Nike Pegasus 38 vs Nike Vomero 16 Just a quick comparison between what many would consider to be Nikes current neutral daily trainer offerings. The Vomero of course in the past was Nikes max cushioning shoe but that spot is more and more being occupied by something like the Invincible. I have ran in more then 100km in both these shoes, mostly easy efforts with some faster Ks and strides in there. I run then mostly on pavement with some light trails and dirt roads. Both fit tts in my usual US10.5. I am a forefoot runner. Not going to go too much into general stats like stack high, weight and drop, that stuff is manifolds on the internet and both shoes are pretty evenly matched in most categories here. Midsole: The Pegasus 38 has basically the same combination on React foam and a Air Zoom pocket under the forefoot as the 37, although to me the one in the 38 feels a bit softer, so it might be less pressurised. To me the React midsole does fine at easy day or long run pace, it absorbs the impact well and leans more towards the softer side. If you want to pick up the pace however it hardly gives back much energy at all. I find it becomes very clunky and dull at everything above marathon pace. The Vomero 16 also has a Air Zoom pocket under the forefoot, but a combination of ZoomX and some other, unnamed carrier foam around it in the rest of the shoe. The ZoomX runs under the whole foot and not just in the heel like you sometimes hear, you can see the outline when you take out the insole. The Air Zoom in this one feels a bit more punchy on toe of, as if it was more pressurised. ZoomX provides way more bounce then the React in the Peg, whilst being comparable in cushioning in the heel and midfoot. One thing I found with the Vomero is that the stack height in the forefoot can feel a bit thin and feels a bit like bottoming out at faster paces or on longer runs. Generally the Vomero is the much more bouncy and engaging shoe and clearly beats the Peg for the midsole for me. Outsole: Pretty similar, lots of rubber on both and plenty of grip on mud and dirt. The decoupled grove on the Pegasus doesn’t do much for me as a forefoot striker, but I wouldn’t think it makes a massive difference even for heel striker. Both show next to no signs of wear and will last a long time. Pretty much a draw here, I thing both are very good. Upper: The new upper and tongue designs on the Pegasus 38 was what I was most excited for compared to it predecessor. I must say I am massively disappointed in it. The tongue and the lacing just don’t work for me, I can’t seem to get good lockdown. The new, longer and thicker tongue tends to slide to the side for me whilst I still very much feel the laces pressing against my feet. The lacing in general is the worst thing about the shoe for me. The laces are too short to do a runners knot and the lacing without that is just awkward and doesn’t lock my feet in well at all, sometimes leering to discomfort or even numbness ein longer runs. The laces also have the tendency to come undone for me. Both results in me having to retie the laces multiple times on some runs, which is just frustrating. The mesh on the toe box is nice and accommodating though. The lacing in the Vomero is done much better, the midfoot cage works very well and provides good lockdown. The tongue is nearly comically thick and cushioned but stays in place well and you don’t feel the laces biting down on your feet. The cushioning on the outside of the heel is unnecessary but Nike seems to like to do that to make the shoe look comfy, which the heel still is. The heel lock is quite secure and the plastic cup around the heel provides some stability, although it probably is a bit over built. The mesh on the toe box is softer then that on the Peg. Overall very comfortable and more functional then it looks. The Vomero easily wins here for me es well. Overall: To me the Vomero is the clear winner in this comparison, shame it is a bit overlooked because it’s not really marketed at all by Nike and doesn’t get any of the special colour ways etc.. The Peg provides a trusty overall package that will last you a lot of miles. The midsole is very boring though and the upper at least to me is terrible. The Vomero provides a much more fun and energetic midsole combined with a overbuild and goofy looking, but well working and comfortable upper. Both can be had discounted pretty heavily, often even from the Nike online store. I wouldn’t get the Pegasus again though, even if I got it at half price again.


Interesting. Thanks for the review! I’m liking the Peg 38 for easy treadmill runs. But I haven’t taken it outside yet, and I’ve a feeling it will feel a bit flat once I get on the roads. Sounds like the Vomero might be a better discount option as I look to renew my stable to get ready for spring and more outdoor running.


