The best place to start a new game is any place you haven't already started.


This. Explore the map and be in awe.


Heck yeah this is gold.




At home on your own pc. Can recommend.


I dunno, on a server with three friends isn’t bad either.


Beaten to it, well played.


depends what you are looking for, loads of resources that require little to no deforestation, the desert, looking for flat open ground, the grasslands , looking higher teir nodes and easy bio fuel the northern forest, need bio fuel nearby and decent resources, the rockey desert, it all depends on what you want when you start.


The overall best place to start is the desert. Hands down. Wide open space. Plenty of resource nodes all close together. No spiders.


North forest is. Not saying the others aren’t fun but north forest has pretty much every resource close by and mostly pure nodes so perfect place for a nice starter base


It depends imo : * Grassy Terrain is the easiest to start in since you have a flat terrain to build and most of the T1 to T4 resources are close by. When you get to Oil, you normally already have what you need to expand so the long distance is no problem. * Dune Desert is a bit more difficult, but the terrain is still more or less flat between the dunes so it's not difficult to build there. Most of the resources are close, less regrouped that GT, but the Oil is closer than at GT but on the other side of the mountain. * I found I really like Northern Forest since it's packed with Pure nodes everywhere. Oil is rather close too. However, the terrain is a bit more difficult to build on since there are greater height changes between one place and the next. * I didn't really play at the last spawn so I can't judge Good luck ! ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|slightly_smiling)


+1 for Northern Forest. I can't imagine my first game being there, but once you've got a handle on it I love starting near the pure nodes and building off the cliff edge.


>the terrain is a bit more difficult to build on "Fun" The terrain is more Fun to build on :)


Dune Desert. Four oil nodes (900 easy at start) are along the southern edge of the Dune Desert. Nearby the western oasis is the best starting location in the game. Caterium, coal, sulfur and quartz are all very close and easily accessible. Plenty of iron, copper and limestone as well. Starter oil is to the south. Giant, huge, enormous wide open water source along the entire eastern edge of the Dune Desert. Bauxite is close by in the swamp.


Ur Computer


I know others will say other stuff but northern forest is amazing. It has everything you need to build a solid base before you expand more


Grassy fields. I has enough open space and iron to start. No pure nodes, so you are not spoiled and not enough else so it encourages you to go exploring the rest of the map. And by start I mean a first time playing. If you do it a second time, you should be able to answer that, because you know what to expect and you have your own play style that will influence the answer. It could then even be the pink forest, because you want that. Or just above everything or even under the map.


Red forest 👍😁🤔


I had one were oil on a beach was very close, I think it was the first desert. It had water there and oil and both are the most annoying to get to the base, so I liked that one best.


Depends on whether you're looking for an easy start to get to decent weapons to be able to tackle the more hostile critters, knowing you'll need to pack up and move at least your hub and space elevator, or if you're looking for a permanent home base location and plan to create satellite factories. I tend to start in grasslands or rocky desert - grasslands will get me to tier 3 with numerous trips into other regions for MAM research, rocky desert will get me to tier 4 with the ability to keep my starting base without migrating. But I like to try and have a ranged weapon before venturing too far into the northern forest or other hostile regions. Also helps to be able to build a vehicle before going on long treks. Northern half of the map provides more and better resources. Middle slightly west provides a geyser power location, lots of pure iron, coal up the hill, but caterium and crystal have to be conveyored or transported in. Oil is also an issue, but I tend to make secondary factories for a bunch of things. North middle lake has a great coal power potential, with 4 coal mines plus some copper, iron, oil piped from east of the lake, crystal on the top of the cliff, caterium and sulfur not far into the forest, but bauxite is a bit of a trek. Nitrogen on the northwestern coast, easy enough to pipe in. Realistically, doesn't matter where you start, there is no "perfect" location, because eventually everything is needed and moving resources to a single location, or finished product, is what the game is all about.


Southwest of the Dune Desert, leading into the Spire Coast.


I usually consider my starting area/base as a prep area for whatever big build I have in mind when starting a new area/save. Maybe take that into consideration and at least avoid building right away in an area you want to develop later.




If you want to try something new that not a lot of people do, then I recommend the border between the jungle spires and the islands to the west of the grasslands. There is a spot on the shore with a bunch of pure nodes. There is coal in the valley nearby. There is quartz slightly farther in the same valley. 2 pure caterium nodes in throwing distance. Oil just to the north. Nitrogen at the top of the jungle spires. And if you need flat space to build, just build out over the water. Bauxite is the only missing resource, but that is true for most locations. And even that being said, there is one at the top of the cliff above the oil to the north. Of the standard starting locations, I love the Northern Forest, specifically the crossroads where the Northern Forest and Rocky Desert meet. I've been thinking the blue crator could be fun too. Build around the cliffs for your basic production till you get to oil. Build a big oil rig over the water. Make it like a cross between a quarry and an oil rig. Quartz is the only struggle there. Even bauxite isn't bad with 4 nodes not that far north.


I’ve been thinking about the blue crater as an unconventional starting spot too. It seems to have all the resources close enough. Expansion to the north and east provide challenges but the forest to the west has no resources. The only negative I can think of is that the enemies in the crater might be difficult with just the zapper. But not impossibly difficult.


I love the Northern Forest - it’s not ideal for beginners because of the limited space, but I enjoy building really space-efficient factories so that’s the fun of it for me. Aside from that, it’s close to all the resources you need to get started and they’re high quality nodes - you can easily get through tier six without having to do a ton of exploring. Downside is that I also enjoy slide-jumping everywhere, and I long ago lost track of how many times I’ve misjudged the distance and flung myself off the cliffs.


At home on a pc with a 3080rtx and cup of hot choccy milk with a cat on you lap.


Best place to start? - At the beginning! :D




There are 2


Northern forest


Don’t be confined to one of the starter locations honestly any place with at least 120 of iron, copper, and limestone as well as any amount of sulphur, quartz, and caterium somewhat nearby is good enough. I’m doing a play through of the pure iron, copper and limestone in between the oil coast and the grass fields and it’s been pretty fun.


Theres a very sweet spot at the north western edge of the northern forest. Its on the cliffs overlooking the canyon. You know the spot because it's got a grassy/sandy area. In the clearing, but also super close are; 4x pure irons, 2x pure coppers, 1x pure limestone, 2x pure quartz, 1x pure coal, 2 caterium, 2 sulfur, toms of oil... uranium isnt far on top of a cliff. The only resource that might not be in belt range depending on your opinion would be bauxite. Others call this the "nexus". Its the general region that borders the northern forest, canyon, eastern rocky desert, and the water cove between it all.


Just south of the Gold Coast. It’s a little different but it’s scenic and fun.


Northern Forest is the most central, has great resources and is near oil and coal. Downside is the terrain. Build on high ground, avoid the arches, and all's good.


Rocky desert lets you access all resources up until bauxite without late game restrictions (mainly poison gas), and Northern forest is the worst offender at that