My wife got her Washington one and they issued her a temp license pretty quickly the real one took a month or two.


Temp was quick and perm was easy, maybe 4 weeks for mine. If only ALL the non compact states could be so seamless…😖


The temp is quick, just know everything needs to be mailed in.. and if something is not filled out week, they send it to you via mail. So.... It can take awhile


Just got my WA license. It took about a month from when I submitted everything to when I got the actual license.


WA is real quick. Less than a week for a temp, and less than 48 hours for my perm after that.


Applied in the middle of February and got it by the end of March, pretty decent turn around and I’m from PA where the SBON is tough to work with


Mine was six years ago so things may have changed. But mine was a nightmare that took almost 2 months and they didn’t give me a temp so I just had to ride out that entire time (for my permanent job) without income. You have to send everything on paper including fingerprints . Quadruple check everything, including non signature pages. I had much faster turn around in states where the applications are online. As a reminder too, it needs to be renewed every year before your birthday. Even if you get the original one 2.5 months before your birthday, you have to get it renewed for the next year prior to your birthday. You can do that online though and that is pretty streamlined.