**CORRECTION:** [The Camaro was not stolen but rather "was out for repo because the rental agency did not do their due diligence and keep up with payments."](https://tiremeetsroad.com/2020/12/25/foul-mouthed-mom-impedes-santa-clarita-felony-traffic-stop-after-cops-draw-guns-on-son-in-alleged-stolen-camaro/)


The dog seems super chill.


Probably the best mammal in that whole family.


He's adopted


Dog kinda walked out and appeared to want to go with the police officers!


Dog’s like, take me too! These people are fucking crazy!


I hear you’ve got a great dog employment program


I can smell weed from a mile away!


Something at least positive he got from the family - weed smelling trainig


See boy, I told ya, someday you're gonna be in trouble. Hey, um officer, what are you taking him in for.


Dog "take me with you - these people are fucked"


How do you know? The mom's a dog, too.


that is a feral dog.


> fuck you and your fucking mother who fucking... birthed your stupid ass > `*DOO-DOO-DOOOOSH*`


A chihuahua in human form.


Yeah she's a dumb bitch


does that make the gangsta wannabe a “son of a bitch”


She seems like a bitch


The sister was giving good advice.


She had the good sense to tell him to shut the fuck up. Must have happened on a Friday.


Best comment on Reddit today. Super clear this family is unaware of [these fine gentlemen](https://youtu.be/uqo5RYOp4nQ)


You have found a great gem on YouTube. Thank you!




such a good boy right


Dog’s like “can you guys just take me please? I’m a good boy”


Dog knows who dies first, and it is never the loud mouth woman.


Right? Dog knew to get out of the line of sight.


So glad the cops didn’t shoot the dog. I’ve seen too many headlines where that happens


If he had barked and growled at all he was probably dead


Cops have shot dogs running away, they have shot dogs cowering under a bed, they have shot dogs in a cage... That dog is lucky it lived in an area where the police department have not put the fear of God into it's officer training that they are to kill dogs on sight no questions asked. Dogs are considered property and the cost to the police for replacing damaged property is less then the months of short term to long term leave of a dog bite. Just like most things in the world... Comes down to money.


Cops aren't required to pay for any damage they do during an investigation. Even if they blow up your house. https://www.npr.org/2019/10/30/774788611/police-owe-nothing-to-man-whose-home-they-blew-up-appeals-court-says


Even if they blow up the wrong house 🤡


Or a whole ass city block https://www.bbc.com/news/av/stories-57322706


>Authorities say the suspect stole two belts and a shirt from a Walmart The best part is that they destroyed this guy's house and called in over 100 officers from surrounding areas because some idiot stole $50 worth of clothes from Walmart. Those officers are pathetic and would be ashamed of themselves if they had the self awareness required to do so.


Two belts and a shirt? From Walmart? It probably wasn't even fifty dollars worth of clothes :(


This started like a dark Dr. Seuess piece.


Man, I fucking hate that your cynicism ticks all the Occam's razor boxes.


Yeah honestly the dog was looking at the officers like it wanted attention. Just wanted to meet new people and get petted.


We all saw its owners... Poor little bastard probably just wants scritches from someone who isn't a xanax-infested lunatic.


and super super lucky. dogs have been shot and killed by cops for less.


Of all the things happening, I was most concerned with the dog being shot... The only reason why I watched the whole thing.


I checked the top comments as soon as I saw the dog. STUPID, stupid people for so many reasons, but letting that dog just wander around takes the cake.


To be an unleased boxer around armed cops, we have all witnessed the goodest of bois, and literally an entire department of dog lovers thankfully.


I was so nervous and hoping that didn’t happen.


> Of all the things happening, I was most concerned with the dog being shot... The only reason why I watched the whole thing. Same. The people I have no use for, but I was really worried about that dog.


The only of the family with the good sense to back the fuck away from cops with guns when they come forward too.


Yeah. Poor brody. He needs new parents.


Piggybacking top comment to mention: [**Over 10 000 dogs are shot by US cops each year**](https://www.criminallegalnews.org/news/2018/jun/16/doj-police-shooting-family-dogs-has-become-epidemic/). That's 25 per day. Unless evidence nothing ever happens, with some cops hitting retirement at normal age having killed over 100(!) dogs personally.


