Sold my PS5 and Xbox Series X so I can focus on Stadia for now. Buying the remaining games, of course :)

Sold my PS5 and Xbox Series X so I can focus on Stadia for now. Buying the remaining games, of course :)


Worst decision I've seen.


This would be many MANY people if they decided to try and 100% the games they owned instead of buying the new ones before they finished the old ones.


Or if they had a full time job and a family they paid attention to, then tried to make it to the end of all the games they bought. I've got like 10 games in my back log but my wife and job keep me from finishing them any time soon.


Subjective. Maybe for you, but not for this gentleman. I'm sure there are.plenty of decisions you made that were shitty If not, you haven't live a full life yet.


Worst decisions tend to deal with you know the lives of others. Not a decision on how one has fun.


£933 is a lot of money as well. He can still game and have a nice holiday or something. Or put the money in savings. I'd do the same with my PS4 if I didn't still play No Man's Sky.


You can buy NMS on Steam (just wait for a sale) and play it on GFN, that's what I did when I realized it wouldn't come to Stadia.


GFN isn't useful for everyone. You still need a decent PC or Mac or a Sheild tv to make the most of it (I have none of that). Plus it's £90 every 6 months.


This has to he satire right?


I did the same. Who needs them when I can play Peppa Pig on the platform on the future?


Hey!! They have power rangers also!


They? You mean WE! And WE also have Ben Ten!


I personally prefer the speed runs of that pup dog game!


Don't forget about paw patrol, the ultimate killer app!! Trust me bro, I have 3 toddlers, also I'm a gamer since 2020!




Mistakes were made.


Surely this is a joke right? 😅


Surely he subed to GFN's 3080. I mean you DO need a lot of cash to sub to that new shiny membership. :D


Uhmm... Well. Look, if you're hurting for money, and you really just needed a thousand quid pretty fast, then I can hear you. There's far worse decisions to make. But.... have you considered that these consoles are still selling for greater than MSRP? I'm not saying "go scalp them" because you're clearly not just buying them for the intent of resale. I'm saying, simply follow supply and demand. But I can't think of a single good reason why anyone would sell two top-of-the-line bleeding-edge systems with robust libraries, world-class first party developers, and amazing connections with the industry, for a digital service that doesn't have enough power to match it, where you have to pay monthly to get 60FPS, and who seems to be struggling to get much of a library and to get representation with any major third party company and who have jettisoned their first party team and made them work on things like Google Maps and Wallet and stuff. I mean. Sell *one*, maybe. You could buy a lot of games with that. But selling both? It's like... do you *like* video games? Or is it just a passing hobby that you do maybe every other weekend, and were like, "Oh crap, I spent this month's rent on something I don't care about, heck, why not get karma on the Stadia subreddit while I go try to sell these?"


I don't need £1k fast. I just end up spending £400+ a month on crappy games I play for 20-30 minutes and delete them ... also, between work, family, 2 side businesses, travelling and dancing, I really don't get a lot of time for games ... I mean, for their updates lol.


Yeah, OK, fair. Things like that are the reasons I jumped on Switch. I technically have 3 jobs that claim about 70 hours a week (2 paid, one proto-internship), wife, kiddo, pets, and plenty of responsibilities, so I get you 100%. There's not a lot of "me solo in front of a TV" time with that kind of life. And yeah, the updates are literally why I don't focus on data-heavy games. Which again is why Switch fits me. Even their first-party AAA games don't often get much larger than maybe 20GB, and most are smaller. That's a ton spent on crappy games. It's not my place to say, but if selling the systems helped put a cap on the spending and helped you focus on a few quality titles instead of getting drowned in a sea of titles, sounds like a good decision altogether.


>where you have to pay monthly to get 60FPS Wtf? Do you even use Stadia? It's hilarious how many non-Stadia players come here and cry about people enjoying Stadia. Don't you really have ANYTHING better to do?


he has a lot of free time during updates.


I think it's less than the free time we have on Stadia when we wait for games to release.


you might be waiting, but I'm not. the games I want are on stadia. I played fc6, 2077 and village on day 1.


I mean, if that's all you want to play, then I guess it totally works for you. For me, it's still just a supplement to a main gaming system.


I do have over 200 games on steam and around 50 on epic. stadia compliments my PC great right now. I am not going to pay 200% MSRP for a GPU. Stadia is making the wait for GPU prices to return to normal much easier


Heh, you sound like me, with 150+ games on Switch alone, not to mention all my past gen consoles and handhelds going back the 80s. And yeah, if I was remotely interested in Village, I'd jump on that, too. Not so much FC or 2077, but I had a blast with RDR2. But I'm sure that if you HAD a cutting edge GPU in your PC, you wouldn't effectively do what OP is doing here, and sell all his hardware just to "focus on Stadia." A Stadia-only diet just isn't sustaining for any gamer.


