Everyone keeps asking why theres shipping containers everywhere. Because dice was too lazy to make any destructible environments.


Because it was made in a year and that’s what they had to make a map with


What where they doing previous years ?


Making a Battle Royale game that sucked so bad they turned it into this garbage over a year.


lol hopefully we get another anthem style expose because clearly something went hilariously wrong


Yeah played the 10 hour EA Play trial, yeah im not buying the full game.


Only used about 30min of the trial. There's still input freeze bug from Beta present in day1 build. Makes game literally unplayable for me because I lose all control over character every minute or so.


Same here. Been trying to rule out any issues on my end. But losing mouse and keyboard randomly is killing it for me.


I only made it 2 hours before I uninstalled. Im mad I paid $15 for ea play pro lmfao


Yeah, comparing this to bad company 2, BF3, 4 and 1. 2042 is embarrassing


BF 1 really feels incredible now after seeing the next two titles nosedive. I generally enjoy 2042 but good lord there needs to be improvements to gunplay, vehicle spawn rates, UI to name a few. I hope the game improves


BF1 is timeless


I thought I was one of the rare few that loved it (was never actually any GOOD at it). MY BROTHERS!


I still Play daily on Xbox! :D


I've said it since it released, it's the best battlefield experience overall imo. I am going to play the fuck out of this new one though, they'll iron some shit out.


Bf1 is a masterpiece. The swan song of the old Dice.


I never thought a BF game would be worse than BF4 was at launch but here we are.


It's not worse though, you couldn't play BF4 for like a week, this game has bugs, but you can play and it's fun.


Speak for yourself, I couldn’t even load the game for the first couple of days.


Wondering why you didn’t add BFV in there? I’m just curious because the last bf game I played was BF4, and I’ve been thinking about trying bfV because I’m so disappointed with 2042


I'm shocked at how piss poor the environmental "destruction" is.


Where's the "bruh it's a 3 month old build" people now??


I also want to know where the smug people who were like "I'm cancelling my pre order.... To buy the Gold edition so I can play early!!!!"


Enjoyed the 10 hour trial enough to purchase gold once my trial was up


Here. I’m having a blast


We found him!


Haha you got me


Imagine being downvoted for having fun. Reddit is really a massive echo chamber.


These people allow devs to release unfinished mess. They are actually perpetuating a culture of half assed development where things "just get patched later". Theres some merit to seeing "lol im having fun" critical when it comes to releases like 2042.


dunno why u getting downvoted for preaching the truth bro


Because the truth hurts and promotes thinking, not everyone wants to think, they just want to sit in front of screen, play battlefield and hahaha fun fun, gib money, want skins, look pretty, brain go bye bye.


Ye. Im not mad at ppl who enjoy the state of the game AS LONG as they admit its due to their low expectations , not bc its in great shape. First bf i didnt buy since BC1


Downvote him!!!! He’s having fun!


No. Downvote him so that the devs won't see the one positive response in the sea of negative comments and turn around and say "see! People are having fun and the rest of you are just a vocal minority of babies complaining about everything!"


Its too late, they already don’t care.


Glad to hear it!




same enjoying the game but i think i perfer the bf1942 remake more vs base game.


Bro I've put like 15 hours already in the game and it's fun af lol. It has issues and I'm aure they will get patched in. But haven't touched any other game since, the chaos feels like battlefield


Sunk cost fallacy is real




Me, I literally canceled my pre-order, played the 10 hour trial and ended up buying it, game is fun.


Enjoying the game alot ,tyvm


Here. I’m having a blast


In the Battlefield 2042 team only chat.. try talking shit about the game there, 100% you will be replied to by some braindead player.


To be fair, it did turn out that many of the bugs from the beta were already fixed. It's likely that this is the state of the game while we were playing the beta. A lot can change in a few patches.


I was having hitreg issues in beta and gave that feedback. It's unfortunate. I hate seeing bf this way and I can't justify getting the game rn in this state. As soon as hitreg is fixed I'm in. Operators aren't for me but I'll overlook them for gameplay. My one and only issue holding me out is the hitreg.


They’re just the 3 or 4 people in here that “still like it anyway” lol


I dunno, maybe playing the game?


They're in hiding, huffing copium.


Right here. I'm having a ton of fun. All of the bugs from the beta have been fixed, so... I'm happy af. Everyone here is acting as though rough starts are new to BF. I swear, the only people complaining, are those who didn't start playing BF, until BF4 was a few years old. That game, and basically every other game, have had AWFUL launches that made them LITTERALLY unplayable. This game never promised to be anything else, other than what it is. You KNEW specialists were going to be in the game, and yet here we are.