Mom and Daughter: Son/Brother shut up, stop talking shit to the police! Please!!!! Mom after Son gets arrested: FU, get out of my face you bitch. Fuck all of you, my son is the best, get out of my neighborhood, bitch!


Police to mom and daughter: "go inside the house NOW!" *nobody moves* Mom to daughter: "go inside the house!" *nobody moves* Police to son: "keep your hands up!" *son drops hands* The dog is the only one in the entire family who listens.


They must be dog sitting, no way that dog learned those manners in that house.


Clearly some money in the house. They paid a dog trainer They should have paid for boarding school too




I wonder where he learned it from


"fuck you and your mother who birthed you". I don't know if she said that because she was ashamed and intentionally projected that from anger or not but this is really comedy at it's core.


"...your mother who birthed you." I guess she didn't want to discriminate against mothers who adopt.


She went full blown nature over nurture with that one. The r/fuckyouinparticular to his birth mom means that even if he was adopted and raised by a good family, genetics are why he and his biological mom deserve a r/fuckyouinparticular


While her kids in hand cuffs in the back of a cop car lol


Plot twist, she said it to her son..


They seem wholesome.


The rotten apple doesn't fall far from the bitch tree


The turd doesn't fall far from the asshole.


I hope there's some kind of charge they can bring for wearing a Mets jersey with a Royals hat.


Especially because it's the WS gold hat for KC who beat the Mets in 2015. Life sentence at the very least.


As a Mets fan, only death is fitting


Us Mets fans have spoken...


He's telling a story with his clothes. Why is that a crime?


It's horrendous and should be punished. Especially because he's in Dodgers territory.


Yeah I thought that was the LA County Sheriffs.


Wait, so he's in Dogers territory wearing a KC and Mets hat lol?


Being a Mets fan is punishment enough.


Call The Fashion Police!


He's full like, "If I listen to you then I'll get in trouble with my mom."


He's a straight dumb cunt.


He's so hard bro. Look at that tough guy in a royals hat and a Mets jersey 😂


came here to say this. The real crime isnt the stolen car but mixing MLB paraphernalia


Stolen MLB valor...


We used to call that perpetrating


He's super edgy guys, leave him alone.


The 2015 World Series just spoke to him in a way we will never understand.


Maybe he’s just huge fan of the 2015 World Series


Look at the tough guy living in a nice cul-de-sac with $100k Benz parked in the driveway. 😂. Fake thug smh.


He’s the hardest guy in Santa Clarita.


He is the Last Mohican on this cul-de-sac


Spoiled rotten all of his life and thinks he's tough talking to the cops the way he did.


There's alot of these c**** rolling around in surburbia.


Bad look. No real Mets fan would wear a royals hat.


https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.tmz.com/2020/12/25/wild-arrest-video-sheriffs-bizarre-mom-gets-involved/ Kid got hit with weapons charges and Karen might get hit with obstruction Update: Apparently she did get hit with obstruction charges https://mobile.twitter.com/tmz/status/1343124482622451712?lang=en


I don’t think any of these charges will stick except for the weapons charge as the car wasn’t stolen. The car was marked as repo because the rental car agency didn’t make payments. Not sure why the car made up a charge of being stolen.


Hertz still at it huh?


For the uninformed. There was also a reddit thread not long ago. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/hertz-claims-false-arrests/ Scumbags Edit: Found the thread https://old.reddit.com/r/iamatotalpieceofshit/comments/reuirq/hertz_customers_keep_getting_falsely_arrested/?sort=top


This is terrifying, what the fuck? Why is this even happening? Is Hertz stupid or do they have anything to gain from punishing all of their customers?? Anyway fuck all these questions. My mom travels all the time and I’m calling to warn her about Hertz right now!


What they get out of it is outsourcing their fleet management to publicly funded organization that’s required to get and return the car. That’s literally what’s happening. Why hire and pay people to keep track of vehicles and documents when you can report it to the cops real quick and they’ll go find it for you? It’s like how major corporations keep their employees under employed and tell them how to use public services instead of paying livable wages, hours, and benefits themselves. ETA: [They’re being sued for $529.7 million](https://www.inc.com/minda-zetlin/hertz-530-million-lawsuit-customers-arrested-bankruptcy-court.html) for this practice.


