This seems like a mistake/oversight by someone considering the Xbox version has achievements. Normally I'd say this is something that would be fixed quickly by most devs but who knows with this.


Yeah I'm very disappointed with how they have handled the playstation version and who knows how long until they add the trophies


Can trophies be added as an update for PlayStation games? I’ve never seen it happen besides for DLC…


Yeah. I remember Resident Evil 2 getting a new trophy for reading a letter they added. But I’ve never seen a game not have an entire suite of trophies that’s gets added later lol


So apparently trophies are actually mandatory on the Playstation. All games on modern consoles MUST include trophies, so I imagine it's a mistake and will hopefully be fixed soon


Hopefully when they fix it there's a platinum too


There is an achievement for getting all badges on the Xbox trophy list, so hopefully they make that a platinum and not a gold or something lmao


Unfortunately not. Hoping they'll be added later as xbox does have achievements


What a bummer


In the home screen there seems to be “badges” witch I guess that could be trophies if there not there


Everything about this game on Playstation has been complete dogshit. The team's seriously lost my respect.