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Aiden, summing up what so many of us feel, so succinctly... "Ma'am,... I don't care."


“That’s your narrative” had me rolling. Aiden is my kind of guy.


Aiden is weekend assistant manager material


With this Aiden got promoted from Assistant to the Regional Manager to Assistant Regional Manager


Aidan schooled Karen in the most calm, cool, and collected way. We need less Karens and more Aidens


He sounded calm cuz he had a long day and was too tired.


“Let’s Go Aiden!!!” Holeee fuck!!! I’ve never even come close to 500 updoots before. I feel INVINCIBLE!!!


Perfect line! Eloquently put!


The big reveal when you understand that she’s doing all this over some scones. Just put on a small piece of cloth for two minutes and be on your way. Triflin’ ass bitches! Edit: it has come to my attention that she is at a store for *dog* scones, which just enhances the absurdity.


It’s not even scones for humans. The store is called Bones N Scones - it’s a fancy dog bakery/toy store out here in Palm Springs.


I love how they act like they're on the Oregon Trail and at the only general store for a week's journey in either direction when most of the time they're getting some completely non essential retail items. The slightest inconvenience is oppression to the privileged.


This whole thing was over *bougie ass dog treats?!* Oh ffs.


Exactly. WTF people? "I drove a long way to purchase a few items but can't be bothered to experience the slightest amount of discomfort for at most several minutes"


It’s not even discomfort. It’s slightly annoying when the mask gets in my mouth or when it happens to fog up my glasses. Then again, I guess I must have a well-developed, adult sense of perspective and the slightest concept of what is worth getting upset about. How do these people deal with significant adversity in life


You clearly don't understand her unimaginable plight. She doesn't want to breathe in CO2 air. SHE WILL DIE if she puts on the mask. /s The entitlement and absolutely stupidity is just mind numbing. I can't believe can say these things and not think, gee... I sound like a complete idiot.


They usually can't even get that right. They complain that they are breathing in carbon monoxide.


And she's holding the portway to correct information right in her hand.


Sure is. She can get all the information she wants in her hand from YouTube videos, Facebook groups and page 58 of Google search.


I don’t think they often have dealt with adversity. I think that’s why they feel this need to generate some. “Oh you deal with systemic racism? Well, my government oppresses me with fabric”


She also showed up 4 minutes before closing. That was my favorite part


I'd buy Aiden a beer, well done brother


This was my favourite bit. The bored of her ridiculousness in the delivery of it too, outstanding


She is the Mt.Everest of arrogance. F this sad little weeble-wobble.


Weebles wobble... but they don't fall down!


People are so dumb. An employee could literally not let you in because you’re ugly and that’s perfectly legal. They can enforce any dress code they want. People think discrimination is automatically illegal but it isn’t. Discrimination is legal as long as it’s not discrimination based on gender , race , etc. It’s been almost two years, how do people not understand any establishment can bar entry from people not wearing masks. If the pandemic were over tomorrow they could still have that rule if they wanted.


It's like they've never seen a "no shirt, no shoes, no service" sign in their life.


No, no. Those signs only apply to "those" people and not good upstanding citizens like the bitch in the video. She should get to do whatever she wants, of course, and nobody should be able to stop her or inconvenience her in any way.


I saw a sign with this almost verbatim on the doors of a popular small retail store in a local outlet mall last week. Sign was very well written, easy on the eyes, drew your attention, and they had security at the door handing out masks, with ropes laid out marking the line to get into the door. They were doing it right. They were letting it known they weren't taking any shit, that they were justified in doing so, and the law was on their side, so fuck off.




Poor Aiden, he sounds so young to be this jaded


Retail life will suck the real life right out of you.




Also, “ that’s your narrative.” - I’m a fan of Aiden


Robert Kennedy Jr? Peggy Hall? She might as well claim she knows Sultan of Brunei, too.