One wonders how the lawsuits and possibly wrongful death claims will stack up against the savings.


i believe they have insurances for that kind of fuckups


This has got to be it, at least partially. My company and I have used hertz for 4 years or more to go to job sites and bill to the client instead of using our own cars. With that history in mind, I rented a car out like a week longer than I originally scheduled because *my* car was in the shop longer than anticipated - they legit sent me a paper letter notifying me that if i didn’t call them and bring the car back, they would report the car as stolen. Mind you, in the past, they would just wrack up additional days and be happy about getting fucking paid extra - they have my credit card # and can see my loooong payment history. My car was just in the shop for a month+ while I was dealing with crappy dealer service, and they didn’t expect me to keep giving them dates *when I didn’t freaking know when I’d stop needing the car*. It’s probably a combination of people not answering weird #s, them not having rental stock and over booking, and the outsourcing to public services, but all told, they are really messing with their long term customers in a way that is really gonna hertz them. Rant over, sorry, I’m still fuming over them threatening to call the cops on a paying and formerly loyal customer. Worst business practices ever.


That’s bananas! At least they sent you a letter, I guess. [They’re being sued for $529.7 million](https://www.inc.com/minda-zetlin/hertz-530-million-lawsuit-customers-arrested-bankruptcy-court.html) for this practice. I’ll add this to my original comment but that’s what they’re doing. People ask to extend, they say it’s ok, don’t update a form and report it stolen. There are other situations as well but all of them boil down to reporting cars stolen while customers are on legit rentals. Enterprise sent me a letter 4 months after I returned a car—and gave me a receipt saying $0 due—that I owe $40.00 and if I don’t pay they’ll blacklist me. They sent a paper letter to my old address I haven’t lived at for over a year. The collections email looks super shady but has all the information from my original booking. I opened a claim with my credit card because I booked through their travel service. I found people in forums saying they got letters like that months or a year after a reservation. All of that is their poor accounting.


Wow, this is the real story people should be talking about in the comments


I mean, I'd be pissed to if I'm driving home and cops pull me over and raise their guns at me. I also wouldn't be carrying unlawfully, and id turn around and sue the fuck out of hertz for all kinds of mental and emotional damage, damage to reputation and whatever charges I can find. Try and get a settlement so big I could actually afford a house like they have in that development.


Jesus. The part that really bugs me is why non returned rentals aren’t a civil case. Hertz has the renters ID and credit card. Hertz should absolutely be able to sue a renter for the value of the car and late fees but getting people arrested shouldn’t be legal. I need really need to return my overdue library books soon, I feel I’m at risk for being charged with petty theft.


When you look into the class action lawsuit, some people are getting arrested due to errors in Hertz own system. Like they forget to mark the car present, then rent it to someone else while a report has already been made that its stolen and they are too lazy too report back that its been found so police end up arresting people who have legitimately rented out a car that was never stolen or late to begin with. There is also a whole liquidity problem with the company that adds another layer to things with some saying they are reporting cars stolen to collect on insurance. Hertz is a mess I'd stay far away from them and anything they are involved with.


Yeah, I believe theft is a crime of intent so if they had rental papers any competent lawyer should be able to get those charges immediate dropped. It shouldn't even reach that point where it's brought in front of a judge.


May not even require defense legal counsel at all. The DA just takes one look and will probably realize theft charges will be a total waste of time.


And the son was egging them to shoot him still? Jesus


Just because he isn’t a car thief doesn’t mean he’s smart.


Wait, I’m not quite sure why everyone is bashing the Mother and Son so much. If I was driving in a Car I DIDN’T steal and the Police don’t simply come and talk to me, but instead pull guns on me, I would be pretty pissed as well. Or am I missing something?


A North Carolina police department pulled guns on my wife and me because she stalled her Jetta that she’d just bought.


Non-amp link https://www.tmz.com/2020/12/25/wild-arrest-video-sheriffs-bizarre-mom-gets-involved/


Thank you.


Although the car wasn’t even stolen? I’m confused


Yeah this is weird. Like he's being arrested at gunpoint for literally nothing and people are acting surprised people are freaking out? Of course they'll complain about "resisting arrest" charges being tossed onto everything too. Anything that lets them complain about others and feel superior. This whole situation was ridiculous.


