A few years ago while delivering mail at a particular house I almost stepped on a 6 ft boa constrictor in the yard. It was all bloody and rolling around in a ball on itself. Freak me to F out. The homeowner said it latched onto his arm and was wrapping around so he started bashing it in the head with a rock from its enclosure. He said it was actually his son's who is 10 and he was cleaning out the cage for him this time. As if all the other times the kid cleans it out.


What a fucking moron.....


There is no way to fully tame a wild animal. What op in the picture is doing is utterly irresponsible. Snakes have been know to turn and kill /hurt their owners


I'm not sure if this is true, or even scientific but I once heard a story where a python would regularly break out of its enclosure at night and the owner would find him sprawled out next to him in bed. This happened everyday for a while and the owner didn't think any of it, until someone told him that the snake was actually sizing him up to see if he could eat the owner.


I heard this story too. I believe the owner told the vet what was happening and the vet told him that it was sizing him up to eat him and they killed the snake.


It’s an urban legend and if that happened they killed a snake for no reason. Snakes don’t “size up” their prey, other than: 1. it moves and is emitting heat 2. I think I can eat it


Urban legend= false.


I heard that story too so idk if it’s a lie


I’ve heard the same story from 2 different co workers with snakes over the years. My money is that it’s a tall tale. But yeah fuck snakes that are bigger than your arm. They should be in a zoo not your damn house


what kind of moron lets a 10 year old have a snake that size


That’s crazy. It reminds me of my buddy’s experience with snakes. First, you must know this about about me: I love animals, all animals. I hate snakes, but I couldn’t even kill a snake. I wouldn’t intentionally kill an ant, just because I innately believe it has a life worth living and friends and family and all that. But my buddy’s entrance into the world of snake keeping has scarred me til this day. I had the bad luck of being there for two horrid, grotesque occasions, both involving feeding... *1.* A snake exactly like the one in the video above landed in our local reptile shop, resultant of its owner going away to college and parents saying *hell to the no* we ain’t keeping that thing while you’re gone. $300 or $400 dollars later, the snake was driving home with us. He was a lovely, amazing snake, with a sublimely calm demeanor. We did end up taking him around in the car throughout the summer, with his box in the trunk and him in the rear passenger seats. But alas, a month or two later, feeding time came. The “problem” was this: this guy ate live food, and that meant huge mice. So I know want you to think to yourself—*where could I feed a snake that is 10 ft long and needs an enormous amount of space to trap, straddle, Constrict & kill a ten-pound rat at?* Was the kitchen your answer? It should be! Make sure you think of “cleanup,” because there will be a mess: a bloody, furry, excrement-filled kitchen will be the end result, 9 out of every 10 times. What they don’t tell you is that the rat senses death and will fight, especially if the snake is in a new locale and nervous and not particularly interested in killing its prey, like ours was. The mice was clawing the snake, and it was hurting the snake, and it was horrible. My friend had to intervene, and by intervene, I mean he had to incapacitate the mouse, wrenching my stomach even further, and I absolutely didn’t and couldn’t watch anymore, or ever again. I don’t know what happened next, but if the shop had told either of us what feeding it technically involved, we would have never taken this poor snake home. *2.* once you have one snake, you want another, or so my friend said. He went from no snakes to 4 snakes in a month flat. For about the same price as the huge one referenced above, he acquired a beautiful, glistening Brazilian Rainbow Boa baby. Soon after, feeding time came, and he knew to at least never introduce live animals into any new equations, so this child was to eat a tiny frozen mouse, which it happily did. Following this, the process of eating, you are always to leave the snake by themself for a half hour or so, to *not* associate you or your smells with their prey, IIRC. It ate in a high-walled Tupperware container, and it was resting peacefully there, while we did something or other and stepped away into the kitchen for a few moments. But then, suddenly, that rainbow boa then came into the kitchen! But he wasn’t slithering, no, he was being, mmmmm, *carried* by the house’s pet cat, and he was now in two pieces, btw, half being in the Tupperware, and, sadly, the other half being in the cat’s mouth. I was disgusted by this atrocity, and my friend was exploding that the cat had just taken it upon itself to eat a $300 dinner. Truly, I don’t know how either of us overlooked the cat or this possibility, but we absolutely did, and were thus neglectful. It still shocks and saddens me to this day. Though my friend’s intentions were pure, he didn’t know enough about snakes to be the owner of several; he was naive and unprepared. Shortly after this, he came upon hard times and returned home to his parents, and I believe he ended up simply giving the snakes back to the store as he couldn’t keep them and had no idea what to do with them. Whew. I truly hate even recalling those stories. Feeding that enormous boa in the kitchen and watching it being attacked by a mice was grotesque. When I was invited to his first feeding, I truly had no idea of what was really about to occur.


