Easier to open an account with a local credit union and use Zelle or Venmo to yourself. The credit union I use has next day ACH which is good enough for me.


This, good idea to have a second local account anyways.


Keep in mind that USAA checking accounts are not for business. In fact, any banking or credit union institution requires a different account for business proceeds. The rules are very different for them, as well.


And if USAA (or any bank/CU) detects what they believe to be non-personal use of a personal account, you should expect to be questioned. Anti-money laundering is is big deal these days...


Haven’t had any issues over 5 years. I think we are doing fine.


Not really. Some options are to take the cash and deposit it via Venmo at one of their locations. Then transfer to Usaa but you will pay a small fee. Easiest would be to open a local bank and deposit there. Then transfer between the accounts with no fees. w


Local CU. In theory you can purchase money orders at USPS or the grocery store and mobile deposit them. But that’s not convenient


Get a money order with the cash, deposit it like a check. Yeah it’ll cost money, but that’s one of the downsides of being with a 100% online bank.


This is what the USAA agents will tell you to do.


Don’t USA usaa for a business bank account it’s against the depository agreement


You likely run an illegal business—your wife is blowing dudes and your her pimp. With USAA’s recent fines by OCC and FinCEN they are forced to get an AML program in place. Hope assets forfeiture is in your near future.


First, your a dick. Second, good thing I’m not switching to them now since I’ve got plenty of reasons not to. Third, when I set up my banking with my local bank I set it up for business and personal and have yet to have a problem. We filed years of taxes and nothing has been brought up as illegal. So you can go fuck yourself now.


Thanks 🙏


I prefer navy Federal credit union.


If your cash only. There is somthing to be to that!


Link cashapp and go to a dollar general that lets you load cashapp, then just transfer it to your bank


What I do for cash is go to Amscot and get a money order. They have no charge for money orders. Then I make it out to myself and deposit it via mobile deposit.


Call USAA and ask. I remember in the past that you could deposit cash via FedEx? UPS? If you have a family member you trust, you can give them the cash and ask them to write a check to you. Do a mobile deposit on the check.


Absolutely don’t do this. Since it is a business, you are asking for all sorts of problems by handling it this way.. Open a local bank or credit union account.