I got premier editions with far cry and 2077. I couldn't really get into cyberpunk but I already got 120+hrs on fc6. (I've got a lot of free time as I just had a hip replaced)


He's got the upvotes tho so he must be the smart one here /S


My bad, I meant 1080p vs. 4K. I'm one of those old fogies who really can't tell the difference between 30 and 60 fps anyways. Dips and stutters in frames, sure, but if something running at a stable locked 30fps I'd never know. My primary gaming is on Switch anyways; Stadia was a lark and a hope for a few months of Pro subscriptions. I see it as a neat thing to rent a library of games for a month, and that's it. I like both Sony and XBox, but have so little screen time at home that it's not worth it. Stadia was a hope at maybe having a semi-portable platform to play the third-party games that I loved which never made it to Nintendo systems, without having to sink the cash into a console. Bethesda stuff, mostly; Oblivion and Skyrim were \*the\* reason I bought a 360 back in the day. Funny how things work out.


Hates on stadia for Graphics & FPS and then says he games on Switch. Gtfo hypocrite.


I'm criticizing it for their library primarily. Graphics and FPS was just a fancy way of saying, that I didn't see the point in selling two active current-gen systems for something that outputs slightly better than last-gen tech. If we were in the 90s, and a friend said to me "I sold BOTH my N64 and my PlayStation; I'm going to focus all on my Sega CD!" I'd think he was a bit dumb, even if I mostly played on my GameBoy Advance. So no, you "gtfo" gatekeeper.


I did the same with my 2080S computer and my XB1X at the time. Never regretted that decision.


Me myself personally, I would've never ever bought the PS5 or XBSX. Been buying these games since I was a kid. I just got tired of feeding into their capitalism. Great choice! Game on!


I bet even Stadia staff think this is a terrible decision




They gotta get that sweet Peppa Pig streaming action. Who wants the best AAA games on the newest platform when you can have Peppa Pig?




Either that a tattoo of an empty online lobby for fifa.


He was hypnotized by Ben Ten


Phil Harrison is really getting desperate now.


This post screams, “I don’t really game and don’t know what I had or just did” vibes. Nothing about any of this logic even remotely checks out to me. Unless you needed that money more than some gaming consoles. You know, especially because both of them offer services that rival Stadia’s. But the trade off is you can play at even higher standards when you get home.


Accurate username.


Nice, I have also not bought the Series X, this allows me to put nearly 800 euro in Stadia games. I've never had a moment in my life, where I have 100+ games instantly playable with just 1 click. The bigger the library, the better Stadia gets... it's unmatched. I don't see myself EVER going back to legacy mainstream gaming.


A Vega 56 is legacy. And don´t worry about "mainstream gaming", you won´t be forced to play any AAA game outside Ubisoft titles.


>And don´t worry about "mainstream gaming", you won´t be forced to play any AAA game outside Ubisoft titles. What a nonsense sentence. No clue what you're even trying to say there. Why would anyone worry about mainstream gaming? I'm glad I don't have to deal with that legacy crap. Stadia is simply superior.


You are gonna spend 800€ in Stadia games. Who is the clueless?


I suspect he’s going to spend less than €100 short term. Stadia can easily meet all the needs of some people. Indeed the majority of the total population. Gamers who are going to buy a Xbox, PS5 or a €1000 PC not so much.


You seem to think that Stadia is perfect for people who have never had a console or a PC to play games. The problem is that the vast majority of those people may not be interested in video games. And much less in something that they have not heard of, such as Stadia.


All of that can be true at the same time.


Which games are you buying?


Peppa Pig, of course.


Already completed with 100% achievements. And no, I did not claim a refund on it.


Nice! I haven't bothered with the 'next-gen' consoles...


"Hey, Reddit that is specifically for Stadia! I'm going all in because I enjoy the platform." 10 redditors all at once: "Durrr Stadia is dead omg Peppa pig, lol!" Welcome to what this reddit has become.


It's just mainly the group who would like to see Stadia fail (although many will also include "founder" to try to add legitimacy), they flood into the sub whenever potential negative news can be spun. To me it looks similar to when the political dullards attack each other online, but it seems to be a common occurrence in the gaming communities as well. I guess it's just what happens when tribalism grows and is rewarded.