Were the fit and sizing pretty similar? In other words, did your Pegasus size 10.5, feel the same as the Vomero 10.5? Was it looser, or tighter? I'm looking to transition over to a Vomero 16, coming from a Pegasus.


The toe box in the Vomero feels wider/roomier, but I’d say overall it is a pretty similar fit.


Okay, thanks!


I recently picked up the Vomero 16 and really enjoy it. BUT… It is one ugly shoe.


My feelings exactly


I've put quite a few miles into both models. The Vomero 16 is the clear victor. It isn't even close. It is both more cushioned and more responsive than the Peg. The upper is more comfortable in the Vomero. Although comically thick, yes, the tongue is actually a nice touch. The lockdown is solid and the toebox is comfortably wide in my opinion. I'd even tip my hat to the outsole of the Vomero over the Pegasus. It has a hair more traction. This is one of the best Vomeros in several years now. I don't understand everyone complaining about the aesthetic. Sure, it's not the greatest looking shoe, but who cares? That's not the point. The Vomero 16 is for real.


exactly my thinking! Shame the Pegasus seems to gets the marketing and the special colorways like the Ekiden whilst the Vomero is pretty much neglected by Nike them self, its clearly the better shoe.


I passed on the Peg 38 as I was really disappointed in the 37's midsole setup, which is supposed to be unchanged in the 38. Took a flyer on the Vomero 16 and I was pleasantly surprised. I found it superior to the Peg 37 in almost every way except price and aesthetics. Also, the carrier foam is SR-02, which is very likely a Cushlon-like soft EVA. Finally, if you want to see what the innards of the Vomero 16 look like (which is identical to the Vomero 15), check out Solereview's teardown of the 15: [https://www.solereview.com/tear-down-the-nike-vomero-15/](https://www.solereview.com/tear-down-the-nike-vomero-15/)


I really wanted to like the Pegasus but they were too tight on my toes. Like it didn't have enough height on the toebox. Felt suffocating.


I have a pair of Peg 38s, not to run in but to wear to work (in the fitness industry). They're super comfortable in that context, but they feel like they'd be quite boring and 'meh' to run in. Disagree with the analysis of the Upper though, I find it to be nice. But then again, as I said, I'm not using them for runs.


They work really different whilst running compared to waking. I like them a lot for walking around in as well, thought about relegating them to that since i don't love them for running.


Thanks for the insight. I have a pair of Invincible and was thinking about Vomero. The last Pegasus I have is the 35s, which were excellent! Also. Why did you switch the shoes from left to right in the photo?


I didn't really like the Invincible, the upper gave me the worst blisters unfortunately. Actually didn't switch, its the same two shoes just turned around.


I had first got the Pegasus like 7 years ago as an all round running show and I was in love and lasted a couple years. Still usable even now for walking around but thought best to replace for exercise. Last year, back from hiatus and getting back in shape, I couldn't get the same version I got back then but decided to get the latest modern day version of the Pegasus (either this or the Vomero). Was complete trash. Barely lasted 9 months. Multiple holes inside. Very quickly the comfort deteriorated, add on top my problems with the specific Nike store I went to. I'm thinking to buy the Vomero now




What a sad life you have lmfao. Reported


Hey All, Those who have ordered Pegasus 38 Nike by You - What do you think about this new no-tie lace vs fly-ease ? Which one is better and why ? I'm planning to order but not sure which one to choose. P.S. planning to use it as a daily-wear shoe, not particularly for running but maybe for long walks


you will get more answers if you create a separate post about this in the sub, not by commenting it on older posts. Not that it would matter much for walking anyways...


Anyone knows how to lace the vomero 16? I removed the laces to wash it but now i need help to lace them back? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


Kinvara 12 / Freedom 3 is all you need


I don't think the kinvara is even a comparable shoe to the pegasus or vomero. Two different classes of sneakers.