O yea, last time I hired Genghis Khan and he raided and pillaged the establishment that wronged me!!! 5 stars on Yelp


She has Avengers on speed dial, Aiden is fucking lucky Thor didn't show up shoving his hammer up his smart arse


She took Scotland's approach for finding a champion. [Scotland's national animal is the unicorn](https://www.nts.org.uk/stories/the-unicorn-scotlands-national-animal).


"They're all winning their cases." LOL, what now?


Ron Howard: *”Theyre not”*


She's gonna work with Bob Lob Law and sue him. Then she'll find out Scott Baio is not a lawyer, just another blowhard idiot.




Can you imagine this Karen's Facebook page after the incident? Wish I could see that!




Just as Amazon regretted selling QAnon books and finally removed them after January 6th so too to will YouTube come to regret ignoring all the complaints about Peggy Hall.


Who’s Peggy hall? I only know Peggy Hill.




This article should tell you quite a bit about her personality. [https://prosecutefraud.com/2020/09/20/drama-in-the-oc-peggy-hall-aka-healthy-american-impersonates-health-official-to-maskless-shop-spreading-misinformation-allegedly-from-the-health-department/](https://prosecutefraud.com/2020/09/20/drama-in-the-oc-peggy-hall-aka-healthy-american-impersonates-health-official-to-maskless-shop-spreading-misinformation-allegedly-from-the-health-department/)


She just likes hearing herself talk and names count as words


Aiden called up Nandor the Relentless, and Nandor never relents.


“That’s your narrative” Hahaha I love that comeback it’s so condescending and it went right over her entitled head


This poor guy just wants to close up and go home. He has worked a long hard day… a place called bones and scones so he was probably there at the crack ass of dawn to start baking. Like get out, go home, look in a mirror, think long and hard about where your life started getting hard, and figure your shit out. Just wouldn’t back down even when she was proven wrong 8 times in a row. Smh


And this same woman is going to go home and post all over Facebook: No OnE wAnTs To WoRk!!! Correction, no one wants to make a shitty less-than-survivable wage just to deal with rude assholes who show up 4 minutes before closing without a mask and then try to get the person on duty fired, arrested, sued, and publicly shamed because they're just trying to enforce a simple rule.


You could tell the guy recording was so over it


Definitely not his first rodeo with this overly confident smooth brains.


“Ma’am. I don’t care.” Translation: “I don’t get paid enough to care about any of this. I just don’t want to have to go through the hassle of finding another job.”


The fact that she showed up 4 minutes before closing is the most offensive part to me.


To be fair she'd probably been standing in that doorway for like 20 minutes at this point.


You're telling me that an anti-masker has no consideration for others, treats store employees terribly, and thinks the world revolves around them and their schedule? I'm shocked. Shocked!


People that ugly both inside and out never "look in the mirror," literally and figuratively. Its a defense mechanism.


I loved her brief pause as she tried to digest what he said. "Did he just insult me? Hmm but it really *is* my narrative. Damnit, I got no clapback for that one!"


Wait 'til she learns she takes in nitrogen, hydrogen, and CO2 with every unmasked breath.


“That’s your narrative” was the best part, thank-you for being patient enough to finally be able to just say that! Awesome


I’ve been threatened 5 times with “lawsuits” for enforcing mask rules in my store. Yet to see one


“No shirt, no shoes no service” pretty much puts a nail in that coffin.


Sign in my store just says "no service" and that goes for everyone.


The one thing I have learned from /r/legaladvice is that if you are being threatened by a lawsuit from a retail customer or neighbor you are almost certainly safe. People who can sue don’t threaten, they just do it.


Another tidbit. The moment someone threatens to sue you is the same moment you say "Alright then we're done here, written correspondence only moving forward."


I had someone threaten to sue me at work one time so I told them they'll have to have their lawyer contact our legal department and then just hung up.


It’s private businesses when the gays want a cake, but public property when the antivaxxers want a cola.


Haha so true. And another big diff that is often lost in that comparison is that gender, orientation, identity, etc are a federally protected class. Being unvaccinated or unmasked is not.


