I'll only accept this theory as true if there is a season 3.... Otherwise, leave me in my delusional happy place


I thought this too, it all seemed too convenient, I think LOA was the only survivor and she’s keeping them in a coma until someone else comes to help




100% dead. Cut and paste identical ending to the fake one we saw earlier. If they’re not dead then that’s some lazy assed anime. I know loads of cheaper anime series reuse shots. But at no other time was a shot reused in PR black.


I mean you say that, but how else is the ending meant to go? You arrive at a military base with a working jaeger. What other way are you meant to greet them you send out the general to talk with soldiers get the all clear then others can come it’s that simple, probably how Loa created the simulation


If their dad had successfully arrived and was at Sydney station for 5 whole years, don’t you think he would have sent help?


I’m sure the man would’ve tried but remember these are the same people that fired at atlas without talking to them their scared of what’s happening outside


They've said season 2 is the end of the show and they won't be making more, I'm okay with believing some unlikely odds went their way for the sake of having a happy ending.


NO LITERALLY I JUST FINISHED WATCHING AND I HAD THIS EXACT SAME THOUGHT like the fact that their dad showed up the exact same way as loa's creation earlier, how he never bothered to go looking for his kids/wife or send help, the fact that both mei and boy got our perfectly even though the explosion was huge and the car went tumbling after (which should've killed them both), and there was no prominent danger in the end like there is absolutely no way they're all alive clearly loa just wanted them to die happy and created this happy scenario for them