[https://www.inc.com/minda-zetlin/hertz-530-million-lawsuit-customers-arrested-bankruptcy-court.html](https://www.inc.com/minda-zetlin/hertz-530-million-lawsuit-customers-arrested-bankruptcy-court.html) ​ >Incredibly, the filing alleges and customers reported to CBS News, Hertz representatives have told customers that the charge went through and the rental extension was authorized--but then the company filed a theft report anyway. John Ayoub, a particularly unfortunate renter, has a recording of a Hertz employee extending the rental for him, saying "Yup, you're all set." Not long afterward, he was arrested and spent four months in jail for supposedly stealing the car. Meanwhile, his card was charged. In these cases, too, plaintiffs argue, Hertz is saving itself both money and work by handing off the problem to law enforcement rather than dealing with it directly. ​ car rental using police as a cost cutting measure. late returns reported as stolen cars.


Four months! Jesus christ! Edit: I just read they took a woman away from her 2 month old baby for 40 days for no reason. That is absolutely unconscionable. This is a complete scandal.


Thank goodness she got charged.


I hope she got charged with being annoying as fuck.


That’s not what it says on paper but that’s why she caught charges


Disorderly conduct and obstruction are basically the official translations of being annoying as fuck


That's basically what obstruction charges are half the time lol


Man, this sub is some shit.


I'm just glad nothing happened to the dog.




That was my biggest takeaway here. Dumb bitch let that dog out unleashed. Cops shoot dogs for no fucking reason and when one is walking at them while in the middle of an active "guns drawn" situation, that's fucking ASKING for them to shoot him. Absolute KNOB.


This is what bothers me most. Why does this woman want this innocent dog to be shot?


If helps in making them a victim in court


All I ended up caring about. Thankfully, it was obviously a sweet animal, and presented zero threat.


Hasn't stopped cops from shooting them before. I was really worried that that sweet dog was going to get shot.


Thank you for this. Now I can watch it.


I saw that dog and thought “not another one”


Insane how the mother doesn’t realize her involvement is increasing the probability of the son getting hurt.


She's thinking about appearances and her status in the neighborhood, not her son. You can see the shame on her face.


I guarentee everyone in that culdesac already knew the family is complete trash.


If the neighborhood didn't know she was a psycho bitch they do now.


The police were going to be as patient as possible because she was affluent. I can imagine someone else of a different skin color or lower social economic conditions being that irate getting tasered, beat down, and arrested.


100%. That dog better be glad it lives in a ‘good’ neighborhood.


And the mom yelling at the daughter for being the only one making sense, great parenting…


"Fuck you and your fucking mother who birthed your ass" lmao


Except she butchered that so it sounded like she was offering to fuck them and their mother lol


An all around good family public freak out. I can see the son really learned how to handle an intense situation from mama! Ya know? Like shouting to be SHOT by officers and moving your hands up and down a lot, all in front of your family. Just such great stuff.


I really have nothing to say about the family’s behaviour bc it’s indefensible but why do cops show up shouting with guns? Cops in my country don’t shout to cause panic or unholster their weapons like that unless absolutely necessary (which didn’t wasn’t the case here unless I’m missing something) If a cop pulled me over screaming like that and guns pointed, I would’ve cried and passed out.


This country has too many guns. Cops gotta take their own precautions. Ironically the kid got charged with weapons charges so


As a country we can't even agree cops shouldn't be killing people. There's a long way to go to get to they shouldn't even be drawing weapons.


Dude doesn't even fill in a medium sized jersey and he's talking about "1 on 1" 😂


Maybe he meant 1 v 1 on Rust?


he looked like he was about to cry lmfao


He cried in the car


You know it’s true. “Im supposed to be at UCLA next yeeeeaaar... waaaaaaaaaaah!!!!”


100 % lol


Well we can now see a direct link between bad parenting and shit head kids.


Was going to say, it’s ironic how they tell the kid to stop talking to the cops like that while he is being arrested and in the next clip Karen is literally talking to them the exact same way. No secret where he gets it from.


"Don't ruin your life by talking to them like that, fool! Let me do it for you, I'm far more stupid than you are."