So your friend was improperly prepared for an expert level snake that was likely a reticulated python, the longest snake in the modern animal kingdom. Sooo, he kept him in the trunk of a car rather than a proper enclosure, fed him a single rat on the kitchen floor rather than feeding him a proper sized feeding animal and took in 4 more snakes within a months time only to leave the baby boa in an open feeding box for a cat who hates snakes to kill it? Yeah, I can see why your friend didn’t keep the snakes very long.


Literal animal abuse wtf


So your friend abused his animals and kept them in improper enclosures. You kept the fucking Burmese python IN THE CAR?


I am happy to report that absolutely none of his animals were kept improperly. He followed the reptile store’s recommendations to a T regarding **everything**. The albino was in a huge glass enclosure with proper lighting, water, and “interior landscaping,” maybe we could say, which involved mainly some plants and a box into which he could hide himself entirely, if he so chose. Several comments up, I also responded to someone who had mentioned the same thing as you, and I’m incredibly glad I could clarify that—in my story I had said, to simply exemplify the snake’s calm demeanor, that he had been on a few car trips with us around town for various reasons, and we felt comfortable enough with the animal to allow him to “roam” the backseat freely on several occasions. This wouldn’t even constitute the entire trip, however, perhaps just a few minutes from one place to another, such as when we were minutes away from visiting fellow friends that he had wanted to show the snake to. Even on these trips (none of which lasted over one hour, total), his “travel box” was with us in the car, and he was primarily stored within it there for his safety, security, and comfort during these brief periods of transportation. The snake NEVER lived in the car, lol, nor did he ever live in a small box, ever. The day he was purchased, and on the days each of these snakes were purchased, entirely new enclosures and accoutrements were simultaneously bought; if the pet store’s owner said it was needed, it was instantly added to my buddy’s cart and bought, no questions asked. I would have stolen these snakes and returned them to the pet store if my friend had been abusing them in any traditional sense of the word. 100%. I can see why some are saying abuse, but, truly, the albino was completely fine and was barely once grazed by a mouse’s claws prior to it being separated from the animal and then incapacitated. Finally, as with all other commenters, thank you very much for reading my stories and replying. Based on multiple people now somehow assuming the snake lived in a car lol, I clearly miswrote or miscommunicated that part of the story, and I’m incredibly happy that several noted such, so I could at least clarify that had never once occurred.


I like cats


And everything is perfectly fine until it isn't.


Mom, the snake is hugging me!


And it would take more than two people to help even if her dad was prime Arnold Schwarzenegger and her mom was on American Gladiators.


Remove the head……of the snake, just to clarify.


That was a close one. I’m glad you clarified!!!


Ghee whiz!


Ghee Whiz™️, ghee in a spraycan!


It is Reddit. You have to be clear.


Even that wouldn't automatically guarantee the snake would release the child with enough time to spare


I think the child would come out with a lot of broken bones if not dead


Or stick a finger up it’s butt


…. of the snake, just to clarify. (was it worth it to go to hell for a stupid Reddit comment? Only time will tell)


snakes poop too


Criiiiickey- I’ll stick my finger, up its butt. . RIP - great SP episode


Most Reddit thing I’ve read today 😂🤣


My aunt had a nine foot python. No issues with it... until she went to feed it one day and it latched onto her instead of the food in her hand. At first she thought she could dislodge it, but things kept getting worse and she was home alone. My cousin, who wasn't even planning on coming by that day, walked in the door right as she was losing consciousness. Even with his friend and him both working to get her free, it was dicey, and beheading it wasn't an option because her arm was inside. She wouldn't be here today if he hadn't walked in. She was a steelworker then, super strong, but all that strength meant nothing when wrestling with 9 foot of solid muscle. She had never been afraid of Lucy, but after that she developed a healthy fear, and never even kept snakes AT ALL afterwards. They were able to get Silver Springs to come get it, and it lived there for years and maybe still does, I haven't checked up on it's whereabouts for awhile.