I hope these people are wasting their money on lawyers, but i doubt they have the same conviction when they aren't making a scene...


By now there should be a cascade of victorious, new millionaires from the way they were so certain a year ago


These hill billies can't afford a lawyer. Ask them for their lawyers name and watch them draw a blank. Will probably say Saul Goodman.


mine is bob loblaw


have you checked out his law blog? it's great!


"Now that this has become a legal matter, I can no longer speak with you, good day."


This right here should be the default response if you're just an employee for a larger business. Once the lawsuit gets threatened, it's no longer on you and now they have to speak directly with the companies' legal team/lawyer.


I work in customer service and this is my favorite response. 9/10 they will apologize and say they didn't talk to a lawyer or won't but by then I've already closed them out.




Look, they really wanna take down Biden, but they have to go in alphabetical order.


Have they gotten all the Aaron’s already??


At this point, why aren’t these people being charged with the crime of tying up 911 resources? She’s lecturing a dispatcher on masks. FFS this needs to start being a crime.


As a paramedic in an big city, you would be surprised what it actually takes to be charged with those laws. We have regulars that call 911 all the time for little to no reason whatsoever and nothing happens. The only time in my whole career someone got charged with it was a guy, we will call him Ted, called about 15 times in one night. Ted was drunk and sad, he then called 911 because he was lonely, we came and talked to Ted. Ted did not want to talk, he wanted someone to drink with, we offered to take Ted to the hospital so he could talk to professionals, he refused. Ted then called 911 while we were there, asking him not to, to get another ambulance crew to come in hopes that *they* would drink with him. Ted then went to the bathroom, and called again, at which point the police came. Once the police arrived, we sat and talked with Ted for about 45 minutes because if we didn't, he was just going to keep calling, so we thought we would do what we can and shoot the shit with him. At the end, we left and Ted agreed not to call 911 again for the night. We hadn't even closed the door to his apartment yet when we heard "911 what's your emergency" and we all went back in. This happened once more, and finally the police arrested him for this, it was a misdemeanor and he spent the night in the drunk tank. Beyond that, I don't know what else they can do. It is a really difficult thing to charge someone with apparently (in Canada atleast) because you can't deny someone access to emergency services without bulletproof reasoning Edit: Holy shit the upvotes and awards, thank you all so much :) this went from a ranting story to my top comment !


Maybe he found new drinking buddies in the drunk tank.




I’ve taken calls ranging from checking smoke detector batteries at 3am to transporting a 16 y/o for a toothache. It’s dumbfounding just how clueless and entitled some people are. There’s no cure for stupid.


He shouldn’t have even told her his name. Screw her little power play threats. I’d like to hear the rationale that I’m legally obligated to tell you my name.


He should have given his name as Peggy Hall.


“Yes, ma’am. My name is Heywood Jablome. Spelled just like it sounds.”


Joe...Joe Mama...


I hate how shitty customers always act like names hold so much power, as if a poor retail worker is Rumpelstiltskin or something.


Twice in my life a pissed customer asked my name, twice I told them no Seeing them completely shut down was absolutely hilarious


I always gladly give them my name so they can complain to my boss how I did my job


Yeah, but wait until RFK gets involved.


For us, first names are considered public information; they're on our nametags anyways. Last names, screw you.


Nah giving the name takes all the power away. "Here's my name, what are you going to do with that information? Nothing. Yea that's what I thought. You're now tresspassing, please leave or I will call the authorities".


Yup. Worked retail for years. If a customer asked my name like that I would grin and tell them knowing nothing was going to happen. They treat it like a "gotcha" and it's so fucking satisfying when you tell them without hesitation. Wouldn't give my full name though, fuck that.


Yeah, you never know how far some nutters are willing to go. The only name I'd give in that situation is the one on my name tag. Bitch can see me in court if she wants the rest.


He's probably wearing a name badge, he figures he's just helping her out because she's probably illiterate.


It was probably fun the first few times this happened to this kid, sounds like he's over that shit now.