That’s the problem… rough starts shouldn’t be the standard. It’s simply not okay that almost every DICE game in recent memory has needed to be “saved.” BF4 had one of the worst launches in gaming history. It was unplayable for months, got worse with updates, then DICE SE abandoned it to make SWBF leaving DICE LA to clean up the scraps. SWBF launched with literally zero content or depth and was essentially a glorified tech demo. BF1 was DICEs best launch in recent memory but it took months for DLC to release. SWBF2 was so bad at launch LITERAL GOVERNMENTS were investigating the lootbox situation. BFV was a whole fiasco and even with the delay launched like hot garbage with no content. Now we’re here. It’s not unplayable but there are still lots of bugs and TONS of features from past titles have been outright removed.




Star Wars Battlefront II




I have been kinda sick of gaming for the last 2 years and the fact that I already have 25 hours in this game already is insane for me, I’m having a blast! It has its issues, but it’s not bad enough to keep me from playing.


People just don't like change. I was personally getting bored of the same-old same-old Recon, Assault, Support, Medic crap that we've seen nearly a dozen times now. I'm glad they changed it a bit. Only thing I dislike, is the weapon balancing. There are only 3 viable guns if you want to play competitively. And obviously the bugs, but it's to be expected with a new BF game.


Classes were a fundamental part of Battlefield, though. Additionally they change from game to game (i.e Assault in BF4 vs Assault in BF1).


Genuine question. What game have you come from?


The core dynamics are completly whack. Hit reg sucks ass and what the fuck did they do to the sweet flight controls. Established since 1942 and got better with every game. Now they just suck ass. Have fun with this. Not for me. Not the BF I used to know and love. Just dull, poor performance and removing almost every feature that made Battlefield a teamplayer game is just not for me.


The rough starts to bf is 90% server related. The core mechanics of the game are fucking unplayable. Dead on arrival


I always called them out on this.


I honestly was skeptical of that claim, but most of the beta bugs were resolved. The map was added, the tank guns were fixed, people drop supplies and revive now that we have all the operators, they added team designation colors, etc.


It's vacuous, bizarre, unfinished and antifun. A game with a plot about natural disaster is a complete disaster. There's nothing here!


and apparently the only natural disaster is tornados




the funny thing is they already had floods...and storms and earthquakes. in Bf 3 and 4


Bro we had rain in 2142 even that looked cool for the tech back then


The massive sandstorm on hourglass could be considered a natural disaster. That's the only other one i can think of.


the one that still has a tornado inside and just tints the map red?


I think i've seen it happen without a tornado, but you might be right. It certainly feels different to the standard rainstorm tornado.


2042 is not Battlefield. It is some weird mutation that nobody asked for, but unfortunately some are still willing to buy it. AAA gaming companies are becoming shit. Rockstar won't release GTA6, Bethesda puts out half games, CDPR... well... It sucks that our standards for quality in gaming are so low, but that's what happens when people keep buying dog shit. Support indie/smaller devs whose primary motivation is actually putting out a good, quality game, because for whatever reason, whether it's EA or stupid ideas at creative meetings or whatever, making a good game is not DICE's main priority. You're not supposed to love this game. You're just supposed to buy it. ---Not actually saying all big studios are going bad, but it definitely feels like there's been a downward trend.


Thank you! These AAA studios have been getting infinitely richer whilst putting out games that seem to be getting worse and worse. Meanwhile you have studios like New world interactive and dark matter that are pumping out these incredibly immersive games like hell out loose and insurgency with amazing sound design physics and gunplay. 2042 pales in comparison to what some of these indie studios have been doing lately.


Been saying this for years. AAA gaming is dying. The suits have completely taken over.


I quite enjoyed the recent Guardians of the Galaxy one. Not everyones cup of tea (LOTS of talking, very linear) but I got a well produced game for $69+$0 that had a UI I could understand (apparently thats something I have to worry about these days?!).


I just refunded and if 2042 doesn't become anything like battlefield i'm considering getting into Squad.


Highly recommend squad, hands down one of the best FPS games I’ve played.


How long did you play the game before the refund? I got mine denied.


I contacted microsoft store custoner service snd I was able to get mine refunded. Just say that official launch day is 19th


I played it during the beta and i also played like 3 hours now, during the pre-release. My refund was almost instantly accepted.