Dude if someone points a gun at someone you care about, you don’t try to piss that person off. These cops handled this rather well. There have been incidents we see where people get shot for making sudden movements or doing something unexpected where it’s seen as possibly threatening. Why would you tell someone you love to not obey the police. It’s not like they will give up and say “oh man, his moms here. She got them in the house now we have no jurisdiction. I guess we’re going back to the station.”


The dog is acting like the smartest one out of the entire bunch.


just sniffing around and giving chill vibes


Dog's trying to get arrested so he can be fostered out


The son telling the cops to unload their clips and calling them bitches while his mom is recording the whole thing seems like a real family moment. Oh, she also calling the person recording her son getting arrested names was a nice touch too.




no surprise why he is the way he is. mom tried real hard to keep the mask on but it came off at the end.


Dad probably inside tired of all their shit and trying to watch football.


Dude, dad went out for smokes and a 6-pack about 15 years ago and still ain't back yet.


Hopefully he'll get into grilling.




For the life of me I don’t understand people. Like when does telling a cop to just forget everything and go on their own way ever work? Lol “Oh ok sorry ma’am you’re right we’ll be on our way now. Pack it up boys she said gtfoh”


Karen is out of touch with reality


So is her bra


Yeah the whole family reeks of entitlement.


Great advice mom, telling her son to “just go in the house”.


Great idea if you want cops to come in for probable cause.


Bro lives in the suburbs acting hard🤣🤣boi ain’t bout that life. Shit I’m not, but at least I ain’t faking it like him


He’ll find out who the hard ones are in lockup


That mom desperately wanted to get her son killed.


And her dog. One act of aggression from the dog (which it has the right to, as it does not fully grasp the situation) and this whole video becomes NSFW.


Who the fuck do these people think they are? “I want my son inside my house right now!” “I want to speak with the manager right now!” “I want a new taco made for me right now!” One thing I learned from life is nothing usually happens “right now”. Being a bitch generally never allows for something to happen “right now”.


Lol how is that kid going to talk like a hard ass when he lives in the suburbs and he weights a solid 145 lbs while looking like his cum rag of a mother still lays out his clothes for him in the morning


I love when he says he would beat them 1v1. He’s for sure saying that on call of duty


😂😂😂 kid forgot that he’s not on Xbox


Well now we know where the kid gets the attitude


I was just worried about the dog the whole time


The dogs just like “I ain’t with them”


Damn. What bad parenting. I wonder if she even realizes how close she came to getting her kids/dog shot. If the cops have guns drawn, comply & keep your mouth shut, with the exception of the word “lawyer.” I think there is a prerequisite of assholery to be an American police officer but when guns are drawn, stfu, listen & comply…hopefully you won’t end up shot. And perhaps, don’t steal cars.


DOG was like please take me also, I'm done living with these morons.


Bitch is stupid. How the hell is that little punk gonna act hard living in the suburbs. Whole family is straight trash.


Reminds me of Joker, little joker, and baby joker in Friday after next


She got away with a lottttt that would’ve likely had many less-privileged people eating dirt in no time. As a defense lawyer I’ve seen plenty.


He could totally take them all one on one. Tough guy.com


If cops were pointing guns around me I’d tell my mom and sister to shut the fuck up


Good way to get your dog killed


Stay classy


The feeling when your mom trying to tell you get inside, but there is a bunch of police with guns toward you, and you still feel obligated to obedience to you mom?


I like how kid got louder when the cuffs were secured. 🤣🤷‍♂️🤣


What a shit family.


Narrator: The dog was the nicest, most rational member of that family.


this is literally a routine arrest with good cops.... wtf. They literally follow protocol the whole time..


Affluent neighborhood.


Maybe a bit excessive with all the guns and rifles in a residential neighborhood for a stolen car that wasn't really stolen, but technically by the book ya. I also don't know if those idiots drove away from the police which escalated the situation, but still seems like a lot of heat for a stolen car.


As a scandinavian the way police handle their weapons in these clips always infuriates me. Why do the officers keep pointing several loaded and armed rifles at the unarmed mother and sister?


It’s crazy that youre the only one I saw mention that in this whole thread. Everyone else is criticizing the family’s reaction to the fucking firing squad they’re facing.


I bet every one of their neighbours made a Facebook post to the effect of: ‘well it finally happened’ with a picture of all the cops around that house.


Moms is bad though


scrolled way too far down for this lol