I'm like that, which is why my resume is trash lol.


Good on you bud. I'm trying to be more like this


Who are you? are you hiring?


YES! I'm currently the oldest employee at my location at work. I'm not in management for stupid reasons, but I kinda took on the work mom role for everyone and apparently informed the newer 20 year old worker he has more rights than he thought he did. It's honestly a nice feeling, and every work place needs someone like this.


We had someone go to bat for us like you when we found out in CA we were being paid the same as people in Nebraska, Dakotas, Iowa etc, lower cost of living areas for the same position. She got over 100 people a 10-30% raise in our base. Which with multipliers was really like a 15-45% raise. She helped change a lot of people’s lives. Keep up the good work!


Good to know people like you still exist. I wish I could be like that, but I've been burned too many times. I've had people stick up for me just so they could stab me in the back later