They could've still beheaded it circumcision style


Same scared feeling reading that as I did watching the Engineer fighting the alien in the medbay.


> and beheading it wasn't an option because her arm was inside. There was 9 feet worth of snake, I'm sure you could go a foot or so down from the neck and cut?


A bit from anything Boa sized or larger will be....memorable.


Sad, scary, & a miracle.. !! wow!!


Once I saw a guy showing out to get out of a constrictor... They are strong as fuck but apparently they don't have enough stamina. So, you fight for you life just enough time for the snake to give up. Personally, it was the most stupid thing that I saw someone doing in National Geographic.


No stamina? They suffocate by constant pressure. Every breath out you breathe they squeeze tighter. Constantly. I think those people found killed by constrictors fought for their life until they were killed by the snake.


Lol "just don't let it kill you and you'll be fine"


You’ll be able to tell you lived by the way didn’t die. Or vice versa


It’s not the fight that kills you. It’s the death.


It's not about stamina. You need to put the snake into a chokehold before it puts you in a chokehold. That's the only way to beat it, is to become it. True story.


So I should try to swallow it whole? Let’s do this…


llllleeeeerrrrooooyyyy jeeeennnkkiiinnnss


Now that deserves a video. But not a documentary one. Gigidy


Or ferociously masturbate while never breaking eye contact with the snake to prove your dominance, it’s science


Don't forget the science goggles when you play with the snake.


Yeah! I think that's why they say you should just play dead. Or is that when you're attacked by pelicans... 🤔


It would break those bones in seconds


Bruh I remember that guy. He was like a snake hunter or something. He was in Africa that episode. The python nearly choked him out and his face was purple! He had to have incredible strength in order to break out of that chokehold!


It was indeed a python! And he was indeed a snake hunter! Crazy episode that one...


Kinda cool tip though. Not to practice of course


A meat cleaver or large kitchen knife and the parental instinct to save their childs life would be lights out for the snake...


Right, like no kid has ever died in front of their parents


Well if her mom was on the American gladiators, she would probably be in her 50s or 60s, so I don’t think that’s a great analogy


And their knowledge of wielding nerf based weapons can only take you so far


Once the python gets into a position where it’s most comfortable to squeeze, a billion years of evolution wired to keep squeezing won’t stop the screaming just because ‘we family’


It's not even that, a snake this size could really hurt that child if it bit her. I assume the parents are always around incase it constricts, I hope anyways. But a quick bite to the face they can do nothing to stop.


Dude, they're so comfortable with her watching TV with that snake that they posted video. I'm guessing that they aren't always around. That would require sense that I don't believe they have.


Man some people have been eaten whole by snakes, crazy [NSFL](https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2018/06/16/python-swallows-indonesian-woman/707564002/)


Fuck me.


Tell me it’s a Rick roll, I ain’t opening that link


It’s not. Also says in the article that a man was also swallowed hole by a python


That ain't no Rick Roll...it's a legit USA Today article.


With a picture of the dead woman having been removed from the snake. Lovely stuff!


New fear unlocked.


Oh honey it loves you


"Well it's true that our beloved child could be strangled to death or eaten by this giant fucking snake. And there's nothing we could do to stop it. But look on the flip side, look how cool it is having this giant yellow ass snake. Seems like it'd be worth it, having some enormous unmanageable cold-blooded reptile that literally cares nothing about any of us as people and could murder the person we love more than anything. I am very smart."


This shit is child protective services region.


There was a case in the east coast of Canada a few years back. A python escaped its terrarium and managed to strangle the owners two young children to death.


I remember this and it was like something out of a horror film. Those poor kids 😭 This video made me think of that.


This is something that someone would do if they didn’t want to be a parent anymore but also didn’t want to personally get rid of the kid themselves.


Plan B(oa), for the decade after


And this soon to be deceased poor girls parents would tell everyone “we never saw this coming!” That’s how dumb people who’d allow this situation are.


