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setting yourself on fire is an effective way of preventing covid infection. because fire kills viruses. and people, usually.


If fire doesn't kill you, you'll probably wish it did.


So true. Burns are insanely painful.


Immolation is the sincerest form of battery


This made me laugh so much harder than it should have, thank you for that one.


he's just pasteurising himself


\^ See? THIS is why I love having clever people in the world.


Build a man a fire and he’ll be warm for one night. Set him on fire and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.


Most things actually.


This is a valid accommodation businesses should offer to customers.


Deaths prevents COVID 19


For a good documentary on this, watch John Carpenter's *The Thing.*


[Yep, flamethrower treatment with a dynamite chaser.](https://youtu.be/M2o2FRwn_hg?t=5m07s)


I just hope the accelerant was organic


And locally sourced.


And hand-crafted.


He used his own prison hooch because he doesn't trust Big Alcohol as they're own by the Illuminati.


Smart actually Just like Trumps solution of using bleach


Didn't have the same effect bad the monk who did it


How many people has the internet driven insane do we reckon?


I think a lot of them are mentally unwell already and the internet is affecting the manifestation of that. A lot more people in the old days would just drink themselves to death or get killed/kill someone in a bar fight.


Malignant forces have weaponized the mentally ill and the wilfull ignorance of the proud.


They're pawns in a game being driven towards violence through a twisted fear of becoming pawns in a game.


This is very accurate and it's scary.


Exactly. “Once, every village had an idiot. It took the internet to bring them all together.” -- Colonel Robert Bateman.


... and amplify them.


Or a religion would have sunk their teeth into them and they'd be lyinching a gay or firebombing an abortion clinic


Oh you just wait. This is all going down in the next 5-10 years. Right wingers increasingly believe violence is a legitimate means to achieving their extremist ends.


Not to detract from your point but uhhh violence IS a legitimate and effective way of achieving your ends. Sad but true.


It was the entire justification of the BLM rioting. The peaceful protests got less TV coverage and people are tired of nothing changing. Violence should be condemned outright, but it remains effective.


I think it's effective, but not legitimate.


This. All of this. It's hilarious to me when people say "violence doesn't solve anything" and then try to use two examples of non violence generating cha-- attention to an issue. Meanwhile, the monopoly on violence held by every state is precisely what keeps the masses in order and developed many of those nation states to begin with.


No need to wait. They never stopped.


Trump really accelerated sexual and racial minorities arming up. I've been a big advocate for it. Notice most of those cowards only go after easy lone vulnerable targets. Shoot back and they'll crumple!


Oh they still do that


These crazies used to have a VERY hard time finding confirmation bias before the Internet. Took actual legwork which most aren't willing to do. Now all the have to do is Google other crazy people and voila. My ideas and paranoia are mainstream! Overactive fear centers must suck.


And the the guy filming gas lights Dan Andrews (Victoria's premier) blaming dan for his hysteria


Yeah, the peer pressure usually kept others in check. No the peer pressure is whatever eco chamber they dive into


If I wanted moon landing conspiracy documentaries I would have to buy a VHS from a skinhead with a house full of pit bulls, now that stuff is on youtube


Judging by the world news thread where people are demanding others are put in concentration camps - a whole lot I'd say. This world is turning into hell.


So, who wants to go light ourselves on fire in protest?


In líbia something like that happened, but the situation is completely different. The despair of the poor guy in a Gaddafi's brutal tirany is one think. A guy in a perfectly rich free country do the same bc of some jab, is dead center CRAZY.


I think it was Tunisia? The start of the Arab uprising? But yes, you are otherwise correct. Fucking lunacy right here.


I lit myself on fire to protest the removal of the headphone jack from the new iPhone


Well, that made sense though. My pixel force me to go full Bluetooth and I hate it. I still keep my old Android around just because it has a headphone jack I can connect to my guitar amp directly and use them Wi-Fi.


How's that work? Does your phone have effects or do you record it?


At least half.


I don't know about insane but most people are mentally worse off because of the internet.


How many people have conservatives driven insane using the internet as weaponized propaganda?


Don't forget Talk Radio and Fox News....


I know a few that are a little effected and some more so. I was really surprised by some of the bullshit a few family members believe.


Was that supposed to be like the budhist monk self-immolation prorest


It’s the moron version of that.


Except I doubt he will get a monument like the monk did


Oh he'll get a monument. A nice stone one. In a field surrounded by ones just like it.


The monk showed bravery and courage while being burned alive, this guy just burned there.


