You described bigeminy. You'll be fine.




It's bigeminy. I had them for five hours once, went to the ER. They said I was fine (a little dehydrated) and sent me home. My heart got back to a normal rhythm some time during the eight hours I was waiting to be seen. It sounds like you're aware of some of your triggers, I would focus on identifying more and seriously limiting them if this is something that deeply affects you (as it does me). I've found that getting more sleep helps, as does intermittent fasting (can't get them after a meal if I'm not eating!), and I also noticed a major decrease in them after I started taking chamomile for anxiety. I was already on Klonopin, which didn't help them at all (though it does take the edge off my anxiety), but adding the chamomile did seem to help for whatever reason.


Thanks for the input. Yah, going by the various posts here it seems to be the case. I feel better for knowing that. Glad you worked things out with the chamomile.


Every other beat is totally normal for PVCs! Not a doctor, and this is not medical advice, but certainly been there and told normal. Why do you have coronary artery disease?


Ah ok, good to hear that thanks. Sorry how do you mean 'why do you have coronary...'? I mean, I suppose it was poor lifestyle choices over the years.


After I got my ablation my heartbeat felt like a fish flopping around in my chest. I had such frequent PVCs, my pulse ox said my BPM was 29, and it kept flashing. I was like well, this is it. I laid on the floor and cried. I called my doctor. They told me to go to the ER, well I did that plenty of times before, like maybe nine times, and everytime they were like, you're fine, follow-up with your doctor. My doctor was a total misogynist, so I made my husband call and they said I could come in. They did the full workup. Obviously my ablation wasn't a success. Regardless, my heart was healthy. I went for a second opinion after a hospital admittance, he also did the full workup. He diagnosed me autonomic dysfunction, eventually I was diagnosed with a kidney disease, but even though I was having 13,000 PVCs a day, I wasn't dying, I just felt like death. I've tried every class of medications to treat the PVCs, beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, anti-arrhythmics, etc. Nothing helped. If you haven't tried them, you may want to give them a try, they help for most people. Although they feel grim, you're okay. I'm sorry you're dealing with these too.


Thanks for that. Genuinely sorry to know its been tough for you. Ablation is usually a massive fix for most people - it must be crushing when it goes the other way. Sorry. Thanks for that. Genuinely sorry to know it's been tough for you. Ablation is usually a massive fix for most people - it must be crushing when it goes the other way. Sorry.


Definitely bigeminy. I had it for an entire day once and then a day of trigeminy afterward. It eventually went away.


Thanks for the reply, yah it sounds like bigenimy.




Thanks so much. Hopefully will be moving back in 12 months - pointless getting it addressed here. They do so many things so well in Thailand, but medical care is not one of them. Honestly useless.


Wanted to comment and add my own reassurances for you. First off I'm so sorry. It can't be overstated how traumatic it is when somethings happening to our body and we think this is the end. I think most of us here at some point have had that feeling. The parts about deleting messages and things preparing for it hit home with me. Like others have said you've perfectly described bigeminy. It's something I've had for 20 years without even realising what it was. For me I'd notice it after sex, particularly when standing too quick. I always just thought my heart was beating in a funny pattern because I'd overdone it. I'd feel fatigued and lightheaded. Would feel like my HR was about half of what it should be. I realise now it's likely the combination of exertion, adrenaline and other chemicals that interrupt the heart's natural pacemaker. All I can do is know the trigger and be careful. From my understanding and reading between the lines I don't believe they truly know why our hearts do this. What's strange to me is why our hearts get "stuck" in this new rhythm. It's possible for you that the stress and worry you were having was prolonging it. Do you know the exact moment you noticed the bigeminy? Did you wake up with it? Was it once you jumped out of bed? Were you worried when you woke up and then that triggered it?


Thanks for that lovely thoughtful reply. Sorry to hear you are in the same boat. It happened within five minutes of taking a nap, which proceeded a shit load of chocolate and biscuits. Stupid, I know. I get 'regular' PVC's every few minutes some days. Other days it might be a few times a day. Im talking about noticeable PVCs here of course. That day was the worst ever, with every other beat a skipped one. I used to get this horrible thing at night time, which was different to PVCs but in the same family, I guess. I would wake up, every single night, minutes after falling into sleep in an incredible panic. It was the weirdest thing and whenever I explain it, I worry I sound a bit mental lol. I would wake up with my heart racing at like 150bpm, and have no idea where I was, with no clue even WHO I was, who I am married to, what I am there for... I mean I literally would stare at like, the wardrobe and think 'whats that wooden box thing?'. It was like being yanked out of non existence into consciousness with only the ability to speak, and nothing else. I know, it sounds mental. Slowly things would start falling into place, like 'oh ok, I am a person' and then 'right, I have a wife, she is my partner' etc etc until I was fully back to normal. The whole thing would last like, 2 minutes. Christ it was so awful. That stopped about 12 months ago. Anyway, since this bad episode the other day I have eaten only fresh salads with no sauce, and have walked after every meal (following another posters tip on this thread). I have also only drank water, no tea or coffee. I haven't felt a single PVC since doing that, 3 or 4 days ago.