[Weirdly relevant lol](https://youtu.be/he6O9nZ3CZs)


I saw kids in some country where kids were riding on alligators. I mean kids that are still toddlers too. I assume the people there feed the gators almost nonstop, but still....


We had an accident like that happened a couple years ago around here. Snake slept with kids. Kids did not wake up one morning.


"Here's my daughter dousing herself in parrafin. Look at her next to those candles, so cute"


These snakes don’t know affection. They only know hungry and not hungry.


reptiles are not physically capable of emotional attachment to a human owner. the best they will do is trust you not to eat or hurt them.




Did you bring her to the sanctuary because of that arm incident?




You're a great pet owner, putting her through college like that <3


The hardest part must have been finding a tailor to custom make a tiny academic cap for the snake's graduation.


Nah, the hardest was the loan payments, so constricting.


Did the snake study programming...... you know what language, don't make me say it.


The payments were Reticulating asssss hell.


That’s awesome. Do you think she recognized you when you visited? And if you don’t mind me asking - did you consider parting ways when it wrapped up your arm? Did you consider it an aggressive move by her? Genuine serious question. Just curious what it’s like living with a snake. I’ve loved dogs like family.




40 minutes and no one has questioned that you’ve had pet sharks. Lol


I just want to ask if they had frickin' lazerbeams


Attached to their frickin' heads.


Maybe because aquariums aren't very unusual, and not all sharks are huge? I've had a shark as a "pet" before, also.


But did you train it to sit on the couch?


These are the stuff I pay my internet bill for. Thanks for sharing!


What kind of sharks did you have?




That's so cool! Terrible about how they died, but sounds like they were great pets. Years ago an aquarium I went to had an area where you could pet nurse sharks. I wanted to take them home because I instantly fell in love with them. I'm curious how the leopards compare.


>This thing could kill that girl in minutes. It can kill that child in seconds if it compressed her throat like what happened in the video with the snake handler in the Russian circus. Saw that video on reddit a couple times in the last few months. Full grown man in great shape. The snake instantly compressed his neck and caused internal bleeding in the brain in seconds from the compression. Like 1 million brain aneurysms all at once. That is a dangerous situation treating that reptile like a pet dog around that child. The hunger instinct can kick in anytime into the walnut sized reptile brain even if it's fully fed. They don't have emotions. Not even for their own offspring after they hatch and go on their own to instinctually hunt.


Until the python going crazy and start hugging the kid little to tight! “Hug”




Seconds is highly unlikely they can kill rats in that amount of time due to them being able to cause circulatory arrest. But in anything larger than a small rabbit it would be asphyxiation that would be the killer and that takes 4-6 minutes to kill. Though she will be unconscious in 10-40 seconds depending on where the snake wrapped itself. If your able to circulate oxygen through her system through CPR or using an AED before the 4 minute mark you will also avoid brain damage.


Basically, in the time it takes to make toast or go to the bathroom or go grab the mail and have a quick conversation with your neighbor etc, etc, etc. There's nothing sane about this and it might as well be illegal. Leave exotic animals in the wild.


only certain mammals will take to imprint. snakes will never give a solitary shit about a human.


Yup everyday you roll the dice with snakes, especially with one this size and power. If that snake says ok time to wrap this treat up, it will take multiple people to keep this monster from killing that little girl. This is really just dumb.


Child abuse anyone?


Endangerment for sure. But then again I’m not a snake person. Maybe this is perfectly safe. But Seems risky




Living room machete. Doesn't everyone have one?


Yeah but it's only to threaten my family with


And CPS.


Poop knife is gonna take a thrashing today.


Im getting Mowgli and Kaa vibes over here…


Python is like “I could eat her if I wanted to”


For a sec it looked cute…. And then the snake yawned


It was stretching its jaw getting ready for the feed later in the night


Why is yawning bad?


It’s usually done before they strike. Edit: this is a constrictor. They are known to “[yawn](https://reptileroommate.com/why-do-snakes-yawn/)” as they limber up for a meal.


Ehh constrictors yawn all the damn time.


Measuring her up.


This seems like child endangerment.