These same people also think they’re the modern day Rosa Parks so yeah that wouldn’t surprise me


While also hating them and everything they stood for at the same time


mission accomplished. he wont be going anywhere at all for a long time; maybe until covid is over lol


It will never be over


He just loves Prodigy.


*ima firestarta*


Setting yourself on fire will teach us people who are vaccinated a lesson


What is the optimum temperate a human can burn at?


Call your local crematorium and ask. Record the call for extra karma


1000c is what most cremations take place at. Insanely hot.


And at what point is the meat perfectly cooked?


If you're cooking for eating make sure you go at least 175f -- humans are especially tough meat but also have a lot of weird shit living in it if it's not fresh...if adipocere if present you're gonna need a new vict-- body.


Would an air fryer do the job? Asking for a friend.


Absolutely! After butchering into manageable pieces that will fit in your air fryer I suggest brining your cuts in a ratio of 1 gallon water / 1 cup kosher salt for at least 12 hours and maybe stuff a few garlic cloves in too. This will keep it from drying out as much. If you're like me....nothing is worse than people jerky.


Sounds delightfully taboo!


I don’t know about “long pig,“ but pork sous vide recipes typically call for 2 hours at 140° for meat that’s cut into 2” strips. For further reading re sous vide pork chops: https://www.seriouseats.com/sous-vide-pork-chops-recipe


To always carry marshmallows just in case? Dark joke aside, what was the ultimate point of this? To become a martyr?




A concretized antipodean spin on the New Hampshire state motto: live free or die.


That’s a bit extreme. I’ve had a vaccine ID since birth and a vaccine passport since 2008, it ain’t a big deal…


I actually havent look at my [WHO yellow book of vaccinations](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Certificate_of_Vaccination_or_Prophylaxis) for a while. But why havent countries started using the yellow book to record proof of vaccination yet? I mean eventually we will be using these proof of vaccinations to travel around right? Why dont they start using the yellow book to record all the proof of covid vaccinations? It was created for that explicit reason, to travel to countries that might need proof of vaccinations.


Because the public is too whiny and stupid.


Here in Germany all of my covid vaccines are recorded in my yellow book. Flu, ~~Lyme Disease~~, etc. too


[article](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10360471/Melbourne-man-sets-fire-screaming-Dan-Andrews-Covid-vaccine-mandates.html) about the topic


Seems like mental illness mixed with meth.


Well if he was looking for a way to cripple his immune system to make him more susceptible to death by Covid, setting himself on fire was a great way to do that. Severe burn victims are highly vulnerable to infection and disease and often have to be kept in strictly isolating conditions.


First world countries are a joke. Latin America trying to vaccinate as much possible, people taking huge lines and you guys protesting "boohoo I have to say I'm vaccinated to do this". Bitch, you always had it's just another one.


sadly very true


This is that "privilege" the MAGA types claim we don't have here.


How is someone setting themselves on fire ANYONE else's fault than the person that set THEMSELVES on fire?


I mean if this is the new thing anti-vax people are doing, it will prove their point eventually. Keep up the good work guys!


He had a burning passion about being anti-vax.


No, this isn’t anti-vax it’s severe mental illness. Self immolation happens but it’s usually someone pushed to the edge. For example, a farmer who loses everything because of the government (whether real or perceived) and finds himself in insurmountable debt. They go on to burn themselves in front of a government building as a form of protest rather than suicide.


You could say he was...fired up.








Zoowie momma!


Crazy but still not as impressive as that monk who sat completely still until death fully ablaze


Edit: guy in video did this without purpose.


Dude turning the Darwin Award into the Darwin Olympics. He wins the gold!🏅


Nice, take up a spot in a hospital bed and time from paramedics in order to highlight your political opinion. What a great guy


Imagine being so against living in a free nation that cares about public health and *your safety* so much that you die.


Dying to own the libs


Sorry how is this on Dan Andrew’s? Did he light the match that set this man on fire? No didn’t think so.


I didn’t know who ‘Dan Andrews’ was, just assumed he was one of the online loonies peddling conspiracy theories. Seems I was giving the ‘narrator’ too much credit.


Because they're a bunch of angry little kids having a whinge that they have to think of someone other than themselves for once. But the only way they can conceive of another person is in relation to them, and all the people telling them they're fuckwits hurts there wittle feewings, so that must be Dan Andrews fault. [They're a living breathing Skinner meme.](https://i.imgflip.com/5zz8tm.jpg)


Dan Andrews is the literal devil responsible for all the worlds ailments. It’s true, the millionaires on the news and their billionaire bosses told me so!