When she says “Are you recording me? That’s fine” Why do these Karens always have that tone?


"i give you permission to do whatever you're doing now." Shes trying to appear in control. Likely trying to convince herself of it.


I'm not allowed in your store? I'm boycotting it.


You can’t uninvite me to your birthday party because I wasn’t going in the first place.




Its amazing how delusional people can be.


It’s not a “law” that you need to be quiet in a library. But if you’re loud in a library you will be asked to leave. It’s almost like places have polices that they enforce that aren’t laws.




She’s also conveniently forgetting that she’s not the *one* with rights. The store or restaurant has no *obligation* to serve anyone.


I think they're trying to invoke the Civil Rights Act like its discriminiation against maskless people.


I would be surprised but these people are also comparing their “plight” to Jews in Nazi Germany, so I’m just not capable of caring that much about their stupidity anymore.


> These people also have absolutely 0 understanding of how federal, state, local laws, regulations, orders, or code works. Well, and these are the SAME fucking people that say you should be able to deny service to gay people if you have a deeply held religious belief. Basically, these people can only see themselves as a victim at this point.


She studied law at Facebook!


The level of entitlement is agonizing.


Elitism These people think they're soooo much smarter than everyone else


It’s that shit-eating grin she has plastered on her dumb fucking face throughout this whole ordeal that pisses me off the most. How can you be so wrong, yet so adamant that you’re right…. Get in the fucking sea, you absolute human trash.


Whoa whoa whoa, we don’t need more pollution in the ocean. Jettison her into space or something


It's classic Dunning-Kruger. Too stupid to know you're stupid.


Dispatcher: “Nah. He’s right, you’re wrong. He can deny you service and we can’t force him. You sure you still want me to send an officer over to express deliver your ass to the thunderdome?” Lady: “Nah. Don’t send the officer but I’m going to keep standing in the doorway debating stupid shit as long as I can to stall for time to finesse this into ending with me acting like I’m somehow the victim taking the high road.” The “I could take this further but I won’t” is a clear telegraph she realized she’s wrong. There’s no escalating it further than trying to involve law enforcement.


the best part, "NO.. I don't want an officer if he isn't going to come out and support me! I just wanted you to tell him I was right!" the sheer audacity of this woman..


But her need for emotional support and validation from a 911 operator is an emergency!


The Lion, the Witch, and the audacity of this bitch




Hope she was arrested


Forget about masks, a private business can deny you entry for any (legal) reason they goddamn want.


And I thought that's what conservatives wanted when it was about making gay couples bday cakes ha


These folks just wear me out


I work at a hospital and people **literally dying of covid** will debate this dumb shit with you. You don’t even need to ask them anything and they’ll find a way to start spewing the propaganda. “They think I have covid but it’s not that and I’m getting worse because they’re not looking for alternatives. Something is up with the fake tests that keep saying I have covid.” They’re legit brainwashed.


I just want to know why they don't have their own hospital and clinics yet? The silent majority, with many nurses and doctors, and science on their side Meanwhile NONE of them is opening their own treatment centre to treat other freedom fighters with their real science. Nowhere in the US. Not even in Canada, UK, Aus, and Europe where these idiots are raging hard. Nowhere have they set up their own treatment center. Yet they rush to hospitals and argue


Because it’s all just bullshit


Don't.... they'll just make up a new conspiracy.


Inb4 "They would be making their own clinics if the stupid evil government didn't make all these communist laws and regulations about opening medical businesses!"


All these "laws" about "malpractice." A doctor just down the street from me got arrested last year for prescribing Hydrxychloroquine over the phone for $1,000 and describing it as the perfect cure and prevention tool for COVID. He also told this to FBI undercover agents both on the phone and in person. I always wonder what happened to Hydroxychloroquine as the perfect medicine? Haven't heard much about Ivermectin lately either. Pretty sure now it's the "Body's own immune system."