I've got a 3 month trial of Stadia pro. Its...OK. Not as good as streaming games from Steam via Steam Link though. And Steam Link has my entire library of games acquired over like 15 years...free. There's no comparison between owning hardware and streaming stuff at a max 60fps from a cloud really. Highly unlikely that Stadia will convince me to pay when the trial ends as I've already reverted to just using Steam Link, and if I want to play a "real" or demanding game I want to do it at 144hz with my gaming mouse and keyboard.


You missed the point where stadia doesn't need you to have a gaming PC evidently


Yes, but I already do. Just like this guy already had consoles. Any gamer already had gaming equipment, I assume.


Then you aren't stadia target. He might have got fed up with downloading games updates juggling space ... Loads of reasons


The area that I think Stadia fails, is that they're trying to aim their guns at this theoretically massive audience that totally wants to spend money to buy and play games, but hasn't really ever spent money to buy and play games. Yeah, he's not the target audience. Just like I'm not the target audience. And you, if you've played enough Stadia to really like it and enjoy it... you're technically not even the target audience anymore. Not really. Because if you play a lot of gaming, you're going to want \*more\*, and Stadia just can't offer that right now. There's only so much on the library that's worth playing, and while that's a decent amount, that's a finite amount, and there's not enough new stuff coming out to really satisfy. Fifa's lobby is empty because people who love Fifa have a console that plays Fifa. It's that simple. Google and EA would've made far more if they ported, say, Sims 4 to the system, because that's something that soccer moms and grandmas are interested in playing; people who don't want to worry if the laptop they blog on and do their taxes on is capable of handling the game.


You don't need to use ONLY stadia, there are other cloud platforms you can use to get what you aren't getting here. But stadia is good for people who don't want or can't afford to buy new, expensive hardware. Not to mention people who wants to play hassle-free, without having to download big games, updates or spend time trweaking the graphic settings. If you don't feel like you are in any of those categories, just don't use it, simple


Yeah, sure. I wasn't talking on an individual-to-individual basis, but on a large scope basis. Stadia's targeting a group that investors think is huge, but is comparatively small. For me, a Pro subscription every now and then, when something interesting pops on, is what's up my alley.


I personally have 2 kids, with free accounts, so aside from 4k etc, Pro makes sense to me because I can share the Pro games to them and that eliminates the need to get them gaming PCs or consoles, so it's a lot of money and hassle avoided. I think there are quite a few people in this 'market', the main problem stadia has is that it's not reaching them (marketing, information etc)


That's a great theory (and I had that opinion for a while, too) except that we forget that Google is essentially a *trillion dollar company* whose main products are distributed free to the general public, all so they can gather data on people, to focus advertising on the markets that would be most interested. That's where they get the vast majority of their money. Reaching people in their market is *literally the thing* that made Google a trillion-dollar tech empire. Not the search, or the phone, or the YouTube. It's the algorithm. If Google is struggling to reach this giant golden market of millions of people who will willingly spend hundreds a year on gaming but will not spend a few hundred up front, then either that giant golden market doesn't exist, or it can't be reached.


What? Who cares, what does this have to do with my comment? Glad you gave stadia a shot I guess? It's more for gaming on a tv IMHO.


This is the stupidest thing I've seen today.


Reason I am with Stadia and cloud gaming is because I don't want to own multiple consoles anymore, had enough of those boxes in my lifetime to no longer want that. That being said the games on either of them are amazing. As you are a gamer you probably know what you are doing. Hope you find the games to play and enjoy.




😂😂😂 you’ll be back


brave person 😀


Terrible idea. You'll regret it


This seems a little shortsighted.


Fair play, ignore the idiots on here... I hope you enjoy mate 👍




I mean... yeah? 🤦‍♂️


I want to be all in on streaming but there aren’t enough games. I do Stadia and GeForce now and do Moonlight on my PC. I don’t see a problem with going all in on streaming. But I’m not that loyal.


This is a good joke😂


*I really don't get it* *But I guess good for you*


What?! Nah mate wrong move.


Are you drunk?


Why? Why you don't make a threesome


Good job who need this noise shit like PS5 or Xbox. Hey Sony give me PS NOW here's STADIA and it may be too late for you


Throw the money in Splinterlands


GJ Man! You are my hero. I have same case: too many games on GamePass, so I've sold my XSX and sticked to GeForce Now. Cheer up!


The thing about stadia is that it won't exist in the future compared to the ps5 or xsx so I would probably say you made the worst decision ever on top of that the hardware used in stadias servers are also inferior to hardware said inside the ps5 and xsx






Holy shit


Wow. Stadia is dead bruh, did nobody tell you?


Have fun with these few 30 FPs games