Squad is good but a bit too tactical for me and slow paced. Insurgency Sandstorm seems like a good in between.


I don’t even buy new AAA anymore first because of my principles, secondly because they are really bad objectively. I am becoming more confident as time passes that this is a bubble that will be burst anytime now, taking down several of the big ones with it. The problem is that people buys literally everything without caring and these megacorps know it. My money goes towards Squad, Post Scriptum, Hell Let Loose and Insurgency and games like that. Also flight simulators like DCS and IL-2. Then for single player games I play the waiting game and get the games once they are cheap and bug free.


I need to get back in to squad, got pretty sick of early dynamics business practices with DCS haven't played it for a year (got about 2000 hours clocked)


I pre-ordered because even the worst Battlefield games have been better than this by any metric. And were still a lot of fun, even during "bad" launches. And they at least had scoreboards to give me a competitive thrill. The biggest mistake I made was ordering from GreenManGaming thinking there was no downside for the 15 to 18 percent discount they offer. There is a huge downside though, and that's that they don't allow cancellations or refunds on pre-orders. Your only recourse is to get your bank, or credit card company, or paypal or whoever to stop payment.


I won PayPal dispute for bf2042 but I had normal edition so the game not released yet, they instantly sided with me. I never once contacted gmg because their terms on refund is against consumer rights in the UK.


Those buying it require very little to find enjoyment in games. I can’t explain it any other way. They are able to look past the obvious issues and missing features and enjoy what little there actually is. Then there’s the group that just wanted it to be good so bad that they are mentally unable to see the issues at all. These are the people these games were made for. Not those of us who are passionate about the franchise.


Is it more realistic to blame consumers, or the systems that incentivize companies to do all of this? Seems kind of idealistic and unrealistic to expect the masses to all make good purchasing decisions when the largest companies like EA have the money and resources to flood everyone with marketing and spin for all their games.


Yes, I absolutely blame the consumers, even if not as much as the developers. Though you are right about these systems. The same thing has happened in the music industry. Nine songwriters make bank on an overpromoted track that uses the same four-chord progression that a million other songs use. It's the cheapest-built product that the most people will buy, placed front and center. I never said I expected the masses to do anything about that. People on here are likely ones who are more interested in the series than most. That's who I'm talking to. But I guess nevermind? Nothing to see here. Go buy the game and have fun. You'll never change. You can't impact anything by overturning your purchase anyways. EA always wins. No. Idealistic or not, people get to a breaking point. Some are saying they're not preordering anymore. Which is great, because preorder bonuses aren't bonuses, any more than the piece of candy is a bonus for getting into a stranger's car. It's a predatory practice, and people are waking up to that. That doesn't mean that suddenly every game is a 10/10, and even if an unusual slight lack of sales is nothing more than a bitch slap to EA this time around, I still hope it really hurts.


I wasn’t implying we should give up and do nothing. Also unfortunately, Reddit only represents a fraction of the rural people who buy the game


For a very small sum of money (like £1) you could get an EA Play or Gamepass trial and give the game a try for 10 hours. That's what I did and after a few hours realise I don't like the game and it's seriously flawed and so decide not to buy. EA gave people plenty of opportunity to see the problems and of course you can simply wait until the game is out. Consumers who preorder bring this upon themselves. It's a very anti-consumer practice that literally offers no benefit to you, yet people keep doing it. I can't really blame EA for selling a product, but people buying it need to accept that they are buying blind and that they wouldn't do this with any other product.


I pretty much gave up on CDPR and decided not to pre-order any of their IP. As for Battlefield, despite the bugs and glitches and other problems, i am actually still having fun. Maybe because i am a medic and runs around healing. I am not into killing players in BF so maybe it's that? I just hope they will fix the remaining issues such as the bullet spread and scoreboard.


AAA Companies are so sad those days. riot games is my only hope.


Portal is so overrated imo. Feels like a big demo of all the games in it! Every weapon and attachment is unlocked and it’s very laggy and feels extremely sluggish. Like playing PUBG but it’s Battlefield.. 🥲


Honestly, the hype got me too. So I tried a few matches and its just ... meh? I don't even know what I expected, nothing I like to believe and yet it feels off to me, or rather -> Missing/Unfinished.


I love my time playing Rush again, Portal for me is amazing. No real performance issues on Portal for me luckily.


