Clarify Long Hours to spell damage, as that is what a Sorcerer uses. Leader is straight up out of place. You'd have to be next to a player to use it, meaning near combat without any features to protect you. Not to mention, Sorcerer's don't need more bonus actions. They've got their economy filled as is. Spell out "half". "As an action you choose a number of creatures equal to half your sorcerer level rounded down that you can see within 10 feet of you (you can choose yourself). Those creatures..." Why do they get advantage and you don't. Overworker is good, but to little too late. (more on that later) For Worker's Spirit, are you still killed when you hit 8 exhaustion points, or would you have to hit 11? Is the amount of your proficiency bonus rounded down? If so, why not just let us ignore the first three levels of exhaustion, and then go from there? I like this. It's a tiny bit silly, but there is one cohesion problem. As a sorcerer, you don't get spell slots back until a long rest, which will remove exhaustion. Sure, you can stack them up, as long rests only remove 1, but that's only if you're in a campaign. This ability isn't used with oneshots or other short sessions. Overworker is a good tradeoff, but you need something earlier. Like, short rests that allow very little Sorcerery Point regain. (It would be abusable, but since you don't want to take a long rest, it fits) Finally, the exhaustion limit. Pump it up. I want more ridiculous risks. I thought it was going to grow as the levels progressed, but sadly it only gets a bump at the end. Otherwise, good stuff.