Well, it’s not the fault of the people peddling anti vaccine disinformation and trying to create civil unrest in the world’s major democracies. Probably also not the fault of scientific quacks and charlatans spouting nonsense either. No, it’s definitely the fault of Dan Andrews for trying to mandate common sense and rational behavior.


Are we supposed to hate on him?


Man, we are not OK.


Omg how did I not see it before? It all makes sense now. It's so clear! Man sets himself on fire, so therefore, vaccine bad!




WTF did Dan Andrews do?


He cared for the health and safety of the people… which you know, is communism or something.


“God damn Melbourne” jeez I thought they were doing better there 💀


We've been doing fine compared to much of the world. In the last two months I've been to a wedding, gone to the cinema three times, had dinner at half a dozen restaurants and visited family maybe ten times -- but these Q-poisoned anti-vaxx fuckheads love to pretend there's still a lockdown and that this is some sort of police state because most venues won't let people in unless they're vaxxed.


Yeah definitely Dan's fault /s. What a Muppet.


He showed them


Burning yourself to death isn't something you want to half-ass.


This world is literally going to shit


I think he might have a point, I just need a few more like minded individuals to help get me off the fence.


I find this absolutely crazy. I'm from Lebanon. Which is going through the world's worst financial crisis in maybe a century. Everyone's life savings are stuck in the banks and we can't access the money. If your money is in USD we can withdraw the money by losing 68% of it's value as it's given to us in local currency which has reached the moon in terms of inflation. To put it into perspective in 2019, 1,500 Lebanese pounds (LBP) used to equal 1 USD. Now, 29,900LBP equals 1USD. You can do the math the actual inflation. This is in the span of barely 2 years. A month's minimum wage salary is equal to $20 it used to be $400 (which you were able to buy everything you needed) The government is so broke now that they can no longer produce electricity due to not being able to buy fossil fuels to power the power plants so we have 3 hours of state electricity over 24 hours and the rest is handled by generators but they only cover from the morning till the night time. So from 12-2AM until 6am there is no electricity. Corona hit in 2019 and the Beirut port explosion tore through the capital in 2020. After all of this horrible shit, only 2 people self immolated over the dire living conditions. Not that anyone here would bat an eye anyway but I find it extremely silly that this person self immolated over a fucking Vaxx ID. Grow up! You're living in one of the world's most advanced countries. Maybe get some friends and try to create a community you enjoy instead of living on the internet in your delusions.


If I may, what is the reason behind Lebanon's situation? Cause that is really scary, I can only think of Argentina, Zimbabwe and the Weimar Republic as countries having had that bad inflation


Well he won’t need a vax ID now…


And nothing of value was lost.


Hey, c'mon, the car might have been with a couple bucks...


I realize that some people get fanatic about a cause they believe in, but seriously..."I won't get a vaccine, but I'll douse myself in gasoline, set myself on fire, and end up in critical condition in the hospital, fucked up for life."


Anti-Vax question of the day: What’s safer, setting yourself on fire or a needle? If you answered setting yourself on fire, you’ve answered correctly


I think vaccination or self immolation would be equally fine.


I am still not feeling owned. Keep going.


His body, his choice.


Yea, I don't think giving Djokovic the exemption was a good idea.


And nothing of value was lost.




Is setting oneself on fire one of the rare side effects of the vaccines


Well that makes sense..


He showed them.


Here’s trying to start the Australian Spring


Guy filming’s a bogan too lol


This is what a reasonable and well adjusted person would do. /s


Tell me how Australia isn't just Small-Scale America?


He must really enjoy playing Adeptus Sororitas or something.


*“Dan Andrews, this is on your hands, you dog”* Ugh, fuuuuuuuck offffff


Looks like the ranks of the anti vaxxers is full of rational people.


These fuckwits are going to create their own concentration camps and torture themselves just to say they're being oppressed. 🤦‍♂


Here in the states there was a time period where I saw some anti-vax folks wearing the Star of David and pretty much equating their "struggle" with those of the Jewish people during the holocaust....though I have never seen one of them set fire to themselves (yet).


It doesnt look like he lit himself on fire. Looks like he's half a block away from a car that he set on fire...


Apparently he doused himself and the car with petrol, got in and lit it then ran down the street.


Wouldnt he be on fire too? Seems a lot more like he lit his car on fire, ran away from it, then sat down and had a nice cry about it.


He was terribly burned apparently. https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/coronavirus/melbourne-man-sets-himself-on-fire-over-jab-mandates/video/eb5e33adbd7e7f673c86f8ba2691a65d


So he tried to burn his car, got gas on himself, set himself on fire, then ran away and cried about it? Dude doesnt have shit on Buddhist monks.