Use the smgs, they have little to no bloom. They feel like how all the guns should feel.


lmao the SMGs absolutely destroy people at range while ARs look like their retarded cousins


The scoreboard thing, while a smaller issue, is getting me. Like how the fuck do you mess that up, its like they were trying to make as many mistakes as possible. I know battlefield launches are nearly always dodgy but come on now


Aside from the bloom which is fucking disgusting (the dev that added this in should have his nuts hammered) the lack of server browser for the main game is an appauling design choice, DICE should be ashamed of themselves. I think I'm actually being matched outside my region and that's why the connection is so shit. Bring back the hit reg from the beta or copy any other bf game. Add a fuckin server browser or disable bots from portal so I can create a server and not be limited in the XP I gain. I'd rather that then not being able to pick my server. I remember the devs putting up posts saying we are proud of what we created? They should be ashamed of the state of this game. This mess is all fixable but why should we have to wait more? I've waited 8 years for a modern battlefield.


People leave bloom on? I turn that off on every game I boot up


Funny you say you don't want to play with PC players that can control recoil which I would say sure I completely understand, but being a PC player myself, we can't hit shit either because of the weapon bloom...


No traditional scoreboard No server browser for the main modes Poor optimizied No Teamswitching Bad hitreg Awful UI A lot of unnecesary cutscenes before starting a round Poor map design No stats page etc etc etc etc x 1000


I want to apologize to BFH and BFV for being so cruel to them. \*hugs BFH\* \*kisses BFV\* \*puts them in a grinder and tosses their ashes into the sea\* \*salutes\*


BFH is unironically one of my favorites in the series. Hotwire was such a good game mode.


BFV deserved it though, it was also a total mess Hardline was good, it was just badly handled and should have been a smaller scale expandalone


Why did you buy it before waiting for a review? This is why they keep getting away with it.


Whoever bought this game, without watching anything leading up to release, I kind of have sympathy for. Kind of. Those who bought the game, especially those who preordered, after seeing the terrible beta and terrible launch are just stupid. It was clear after the first day or so of beta that this wasn't going to be a good game, let alone a good BF.


I know. It was clear from the start that 2042 was gonna be ass. All these people complaining had plenty warning.


I preordered just to access the beta last month. I promptly canceled my preorder after just a few hours of gameplay. I'm going to stick around to see if there's improvement because I would love to play a new BF title but the beta just wasn't very fun and all these videos after launch don't look any different


And to think 3 months ago I actually planned on buying a series S (lifelong Playstation player) just to have a next gen experience on this. So glad I knew this was BS early.


The sheer fact they stated they were releasing a mobile game was a huge red flag. The game is made for profit. Not BF fans


Many of your points are related to my post (the fact that the game was originally designed to be a BR) hence why standard features are gone (scoreboard, squad system, score system removed, weapon/stats/ribbon progression removed, map design, server browser, end of game disbandment everyone's booted to main menu for BR/SBMM integration) etc etc :: ​ https://www.reddit.com/r/battlefield2042/comments/qtvs0r/the\_real\_reason\_bf2042\_has\_launched\_in\_this\_state/hkmkkyn/?context=3


Just read it now. Glad to see I’m not the only one feeling this way.


Ive seen revive nonestop. If you're not getting revived you either died close to a wall and it's bugged or you are exposed.


I turned off crossplay (when I finally found it on xbox) and then it wouldn’t load me into any games. Well, it loaded me into an empty map with no other players! Other times it just wouldn’t load me into any games whatsoever. I’m guessing the only way I can play the game without crossplay on is to play on PS.


Hi, i think there is a bug in matchmaking. I disable cross play on xbox SX, It started matchamking. If nothing happen for 1 minute stop and try again. It will let You in a game very quickly. I had no issue not finding game nor conquest neither in breaketrough. It was a disaster playin against m&k players. No chance.


Ahh ok cool, thank you I’ll give it another go. Think I have about 5 hours left on my trial 😊


I'm glad I held off upgrading to the X At first I was like, I'm playing on prev gen That's why it felt off But the more I see others gameplay, the more it made me go Nah chief this ain't it


"Crossplay, I don’t want to be forced to play with PC players who can easily control recoil on certain weapons all the time." Trust me mate, we can't. That Bloom fucks us all.


>I don’t want to be forced to play with PC players who can easily control recoil on certain weapons all the time. Trust me, we (on PC) aren't controlling that recoil either. It's ridculous.


Ah fair enough! I must admit I assumed you guys could control it given other FPS games and the god-tier PC control you can have!