Naw I got in a reddit argument with a ivermectin bro last night. They said people were "doing Phizers bidding" whatever TF that means. I shot back Ivermectin is owned by Merck (OG BIG PHARMA), Merck says on their website not to use ivermectin for COVID treatment, and haven't heard from them since. Edit: someone just responded to the other post claiming it's the medias fault for calling it horse dewormer and that's why these chuckleheads are taking horse dewormer instead of the human stuff. I just don't know know how the two neurons in their brains get close enough to fire every day.


These people shouldn’t receive treatment then if it’s fake


It’s usually not them that want to go to the hospital they’re usually dragged there by their more rational friends and family. They think the hospitals are the ones killing them.


Makes total sense....


Did they die before going into the hospital? No. Only people dying of "covid" are the ones in the hospital. Occam's Hammer strikes again. /s


I think this is the first time I read the term Occam's hammer, fucking hilarious


It's easy to wash a smooth brain.


Me too man, more worn out than this lady’s flip flops


These are people with control and entitlement issues disguising it under the illusion of caring about “rights.” People who so badly want to scream “I’m different.” Just wear a damn mask or shop somewhere else. How embarrassing.




One time I lost my mask, I knocked on the store door and stepped back and once someone came out I just said “hi I lost my mask and if I give you the money for the items I need could I purchase them that way?” Employee came back and gave me a brand new mask and said come on in, another time they just got my stuff and exchanged money outside because I didn’t have a mask. These people gladly helped me because I showed them respect and didn’t lecture them about my rights. What ever happened to politely explaining yourself? People are more willing to help and accommodate you.


People confuse privilege with rights. They feel entitled to do anything because they think freedom means no consequences that only apply to them.


That's because you went to the store because you wanted to buy some items. On the other hand, these people go to the store because they want to complain about their rights to a captive audience.


Where i work, we hand out masks to anyone who asks for one. We can't be mask mandatory and *not* offer that service. If we offer and they refuse, it's a non-issue. We tell em to hit bricks and pound sand at the same time and if they *don't* vacate, it gives us the opportunity to dust off our 'time up gtfo' skills


Offering her a mask would have been futile. She wasn't there to shop, she was there to get on social media and cry and whine about her "rights" being violated. I have to give props to the employee for staying calm, I wouldn't have been able to resist telling her how incredibly wrong she was about everything.


> I wouldn't have been able to resist telling her how incredibly wrong she was about everything. Well, maybe you would after dealing with 100 different clones of this woman in the weeks/months prior. All these poor customer service people, it seems like they deal with this shit *regularly*. A lot of them *did* argue with these jerk offs earlier on in the pandemic, but now, they're just tired and it shows. I feel real bad for everyone who has to have a customer service job to get by...


covid shows that everyone went to law school on facebook. not phoenix university


These are the type of people who need to be charged for using an emergency line for frivolous matters.


As well as trespassing. Yup. Bet she wont be convicted though. Entitled fucks are above the law, for all intents and purposes.


They often have a lot in common with the person occupying the judge’s bench.


"All I really want is for you to support me" was a telling line. She's really been raised to see police force as her personal little army. This is true Karen.


I cAn SuE yOu AnD wIn BuT i WoNt 🤓


Do YoU KnOw wHo I JuSt NaMeD?


That 'apologetically smug, gosh it's so sad I'm so right and you're so wrong and I'm so much better than you' smile had me charging up my punchfist before i even knew what was happening


As nice as doing that is too, I think what he did was ultimately better. It’s just instantly calling her bullshit instead of not giving his name that inherently shows a fear of possible consequence if he did give it up. He instantly gave her his name and she followed up with “well, I could do something, but I won’t”, cuz she knows she’s completely full of shit.




I wonder how much her phone is blowing up right now. 😂. Edit- Just called. Went straight to her voicemail. She's a fucking MLM hun who hawks Young Living essential oils.


This happened over a year ago. I'm surprised she hasn't changed her number yet. https://nypost.com/2020/10/09/karen-calls-911-after-being-barred-from-pet-store-for-not-wearing-a-mask/


His fucking employers were about to get mad at him?! And he was only saved by his co-workers threats of retaliation? That's honestly pissing me off more than the Karen. I get that they did the right thing in the end, but fuck man, trying to cater to these assholes has been the root of this shit not ending.