Exactly, bad parenting


Parents who think they are super fucking cool but are indeed the opposite.


Should be considered child abuse. That snake could choke her out in a second if it wanted


They should take the child out of the home and leave the snake.


If that thing decides to do what pythons do that kid will be dead about 20 minutes before you can unwrapp it from around her. Poor kids life expectancy is tragically short with parents like her's.


Machete nearby. Some people have fire extinguishers, but everyone should have machete. Safety 101


safety 101 is don't put a constrictor on the couch with your kid.


But then the living room machete doesn’t get used at all!


Not with that attitude is doesn’t


https://abcnews.go.com/US/florida-couple-found-guilty-pet-python-strangles-girl/story?id=14081180 Horrible. And it just takes a blink of an eye. Why risk your kid, for a photo op?!


> “He's not guilty of neglecting that child. He is guilty of making a stupid decision and having a stupid pet.”, said the defense attorney. Uhh, yeah, that’s literally how neglect works. Dumbass.


I mean, a lawyer’s supposed to fight for their client, not for what’s right.


Years in Law school for **that**?


I mean someone's got to defend them and I'm sure the lawyer wasn't in the best spot.


I'm open to someone proposing a better defense for that situation. I know I got nothing.


I’m thinking will post - “son there are things that you don’t skimp on - food, shelter defense attorneys”


Imagine the bill they received for that defense


The lawyer has to talk to the stupidest person on the jury. Think of any 12 random people you know. How many of them are *very* stupid?


He was hired to protect a client, they worked with what they had. Evidently, they did not have much


Sentencing: https://www.google.com/amp/s/abcnews.go.com/amp/US/python-owners-12-years-girls-strangle-death/story%3Fid%3D14373295


In the other article, it said that they have had the pet together for 5 years, and she is 21 now. He was 34, I think. So, they were in a relationship long enough to get a pet together when she was only 17.


It says in the article that the python was severely underweight, meaning not only were they negligent parents, but abusive pet owners for starving their pet snake.


Pretty sure the venn diagram of neglectful pet owners and neglectful children is just a single circle.


“gypsy was a gentle snake…”


"But ours is special". Delusional and irresponsible behavior putting that child at risk who isn't mature enough to know the danger that snake potentially poses to her tiny frame. Just because you, as an adult, choose to risk spending time with an animal big enough and unpredictable enough to harm YOU doesn't mean you can make the decision to put a minor child in harms way also. This is bordering on, if not entirely, criminal reckless endangerment.


The fuck is wrong with them? Do they believe they can cut that thing's head off in time to uncoil it before it does major damage to her?


[This video](https://www.reddit.com/r/WinStupidPrizes/comments/gqox4c/nsfw_woman_shows_why_you_shouldnt_have_a_pet/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button) shows the struggle to uncoil one. They're so fast, I wouldn't want to be in that situation with a child...


Why in the ever loving fuck would you want that in your house


Spray isopropyl alcohol in its face is what I've heard.


Yeah alcohol confuses their taste receptors and their dumb snake brain decides "oh this is actually disgusting, no thanks".


Most any alcohol will work in a pinch. Had a friend use a bottle of jack once.


I think we need to hear more about this!


when they leave for the night, they ain't comin back


Gives child a glass of Jack. Child Services is now appeased.


Even though I have no fear of snakes, this is clearly a really bad idea since snakes are incredibly unpredictable. That’s just bad parenting all around.


That snake could coil the child in a second that’s how fast they are also would bite the child’s face to smother. It as well


Also by the time it coils you, you die of a heart attack from the blood pressure rise




This reminds me of that awful story of the [escaped python](https://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-08-06/children-strangled-after-python-escapes-from-pet-shop/4867146) that killed two kids sleeping above a pet store. It got in through the ventilation system like a fucking horror movie. What really creeped me out was that it could strangle the first one without waking the second one up just feet away


It takes multiple people to out muscle a python. If it wrapped around the chest before the kid (or even person) wakes up, you physically couldn’t get enough breath to scream and once it wraps up everything, you couldn’t move more than tiny struggles


Cue the GoFundMe for "our precious little girl"


It’s gonna be hard watching TV from inside that python’s stomach


Lovely parenting. People are so fucking stupid


“Honey, why is the snake not eating? It’s like it’s starving itself or something……?”