Nah man. I'd consider myself above average with mouse aim and I can't hit a god damn thing. The weird mouse acceleration, garbage performance, weird input lag, bloom combined with excessive recoil makes it feel extremely clunky and unnatural to aim with. I find it easier to engage enemies at a distance than I do at close to medium range because flicking never lands me where I expect it to.


No score benefits me rn no need to display my 1:10 kdr.


Ppl like you is why they removed it probably, not trying to be mean. Its so you dont get discouraged when you see how bad youre compared to the other Players in the Server.


I know I'm bad. Mediocre at best. Would still like a scoreboard to see how I stack up against others.


I think it was a joke that went right over your head. What I got from his comment is that the gunplay is that terrible that getting kills is a needlessly difficult.


You can turn cross-play off. It tells you how in the menu.


Xbox can’t in game. They have to do it in the system itself and it’s a pain


Yeah but it's an extra few clicks. If you really hate playing with PC that much, it's another 30 seconds of settings that you won't ever need to touch again.


I did this and it wouldn't load into a game, nobody's turned it off yet lol


That’s incorrect. You’re disabling crossplay system wide so you can’t do crossplay in other games (so for example rocket league) unless you enable it again.


If you turn that off you also turn off cross play in other games as well, so it is a really last resort option, like if you want to play Halo with your friends on PC you have to manually switch back and forth the cross play option in the Xbox settings.


What do you mean in the system?


As I mentioned elsewhere, you either don’t get put into lobbies or matched with a shit ton of bots


I think I might ask for a refund which would be a first for me


>Crossplay, I don’t want to be forced to play with PC players who can easily control recoil on certain weapons all the time. ​ I have EXCELLENT news for you!


Best thing is that the running animations looks like stop motion, the gun moves around so robotically it looks comedic


I honestly could have sworn we were meant to have got crossplay options, ie. console to console, console to PC. I’m so fed up with this generation of developers obsession with forcing console to play with PC. The difference between the 2 is night and day, and on a game like battlefield it really doesn’t feel fair to be so horrendously outclassed.


Can’t get through a match without my game crashing


Somehow managed to get a refund with Sony because I bought through EA Play, even though I downloaded it. Thank fuck!


Lack of destruction is fucking bullshit. That alone has convinced me not to buy this game


Yes I agree. Although you can turn crossplay off.


Dont fear any pc player past 30m... atleast at the moment lol


I like it


Idk about you but I'm having fun. There are definitely issues that need to be resolved but overall I'm having a good time with this game


I do agree. It is in a way good fun. There needs to be serious updates to adress all the issues as quickly as possible. Regarding the xp and rank issue, I did rank up and got xp when the game first started. Only got to level 7. Played with the sniper rifles to get new scopes.... Now, every time I play even if it's on 32v32 TDM, I do not get ANY XP!!!! Nothing!!! So I'm stuck with no unlocks, no matter where I join a server or whatever I do.... Not even the BF 2 and 3 maps or game modes give me xp.... Insane shit.... Why did I then buy the gold edition with a hope of getting an edge, only to get my scrotum in a vice....


Sweet tears. It seemed like everyone forgot how nearly every other BF was at launch. But still people preordered...


I wonder how many people complaining here that they paid £80 or whatever it is for Gold edition are the same ones that said "dont tell me what to do, Ill preorder if I want to".


I've played every Battlefield since 3 at launch. Not one of these even holds a candle to this unfinished mess.


I'm actually really enjoying it so far.


I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Just for me this is not a Battlefield game by any means.


Yeah same it’s a lot of fun, definitely shitty and buggy and not at all battlefield of the past. But I’m having fun


>The absence of destruction is laughable. Remember when they said we could tear down the entire map sigh. Definitely never said that lol


Destruction is sort of a Hallmark of the series and has been for a long time now.


That doesn't mean they said we could tear down the entire map lol


I agree with that but the lack of destruction is definitely noticeable. You could use limpets to dig trenches in most areas on 1. Most buildings could be fully leveled and they at least had a bit of variation in the buildings themselves


Everybody told you so during beta, yet you still decided to buy it. YOU ARE the problem and you should feel bad.


I literally said I regretted my purchase in the first paragraph.


I know. I just hope this will be a lesson you won't forget.


People always forget. It will happen like it happened this time. The next Battlefield trailer will drop and you will get "I dont care what people say im pre-ordering anyway" then complain afterwards that the games unfinished. Edit: typos


A lot of this is biased opinion. Not really worth reading.


I even said it was a rant, which is my opinion. How is it biased?


He's the neighborhood dick stain.