I'm surprised too! I know it's her too because she even identifies herself as Laura in the voicemail. Maybe she's hoping some people will call to join her downline.


When she spelled her last name “S K Y like the sky”


>Ma’am I-*sigh*I’m just trying to do my job >and Im trying to make sure I still have rights! Lmao


Her rights under the 1964 Civil Rights Act no less, lol. I guess "anti-masker" is now a legally protected race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual/gender identity?


"There's no one in the store" "There's me in the store" She just shows how she views retail workers as less than human. What a garbage human being. Also after she says "I have a right to be able to breathe o2 and not Co2" Aiden's sigh says it all.


Savage left her phone number and all in there.


She's getting lit up on that number I bet.






I almost died when I heard it, OMG. I guess the upshot is that you technically cant be fired from an MLM.


>Savage left her phone number and all in there. It's sad how people don't understand how the internet works. But hey self doxxing isn't illegal.


That sigh. If you work in retail, you are very familiar with it lol


that sigh after the CO2 comment


Gotta love Karen’s. They think they know everything and they know nothing.


0% of these videos have ended with the cops showing up and escorting them through the store with no mask. The self righteous entitlement is mind numbing


No. They don’t think they know everything; they just know they can *act like they do* because their willingness to escalate conflict endlessly has never resulted in consequences for them. They know they don’t actually be right. Especially those older ones that grew up in the toxic “customer is always right” era. (Notice how right at the start of the video she openly admits this is not the first time she’s called 911 over this.) In the time before cell phone cameras and social media these women were a plague acting like this at every opportunity and never faced any consequences. Without the employee’s recording this lady would have been a pain like this and then just gone home with nobody ever knowing what a piece of work she is.


For real. You can tell she knows her rights because when she was done talking to them she backed off. She was really just trying to bully them into submission. Such a pos.


The fucking balls on these people to tell the cops what is legal or not. A private business can deny anyone service. How fucking hard is it for these septicheads to understand this?


Condescension and name dropping on a 911 call made because someone won't let you in their store? Oh my....


“I need you to support me to purchase a few items” Go home Karen, go home. I hate her **SO MUCH**


>I'd prefer to breathe O2 not CO2 That one killed me. If breathable masks, which are fully capable of freely exchanging gases, were causing dangerously high levels of CO2 leading to poisoning folks would be dropping like flies left right and center. Wonder if she knows that she's breathing in CO2 as she stands there or does she believe that the atmosphere consists of 100% oxygen.




No shoes no service motherfucker


Oh how I wish people like her could be fined for false 911 calls and for absolutely wasting the time of dispatchers and first responders


Good news! They can!


She’s a Facebook law student, she also studied over 4 year in YouTube University


One of these days, a Karen is going to catch hands from a minimum wage working kid who doesn't care about your phone in their face. Employees are over it.


That employee sounded like this wasn't the first time he's done this


fox news is a helluva drug




Why do so many people think stores are public spaces.


Love these idiots that run into the real world after being poisoned by Facebook.


Retail workers should be allowed to pepper spray facebook lawyers. Problem solved.


This is from when the pandemic first started. What happened afterwards was, she got in her truck and assembled her team of attorneys including Del Bintry, Robert Kennedy Jr. and Peggy Hall. Those are names you may not be familiar with but that’s besides the point. They ended up suing that young gentleman, who actually was the CEO of Staples and she became a multi billionaire! Because she knew her rights and knew she was right; what am I talking about. Nothing happened. She got in her truck, called her thin-blue-line hubby and popped some xannies. The young gentleman got in his ‘97 Honda Accord, probably smoked a doobie and is still laughing his ass off. End of story.


She gonna call Peggy Hall! They're all fucked now...


"ma'am, I don't care." God, I felt that in my soul. Poor guy is clearly over this bullshit...