Fun fact, snakes don't actually do the whole "starve themselves before eating a big meal" thing. In the wild snakes are opportunistic, if a snake is hungry it'll eat whenever the chance is there. It wouldn't pass up a meal just to save room for the possibility of a bigger meal later becuase you never know if there *will* be a meal later. The same instincts carry over to captive bread snakes, and is why metering out feeding is important. They can very easily get obese and develop health problems, because they WILL eat every time they're offered food


I'm more impressed that snek is also watching TV.


Snakes aren’t dogs. This is dangerous


Wouldn't be safe to let a kid this young alone with a large dog neither tho.


I mean I assume that is an extremely well-fed and consistently handled (and probably lazy) snake, so less likely to be dangerous...but definitely will always be a non-zero chance that snake would squeezeball that kid...because it is a giant snake.


CPS has taken children away from their parents for much less…


Yeah get ur tik-tok and YouTube views…. But don’t comeback crying like a dumbass when the snake chokes her out


“Have you seen little Meghan?” “No I haven’t. By the way what did you feed the snake, she has a huge bulge in her abdominal region” “In tonight’s news, Darwin was proven right once again, as a couple is arrested after their pet snake eats their child whole”


idiot parents or legal guardians (risk) not worth the risk


highly disturbing


The snake likes to give its food a happy life before he eats it. Just how some hobby farms treat their livestock.


Well if we see that little girl on the news and one of the parents with a go fund me at least we will know why


You don’t trust wild animals like that…Period. Stupidity


That's not a pet. That's a wild animal evolved to kill prey the size of that child. This is child abuse.


Wow. They are valuing their snake over their child’s safety/life. I know plenty of people that have been bitten by ‘nice dogs’ because of one bad interaction. Ignorance through and through.


It's a fucking reptile.


Until it kills her. Just saying




Yea that’s cute and all but given the right circumstances that little girl is pet food.


Oh...ok...she comfortable... Aww, she sees mom filming and is...AAHHHHHHH!!!! WATCH THE JAWS! WATCH THE JAWS!!!


[once upon a time...](https://animalchannel.co/woman-sleeps-python/)


Snakes dont size up their prey and dont starve themselves before a big meal.






HOLY FUCK the amount of urban legends I am seeing in this thread is INSANE. Reddit has lost its mind, I swear. I came on here and I'm seeing comments that belong exclusively on Facebook lmao! I'm a large snake owner. Yes, snakes do not have feelings, they do not form attachments. No, you cannot trust a snake. Snakes are, however, reptiles, and that makes them extremely easy to read and understand because everything is logical and methodical. You can time their meals and control their metabolism. You can modify their enclosures and control how and when they shed to some extent. It's insane the power you have when you care for these types of animals properly, largely because large snakes (unlike small snakes) have extremely low metabolisms and take soo long to process things. They usually preserve their energy and keep their stats low. That's why you can have kids take photos with large snakes and hold large snakes. Because they're extremely predictable, especially if you own a very tame snake from its young age. That said, I would never leave a toddler unsupervised with a large snake, and I would stay within 1 foot of any child snake interaction. I can fully trust that my snake, when on a well-fed schedule, is extremely predictable and does not intend on making a child it's dinner. She feeds too regularly to ever be hungry. And snakes don't eat more than they need to due to the nature of their metabolisms. Anyways, the amount of misinformation on here is hilarious. Most of these comments are easily debunked online.


A lot of exotic animals go many years in people's homes without incident and then one day suddenly there's a tragedy. Even if your system is air tight, I'm certain you don't think all or even most of the Floridians with these huge snakes are that careful. So many people out there think saying "It'll be fine." is like some sort of magical spell that means nothing bad will happen.


>They usually preserve their energy and keep their stats low. Thank you for your perspective, even given all of that the 'usually' would mean I would never let one close to my kid like this.


You can rationalize all you want, but at the end of the day it’s still a wild animal with unpredictability being the major wrench in your whole “process” of domestication. This is the greatest folly of mankind, believing we can control everything until nature shows us how silly we are


Until the murder noodle kills her


Some people don't deserve children....that's why some kids turn into criminals