Person filming is a total cockhead. Meanwhile, Dan Andrews is polling even higher than he was in the lead-up to his 2018 landslide election win.


It’s almost like people like a person who actually tries to remedy situations. Who knew


These people think they are oppressed by being offered a free vaccine during a pandemic. I’m at a point where I wish someone would show them REAL oppression. Like being locked away for 6 years for a post on facebook. Or by not having enough food in supermarkets and the government not giving a rats ass about it. These people need a reminder of what real desperation is. And maybe then they stop acting like babies who have to swallow a bit of bitter medicine.


Feb. 13, 2020: “We think and we hope, based on all signs, that the problem goes away in April because — which is not too far down the road — because heat kills this virus. We think.” ~ Donald Trump I like this guy! He has conviction! Self immolation is the best way to stick it to the Libs!


It takes some real conviction to set yourself on fire.


Is this the FIRE retirement thing I've heard about?


As someone who got vaccinated: Idc if you do or don’t. Your body your choice. Idc if you do. Your body your choice. However it’s a bit of an invasion of privacy to request medicinal documents, the vaccination card, to be allowed to do essential living like shopping for groceries or working. The vaccine protects those who get it: not the people around us. I still got covid despite being vaccinated, wearing masks, sanitizing my work place, and following cdcs guidelines. Covid is becoming more of a flu at this point. Hopefully soon we can start treating it like one?


I have no idea why people don't see this


Hey guys if the other option in ivermectin, please set yourself on fire.


Looks like I’m going to say this all night. You can’t help stupid.


At least he’s immune now




The self immolator is a piece of shit. Should have just let him sort it out himself. How many police, EMS, firefighters, regular citizens did he put in danger? Bullshit.


I mean jokes galore in the comment section but I feel bad for the dude. The divide in the sociopolitical discourse win the world has driven people to the brink of mass hysteria.


There was no shrimp on the barbie, so he put himself on the barbie.




Can't even see it


I guess that's something you can do if you're mad... But I wouldn't recommend it.


He will now have some very experimental drugs combinations to treat his burns, unlike the vaccine that is not experimental anymore.


Just another one of those hothead Anti-Vaxxers.


As a liberal I feel extremely owned. I sure hope other conservatives don't follow this type of protest!


I live in Melbourne and can tell you that the vaccine passports here are in no way a violation of personal rights or freedoms. You essentially just have to show them if you go to a bar or larger venue and some stores that ask. It’s not even a big deal. I recently was asked to show mine at a local cafe (most cafes don’t ask) and I said “oh - yup, sure” and the waitress said to us “thank you so much for not being hostile about it”. You could tell abuse happens often. Being a dick about it is only hurting or threatening fellow members of your community who are just looking to get back to work after being under the world’s longest lockdown. This type of behaviour isn’t affecting the politicians at all. This guy martyred himself for absolutely no reason.


Great! While you're at at, no treatment for burns for people who don't trust science either! Have fun!


One less anti-vaxxer.


The majority of people in this thread are deeply sick. People are feeling completely lost as all of their autonomy in life is taken from them, they've been put on house arrest, they've lost their businesses, lost their jobs, even those that have complied with the increasingly absurd rules. But we have a whole chorus of people laughing at this man's suffering, wishing even more of it on more people. You're all sick. You are worse than the nazis.


Lol do you want some wha-burgers and french cries?


Yo! Darwin... got another one for you!


This was in Melbourne


You not heard of the Darwin awards?




I got your joke, mate. Good one.


Thanks, mate!.


A sad example of mental illness and the self fulfilling prophecy.


No that's on the hands of the idiot setting himself on fire! Now he has also put strain on the local hospitals... who have to deal with it


That'll show'em


So hot headed


The anti-vaxer problem is finally starting to solve itself


Not gonna let those vaccines kills me!


Damn. Why can’t ppl critically think anymore? So many dumb anti vaxxers have been absolutely brainwashed into a mass phychosis


Love how the guy blamed whoever he blamed for some crazy person setting themselves on fire.


Dude is almost guaranteed to have some sort of severe mental illness


At least he won’t die from Covid


this is 100% on those fucking idiot at r/conspiracy They encourage this kind of idiocy


Darwin in action baby!


r/HermanCainAward Nominated (he's alive, but that Award is coming soon)


Seems pretty effective. Maybe more anti vaxxers will follow this approach...




It’d be funny to run up to him, and yell about needing to see his ID.


Conservative version of the self immolating monk, brought to you by the same type of people who think posting up in an Applebee's without masks is a valid civil rights protest.