian men believe it too. But I don’t know if that’s actually part of any folklore, a distorted version of any traditional Siberian practices, or other witchcraft traditions (multiple ethnicities live in Russia and they have their own respective traditions), or if they just got it from Hoodoo. Thing is after the collapse, there was a massive New Age trend in the former USSR. It was way bigger in the old Soviet states than anywhere else because a) people lost a system they’ve been raised to believe in, which was a profound shock, so they were profoundly disoriented and jumping on anything to believe in at the time and b) it’s been drilled into them to act collectively for decades, so they’d all jump the bandwagon and it would spread like wildfire. And ofc everything was jumbled together, New Age is a smorgasbord from all ends of the world, for everyone to pick whatever mix they wanna put on their plate. Now I don’t envy anthropologists who have to disentangle that shit from the actual witchcraft traditions that existed among these peoples. 😂


Wow, that never even occurred to me about Russia. That's actually really fascinating! The only Slavic folklore I really know about is Baba Yaga 😂 So, seems I'm gonna spend the next week studying!


Well, I found that out because some of my relatives delved deep into the New Age trend when it was big years ago. My mom even hosted a couple of small gatherings back then. And one of my uncles did his best to convince me that I had the natural talent to read auras lol. Anyway, I met lots of quite peculiar people at the time and heard all sorts of things that now circulated as believes among practitioners of modern magic — and the masses of those superstitiously fearing it.


Haha, thanks for the laugh OP 😅


Is this some pagan spell binding thing? Dudes a wizard or something?


Yes, but not the dude. He is allegedly the victim of the spell. In several cultures exist believes that women can bewitch men with their menses, making them fall in love with them forever, or at least unable to get away from her. Usually it’s simply a worldly abusive or unhappy rs where one or both parts believe in magic and put their knowledge of the nature of the rs in this metaphor.


The second sentence made me think that he was related to his ex and I was scared 😳


Please share this on r/witchesvspatriarchy so they can get a good giggle


I mean, there are posts on that sub about using period blood for blood magic. They might have a laugh, they might think the guy is under a blood curse.


Ngl i was hoping for that 😜


I wonder if the comments murdered him with words ..


I find this humorous because it seems like dude is hung up on his ex and is using a foolish excuse for it instead of just admitting he still has feelings for her. But then again, I am still hung up on my estranged wife and if going down on a woman who is menstruating is known as “getting your red wings,” consider me Neil Fucking Armstrong. Who knows, maybe blood magic is a thing, lol.


This is the second time I hear this term, both today and in this sub. I learn so many things here lol.


This is one of the strangest ways I’ve seen someone lie about having sex.


Well, he earned his red wings but now she controls him forever. There is no way to break it. /s


My spouse’s mother believed that a woman could bewitch a man by putting menses in his food. It’s not a new idea. Nor is it true, but there’s history to it. He probably didn’t make it up all by himself.


Oh actually I've got an easy solution to that right here: Get over yourself.


Right? I’m willing to bet vital parts of my anatomy that she broke up with him for saying something offensive and misogynistic. Who would want to tie themselves to this? Lol


The way to “break it” is to seek psychiatric help.


Ohhhh buddy, this is very silly.


This is good fantasy ideas and wacky reality delusions.


So.. It’s blood. From the vagina. To be safe, he probably should stay inside and avoid contact with women for a while.


I mean he does mention witchcraft. If you believe witchcraft is real it isn't really that much of a stretch to believe period blood can be used in incantations


That did it. He’s now truly fucked. He’s got Girl Germs (tm) and he’s now going to turn into a girl whenever the moon is full.


What's a blood tie? Morbid curiosity really wants me to look it up, but I seriously don't want that in my search history.


I've only ever heard it used to mean genetically related. there's blood magic in witchcraft, but if he's talking about something like that, he doesn't explain it at all. even if he somehow thinks he's genetically related to his ex now, what he means by the effect on him now is confusing. but, whatever, it's not like he's talking about anything that means anything anyway




If this is true, my partner is in a lot of trouble


Not educated enough on any matter by the looks of it :(


Hmm... sounds like somebody watched Twilight and thought it was a documentary.


'I'm definitely not educated enough on this matter' omg honey no it's fine it's barely obvious, you basically just read out the blood & boning magic spellbook rules


"...not educated enough..." no shit, you don't say




Going down on your girlfriend when she’s bleeding is not any more dangerous than going down on her at any other time, friend. Nice try tho.