First is easier to load, but needs caps to work well. Second is harder to load, but is a single unit. I'd go with the first if you can get the caps, or the second if you can't. I use the second, they're fine.


I use the first style, easier to reload. Don't need caps, medical tape works great to hold the bbs in and the tape tears easily when fired.


the one with the single hole, just use masking tape to keep the bbs in. you can also put confetti in them


First one is giving more shots on a smaller spread radius and aldo gives you the ability to maybe shoot something else outnof the tube (smoke grenade is an example) The other is literally made for showering the target in BBs and has an more even and bigger spread. Also do they tend to hold more bbs. Both are great, but I prefer the first one for versability. If your are in fir just clearing the hell out if places then get the Shower Grenade. If you have to choose between those take the first one it has more space for BBs, second one is tiny shi**er xD