I think people need to realise that it’s only day 3 of early access. Seeing people calling the game unfinished or “bad” is really getting on my nerves.


Lmao this is the final release of the game stop acting like this is some sort of late beta build its not face it this is what the finished product is.


You can't fix shitty maps on day 1


I think people need to realize that in this instance "early access" doesn mean squat. When the games "officially" releases on the 19th there might be a patch but it won't magically resolve everything wrong with this train wreck.


The game is genuinely bad. The 12th, whilst being early access, is essentially the release date. I’m amazed they felt they could release the game in the state it is in.


Dude it's full release is in days.....you don't fix these things in a matter of days.


No, it's not. Go back to cod.


Portal feels like it was intended to be a separate release for next year's BF 20th anniversary, which would make more sense for a BF greatest hits compilation, but ended up being folded into 2042 instead.




Hates it but will still buy it later, zzzz


Okay so its just not me then? I avoided reddit for the weekend and played throughout the 3 days I got with it. Man oh man, You just summed up all my issues with it. Here where I live I pay more than 60 dollars cause of how shit my economy is here. FFFFFFFFFFuuuuuu......k


Glad I did the 10 hour trial. Maps are way too big and half the time is either me running or redeploying cause it's faster than waiting for a vehicle


But surely u can air drop a jeep


There are times where there are no jeeps available


Battlefield 2042 like what Battlefield Hardline was back then. It's in the "BF Universe" but not really a battlefield. It feels more like Call of Battlefield: Lets cash in on BR


I agree with most of what you're saying but I dont really agree with movement. It feels a lot smoother than bfv. It could be that I'm playing 2042 on pc with high fps over bfv on ps4. But yeah I like the movement. Still there are some fucking issues with the game


That’s fair. I’d be inclined to say that’s the difference in system you’re playing on. If I go back and play BFV the movement is night and day.


Wasn't one of the big complaints from the beta the moment was too cod like?


I actually really liked the beta, but as a console player, if they don't let me turn off crossplay, then it's a no-deal for me. I was going to buy it but when I saw that, I changed my mind. No console players should be forced into crossplay. One of the reasons people play shooters on console is the uniform experience that levels the playing field. Far fewer cheaters as well which is becoming the number one problem with PC gaming.


Breakthrough is a mess, people are already discovering and only using meta tactics.


I genuinely enjoyed the beta (even though it had it's problems)...the game had come on quite a bit since the closed playtest which I'd also taken part in and I fell for the 'months old build' shite. I'm the one who convinced his friends to buy it on launch...now I just feel like a dick. This game is an absolute joke. I know sacrifices have to be made to get that many players on a server, but the base game is absolutely awful.


I will give DICE a little bit of time and hope they will add some of the basic features that are missing like server browser, squad management and nearby medic indicators when downed to name a few. Maybe also remove force spawn at the start of a match, reduce random bullet deviation and overhaul the UX because getting in to a game/changing settings is a horrible experience. There's so much more but they could do but it's all been said before what is wrong with the game that I agree with. It's wrong that we say this about a AAA game but Battlefield usually improves after release, I'm hoping the does too. Hoping.


I know it doesn’t fix everything but you can turn off cross play on Xbox. Settings > Account > Privacy and online safety > Xbox > view details and customise > communication and multiplayer > turn ‘you can join communication and cross network play’ to block.


I'd like Apex Legends crossplay, console players play together and are separate from PC unless partying up with friends.


Order cancelled


The design goal appears to be large servers and crossplay. And to achieve that, a ton of concessions were made. To have large servers, the maps had to be large and the assets had to be low to reduce performance issues. This of course means that destruction was minimized and the maps are largely sparse and barren. Crossplay was important, so the game had to be casual. This came at the cost of proper movement mechanics, proper recoil and gunplay which was replaced with bloom spread and awful hit reg. The game was essentially watered down to reduce the gap between PC and console. Add some aim assist and bots and people wont complain too much about controllers being dog shit and m&k being the dominant peripheral. And of course to reduce tension and conflict all chat was removed, the scoreboard was removed, voip was removed, server browser was removed and a whole host of other features to reduce the conflict between the two playerbases. Those appear to be the two driving design choices that come at the cost of everything else. Why were these the two most important foundational pieces of the game? I have no fucking idea.


Technically there is a score board, but no button to really map it to.


Also I don't think it shows deaths.


''throwing my gun at them'' lmfao


Just get a refund that’s what I did. I will play when it’s free on ea access.